Three Become One Ch. 16

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Double Penetration

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

* * * * *

After getting home that night Gabi promptly got started on dinner. She insisted I sit in the living room and relax with some television; so that’s exactly what I did. Skaycee interrupted me every so often to make random comments or ask random questions, but for the most part she kept her attention divided between myself and whatever she was doing in her bedroom (playing with her plush dolls, from what I could see). Gabi would occasionally call her into the kitchen as a means of checking up on her. I, myself, got up a few times to make sure she wasn’t doing anything she wasn’t supposed to be doing. To my relief I found that she needed very little supervision at all; if she ever wound up trying to ‘get away with something’ it was usually something harmless — such as sneaking snacks and candy when no one was looking.

Right about the time Gabi had finished cooking dinner both Amber and Tiffany came by. The small brunette had prepared some amazing enchiladas, and once the redhead and blonde had properly greeted me for what must have been around ten minutes they had both gone into the kitchen and returned with food in hand. Amber held a single plate which she and I both ate off of (she fed me as I continued to watch television), while Tiffany had returned with a can of tuna. To my surprise Tiffany was also sporting an item atop her pretty, blonde head which she had asked Gabi and I to purchase for her specifically: it was a headband with cat ears. She wore it proudly and eagerly; in fact she was positively glowing…presumably because she felt more like a cat now.

After dinner I spent some playtime with Skaycee, Tiffany, and Gabi while Amber cleaned up. I’d lost track of who was going to be spending the night that evening, and so I did my best to spend time with all the girls before any of them had to leave (sort of a ‘just in case’ scenario). After a few hours of horseplay and letting my food digest I told the girls I was going to shower and get ready for bed. They each gave me passionate good nights in their own way, and I retired to my bedroom with the door wide open. I came out of the shower wearing just a towel, and as I did so the twins entered opposite me. For a moment my heart raced as I thought I was in the presence of Skaycee, but that lasted only a moment. I could tell by their demeanor and overall tone that the twins had been de-synched; most likely by Gabi.

“Hi…girls…” I said as I sat down atop my bed.

“Don’t mind us, Daddy!” one of them said. “We’re just gonna freshen up, and then we’ll join you in bed.”

“Okay, take your time.” I said as I rested myself. “And I assume Skaycee is…”

“In bed for the night.” The twins said. “She fell asleep about an hour ago.”

“Oh. Okay.” I said. I was kind of feeling a little regret having not said goodnight to her, but I hoped this was something the twins wouldn’t find too big of a deal.

The beautiful pair of sisters smiled at me as they walked past and into the master bath. I took to flipping through random viewings and streaming services on my bedroom television as I lounged back on my bed. I could hear various sounds coming from the restroom as the twins got themselves ready to enter slumber. In the midst of all this I was startled when Gabi strode into the bedroom, wearing naught but a tiny pair of shorts and an overly-comfortable tee. She had her headphones on, and right away I knew she was in ‘flesh light mode’. She barely showed me any acknowledgement as she sat herself down on the bedstand nearest the bathroom and brought her knees up to her chest. I continued to flip through the viewings with my remote control as though she wasn’t even present.

Sometime later the twins re-entered the bedroom wearing identical pink and silky nighties. They practically glided across the floor as they made their way to my bed, and to me.

“Oh, Daddy…” one of them said as they both snuggled up next to me. I felt their small, soft hands on my body…and soon I could feel their delicate fingers dipping underneath my now very loose towel.

“Yes, girls?” I asked as I put an arm around each of them and held them to me.

I felt them both nuzzle their heads into my neck as their fingers danced around my abs and pelvis.

“Oh, nothing!” they said. “It’s just so amazing to be here with you…in your house! In your bed! We just can’t believe it, that’s all.”

“I feel like those should be my words.” I said with a chuckle.

The girls sighed with satisfaction as they hugged me tighter.

“We love you, Daddy.” They said.

“I love you, too, girls.” I replied as I leaned down to kiss the twin on my left. Once we were finished kissing I turned to my right and began kissing her twin sister. I reached to her nightie and felt her abdomen as my hand continued its way to her bust. Once over her massive tits I clamped down over one and squeezed, and she kissed me back harder and with more lust. I soon felt a hand on my cheek as my face was Keçiören Escort Bayan pulled away, and seconds later I was kissing the other twin again. This time she took the liberty of taking my hand in hers and guiding it to her chest where she opened up my palm and applied pressure to it over her tits.

