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i find you laying in bed. topless, beautiful. a purple thong all that protects you from my soon to come assault. i take hold of the waist band and pull them off.
you were on yer back, knees together but feet in the air. the crotch sticks slightly to your moist pussy lips. your panties spring free and are tossed aside, forgotten for now. ill take them with me later; a trophy. 
smooth skin from front to back side to side. havin yer legs up, knees together does a very special thing to a womans vag. the lips puff up an peak out between her thighs (important that everything is smooth).
its a very sexy scene. i had my tongue in your ass in no time. i slide 2 fingers inside you, other thumb an pointer finger rolling your clit around. you are very wet, your lips pouted and glistening. my fingers are replaced with my tongue an mouth and i slide my middle finger, slippery from you, gently into your ass. of course, you moan loudly at this point. i saw it in and out for a minute, warming you up. i rear up an slide into your pussy with ease. bottom out (youre very slippery by now). i hold your ankles an spread your legs wide. slide my hands down yer calfs, thighs, inside an out. very smooth skin. long slow strokes in, out. pausing when im deepest. i pull out, flip you over, and tease your ass with my tongue. your knees are together again (you know how i feel about that). i climb up an “mount” you pounding from behind. sounds and the smell of sex are in the air. i pull back, still inside you so i can finger your ass some more. getting you ready. i turn you on your side so i can see your face as i glide into your ass. slowly softly, you absolutely explode. almost in the fetal position, you show your approval with a trickle of your honey running down yer thigh. which i gather up with a free hand. i bring it to your lips an you suck on them tasting yourself, lost, as i steady my strokes. i slide 2 fingers back into you sopping wet pussy. every movement is fluid an smooth. your legs quake as you shudder from your first orgasm. i slip out of you, roll you onto your back and begin my ascent. stopping at your clit, tummy, and bury my face in your georgous tits. mashing them, kneading them, sucking your nipples;  biting…i have an idea. i stand you up and get behind you. i pull yer hair to one side an suck on your Maltepe Escort neck. my hands roam your body, tweaking your nipples, groping your ass. reaching back i easily slide my middle finger into your ass. your legs become wobbly so i spin you round an lay you down. one leg still up in my arm, the other spread wide i impale you once again. staring into your beautiful eyes i begin to pound you into a frenzy. mashing your pussylips with each heavy thrust. i wish you could ride me, but you are too exhausted, your legs couldnt take it. next time for sure. i keep my pistoning up an roll you slightly on your hip still holding your leg up. runing my hand up an down your thigh paying special attention to your clit everytime i get there. you bring your own nipple to your mouth an suck away. my left hand (u are facing right) carresses your ass as i slide a finger in. you shudder for the 2nd time. i pull you to the edge of the bed an forcefully flip you onto your chest, i bury my face in your ass one more time giving you unneeded extra saliva so i can penetrate u with ease…and that i do… you squeal as i commence my assault. gently at first but i pick up the pace. i get into a rhythym with the bed my balls slapping your ass. your pussy is gaping open almost gasping for air drooling all down your shivering thighs. i tug on your hair. not to be rough, but enough to get you to turn and look at me. i can see the lust in your eyes. without warning i slide out and jump right back into your pussy. this does it for you and your knees give out from under us. i lean over your back. you feel secure with me laying on you…in you. my powerful arms lift u a little so i can watch your tits sway gently as i hammer down from behind. i begin to fuck your wet pussy raw. pounding you into the bed you are howling by now. you  beg me to stop though the way you coo between words tells me youd kill me if i did. i feel it boiling up inside, i wont last long now. making sure i bottom out with each an every stroke. i ask you, where do you want it. do you want it inside you or do you want it to slide down your throat? where…
 you, panting heavily, say throat. i pull you to the floor facing me. grab your jaw(not too rough) to open your mouth. i slide all the way in, buried to the hilt. you suck an swallow like never before. Maltepe Escort Bayan i pull out a little, you grab ahold of the base and milk me for all ive got. my cum shoots out splashing your tongue an back of your mouth. you swallow as fast as you can, but its too much too fast. cum slips out of the sides of your mouth running down your cheek. you continue to jerk and suck as if theres more in there. completely fucked and satisfied. your body aches but in a good way. you want more but know you cant handle any more. maybe later…

its been days since ive seen you. your at home, in bed. i wanna be in the dark with you, hand up your shirt, suckin on your tongue and bottom lip.  kissin your neck all over.

