Upsetting the apple cart part 1

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My name is Steve and i’m a dirty bastard, i love the thrill of the chase .
I’ve been dating Jane for two weeks now and so far i’ve managed to play with her ample 17 year old tits only on the outside of her top.
This was right up my street, a hard to get virgin that would take all my charm and cunning to turn her from an inhibited goody goody two shoes into a sexy cock loving slut that cannot get enough of my 20 year old 8 inch cock.
My flat mate Rob says why waste all that time when there are so many slappers about that will fuck you stupid for the price of a few drinks and shots. I just laugh at him and say ” I take pride in my work “.
Tonight is the first time i have been to Jane’s house, i’m taking her out for a meal.
Let me describe Jane, she’s got quite a plain face, nice but not what you would describe as a looker, her body more than makes up for it. A slimish figure with nice legs and an arse like two peaches in a handkerchief , her tits are about 36 DD and from what i could feel from playing with them through her top and sturdy bra she had big nipples that responded well and would harden quickly making them visible through her body armour. Top that off with her fairly long brunette hair and brown eyes, plus her way of dressing conservative and you can see why i wanted to unlock the slut hidden deep inside.
I knock on the door of her family’s modest 4 bed detached house and i’m invited in by her mother, ” Hi, i’m Lynn, Janes mother, you must be Steve, please come in and wait, Jane is still getting ready “.
Wow , Lynn is a dead ringer for Jane, a bit chubbier with bigger tits, but underneath her frumpy clothes a body that i made my mind up i would have to bury my cock balls deep in her whatever the cost.
“Thank you Lynn ” l said as i was shown to the lounge where Jane’s 14 year old brother Tom was watching tv. We said our hellos and Lynn asked “would you like a cup of tea while your waiting for Jane”, “yes please ” i said and Lynn departed to the kitchen.
I made some small talk with Tom then headed for the kitchen arriving just in time to see Lynn bending over to get some cups out of a cupboard , the devil in me rose to the surface and bold as brass i stepped up behind her and grabbed her arse cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. Lynn shot up in blind terror and said “what the hell do you think your doing “. I gave her my cheekiest grin and said “Jane might be a keeper and they say if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like in twenty years time check out the mother, it’s nice to know that you still only have one arse”. Lynn stood there bright red looking shell shocked, before saying “I have never been so humiliated in my life, that is totally inappropriate behaviour. i will tell my husband, i will” before she could finish her sentence i put my finger to her lips and said “sush, no you won’t. now how about my cup of tea, no sugar for me “. grinning at her i turned and went back to the lounge.
Lynn steadied herself against the worktop trying to comprehend what had just happened, a young man half her age had squeezed a handful of her bottom, told her she still only had one bottom, then had the cheek to shush her when she tried to admonish him.
Still in a state of shock Lynn finished making the tea and took a cup in for her daughters boyfriend. As Lynn set the cup down on a small table next to me i glanced over and seeing Tom was engrossed watching the tv, i reached out and gave one of her big tits a nice squeeze. Lynn’s eyes glared wide open and she practically ran back to the kitchen. About 30 seconds after, Jane came into the lounge and said ” Ready Steve, lets go”. Jane shouted “goodbye ” to her mum still in the kitchen and i added “bye Lynn ,nice getting to know you, hope to see more of you soon “.
As Jane and i walked to my car, Jane looked at me and asked “what are you grinning about ” i just gave her arse a little squeeze and said “cos your looking so sexy “.
Lynn was still in her kitchen blushing and trying to get her head round what had just happened. I had known him for all of five minutes and he has gropped my bottom and fondled my breast, also what did he mean by “hope to see more of you soon. Lynn was outraged, here she was a 39 year old married mother of two being touched in a sexual manor by this rogue of young man with the morals of an ally cat. She made up her mind to tell her husband Mark when he came in from work shortly.
Ten minutes later Lynn heard the front door open and close and Mark talking with Tom. Lynn braced herself as Mark called out “Hi hun” and made his way into the kitchen.
Lynn said “Hi darling, i’m glad your home” and before she could blurt out what had happened Mark interrupted her saying ” You sure are , u’ve got your headlights on full beam, haven’t seen them like that since we first started dating”.