I moaned into her hot mouth, and as our tongues began to dance with each other I felt the rush of cold air hitting my bare crotch. Soon my cock was rock hard and springing to life as it pointed toward the ceiling; unrestricted from any type of fabric now. I briefly pulled my face away from my lusty blonde teen to see her twin sister swing her leg over my legs. My left arm reached for her waist as she mounted me. I watched as she (with some difficulty) pulled the bottom of her nightie up so that it bunched up above her crotch, exposing her fully naked pussy. She hunkered down for a moment as she maneuvered herself over my cock, and within moments I was feeling that old familiar sensation of sliding into one of my busty blonde twin sluts.

“Uhhhhhh…!” She moaned as the full length of my rod penetrated her. She breathed in heavily and bit her lip as she closed her eyes in sexual bliss.

“Ohh…fuuuck…” I moaned out. I was throbbing like my cock was about to explode, and with every throb I felt the tightness of her womanly flesh surrounding my entire cock. My entire mind was focused on it; the twins had a way of making my whole world revolve around them whenever we had sex…and maybe even when we weren’t having sex.

“You’re so big, Daddy…” I heard one twin say.

To my surprise the comment had come from the twin at my side. I watched as she grabbed my attention and brought her hands to the straps of her nightie atop her feminine shoulders. She slid them so that they fell down her arms, and next she pulled the nightie down at her chest and exposed her insanely huge breasts to me in all their naked glory.

I gazed at her melons hungrily as my mouth began to water at the sight of them. I felt her hands reach behind my head and suddenly realized I was being pulled to those glorious globes of hers. As my vision became filled with her cleavage I opened my mouth to reap the rewards of this melon harvest just as her sister raised herself up the length of my pole and threw herself back down it.

“Uh!” she cried out as she raised and lowered herself a few more times. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

My mouth was hungrily sucking on one of her erect nipples. I flicked at it with my tongue several times before bringing my lips together over it and sucking it into my mouth as if for nourishment. She clutched me tighter against her bosom and moaned back in response to my suckling.

“Mmm! Mmm! Daddy!” she moaned.

I still had a hand on the waist of the girl who was riding me. I was gently and subtly influencing her movements; such as dictating at what speed I wanted her to bounce. Soon we had a steady and long pleasure-rhythm going, and I looked at her just in time to see her blonde hair flailing about as she twisted her head from side to side in enjoyment of the sex we were having.

“Uh! Uh! Mmm! Yes! Daddy! UH!” she screamed and squealed.

“Fuck yes…that’s it, girls!” I moaned as I pulled my mouth away from the tits at my side. “Take your Daddy’s cock!”

“Yes, Daddy!” the twins exclaimed. I could feel their bodies tensing up against me all over. I couldn’t believe just how excited they genuinely seemed to be. They truly were satisfied just being in my home, being with me, and being in my presence in general.

“Do you girls love me?” I asked of them.

“Yes, Daddy!” the twin next to me said. “We love you!”

She kissed the top of my head as the twin bouncing on top of me added to her sister’s answer.

“We love you, Daddy! We love fucking you! We want you to fuck us every single day, forever!”

Her sister at my side planted a kiss atop my head and began rubbing my shoulders and chest as my cock was repeatedly thrust into the busty blonde teen riding me.

“Mmm…good girls.” I said, the pleasure beginning to overtake me. “Good, loving, obedient girls…”

“We are obedient, Daddy…” the girls cooed. “We’ll do anything you say! Anything…”

“I know you both will.” I said. “Switch places. I want to ram your sister from behind.”

“Yes, Daddy!” the twins responded.

The girls hurriedly began switching places with each other. The girl on top of me let me slide out of her willing cunt, and when my dick was exposed it was completely covered in her juices. She and I both repositioned ourselves; her going back to my other side and her twin sister crawling in front of me. While all this was going on I glanced over at Gabi. She was still sitting on the nightstand with her headphones on. She had been as quiet as a mouse, but when I looked in her direction she did not turn away. I felt as if she wanted me to know that she was watching — that she wanted us all to know.

