I Take Aki Diving

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A few years ago, I was in a job where I was lucky enough to meet and fuck about a dozen Japanese women over the course of two years or so. I even fucked the Japanese receptionist. All in all, it was a pretty good job. Most of the time I had three or four on the go and while it was a bit of a circus, the amount of pussy I was getting was well worth it. At one point, there was Yoko, another Yoko, Aki, Junko, and Erika. The first Yoko wasn’t much to look at but she was horny as fuck. She kept her pussy smooth and shaven and loved having fingers in her ass. She was much more of a cockslut than the others and loved having me cum in her mouth. I suppose that was to make up for her looks. The second Yoko was tall, very fair-skinned, and slightly aloof- until she had my cock in her. Then she became a first order slut, begging me to fuck her pussy on the kitchen counter. Aki was simply gorgeous with long legs, a firm ass, and a trimmed pussy that she used to play with for me all the time. I would often go over to her place to find her alternating between cooking dinner and masturbating, her legs spread wide open with whatever she had handy up her vagina. I wondered if the carrots she had cooked had been up her pussy first. I suspect they had. She was a big hit at her office but I made sure that I was the only one that was eating and fucking her sweet Japanese pussy.

Junko was about ten years older than me and apparently hadn’t had any cock in her for a while. She was the one woman I could do anything with and who would (mostly) do anything for or to me. She loved me to slap her while we fucked and I could feel her pussy get wetter as I did. She also loved to put whatever she could in my ass. A dildo or vibrator or just a couple of her fingers, whatever. She loved playing with my ass and she really loved taking my cum in her mouth and on her face as she watched me jerk myself off. Sometimes she would take the afternoon off work and I would meet her at her place. On one afternoon, she had me on all fours and was working a vibrator in and out of my ass while I was reaching back to fingerfuck her pussy. She loved to watch us fuck and would adjust her bedroom mirrors so that we could watch ourselves. She was the only woman I’ve met who could make me cum by sticking her fingers in my ass and rubbing my prostrate without even touching my cock.

Erika was the prize though. A girl doesn’t get to be a stewardess on Asia’s leading hot stewardess airline without being a very prime piece of pussy. Erika’s tits were firm and round Bostancı Yabancı Escort and big for any woman, let alone someone Japanese. Her waist was trim and slender and her ass was simply first rate. Although she was outwardly shy and demure, she was a slut when it came to fucking, getting up on the arm of my couch and spreading her pussy and ass open for my cock. She and I fucked in public and in swingers clubs and we had several threesomes with my friend Drew. She loved me to shave her pussy and asshole and she held her cheeks open while I did. She also held her cheeks open when I put my tongue up her bum. I fucking love Erika and her horny little cunt.

For the purposes of this story though, I’m going to focus on the fun Aki and I had fucking each other. Aki and I shared a common interest in scuba diving and since we lived in Singapore, the islands and reefs of Malaysia were only a weekend trip away. Over the course of several dates, we agreed to take a weekend trip together- no stress, no expectations, just do some diving and get some sun. Of course, my objective was to get my cock up her tight Japanese pussy and I pretty much suspect her objective was to get a load of cum in at least one of her lovely holes.

When we got to the small island off the coast of Malaysia, we found that accommodations were shared. Aki and I were in the upper bunk in one room and a Singaporean couple were in the lower one. After a long first day of diving and eating and diving and drinking, it was time for bed and the four of us turned in. The couple in the lower bunk appeared to have fallen fast asleep but Aki was wide awake and apparently ready for our first fuck. Her hand drifted down to my cock and she gently tugged on it while feeding me one of her nipples as we lay on our sides. I got hard very fast as I bit and licked her tit while she rubbed my cock and balls. Trying very hard not to shake the bunkbed (or hit her head on the ceiling) she positioned herself over my face with her cunt lips spread open so I could taste that pussy I had been longing for and jerking off thinking about for weeks. I ran my tongue up and down her slit while she reached back and stroked my cock. Then she slid down and got ready to ride it.