Lynn looked down at her breasts and could clearly see her nipples straining to break out of their confines. This sent Lynn into a embarrassing blush, if she told Mark what had happened, would he think she had enjoyed being groped by Steve, or she had encouraged Steve by giving off the wrong signals. In her confused state she decided to wait until her head was clearer and she could think straight.
Mark not picking up her distress signals carried on teasing “I know what’s made your headlights switch to full beam, must be Janes new boyfriend Steve that’s got you all excited, Tom just told me that Jane says he’s so good looking,
Tom really likes him, he’s a West Ham supporter and he’s promised to take Tom to a match soon, sounds like a fine, descent young man, i can see why Jane’s been so happy these past couple of weeks, we’ll have to invite him for dinner soon, i can’t wait to meet him”. With that Mark gave Lynn a peck on the cheek and headed for a shower.
Lynn stood there confused, why hadn’t she told her husband what happened, why had her nipples got so hard, Steve had got her angry, not sexually aroused, hadn’t he. Lynn noticed she felt a bit wet and flushed in her nether regions. She tried justifying her emotions to herself, sure he was a hunk, and he seemed a polite well mannered young man until the point he grabbed her bottom and squeezed her breast showing his true colours. Was he just checking me out like he said or did he have more sinister sexual motives. Lynn felt herself flush again and her nipples were harder than ever, oh god, this was too much to get her head round. Lynn poured herself a glass of wine and started to prepare the evening meal for her family, Dam that bastard of a boyfriend for causing me such turmoil .

Steve and Jane were just leaving the restaurant after a lovely meal, Jane’s mobile phone had not rung during the meal, so Steve thought there was a good chance he had got away with coping a feel with Jane’s mum, at least as far as her grassing him up to her husband .
As it was a tuesday night and Jane had college and Steve had work in the morning, they both thought better of going to a club, instead Steve took Jane back to her house and she invited him in for a coffee. It was about midnight and the house was quiet, her family all gone to bed. Jane made the coffee and both sat on the settee with just a lamp on. Steve pulled Jane close and started to kiss her deep and passionately, getting his tongue wrestling with hers inside her mouth. Jane was thinking how wonderful and sexy he was and knew she was falling for him in a big way. The fact that he had treated her with respect and never tried to force the issue when she stopped his hands from exploring parts of her body she wasn’t comfortable with. The fact that her brother and parents were asleep and she’d had three glasses of wine at the restaurant had weakened her defences a little more than normal.
When Steve’s hand slid up from her waist and began to massage her right breast she began to moan into his mouth. Steve could sense the change in Jane, after taking turns on both breasts for a couple of minutes he started to ease her woolly top up exposing her perfect big tits held securely in her full cupped bra, sliding a hand inside her bra he got his first feel of her naked tit. he played lovingly with it for a while then took her nipple between his finger and thumb,’Fuck me he thought, it’s fucking huge and as hard as granite ‘, it must’ve been an inch long and half an inch across.
As soon as Steve started playing with her nipple Jane was moaning like a banshee, she had never let anyone get this far with her, she was in heaven, her body was experiencing feelings that were all new to her, she was thinking ‘my god, what is he doing to me ‘.
Steve found it hard not to chuckle, he had found her weak spot, the more he tweaked her nipples the wilder she kissed him. He took his hand out of her bra and eased her top up and over her head discarding it on the floor, he returned his right hand into her bra resuming his attack on her tit and nipple. Her kisses intensified, biting his lip and devouring his tongue. Steve reached his left hand around her back and expertly uncliped her bra , she put her arms down in front of her allowing him to remove it completely, adding it to her top on the floor. Steve broke away from their passionate embrace to admire her tits, “fucking hell, your tits are amazing” he said out loud, Jane snapped out of her sexual intoxication as she heard Steve’s words, this is the first time she had heard him swear and refer to her breasts in such a crude manor, she felt flattered he admired her body and shocked he had spoken to her that way.