i slowly pull your shirt off, pause when the shirt is over yer face, coverin yer eyes, your arms stretched up. i hold them there an steal a kiss. deep, passionate

i lay you back, work down to your breasts. take a nipple in between my teeth. gently nibble. you get goose bumps. 
my head moving down your chest, my hand sliding up your legs. slowly over your creamy smooth thighs. 

i put my knee between yours and expertly  work your legs open. your mine now. your little shorts provide zero defense against my advances.
they ride up your thighs as your knees spread farther an farther apart. my hand slides into the waistband ever so slowly. painfully slow. hmm, no panties on…

you feel my hardness dig into your hip as my hand finally reaches your pussy. i see my suckling on your breasts has made you very wet. 

i use my first an third finger to spread your lips as the middle finger rolls your swollen clit back an forth. you coo softly at this. a shiver runs up your spine as the cool night air hits your wet nipples…ive reluctantly released them…

repositioned between your thighs, i grab your waistband and start to tug down. you lift up knowing full well whats to come. i pull them over your feet, your ass lifted off the mattress.  

 i keep your legs up, spreading them wide, exposing all of you to me. slide my strong hands down the back of your legs, pushing on the back of your knees causing you to roll up onto your sholders

fully exposed to me, i bury my face between your thighs. your lips are silky smooth.  engorged. glistening. Escort Maltepe your taste is indescribable. you reach down and play with your swollen clit while i move down further to show your ass some long overdue attention.

you shudder as my tounge muscles its way inside you. your orgasm is fast approaching as i drag my tongue all the way back up to your clit,  stopping only to dart inside your sopping pussy lips. you whine a little as i ease you back down to the bed, not wanting me to ever stop. never. 

my cock is concrete and the tip is on fire. it cuts through your soft lips like warm butter. your legs spread wide, i easily bottom
out…that did it for you. the first wave rocks you like an earthquake. your legs quiver and you cry out.

 i pull you up to me, our legs twisted together, my cock still throbbing inside you. we use the bed to rock ourselves together as our tongues wrestle each other. we grunt an groan together. sweating together. at
one point we just stare at each other while our hips gyrate back an forth. our love all that matters. 

you can see in my eyes that i wont last much longer.
you lean back and grab hold of my cock as i slip out of you. your pussy drooling, not wanting this to end. you stroke me fast and i cum hard on your tits and stomach. you rub it into your chest making sure to scoop some up into your mouth. “mmmm” you moan, swallowing a little. 

you soon realize your other hand still has a death grip on my cock and im still throbbing. we’re taking advantage of this! i spin you around to the edge of the bed and bend you over it. what a beautiful sight.

 i slide into you and begin to steadily saw back and forth; in and out. long slow strokes dragging across your greasy pussy lips. you begin to spasm as your muscles grip my shaft tighter and tighter. 

i lick my thumb and gently work into your ass. you relax and allow me to loosen you up, knowing whats in store. 

i deftly slip from one hole to the next;  the pussy juice you left on my cock providing ample lubrication for me to slide into your ass…and do i ever bury it into you. 

my strokes are strong in and out, in and out. you begin to moan loudly.  a steady flow creams out of your sex, coating your inner thighs. i can smell it. i want to taste it. 

your muscles clamp down on my cock as your orgasm hits you like a truck. this puts me over the edge and i cum inside you. you love the feeling…warm splashes deep inside you. we collapse together on your bed. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32