Toilet Slave’s First Day

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You are laying on your back. She enters naked, drops to her hands and knees and crawls over you, stopping once her pussy and ass are directly over your face. She grabs her ass cheeks and spreads herself apart, lowers her perfect ass toward your face and hovers there for a moment while you take it in.

Smell me right now. Smell my asshole.

You inhale deeply. The smell of her filth fills your nose. You are instantly aroused.

Does it smell good? Do you like it?

It smells filthy and it turns me on so much. I’ve never been so hard in my life.

Good. Now lick my ass. Clean it for me.

She spreads her ass cheeks wide and lowers herself gently onto your mouth. You reach out with your tongue cautiously at first, but after the first few slow sensual licks you find yourself tonguing her ravenously. The taste and smell of her dirty asshole is all you’ve ever wanted. The smell of her open pussy just in front of it. Her tastes and smells overpower your senses.

You are a dirty perverted fuckboy, and you clean my ass so well. Tell me how it tastes.

I love the way your asshole tastes. I can never get enough.

Good boy. You’re fucking disgusting aren’t you? Don’t stop licking.

She presses back down onto your waiting tongue. Her ass tastes especially pungent. You lick harder and deeper Bostancı Sınırsız Escort until suddenly you feel the end of something hard. It tastes like a fucking sewer and you feel like you might explode. She lifts up again.

You know what you’re here for don’t you? You’re a toy for me to shit on. A good little fuckboy to clean my mess. You want to taste my shit so badly don’t you, fuckboy?

You hesitate. It’s all you’ve ever wanted but you can’t believe this is actually happening.

Well? Don’t you want to be my filthy fuckboy bitch? You want me to use you like a toilet, don’t you? Answer me!

Yes. Please! I want it so bad. Use me!

She bears down.

Good boy…

You feel her hot piss splash onto your chest. She angles slightly so some of it splashes onto your face and into your mouth. She pushes harder and you see a log of shit

crowning from her perfect asshole. Falling slow you reach forward to catch it in your open mouth. It fills your mouth with the overwhelming taste of shit. More and more keeps pouring out of her. Your mouth is completely full and there are about six inches of shit hanging out of your open mouth. You almost gag, but all you can feel is complete ecstasy. As the giant turd clears her ass hole it breaks just outside of your mouth and the remainder falls up over your right eye. Bostancı Suriyeli Escort

She presses her ass down into your face again. It makes contact with the remainder of the turd and keeps going, pressing it into your face. She gyrates her hips back and forth, slowly at first but steadily gaining speed. She smashes and grinds her shit all over your face.

I’m making a fucking mess. Clean it all up. Right fucking now.

Her shit is all over you. You swallow the mouthful you took initially. Then you lap it out of her filthy ass hole with your disgusting fuck boy tongue. She continues swinging her hips, dragging her ass up and down your face. With each pass you take down whatever shit makes contact with your tongue. Sliding over her filthy, disgusting ass hole.

Such a good fucking toy for me. Tell me how much you love it. Thank me for giving you everything you ever wanted.

She lifts up for a moment, you gasp for air and cry out

Thank you!! I love to be covered in your mess! I love to be your filthy toilet boy!

You are my toilet boy aren’t you?. You’re fucking disgusting. You love to be

my dirty little toilet. Take it all. Clean me completely. Should I suck you off while I smash my shit all over your face?

Please! I want it so bad.

Good. You should! Bostancı İranlı Escort I’m going make you cum so hard!

She resumes the steady pendulum swing of her ass on your face and takes your whole cock into her hot, wet mouth. She works it up and down while flicking her tongue

quickly, never slowing the pace of her hips. She withdraws for a moment.

Keep going. Do not miss a fucking spot. I had better be clean when you’re done.

With each pass there is less and less shit on her heavenly ass hole. Your senses are completely saturated with her filth. Every time you moan she pushes her ass harder in

your mouth and your dick further in hers. You speak through the muffle of her ass.

Fuck I’m so close

Good. I’m going to swallow all of it and I want it so bad so you better be a good little fuck boy bitch and cum for me right now!

She dives her mouth all the way down on your throbbing cock and presses her asshole back down on to your mouth with all her might. Your tongue takes one last

desperate taste as you cum.


You’ve never cum so hard in your life. Your orgasm comes in waves. Each time filling her mouth with cum that she swallows hungrily. She lifts up but stays in place. Her

asshole is inches from your face. She speaks as if these words are coming from her ass itself.

This is what you are now. You’re a toy for me to shit on. A good little fuckboy to be my toilet and clean my mess. You cum only for me, and only with a mouth full of my shit. I know it’s all you’ve ever dreamed about so thank me.

Thank you.

Good. Good boy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32