She was about to tell him that perhaps they had gone to far when Steve lowered his head and began to suck on her big rock hard nlpple, instantly she buried her hands in his hair and pulled his head harder to her heaving breasts. Steve brought his other hand into play squeezing and pinching the nipple on her other tit, he sensed Jane was there for the taking , he began to slide his right hand down her body, stopping at her arse, playing with her arse cheeks over her skirt for a short while, before sliding it further down until he met her bare flesh just below her knee. Slowly he started to slide it back up her thigh, along with the hem of her skirt, until he was just below her pussy. Jane suddenly realised what his hand was doing and reached down clasping his hand with hers, quietly saying “no”. As she attempted to pull his hand from under her skirt Steve held it firm massaging her inner thigh and at the same time bit her right nipple hard, chewing on it like a toffee, pinching her left nipple hard at the same time. She let out a little yelp, releasing her grip on Steve’s hand, bringing her hand up to join her other hand entwining them both in his hair.
Steve new this was the chance he needed as he slid his fingers onto her panty clad cunt, he could not believe how wet they we, he wasted no time in slipping two of his fingers under her sodden panties and into her sopping wet cunt. Jane was almost whimpering by now, the sensation overload was beyond anything she had experienced or even imagined. Steve pushed home his advantage easing Jane down on the couch so he was lying on his side with his back against the back of the couch, Jane laying on her back alongside him. while chewing on Janes left nipple Steve eased his two fingers out of her dripping cunt and begun tugging at her knickers, easing them past her arse and down her legs, Jane lost in her passion even lifted her arse up to help him, soon they were joining her top and bra on the floor, leaving her naked except for her skirt that was by now bunched up around her waist.
Steve got his first view of her naked cunt. ‘Wow, that’s quite a bush u’ve got there girl, haven’t seen that much hair since watching ZZ top’ Steve thought.
Steve returned his two fingers to her cunt, Jane subconsciously parting her legs to give him easier access to her virgin pussy. As Steve tried sliding his fingers deeper they meet resistance , Steve smiled to himself ‘ her cherry shield ‘, he thought as he eased back his fingers a little and using his thumb to rub over her clit he began to finger fuck her slowly, careful not to damage her cherry shield, he was saving that for his fat, rock hard 8 inches that was throbbing away in his boxers and in need of freedom.
Pinching her left nipple with his left hand he released her right nipple from his teeth and moved his head up to kiss her deeply. Breaking the kiss after a while he told her “take my cock out of my jeans”. Jane had a scared look in her eyes and hesitated as she had never seen a cock in the flesh before, let alone touched one. ” Do it ” said Steve pinching her nipple hard. Slowly she slide her hand down until she reached his belt buckle and undid it, followed by the buttons on his jeans. Steve helped her slide his jeans off, his shoes already removed when they returned to her house, leaving them by the front door. Steve eased himself up just long enough to take his top off before laying alongside Jane again, picking up where he left off playing with her tits and nipples while kissing her hard on the mouth, breaking the kiss to whisper ” i need you to free my cock now”, again she looked scared and with her hand trembling she reached down and began to ease his boxers down until Steve was able to kick them off along with his socks. Now completely naked he told Jane to ” look at my cock and wrap your hand round it”. The look on her face was priceless as she saw her first cock in all its angry glory. ” oh my god it’s huge ” she said as she slowly wrapped her hand around its thick shaft, her fingers coming up an inch shy of meeting her thumb.

Lynn and Mark had gone to bed about 11.30, Lynn thought about trying to tell Mark what had occurred earlier but embarrassment made her hesitant and when she finally made up her mind to tell him she was stopped in her tracks by a low steady snore.
Well that’s just great she thought, i’m having a crisis and your sleeping like a baby without a care in the world.
Lynn lay awake going over and over the events of earlier, but over an hour later she was still awake, her mind racing at ten to the dozen. She had heard Jane come home about 30 minutes earlier, thank god she’s home safe and sound, she thought, it’s a wonder that sex beast didn’t rape her. With all these thoughts running through her mind Lynn decided to get up and make herself a cup of hot cocoa to help her sleep. Making her way quietly down the stairs so as not to disturb her sleeping family, Lynn’s mouth fell open as she noticed a pair of shoes by the front door that she recognised as the ones Steve was wearing earlier. Her heart was in her mouth as she edged towards the lounge door. Lynn could hear soft moans and slurping noises coming from within, the door was open about eighteen inches, a result of Jane using her backside to bump the door shut when she had brought the two cups of coffee back to the lounge not realising things would go so far, then forgetting it was ajar when her passions started to get the better of her.