I got to my knees on the bed just as Escort Eryaman the second twin was turning her back to me. She was shedding her nightie, partially, enough so that her rear was exposed as she got on all fours before me. I gripped her at the waist and pulled her toward me as I brought my cockhead to her exposed pussy. Beside me her twin sister was baring her breasts in an effort to stimulate me further.

It was working.

I shoved my cock into her sister hard and before I even knew what I was doing I was ramming into her as if on instinct. Pure, animalistic instinct. This girl and her sister were mine; no one else’s, and before the night was over I was going to re-claim them both all for myself for the umpteenth time.

“UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!” the blonde teen below me cried out.

My hands now had a tight grip on her tiny body. I was grabbing at her flesh and pulling her into me as I thrusted deep into her repeatedly. Each time my cock rammed into her it sent ripples throughout her like a shockwave and her beautiful buns splashed around my pelvis violently. The sight of her gorgeous derriere enveloping my cock was one that I never wanted to forget. There’s just something about watching a woman almost squirm below you as you manhandle her and have your way with her. I’d been in this position before with other women several times in the past, but ever since the twins had emerged as my own personal fucktoys and convinced their friends to do so as well I had started to notice this other, darker side of me that I had never really acknowledged before — not even during my more adventurous and youthful days.

Gabi only added to that dark fire that burned within me. I remember thinking on that particular night that Gabi had taken it upon herself to cook dinner (just as she’d taken it upon herself to become Skaycee’s primary mother) even though she knew she had to do none of that. As my fleshlight her one and only responsibility was to please me, and boy did I ever use her. If I wasn’t using that tight, little body of hers to get my rocks off then I was using her as a nurturing tool to raise my “daughter” for me. In the back of my mind I figured that perhaps Gabi was doing all those things I had deemed unnecessary for her as a way of pleasing me when Skaycee was around due to the fact that we couldn’t engage in any sexual activity in those moments. It was a remarkable thing, this whole roleplay situation we were all caught up in. The twins and their friends had constructed this perfectly shaped circle of fantasy and bliss, and like a carefully crafted puzzle every piece that made up this circle fit into every other piece obviously and fluidly. This revelation was never any clearer to me than when I turned my head to glance at Gabi and saw the expression strewn across her face as she watched me bang both of the twins from her place atop my nightstand. Her expression was one of pure and utter awe; and she never once broke character.

I pulled my hand back and brought it down over my girl’s right cheek below me. Her ass rippled as my powerful palm collided with her, and I repeated this process over and over; spanking her repeatedly as my throbbing cock reamed her tight hole relentlessly and mercilessly.

“Take it, slut!” I yelled out. “Take Daddy’s huge cock!”

When I yelled I could feel an authority emanating from my voice and tone that, I have to admit, even I was unfamiliar with. It had a rapid effect on everything that was happening in my bedroom at that moment, and there was a very immediate shift in the girls’ behavior. Even Gabi winced in automatic reaction to the authoritative power in my voice. Below me I suddenly felt my slut’s body grow noticeably less tense. She no longer pressed back against me to meet my thrusting. Instead she was telling me via body language that she was succumbing to my strength and power, as if to say “Yes, Daddy. Take me. I’m yours. Use me however you please.”

And just then, in a beautiful and perfect example of twinnection (a term the twins came up with), her sister next to me said those very things I was thinking to myself on behalf of the girl I was pounding.

“Yes, Daddy! We’re yours! We’re your busty, blonde, teenage sluts! You can use us however you want, Daddy!” she said, going into “praise” mode. She hugged my arm and nuzzled her blonde head against my bicep as she closed her eyes in bliss; seemingly basking in the power I was currently showcasing.

“Mmm…” she sighed into my arm.

With a blonde babe literally on my arm and her identical sister receiving my cock under me I could feel the cum swirling in my balls; just waiting for an opening to get into my shaft. I knew that at that point there would be no turning back. I would cum wherever and whenever my cock decided — the divining rod everything in this house revolved around.

