The Snowstorm Ch. 02

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We lay together for several minutes, recovering and enjoying each other’s closeness and warmth. After a bit, she got up and went to the bathroom. I got off of the couch, and stretched a little…the snow was still coming down. We must have over 18″ out there by now. My thoughts went to my car, and in what kind of shape it would be in when I got to it…no doubt, I had a lot of shoveling to do.

She came back in the room, and I went to her. We hugged and kissed some more. I had discovered that she was an exceptional kisser. The way she played with her tongue in my mouth, the softness and warmth, all that drove me crazy…I was getting aroused again, and I pulled her naked lower half of her body into mine as we kissed…I wanted to fuck her again.

She pulled away from me and smiled, saying that we should try the bed this time. I eagerly agreed, and she laughed. We both started to gather up candles to bring in with us and she lead the way to her bedroom, my eyes glued on her swaying hips the whole time.

She set down her candles on her nightstand, and slowly laid across her bed. She smiled and sighed Pendik Escort as I stared at her half-naked body. She had strong, firm legs, and seeing as how I was a leg-man, this further increased my excitement. She lay with her arms up over her head, inviting me to lay on her. I got on the bed and helped her to sit up so I could get the sweater and bra off of her. Once I did, I leaned toward her slowly as she lay back down. I grabbed her breasts with my hands and began to massage and suck on them. She spread her legs apart and tried to get me over the top of her, but I resisted. I continued to suck and nibble, switching from breast to breast…she was starting to breathe deeper now, and she looked so relaxed.

I gently began to kiss just below her breasts, and followed a path that lead right to her pussy. I loved eating her…she was so smooth, so tight! I loved the way she would gently squeeze my head in between her thighs as I probed deep inside her with my tongue. I could feel her hips begin to push into my face in an easy, rhythmic motion and she was starting to moan softly. I wanted to stay Kurtköy Escort there all night and eat her, but there was still things I wanted to do to her.

I got up and laid next to her right side. I slid my hips under hers so that both my legs were under her ass, than I wrapped my legs around her left leg, I slowly eased my crotch to the front of her pussy so that my cock head was just inside her sweet cunt. Next, I put my left arm under her back, and grabbed her left tit with my hand. I began to suck on the right one as I eased my cock into her smooth, dripping pussy. I scooted up into her so I could get my entire length up in her, then I began to slowly fuck her.

I took my right hand and began to rub on her clit as I worked my cock in and out of her…she was gasping with breath each time I penetrated deep inside her. I began to increase the tempo of the fucking, and I began to really suck hard on her tit. I was playing and pulling the nipple of her other one, rolling it between my fingers as I did so…her hips were meeting my thrusts with as much force as I was giving to her…I loved Maltepe Escort the closeness, the depth with which I was able to fuck her…I looked up at her face, and she was grimacing a little, her eyes glued to where our crotches were grinding away at each other…

I was going to cum at any moment, but wanted her to cum first…I had to slow it down. I started to pull away, and she seemed to sense what I was going to do. She looked right at me and told me no way was I going to pull out and stop…she told me to keep fucking her…hard.

I did as I was told…but she felt just too damned good! I could feel her tissues grab hold of my cock each time I would pull back, and the way they would allow it to slide back up inside her…she was so wet and tight! Just as I couldn’t hold back anymore, she let out a loud moan of pleasure, and I could feel her orgasm throbbing against my now-ejaculating cock…I squeezed her tit hard, and I know I bit down on her right one pretty hard, but she didn’t seem to notice.

As the last drops of my sperm were leaving my now-spent cock, I could not imagine that this time could have been better than the last, but it was…My legs were like wet noodles…I was completely relaxed…I snuggled in close to her and rested my head on her heaving chest. I smiled to myself as my last thoughts were of what would the morning bring…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32