Lynn peered round the door and there in full view on the sofa opposite, was Lynn’s all but naked daughter, laying with her totally naked boyfriend. Lynn’s knees almost buckled and she had to lean against the door frame for support, she felt sick. She almost fainted a few seconds later when she heard Steve tell her daughter to ” look at my cock and wrap your hand around it”. Lynn was frozen to the spot as Jane said “oh my god it’s huge ” and proceeded to do as she was told, wrapping her hand around what was only the second cock that Lynn had ever seen, not only that, but it looked twice as big and twice as fat as the only other cock she had seen, the one that belonged to her husband.
In shock and unable to move Lynn watched as Steve removed her hand and rolled over on top and in between the legs of her daughter telling her “this will hurt a bit at first, but the pleasure that follows will more than make up for it. Lynn watched in horror as Steve guided his big fat throbbing bellend to her daughters wet pussy lips and eased in the first couple of inches, Jane could feel how stretched her virgina felt and she started to feel scared ” I’m not sure about this ” she said “it’s my first time, perhaps we should stop”.
Any hope Lynn had of her daughters honour being saved disappeared as she watched Steve lower his mouth to her daughters breast and bite her nipple hard before plunging another four inches of his rock hard meat up into her cunt, easily breaking her cherry barrier and filling the walls of her love tunnel with six inches of cunt stretching cock.
Jane gave out a ” aahhh ” of pain and discomfort, digging her fingernails into Steve’s shoulder blades raising her legs and wrapping them around his waist in an attempt to relieve the pain.
Steve held his cock still, allowing Jane to get used to his girth. He had a shit faced grin on his face knowing another conquest was his. Jane had tears in her eyes as the pain of what seemed like a baseball bat rammed into her virgina, added to the fact that she was no longer a virgin.
Lynn also had tears in her eyes, ashamed of the fact that she had just witnessed that beast of gaziantep escort tanıtımları a man deflower her only daughter and out of fear, embarrassment and shock had just stood there watching and didn’t do a thing to stop it.
Lynn’s shame was soon interrupted by the movement of Steve’s arse cheeks raising and lowering as he started to slowly plough his cock in and out of Janes pussy, still only burying about 5 or 6 inches as she huffed and puffed at the discomfort and intrusion.
Steve really started to go to town on her tits and nipples, chewing, biting, pinching, grabbing a tit in each hand and wacking them together making a slapping noise. After a couple of minutes Jane’s huffing and puffing turned into moans of pleasure and lust. Steve took this as a signal to pick up the pace, he started to thrust harder and deeper until a minute later his big prick was bumping against her cervix, his balls slapping against her arse. Now in full control Steve raised his head and moved his hands from her tits. he told Jane “Raise both your arms above your head, i want to see those great big fucking tits flop around while i fuck the shit out of your juicy tight cunt”.
Both Jane and Lynn were shocked at the filth that had just come out of Steve’s mouth, Lynn was even more shocked when Jane instead of pushing him off her and telling him she would not stand for such disgusting language did exactly what he told her to do. She raised her arms above her head, as Steve proceeded to hammer into her now dripping wet cunt at a furious pace. Lynn was mesmerised at the size of her daughters breasts and huge rock hard nipples, as they wobbled, shook and bounced all over the place, smashing into her chin and each other, as Steve, true to his word did indeed fuck the shit out of her.
Steve was loving the sight of Jane’s big tits flopping all over the place, as he watched he caught sight of a head silhouetted in the doorway, his heart froze for a moment until he realised by the shape of the hair it must be Lynn. He couldn’t believe his luck, not only had she not grassed him up to hubby or Jane, she was actually watching me defile her first born. If she wants to watch then i better give her a performance worth seeing.
Steve continued to pound away at Jane’s cunt as he lowered his head and stuck out his tongue so that he could flick it across her nipples as her tits bounced wildly. Jane’s moans were increasing in volume and intensity as Steve’s cock relentlessly ploughed into her, rubbing her g spot with every stroke. She cried out ” my god, what the fuck are you doing to me ” just before her body arched, froze rigid and started to shake uncontrollably as her mouth opened wide and one long word escaped her lips ” fuucccckkkkk”.