I was slightly worried about waking the couple below us up so I whispered that we should fuck outside. But Aki was hot and horny and needed my cock in her right then and there and she just shook her head, held my cock up straight with one hand and spread her pussy lips with the Bostancı Yeni Escort other. As she sank down on me, a soft moan escaped her lips and I thought I felt the couple below us stir. Her lovely tits bounced gently in front of me as she rode my cock and as much as we tried, we couldn’t help but shake the bunkbed at least a little bit. My thoughts of the couple below us seeped away and all I was concentrating on was the feel of my bare condomless cock sliding in and out of Aki’s horny Japanese pussy. Up and down she went as I pinched and tugged on one nipple and she did the same on the other. We were having pent-up-for-weeks sex. Since we had been dating for about a month and had done nothing more than a bunch of kissing and over-the-clothes fondling, this was long overdue. She ground her clit against the base of my cock and the bed shook a little more as she gently moaned while fucking me. Thoughts of the couple in the lower bunk had all but died away.

Until I looked down and to my right to see them both wide awake and standing there, watching Aki and I fucking. They were naked as well and the woman was slowly pulling on her man’s cock while he cupped a breast and stroked her nipple. Aki looked down at them as she tugged on her left tit and smiled as my cock sank in and out of her. I thought she would’ve jumped off my cock and hid herself but she obviously enjoyed giving the Singaporean couple a look and she kept right on gently riding my cock. The woman bent over and put her man’s cock in her mouth as he continued to watch Aki and I fuck in the dim light. Aki and I watched her suck him off and this made our fucking harder and wetter. Slowly she climbed off my cock and then to my surprise climbed down the bunkbed’s ladder, beckoning me to follow.

Once on the floor and without a word having been spoken, Aki cupped the Singaporean woman’s tits in her hands, pressed them together and flicked her tongue across the woman’s nipples while her man and I watched, stroking our cocks. His cock was small but quite thick and very veiny with very little hair on his balls. He worked it slowly while his girl was getting her nipples sucked by my hot Japanese girl. His girl leaned over and took his cock in her mouth while Aki’s hand slowly slid down to the girl’s wet pussy. Looking straight at me, she slowly slid a finger up the Singaporean’s cunt while they both gently moaned. The Singaporean continued to suck on her man’s cock faster while Aki played with her tits and I jerked off. Then the Singaporean Bostancı Masaj Salonu couple got into their bunk, side-by-side, him behind her, and started to slowly fuck in front of Aki and I.

Aki and I watched them fuck, his cock sinking into her bare pussy while they stared straight at us. He lifted her leg so we could see more of her pussy and Aki slowly worked my cock with her left hand while playing with her clit with the right. I gently moved her so that she was leaning up against the bunkbed and had her bend forward a little bit. Then I slid my cock up her cunt from behind. All four of us were watching each other fuck and we still hadn’t said a word. Moans and groans, yes. But that was it. There was nothing else except the sound of two hard cocks fucking two wet pussies. For me, besides watching my cock slide in and out of a girl’s twat, watching another couple while they fuck has always been my biggest turn-on. To be able to alternate between seeing my cock sinking into Aki and seeing the Singaporean couple fuck right in front of us, I was pretty happy.

The couple on the bunkbed in front of us surprised me and climbed off the bed. The guy positioned his girl like I had Aki- leaning on the bed, fucking her from behind so the four of us were side by side. He reached over and squeezed one of Aki’s tits while I did the same to his girl. We watched each other’s cocks fuck our hot little Asian girls’ pussies and we all moaned as our orgasms approached. The girls leaned towards each other and gave one another a long, hard kiss while our cocks fucked them from behind. I watched his cock split his little Singaporean girl’s pussy open while he saw mine do the same to Aki.

Steadily, our fucking got faster and our moans grew louder as he and I got closer to cumming. We looked over at each other while our girls were kissing and smiled. We were so close to cumming, our girls’ pussies were so wet and their nipples so hard and we both nodded at almost exactly the same time. We pulled out, the girls turned around and sat on the edge of the bed, their faces pressed together, their hands working each others’ clits, and he and I came on both their faces, shooting milky ropes of cum onto both of them as they massaged our mixed semen into their tits. Aki’s tits were slightly smaller than the Singaporean girl’s but her nipples were about twice the size. But that didn’t really matter as I watched the two of them rub our cum into each other.

Then, still without a word, the four of us split up, Aki and I going back to the upper bunk, the Singaporean couple going back to theirs. I don’t know what they did, but after about twenty minutes Aki and I had another very, very hard fuck. For the rest of the weekend, the Singaporean couple didn’t even speak to Aki and I. But we looked at each other and we knew…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32