I willed myself to hold out a little while longer, but the fact that my ego was being stroked along with my cock made it an almost impossible task to complete. In fact, I realized Sincan Escort Bayan that no matter what I was going to cum. No matter what. No matter what happened that evening I was going to shoot my load in or on these girls. There wasn’t a damn thing in or out of this world that could stop me. My cock truly was a divining rod; it was an unstoppable, unyielding force of nature that bowed for no one and nothing. Nothing in this world was going to stop me from exerting my power as a man over these teenage cock-teases who repeatedly begged for my cum even when they weren’t even asking. This was my right. These girls belonged to me, and they deserved to be drenched in my manly seed every day for the rest of their lives.

I felt the twin next to me start to shiver, as though the thoughts in my head had somehow taken on a tangible form and had begun chiseling themselves on to her; imprinting themselves on her mind. Almost as if my thoughts had suddenly jumped from my head to hers. I turned my head to look upon her, and I was met with a gaze that made me want to shoot almost immediately. Her eyes were wide and conveyed various senses of fear, comfort, will, and complete unconditional loyalty. Her mouth was slightly parted, and her bottom lip quivered — but only for a moment. Her entire demeanor had changed to a level of submissiveness I’d not seen from any of the girls before. This was the twins’ way of raising the bar. This was their way of bringing pleasure not just to my body but to my mind as well. They were inside me just like I was inside them.

And just like that…my cock decided.

I pulled out of the twin I was fucking and took hold of it with my free hand. My other hand I pulled from her sister’s grasp and quickly placed atop her blonde head. I pushed her down and she leaned over. I didn’t have to say a word; she knew exactly what she needed to do.

With her face now practically touching the head of my cock I stroked the length of my shaft up and down. I could feel my climax approaching, and I looked down to see her with that same expression on her face. That was enough to put the vehicle in drive and cross the finish line.

“Urrrgh! Fuck! Here it cums! I’m gonna cum all over your face you busty babe!” I grunted out.

I felt her tongue snake its way out of her mouth slowly, and within milliseconds of doing that I felt the camel’s back break from that one single and final straw. Cum started to shoot out from the tip of my cock rapidly. The first few blasts made it difficult for me to even hold my cock in place; but my cumshots found the target of her pretty teenage face as true as ever just the same — even further proof, in my mind, that my cock could never and would never be denied.

“Mmm!” she moaned as a long streak of gooey, white semen collided with her tongue and splatter all over the lower half of her face. “Mmm! Uhh! Uhhhh!”

“Yess…fuck…that’s it, baby!” I moaned out as even more cum was shot out of my cock. “Take Daddy’s cum like a good slut!”

“Mmm…ye-yes…d-dadd-yyyyy!” she moaned out as her speech was interrupted by the pelting of my baby-batter across her entire face.

I flicked the last of my cum on to her and then took my cock and began rubbing it into her face; smearing the cum I had just covered her with even more. She cooed and moaned quietly as the soft and gentle features of her face became obscured and defiled by the unrelenting and unapologetic masculinity of my cock. My veins were framed by her feminine skin. My cock throbbed hard against her soft cheeks and nose. I oozed pure, unfiltered manliness down my hard pole and rubbed the head dripping wet head over her lips like I was applying her lipstick.

And in the midst of all this she began to yelp, and shiver. Soon her yelping and shivering turned to orgasmic screams and intense shaking. She cried out as the realization that my cum was on her face finally sunk in (in more ways than one), and experienced an orgasm as she came on to my bed hard.

As the blonde teen came her sister below me had taken to reaching back behind her and gripping my cock. She began to stroke me up and down, slowly and softly so as not to agitate me in this very sensitive state. I realized, however, that it didn’t matter. Despite the fact that I had just blown a huge load over this teenage slut of mine I was still hard enough to go another round. More importantly I wasn’t as sensitive as I usually was when I came. This territory was entirely unrecognizable to me, but it also wasn’t exactly familiar. Since the twins had started this whole thing I was beginning to feel more and more rejuvenated. Living in a house filled with busty teens that all vie for your attention tends to put one on cloud nine the majority of the time. As a doctor I kept myself in relatively good health; perhaps even more so than most people. But as a doctor I realized that in order to keep up with all the added strain on my body from all the added stress I experienced from all the sex I’d been having it wouldn’t be long before it started to take its toll on me. I decided that I was going to have to start working out more — a decision that (although I didn’t realize it at the time) was going to lead to something more; yet another layer of this roleplay the twins had turned my entire life into.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32