Steve grinned, Lynn was on the point of fainting as she witnessed her beautiful sweet daughter shout obscenities and have a massive orgasm.
Steve slowed his pace as he watched Jane’s face, as she slowly returned to the present, she opened her eyes and as she looked deep into Steve’s she said “wow, you wasn’t lying when you told me the pleasure would be worth the pain ” she leaned up and kissed him as hard and deep as she ever had, knowing he had turned her from a timid girl into a fulfilled woman.
Steve softly kissed her lips and told her, “we’ve only just started ” as he slowly withdrew his still rock hard cock from her sopping cunt, as his bellend was released from her tight pussy with a loud popping noise like a champagne cork flying out of the bottle, followed by a gush of her cum that ran down her arse crack and onto the sofa, which could have proved embarrassing if it had been made of cloth and not leather.
The sound of the plop brought Lynn out of her trance, still unaware that Steve knew she was there she continued to watch in an hypnotic state as Steve removed her daughters skirt, sat back on the sofa and pulled Jane onto her knees and told her to “ride my big fat cock, i want you to sit on it facing me and slide that juicy wet cunt up and down my thick, long shaft so my balls smack against your arse, and if your a good girl i will play with your big tits and suck your big fat nipples”.
Lynn felt like a broken woman, she watched him grip the base of of his big thick penis coated in her daughters juice, waving it at her, as he spoke to her like some cheap slut. Lynn watched as Jane didn’t even question the degrading way he spoke to her and mounted his shaft. Lynn looked on in horror as for the first time she had a clear, unobstructed view of her daughters virgina being lmpaled , it looked like he would split her in two as her small bottom made its way slowly down the fat shaft until her bottom squashed his balls onto his thighs. Jane placed her hands on the back of the sofa either side of Steve’s head and started to ride him, building up speed . Lynn watched as Steve lent in to suck her daughters bouncing breasts. Soon Jane was moaning in pleasure to the attention her pussy, tits and nipples were receiving.
Steve could still see Lynn watching and now his conquest of her daughter was complete he was really going to make Lynn squirm. He took his hands from Jane’s tits and grabbed her arse cheeks, pulling them apart giving Lynn a good view of her daughters little puckered arsehole, then bringing his finger to Jane’s mouth he tells her to “suck my finger, make it nice and wet”. Jane doesn’t even question him, she sucks it like her favourite lollipop until it is dripping wet. Steve removes his finger and guides it back to her arse, with the other three fingers and other hand he pulls her arse cheeks apart and places the wet index finger against her arse ring, Jane flinches but doesn’t stop, with a bit of pressure steve pops his finger past her sphincter and buries it all the way. Jane’s eyes spring open with a surprised yelp. Steve looks into her eyes and says ” you like that don’t you, you dirty little girl “. “god yes ” she replies.
With his finger buried in her arse Steve uses both his hands to lift Jane up and down his cock, thrusting his hips up to pound her hard. “tell me you like being fucked with a finger up your arse” ” oh oh i i i like being fucked with a finger up my arse, oh oh fuck me har hard harder aawwww i’m cuuuuuuming, oh god it feels sooooo goooood”
Lynn was in pieces, she could visibly see her daughters juices splashing past that bastards cock as Jane writhed in ecstasy, Lynn could see the smug look on Steve’s face as he knew he could seemingly say and do anything to her defenceless daughter.
Steve now ordered Jane off his cock and told her to get on all fours. Lynn could only look on helpless as Steve mounted her daughter from behind like a dog, his huge weapon now spearing her with ease, as her once tight virgin pussy displayed no distress as he slide to the hilt again and again, as he held her hips forcing her onto his cock. He reached under her grabbing her swinging tits, pinching her nipples, again Jane exploded into a violent orgasm “ooooh fuck, soooo haaaard, sooooo biiiiig, sooooooo deeeeeeep aawweeeeee fuuuuuuck”. Steve used her cum juice that leaked from her cunt to wet his thumb before pressing it into her arsole causing her to come yet again, “oooh god, whaaat aaaaree yooouu doooing toooo meeee” while she was in the throws of orgasm, steve removed his cock from her pulsing cunt as well as his thumb from her arse, spitting on his already dripping wet cock for good measure he aimed it at her already slightly gapping rusty sheriff’s badge and managed to plunder about four inches past her reluctant sphincter into her tight arsole.
