The Secluded Moment

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I’m lucky enough to stumble upon you while you’re watching the TV and you’re snuggled in your trackkies but you smell divine and just by looking at you I see an underlying yearning for passion. Your head leans to the side exposing your soft neck. I walk up and lean over you. I can feel your breathing quicken, and as I lean closer, goose bumps start to form on your neck. A slight curl in your mouth appears as your mind races with expectations.

As I move in, you wet your lips for a kiss, but I dive down onto your exposed neck biting in deep and hard sending sparks of adrenaline through your body. You shut your eyes tight because of pain and at the same time a shudder runs down your body as if a cold wind blew past chilling you to the bone It feels amazing and you bite your lip wanting the pain to never end.

Your heart is racing and your mind flirting with all the exciting possibilities. Without word I take your hand and pull you up towards me. My right hand is firmly placed in the small of your lower back and my left hand is caressing your cheek as I gaze into your eyes and then slowly move in, our lips softly meeting in a majestic, tender, and long kiss that brings you onto the tops of your toes so that you can embrace the most of it. As is my pleasure I draw away to make you work for it but you know my games and fling your arms around my head and bring me closer to you. Our bodies press against one another and you can feel me rising against you and it makes you wet to know that you are the object of my desire.

You want more, a greater desire is swelling within you and you take my hand and lead me away from the couch to a more private area. Your bedroom is warm, dimly lit with scented candles. A hint of rose oil meets my nose as we enter the room. You make way towards the bed but turn around when you see me linger at the archway to the room. Feeling like this is a tease you raise a single eyebrow, smirk and beckon me towards you with a single finger. Not to be unaccommodating, I oblige, and I take slow purposeful steps towards you in an attempt to delay what is to come. When I reach you, you take a long look at me from my feet to my eyes and while holding my eyes you give me a light slap on the face. It is understood between us, if I misbehave there will be punishment.

Not being one to get into trouble I obey every whim and desire that comes into your mind though it is strange you never make a request. As soon as a thought enters your mind, and before you can even utter a word, I am already moving my body and nodding my head to show that I will comply. This raises more questions about how I know what you’re thinking but you accept and enjoy the fact that every want and desire can and will be fulfilled. At this point I have laid you on the bed and I am fawning at your feet and eyeing you like a lion would a herd of antelope. The first word to exit your mouth as I wait patiently and with a moment of reflection is a guttural “yes.”

With a deep breath of delight I begin to crawl up the bed towards you, grinding myself against you and taking brief pauses to softly kiss the exposed areas on your body. I kiss your hip and belly button then moving up your wrist and shoulder, taking a moment to nibble on your ear and flash a look of utter sex with my blue wanting eyes. You lie back, obviously enjoying this attention. While you want me to remove your clothing, you appreciate that patience will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

I run my fingers softly from your earlobe Ataşehir Escort to your collarbone and you bare your neck again, your finger following mine down your throat, making the hairs on your neck stand up. Seeing this I smile and move in ever so gently making small kisses down the small path that you had laid out. As I do, you make soft gentle moans of pleasure. You make a face as though you wish you couldn’t as it reveals just how much you enjoy me, but as much as you try to fight it a single eyebrow raises and I know I have you right where I want you. As your moans grow slightly louder, my hands explore the more sensitive parts of you, and much to your delight I drag my nails across your hip. You weren’t expecting this and it makes the feeling that much more enticing.

Not being one to disappoint I remove your pants and begin to run my hands up and down your legs, stimulating the flow of blood. Goose bumps begin to form and you let out a little squeak of excitement as you know where this is going. Pink lace underwear is staring back at me, and as I place a hand either side to begin to pull them down, you place your hands quickly over mine and you say, “Not so fast, you didn’t say the magic word.”

My mouth is now salivating, but I manage to say the word you need. “Please.” The word alone makes you throw your head back. Your eyes close and you know you’re mine for the taking. Your hands after caressing mine relent and I begin to remove your now soaked underwear.

As I slowly remove the now dripping piece of clothing they stick you your skin. I pull them away, looking in your eyes with a lustful hunger. As the underwear is pulled down over your legs, I make sure to ever so lightly stroke the sides of your legs. As I pass over your knees, I make sure to fondle the soft back of the knee which you don’t expect, and it makes you take a quick breath in and then let out a gentle sigh.

With the lace underwear now fallen to the floor I grasp your legs firmly and from your ankles and begin to kiss and softly bite my way up your legs towards you. Your pussy looks warm and wet and very inviting, and I have to hold myself back from diving in. Your back arches and you are ready, your hands are now massaging my head and my hair is interlocking with your fingers and you are guiding me to you. However, I resist, hovering above your tight pink wet lips. You can feel my heavy breaths on your pussy and even they feel wonderful. Your whole body is feeling more sensitive. I raise my right hand and begin to fawn at your lips and even though I am barely touching you my fingertips are already wet. This drives you wild and again your hands motion my head towards your body, but still I resist knowing all too well that you will thank me later.

With a wicked smile on my face I delve two of my fingers in slowly. This is met by an audible moan of release. Slowly I move my fingers in and out in a rhythmic motion and kiss your delicious glistening lips. Your body is now quivering, eyes fluttering, and your moaning is more pronounced, pausing only for the deep breaths you take in when I slide my fingers out. Your hands are now grasping my hair and you’re now more forceful with where you direct me. I feel you bringing me closer and this time I oblige. I remove my fingers and bring them up to massage your clit and change from kissing and licking your outer lips to a long, deep tonguing of your pussy. The change in motion causes you to lose yourself letting out loud, “Oh yes.” You Kadıköy Escort bite your lip and I find that you’ve wrapped your legs around me to pull me even closer. As I lap away, I listen to the subtle changes in your moans and breathing. I pay attention to the feeling of your hands tugging at me, this I can get a sense of your body. I change my lapping from slow long deep tonguing to fast light licks with a light flicking from my hand. All the while I’m moving my other hand up to your behind and draw small light circles around yours. I feel you clench tighter and make a short gasp. Excited and aroused, you beg for more. As I eat you out, you are gushing with pleasure. I lap you up with joy, your sweet juices all over my face, and you only seem to get wetter with each moment. You continue to moan and make soft noises you attempt to call out my name but the sensations pulsing through your body leave you breathless – only the first syllable reaches your lips.

