Tonights Fantasy #05

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I sit on the couch, you are standing in front of me. You are dressed in a black silk dress that beautifully shows the shape of your body. Your naked long legs are dancing in front of me. I can smell your perfume, and hear you humming with a soft smile as you see my hungry eyes wandering your body. You lift the dress slightly, teasing me and giving me a peek at what’s underneath it. You slowly slide your hands down my chest and unbutton my shirt, revealing more of my skin with each button. Your gaze is intense, and I can feel the anticipation growing inside me.

You take a step back and begin to undress, taking off piece by piece until you are standing before me all naked but your black panties. You touch your firm breasts and hips. Caressing your white skin. You open my legs and kneel down between them. I can feel the heat radiating from your body as you come closer. Your warm lips touch mine and your tongue is thrusting past them. My hands grasp at your long black hair, pulling it away from your face. You tilt your head up so that we can kiss again. This goes on for several minutes, as I gently pull at your bursa escort bayan hair and move your head further backwards.

You break off the kissing, look down and start unzipping my pants. You throw me a naughty smile, reach inside my pants, and take out my cock. It is huge, hardening quickly from your touch. As you stroke it, you smile up at me. I want to say how amazing this feels, but you silence me by putting your finger on my lips. “You like it?” You ask. I just nod. You lick my tip and I let out a loud moan. You start giving me a blowjob, and step by step push my cock deeper into your mouth.

I can hear the soppy sounds as you deepthroat me. You give the most amazing blowjobs. You are completely focused on your task and don’t notice me staring at you as I facefuck you with such intensity that I feel myself coming undone. You open your mouth again and suck harder and faster now. Soon I am losing all control. I pump faster and faster, pushing your head deeper between my legs. I feel my orgasm approaching. My balls tighten and my stomach muscles tense up. My whole body trembles as gorukle escort I almost cum into you, wanting to shoot my load deep into your throat.

Then you reach my balls, and you wrap your hands around them, rubbing them gently. You move lower, licking my balls and making small circles with your tongue. When your tongue moves to my balls, they become heavy and hard, so much so that you almost can’t get them out of your mouth. You place your hand underneath them and lift them, then suck them. After a few more seconds you lick them clean from the saliva that has been dripping from your wet mouth.

You stroke my cock faster now, quickly bringing me to the edge while you look me straight in the eyes. Your naughty green eyes sparkle as you see my body preparing for an amazing orgasm.

Suddenly you stop, and tease me: “You can’t come yet, hunny”. You stand up and remove your panties, tossing them over your shoulder.

We switch places and you lay on your back on the couch. Your beautiful body is fully exposed now. you stretch your back and push your beasts up. Your hard bursa merkez escort bayan nipples are on full display. You know how you can drive me crazy.

“You like what you see?” you ask

“Yes, you have beautiful breasts,” I answer

“Then why don’t you fuck them now with that hard cock!” you say firmly

I go on top of you, my throbbing cock between your soft breasts. I slowly start titfucking you. As I do this, I can tell you are enjoying it. You have the most amazing-looking and firm breasts. I keep on fucking you, feeling the pleasure building even higher inside of me. Soon my climax comes. I come all over you, hitting you everywhere: my warm cum on your breasts, in your neck and in your hair. Covering you in my sperm gives me an amazing feeling, like a sense of owning you. You look so sexy, all naked and covered in cum, dripping from your breasts and neck. The satisfaction only grows when you close your eyes and start playing with my cum on your body. I look in silence at the full spectacle. Finally, you lick your fingers, swallowing the last drops of cum.

You start giggling.

“What is it?” I ask.

“I just realized something.”

“Tell me.”

“This is the first time you’ve ever covered my breasts with your cum, right?”

I nod.

“I bet you have been fantasizing about this for a very long time. Was it as good as you imagined?”

You have no idea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32