They Take Her..

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(Guys Names and Ages Are, White Guys, Jay (28).. Mick (33).. Luke (21).. Black Guys, David (25).. Jim (40)..)
This Is Just A Brief Put Together Of What Happened, But I Think You Can Get The Idea, Dont Come Posting Hating Comments Now Poeple As They Dont Bother Me What So Ever.
Enjoy People.


He spots her walking up the street, he was told by his boss he has to get her today, the clients want a party and the kind of party they want only she can do. He stops the car gets out, and pushes her In, “What do you want”, she’s asking.

He doesnt talk, he Just drives. He stops Infront of a house, she’s been here before, she knows whats going to happen, she starts crying and begging him not to do this, she doesnt want to, she tries to get away, but he catches her and stamps on her foot, Stop It, he yells.

He takes her Into the house, Into the bedroom, there’s 5 guys In there, 2 Black and 3 White, the Black guys are big, tall and all muscles, the White guys are similar but not as big or as tall, there smiling, Its about you got here, there saying to the man, there all staring at the girl now, she has long black hair, she wearing her Jeans, with a vest top on and her coat, she’s white and a little tall but not as tall as the men, one of the men walk over to her and push her coat back, she’s trying to fight back, he takes hold of her breasts, there big he like them.

He pushes her coat off, pulls her vest off smiles at her bra and then drags her by her hair and pushes her onto the bed. Its time to have fun baby, he says. they all go for her there hands touching her all over, squeezing her tits, spreading her legs, she’s trying so hard to push them off, one of the guys, Slaps her, Quit moving he yells, and he goes for the Jeans button and zip. She still moving trying to get them off, one of them gets a great Idea, escort numaraları he gets up and goes to his coat and pulls out little blue pills, hey guys, lets put her In ecstasy he laughs, and gives her the pill, swallow It he says or you’ll be sorry. She’s crying but does as she’s told, they leave her in the middle of the bed for a few minutes and start stripping.

They can tell the pill Is starting to take effect and they all climb back onto the bed, they take her bra off, and slide her pants down and off, she Just wearing her knickers now, Jay takes his cock and rubs It against her mouth, suck my dick bitch he says, he pushes against her mouth untill she opens up then slides his dick into her mouth, he’s pushing deep down her throat, she can take it deep.

Mick and David take one of her hands each and start using them to rub there dicks, Luke straddles over her and starts titty fucking her, and Jim, well Jim starts tonguing her pussy through her knickers, Jim pulls her knickers off, and Just stares her pussy Is completly shaven, and he pushes his tongue back In, flicking her clit and pushing It Inside, he smiles to himself, She’s getting wet, she keeps trying to close her legs but cant, she trying not to moan over the huge cock in her mouth but cant help It.

There all getting hard, and Jim Is losing patience, he wants to fuck her, he kneels up between her legs and rubs his cock against her pussy, she can feel the huge head wanting to get Inside and she starts trying to move away, the other guys see whats happening and laugh they all hold her, as Jim starts pushing his Cock Inside her pussy, Jay takes his cock from her mouth, she starts begging, No please dont, He thrusts his dick deep Inside her, Mmm she tight and hot he moans out, She just lay there crying as Jim fucks her pussy sore.

David gets up and quietly says to Jim, turn over let me get at her arse man, They laugh cruelly, and Jim flips onto his escort pornoları back, as she comes up onto his dick It slips in even further and she lets out a moan, she’s crying she doesnt want this, David pushes her down so she’s layin on Jim and starts tonguing her arse Jims arms wrap around her as she trying to get upm she knows whats coming and starts getting hysterical trying to move, David stands behind her and Just rams Into her arse fast and hard, she lets out a scream and Jay Jams his dick back Into her mouth, he holds her head and starts fucking her mouth, Mick and luke feeling left out, take her hands, rub our cocks bitch, she knows now she Isnt getting away and slowly starts moving her hands, as Jim and David fuck her harder.

Paul the guy who brought her here Is Just sat In the corner wanking to the scene before him, He knows personally how good her pussy arse and mouth are.

Jim Isnt going to last much longer, his dick is the biggest at 8 and a half Inches, he fucks up Into her faster and harder, he’s getting ready to cum, she tries to push Jay out of her mouth so she can tell Jim not to cum Inside her, but Its too late, Jim Fucks harder and with a moan he blows deep Inside her, filling her pussy with his seed, Jay pulls her mouth back on him, Keep sucking bitch, Jim pulls out and David pulls from her arse and pushes Into her pussy, Jim moves down and starts biting her nipples, David fucking her figurously and Is getting close to cumming too, Harder and faster he goes, till he freezes, thats It bitch take my cum Into you, and his arse pumps in and out as he fills her with cum too.

Luke moves down behind and slides his cock Into her pussy, He starts fucking fast and hard, He hits her arse, fuck back on me bitch he yells, he hits her again, Shes already In pain she doesnt want more so she starts movin her hips back onto him, There fucking hard, Jay getting ready to blow In her mouth, Micks whining hurry up escort portalı Luke I Want some pussy to you know, Luke fucks faster He’s pumpin into her pussy as Jay fucks her mouth, Jay pushes down her throat and cums, swallow bitch, she does, Jim flicking and sucking her nipples, and Luke pushes deep Inside her and cums, He’s breathing hard and moves away.

Mick pulls her onto her back Jim goes and stands with the others, Mick pushes between her legs and pushes deep Inside her, look at me bitch as I fuck your pussy, He starts talking to her, Biting her nipples hard, tell me you want It bitch, his hands go round her throat squeezing untill she tells him, She’s crying so much but you can make out her saying, fuck me harder, I want you to fuck Me, he puts his hand between them rubbing her clit, He fucks her faster and harder, she fucking up to him, she starts moaning, and shuts her eyes, Mick feels her pussy tighten round him, as she cums on his cock, he fucks harder, Mmm good bitch he says, you want me to cum in you bitch, No she says please dont no more, tough bitch he says and lunges deep and cums Inside her.

He gets up and stands with the other guys they start getting dressed, Jim gives him the money, Tell your boss we’ll be In touch he says to paul, then they leave, Paul watches her laying on the bed crying he walks over to her, touches her legs and pulls her towards him, she tries getting away, but Its no use, he pulls her down and takes his cock out and pushes deep Into her, He starts ramming hard Into her watching all the fucking has excited Him, he doesnt take long until He pushes In so deep he hits her cervex and cums, spraying her with His cum.

He throws her clothes at her and a Sandary Towel, The boss says you gotta keep the cum Inside you bitch, until you get home, get dressed now. As She dresses she cries, she’s In pain, she stands up and limps to the car, when she gets In she see’s Paul has no pants on, Suck It Bitch he says to her, he locks the doors and pulls her head down to his lap, she gives a fantastic blow Job, By the time they pull back up onto the road where he got her from he blew his cum Into her mouth, She swallows and gets out.

As Paul drives away he phones his boss, its Done Hes says, then Hangs up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32