As you start to catch your breath and your legs loosen around me I take the opportunity to remove myself and look down at you. Your hair is no longer in place, but tussled about and partially covering your eyes. You’re taking deep breaths and you’re blushing slightly, and your pussy lips are glistening and there is a visible bite mark on your bottom lip. My vision is pulled away from your exquisite face as I see you run your index finger up the lips of your pussy and raise the hand to your mouth as you taste yourself. You make lingering eye contact with me and I can’t help but admire my handiwork. After you’re done tasting you unzip your hooded top and you reveal no bra and no shirt, just bare flesh.

As you beckon me, I climb back onto you and give you a sensual kiss, making sure I give a soft suck on your bottom lip. You look down to your breasts and I move down, kissing your neck and collar bone. I kiss the top of your right breast and bring my hands to cup your bosom. With my thumbs I gently work circles around your nipples and with my fingers I scratch at the sides of your breast. You do your best to not reveal your weakness, but secretly this drives you wild and you fight back the urge to moan, but your head tilts back and you raise a single eyebrow, letting out the quietest whimper. Without even looking I know exactly how much you enjoy this. I run my hand to your back and draw my nails against your rib cage and you shudder.

I lick and suck on your breasts and move my hands over your body, sometimes lightly, and sometimes I dig my nails in. You enjoy this a lot but your needs are greater now that you’ve had a taste of pleasure . You want more so you grab my shirt with both hands and pull it up, forcing me to remove myself from your breasts and finish removing my shirt. Looking at you I release the belt from my pants, unbutton my jeans and undo my fly. You look at me and your eyes are fixed on mine and each movement my hands make. You jaw opens a little wider. A smirk comes across your face as I still have my jeans on, and you are completely naked..

You crawl up towards me, your perfect ass sticking up in the air behind you. On your hands and knees, you reach out and remove my jeans with a small tug. You rise up onto your knees and start to kiss around my belly button and bite my waist, which makes me flinch and take a step back. You’re grinning as you know it tickles. Your slender hand is tracing across my hip and just above my briefs. A single finger negotiates its way into my briefs and you draw your Bostancı Escort hand down. To give you a little assistance I remove my briefs and there I stand, naked, in front of you. You clearly enjoy what you see.

Not wasting any time, I give you a moment to enjoy the scenery, and then I push you onto your back and crawl onto the bed with you. Our bodies quickly find themselves tangled between one another. We kiss one another and our hands travel over our bodies grabbing, stroking and scratching each other. In a few seemingly choreographed moves I find myself on my back looking up at you, and with a raised eyebrow and a smile you demonstrate that you have the upper hand. You are holding my wrists and pinning me down, and although I could easily move you off, I enjoy giving you the satisfaction of being in control. You are grinding against me and your pussy lips are rubbing against my cock. It feels amazing. You lean in and lick me. Your pelvic movements are just magic as you move your body in small yet purposeful ways until we both feel my cock slide easily inside of you. You are so wet my throbbing member just glides in and a “oh god yes” escapes your lips. You let go of my wrists which now have nail marks and a few tiny droplets of blood.

You are now moving your hips in a slow rhythm to slowly thrust me in and out and I match your movements with my own which at the peak of each thrust have you taking a steep breath of air in and then letting out a small sigh as we slide back down. During the climax of each movement I feel your body clenching down on my hard member. If feels so good I can’t help but grunt and bite your arm in approval.

Our movements are in perfect synchronization as we begin to quicken the pace. As this happens your breathing becomes shallow and fast. You steady yourself on my chest and knee. The increase in thrusting makes your pussy pulse which not only feels wonderful on my penis but has you moaning loudly. We increase our pace until you start to lose rhythm as you start to feel jolts of pleasure shooting up your body. You fall forward onto me and I take the opportunity to give you some slow deep thrusts which catch you unaware. Each push leaves you feeling amazing. Your world slips out of focus. Your vision blurs and your muscles twitch without control. You whimper and moan until I give you one last strong thrust and bite you on your neck.

This sends you over the edge and your scream in pleasure. Sparks are flying all over your body and your body is burning. Your lungs are on fire, making it hard to breathe. Even your toes ache as they’re curled up and the muscles wont relax. This orgasm is consuming all of your senses. You can only feel the ecstasy as it courses through you and it is glorious. You convulse and moan for what seems like minutes and collapse on top of me finally managing to get your breath back as you pant. I’m still inside you and your pussy is so wet that I can feel your juices trickling down my balls. I slowly remove myself from you as your pussy is very tender and all of your senses are in overdrive.

After I remove myself I take great care and gently run my index finger over your wet lips. You shudder and shake, letting out what I could only guess was the word “fuck” but you strain to get any words out at all as the feeling of my hand running up your tender flesh is overwhelming. I draw the excess liquid up to my mouth and taste your sweetness. I lay down beside your still twitching body, snuggling against you as you throw an arm over me and interlock our legs. I fling a light blanket over us and look into your eyes. Your eyes meet mine and you use a hand to tussle with my hair. My dick is still rock hard and I have no plans to let you get off so easily, but I give you time to take a rest.

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