The Surprise

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Friday night:

She walked in the room. He was laying in the bed. Asleep on his back. She noticed that his cock was hard. “MMM,” she thought, “I’ll make use of this.” She bent down and starting licking his dick. After teasing him a bit she took him in her mouth. He awoke with a moan. She smiled as he opened his eyes. She continued to suck and he lay back and enjoyed himself. She reached under the bed and pulled out their toybox. Grabbing a tube of lube she got her fingers slicked up and slid her finger in his tight ass. He moaned. The combo of getting his cock sucked and his ass fingered was very intense. She continued to blow him and added another finger inside his ass. As she fucked/sucked him she thought about the other things she had in mind for later. She pulled her fingers out and pulled her mouth off of his cock.

“Turn over,” she said. He complied. Getting up on all fours and offering his ass to her. Knowing what was in store. She looked at his cute ass. She loved to fuck his ass. She reached in the toybox and got the medium size plug out. “You don’t want the small plug do you?” she asked. He told her no. “I know what you want.” She said, “You want your tight ass stretched out and fucked hard, Don’t you?” He agreed and she lubed the plug up and inserted it into his ass. Slowly at first then as his tight ass got used to it she started fucking his ass faster. Her pussy was flowing with juices and she knew she was fixing to cum. She got the larger plug ready and quickly swapped the medium plug with the larger one. He moaned as she did so.

Her orgasm hit her as she got the large plug buried in his ass. She slowly pulled the plug out and shoved it back in. After a few minutes ankara escort of this she pushed the plug all the way in and got up. She got her strap on out of the box and put it on. She went to his head and holding the fake cock level with his mouth she told him to, “Suck it.” He took it in his mouth and started to suck it. She started telling him how much it turned her on to watch him suck the fake cock. And how she really wanted to watch him suck a real dick and for him to suck it till it exploded in his mouth.

She pulled the cock out of his mouth and climbed back on the bed. As she spread the cheeks of his ass he raised up to give her better access to his asshole. She guided the cock into his ass. Slowly at first till she had it buried all the way inside. He let out a moan. She started fucking him slowly. Soon both were moaning from the pleasure. She told him that his ass was ready to be fucked by a real cock. That it was begging for a hard cock. She asked him if he wanted that. He told her, “Yes. I want to be fucked in the ass.” She asked if he was ready to suck a cock as well. He told her he wanted to do it all. This made her cum again.

She reached under him and started stroking his hard cock. She told him how much it turned her on to fuck his ass. And how much it turned her on to think about watching him and another sucking each others cocks and shooting their hot load in each others mouths. Shooting their loads in each others asses. And shooting their loads on her tits, and then licking her tits clean. He came hard. He shot his cum all over her hand. When she felt this she came again and again. They collapsed in the bed. Her fake cock still buried in his ass. ankara escort bayan As they feel asleep she thought of the surprise she had in store for him later…

Saturday afternoon:

She looked in the room. He was still asleep. Flat on his back. She quickly stripped and stepped into the room. She motioned to the man behind her to follow. The man quickly stripped as well. The man knelt down beside the bed and started sucking the cock before him. She leaned over her husband and started kissing him. He awoke to find her tongue in his mouth and some man sucking his cock. He was surprised but quickly started to enjoy it.

After a bit he shot off in the strangers mouth. As he recovered he kissed his wife hard as the other man stroked his hard cock. She watched as her husband moved over to take the other mans cock in his mouth. As he did so she started playing with herself. He continued to suck and lick the strangers cock and she had an orgasm.

The stranger shouted, “I’m cumming.” She watched as her husband swallowed his first load of cum. She came again. She sat on the edge of the bed as the two men started fondling each other. Grabbing each others cocks and kissing, licking, and sucking all over. The stranger moaned as a finger slide in his ass. He quickly turned over and spread his cheeks. He asked, “Please go slow. You’re the biggest I’ve ever had and my ass is tight.” She came again as she watched her husband slide his rock hard cock in the guys ass. Slowly then faster and faster till her husband was fucking his ass as fast as he fucked her pussy. Her husband slowed down for a bit. She slide two fingers in her husband’s ass.

“Fuck him good and escort ankara hard. Shoot your hot load up his ass. I wanna watch him fuck your virgin ass.” He started fucking the ass in front of him fast and furious. Till he rammed his cock all the way in and shot his load. Deep inside the strangers ass. After a bit they recovered and her husband got on all fours and offered his ass to the man with a hard cock behind him.

He moaned as the hard cock pushed into him. She got off just as the stranger got his dick all the way in. She loved watching her husband get his ass fucked. The stranger wasted no time in fucking her husbands ass good and hard. Just like she wanted. Her husband couldn’t take much and shot off all over the bed as the stranger buried his cock up to the hilt in her husbands ass. Shooting his load in his ass she noticed that her husband shot another load as the stranger shot his off in his ass. Feeling hot cum for the first time inside his ass.

The men rested then went to clean up. When they returned she asked them to 69 with each other but to shoot off on her tits. Both men took the others cock into their mouths. With all the cumming before she got a good long show. She played with herself while watching. Finally, both men pulled out and started jerking off. Streams of hot cum shot off on her tits. She got off as she felt two tongues clean up the sticky mess on her chest. All three collapsed in the bed.

She said, “We’ll have to do this again.” Both men agreed. The stranger thanked them and left. He husband told her how much he enjoyed it. She told him that she loved it as well. He turned her over and slide his lubed cock into her tight ass. As he fucked her ass he remembered the cock that had been in his ass. And how he’d liked it. She moaned as yet another orgasm hit her. He kept fucking her cute ass till he couldn’t take anymore. He shot his load in her tight ass and they feel asleep in each others arms saying, “I love you”.

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