Tied Up at Work

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Work has been soo much better since last Friday, let me tell you. I work as a display artist for a major department store (you’ve surely heard of it). Anyway what I do is create all the in-store displays, decorations, themes, department design etc. I have a boss and 1 co-worker, the boss has a office upstairs and my co-worker and I have a studio attached to the main warehouse.

On Friday I’m the first to get to work and my co-worker arrives shortly after. She greets me with “What’s up pumpkin boy…wanna coffee” (“pumpkin boy” cause it’s close to Halloween and we’re doing the usual, you know). She says it with a really spunky attitude and a smile which was somewhat of a surprise since she’s usually pretty subdued and not interested in much idle banter, plus she’s never offered me a coffee before.

So I said, “Wo what’s with the new attitude, what happened, did you finally get ‘some’ last night”.

She said “Ha ha…wouldn’t you like to know”, again with a real spunky attitude, she seemed to be waiting for an answer.

I didn’t think I should go there so I just said “I haven’t seen you this perky the whole time you’ve worked here, something must have happened”.

She said “Well if you insist, I broke up with my boyfriend last night”.

This was a shock cause I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. I thought she was such an ice-queen that she would never find a man. I guess I had the whole thing wrong. Not that she’s not cute, in fact she is quite fine and I’ve had trouble keeping my mind on the job at times. She’s about 5’3″ and I guess a 34C, nice ass and really pretty face (when she smiles). Anyway I offered her my sympathy but she said it was actually a relief and she felt total freedom now.

So the day went ahead almost as usual, except she was giving me shots and flirting all day and it was really getting to me. I was really starting to imagine the possibilities with this girl.

It’s almost 5 o’clock and I’m trying to finish a display that has to go out for Saturday escort bayan morning. She’s hanging around waiting for me and continuing with the teasing. “Come on…I wanna get out of here, I have a hot Friday night planned now that I’m single”, she says, giving me a gentle boot in the butt.

“If you don’t stop distracting me I’ll never get finished” I responded.

She came back with “Oh poor baby…what’s the matter can’t ya take it pumpkin boy” and she gave my ass another nudge.

“If you don’t stop that I’m going to…” I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I actually couldn’t say what I really wanted to do to her, so I said “…I’ll kiss you”.

She immediately gave me a hard pinch on my butt. That was it. I turned and stepped towards her. She didn’t back off, she just stood there sort of swinging from the upper bar of a clothes rack I was using. I placed my hands over hers, moved close and kissed her.

She seemed surprised, “Ah…I really didn’t think you would do that”. Before she could fully react, I kissed her again. This time waiting to see if she would respond or slap me. She did liked it. We held the kiss and gently explored the initial taste of each other. I still had my hands clasped over hers on the coat rack when I suddenly had a very naughty idea. I had a scarf in my right hand, from the display I was working on. I slipped my tongue past her lips and she responeded even more vigourously. As she was busy with my tongue, I gently wrapped the scarf around her wrists and looped it secure to the rack. I don’t think she even realized what I had done until I dropped my hands and wrapped them around her waist, pulling her closer to my body.

When she tried to put her arms around my neck she realized she couldn’t. She broke the kiss and said “Oh ho… that’s not fair…now un-tie me”.

I said “what’s that matter can’t you take it perky girl” with a sly smile. I then tried to kiss her again. She only resisted for a second and then we were back at it hotter görükle escort than before.

She was wearing those tight stretch pants that women wear these days and a tank top that bearly covered her belly button. I could feel every luscious curve in her body as my hands roamed freely.

I was pulling her close and pressing my hips into her sweet abs. She couldn’t mistake my hard-on pressing against her abs. Using the bar she pulled herself up like a gymnast and wrapped her legs around my waist. She started to dig her feet into my ass as she squeeze my hips into her crotch. My cock was grinding against her mound and I could feel the heat from her sweet spot. I broke from her lips and moved my mouth down her neck. She dropped her head back and enjoyed my wandering tongue. Along her neck just below her jaw, I licked my way to her ear and teased the lobe with gentle bites and darting my tongue around and inside her ear. She started to go crazy bucking and grinding on my hips, desparately trying to massage her burning love berry.

I was going crazy too, I broke the scissor grip around my waist so I could move lower to her perky breasts. I stood her up and slid my hands under her tank top. I quickly found the clasp on her bra and released those suculant handfulls. I yanked her top up and hungrily started to eat and suck both nipples. Pressing them with my tongue and pulling them with my teeth. She started to moan and I could feel small waves of pleasure spasm through her body. She wriggled and begged to me to un-tie her “Un-tie me you bastard…I want you now”. I said “not yet, it’s my turn to drive you crazy”. She screeched and moaned as I continued to work her lucious breasts and soft abdomen. I found her belly button ring and flicked it with my tongue as I twirled her nipples with my fingers. Her body was shaking with pleasure.

“Oh god, fuck me now…I can’t take it any more…I want your cock in me…make me cum”. My cock responded, almost loosing bursa elit escort my hot load right then and there. I was beyond ready to give her what she wanted.

I untied the scarf from the rack but left it wrapped around her wrists. There was a work bench 2 feet from us and I picked her up from behind and pressed her up against it. I grabbed the waist on her pants slowly slid it over that perfect ass. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I exposed her white booty and pink pussy lips. As she realized what was coming next she asked “Do you have a condom?”. “Ah…ya ya just wait” I stammered. Luckily I was prepared…I unzipped the leg pocket on my cargo’s. Still pressing her up against the workbench, I dropped my pants and slid the condom on. Her creamy butt was a little below thrusting level so I grabbed her hips and lifted her feet off the floor. She was waiting with her body half on the bench top and her arms outstretched. I moved my aching shaft towards her gash. I stroked the head up and down her pussy lips a few times, drenching it with her dripping juices. “Do it now…” she moaned. I found her hole and immediately thrust inside her. I pulled back an inch and thrust the rest of my cock into her, my hips slapping against her ass. She moaned and her body quivered. I thrust again this time even harder, shaking her whole body and lifting her even farther off the ground. I quickened my pace. I knew there was only one direction ahead for this encounter, faster and harder.” I kept pounding her ass with my hips, my balls slapping her clit and her moans increased with each assault. “Yes…oooh…ya…it’s starting…oh don’t stop” she begged. I knew she was close, it was all I could do to stay with her. At last she tensed “that’s it…hold it there….aaaah” she groaned. I could see the wave of her orgasm roll down her spine and her cunt clamped down on my cock. I held my cock pressed hard inside her for a moment. Then I began to thrust again, once…again… and then finally I buried my load as deep inside her as I could. “Oh god…aaooh…oh…oh…” I pounded her butt 2 more times as my pleasure peeked. I held her on the bench for another 5 minutes. I continued to probe her pussy with my softening shaft as we both cood and moaned and enjoyed the thrill of our first encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32