Jane’s eyes bulged wide open in pain and surprise. “What the fuck” was all she could manage to say before Steve cut in with “remember what i said about the pleasure worth the pain, same applies “. With that he started to slowly fuck her arse, pulling completely out every now and then to fuck her cunt for a few strokes covering his cock with her cunt juice, before ploughing her arse some more, Lynn even watched him bend his head close and spit a big mouthful of sylvia straight into her gapping shithole, before stuffing her arse full of cock again. Soon Steve was going full bore, sunk to the nuts. He used his right hand to grab her hair ponytail fashion, pulling hard forcing her head back and her body to arch, he reached around with his other hand to play with her clit,
Lynn could only watch in disbelief as her daughters breasts flopped about uncontrollably, as this brute violently sodomised her beautiful, sweet innocent daughters anus. Steve’s big bollocks smashing into her pussy like a wrecking ball. Soon Jane was nearly ready to erupt again. “tell me you like being fucked in the arse, tell me how you can’t get enough of my big fat throbbing cock in your tight little arsehole”. Steve goaded her, knowing Lynn could hear this too made it extra special, when Jane started saying “i love your big cock in me, i can’t get enough of you fucking my cunt and arse, don’t stop, make me cum again and again, oh baby fuck me harder”. With that Jane erupted like a volcano, her biggest and best orgasm so far.
Steve made her get off the sofa and placed her so she was kneeling facing the sofa, with her tits squashed onto the sofa. This position was purely for the benefit of Lynn, Steve got behind Jane and started slapping her pussy and gapping arsehole with his cock telling her “beg me to fuck you in the arse you little slut, tell me your my slut and you want me to fuck you in the arse”.
“please fuck me, i’m begging you, please fuck this little slut in the arse”. With that Steve spat in her arse again and mounting her almost standing up so lynn had a full vision of his cock filling her daughters precious little shitter, Steve fucked her to pieces even spanking her arse cheeks until they glowed, this soon had Jane cumming again. ” ooooh fuuuuuuck, oooooh god, sooo biggg, sooo goooooood”.
As Lynn watched totally broken and beaten, it occurred to her that this total shit of a person had not ejeculated, even after two hours of nonstop sex and her daughter was unprotected , she did not have to ponder the question long, Steve pulled out of her arse made Jane lay down on the floor, on her back with her head towards the door, before he sat astride her chest, he spat a big mouthful of sylvia between her tits, grabbing hold of her tits and placing his by now at breaking point big fat throbbing prick between her tits, he began to roughly fuck her tits , pulling hard on her nipples, while digging his fingers into her defenceless tits.
“Now you do it, hold your big juicy tits and wrap them around my cock, fuck me with them and suck my knob when it pokes out the end. That’s a good little slut taste your cunt and arse juice, make me cum, repay me for all the pleasure i’ve given you, take it down your throat like a good cocksucking whore”. Lynn could not believe what she was seeing and hearing, he really was treating her like a whore. In the position they were, it made them closer to her and she could see that Jane was enjoying being treated like a whore.
Steve was almost ready to cum, he placed both hands behind Janes head and as he fucked her tits and mouth. As he was doing this he looked up straight into Lynn’s eyes letting her know he knew she had been watching them fuck, he said to her “did you enjoy the show “, knowing Jane would think he was talking to her, before thrusting as much of his cock down Jane’s throat as he could making her gag, then pulling it out of her mouth and out of her tits and taking hold of his thick long shaft he proceeded to wank his cock until he started to shoot spurt after spurt of thick hot ropes of spunk in Jane’s mouth and onto her face, hair and tits. When he was spent he wiped his cock over her face, feeding as much spunk as he could scrape into her mouth, then he told her “that’s it babe swallow all that cum. Rub in all the cum i spunked on your tits, that’s a good little slut. Now clean my cock with that sweet tongue of yours, there’s a good fuck slut”.
Lynn was paralysed to the spot, even after Steve had looked her straight in the eyes, letting her know, he knew she had been there spying on them. She still couldn’t escape away to the sanctuary of her bedroom. She watched her cum covered daughter pander to his every command, licking and sucking he’s slowly deflating prick, while moaning in pleasure as her hands and fingers went to work on her own tits, massaging the copious amounts of hot sticky spunk into her own breasts, paying special attention to her large sore nipples. ” don’t forget my balls and arse crack”. he commanded, shifting his position so his balls and arse were hovering just above her mouth. Lynn had tears rolling down her cheeks as she witnessed her once sweet innocent baby girl act Like a cheap prostitute licking and sucking every nook and cranny, even managing to get an inch of her tongue into Steve’s sweaty arshole.
Her work complete, Steve shifted off her, telling Jane to clean up any mess on the sofa. Then looking straight into Lynn’s eyes said “I need a piss”.
At this point Lynn pannicked, realising he was going to leave the room to use the downstairs toilet. she headed for the stairs to escape to the safety of her bedroom, but as her daughter looked through her handbag for her wet wipes Steve was up and out the door catching hold of Lynn’s arm before she had made the second step.
“Where do you think your running off to Lyndi Loo” he said as he led her off the stairs and into the toilet a few short steps away. Lynn had that ‘caught in the headlights ‘ haunted look, powerless to stop him, her body felt drained of blood.
Lynn just stood there in her victorian looking nightdress that went almost down to her ankles. “that’s a right passion killer ” sniggered Steve as he took hold of the thick cotton material and gave it a little tug before letting it go. “no wonder you have to get your sexual thrills watching me fuck your daughter. I bet your hubby hasn’t fucked you in ages, if that’s the way you dress for bed”.
Lynn saw her reflection in the big mirror, ” this is how any respectable married mother would dress for bed” she responded.
” well if you’re such a prude, why have you spent the last two hours watching me fuck your daughter, if you wanted to look at my cock that bad then now’s your chance” Steve said, taking hold of his semi erect cock he began to slap it against her hip. with his other hand he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand toward’s his cock. ” take hold of it it and feel what it’s like to hold a real cock in your hand “.
“you bastard, i’ll scream” she said. ” no you won’t ” Steve taunted her, ” let’s see if those big nipples poking through your nightdress are as much fun as your daughters ” and with that he dropped his cock and reaching up pinched her nipple hard.
No one had ever squeezed her nipple that hard, her husband was a gentle lover and never paid any attention to her nipples, he would squeeze her breasts softly on occasion, but that was it as far sex with him went. The pain and pleasure she felt hit like an electric shock, she felt her virgina pulse, a feeling she had never experienced ever.
As steve started to twist her nipple he repeated his order “now take hold of my cock bitch”. In her confused state she took hold of Steve’s penis and like her daughter before her was shocked at the thickness, her fingers only able to grip three quarters of the way round it. “Now wank my cock just like you saw your daughter wank it earlier” Steve said as he brought his now free hand up to her other nipple and pinched and twisted it just as hard as the other one.
Lynn instantly started to wank Steve off, his cock growing harder, fatter and longer by the second.
“I hope that engagement ring is not sharp” Steve said, knowing the shame and humiliation she would feel, seeing her wedding and engagement rings on her married finger, glinting as she wanked his prick. Lynn’s eyes joined Steve’s as she looked at her ringed fingers wanking that tormenting bastards big penis.
“I’ll bet those rings would fit on hubbys little cock” Steve mocked.
The tears of shame and humiliation ran down her face as Steve’s question reminded her of her faithful husband sleeping upstairs.
Steve turned Lynn around and using one hand to lift her nightdress up and over her arse. he looked down at her married hand, with her wedding and engagement rings wanking his fully angry cock, he pinched her nipple even harder and pulled his cock free of her grip. Steve placed his large swollen helmet at her pussy’s entrance and thrust in hard. He could only get about four inches in before her tightness stopped him. Steve grabbed both her hands and placed them on her big tits, only the thick cotton between them. He told her “pinch your nipples “, he then scrunched all of her hair in his fist and pulling her head back until her ear was by his mouth.
“Look at you, Lyndi Loo” Steve said, as they both looked into the big mirror behind the sink she was pressed up against. “A respectable married mother playing with your own big tits and your daughters boyfriends big fat cock gaziantep escort telefonları stuck four inches up your cunt. I could fuck you now but your daughters cleaning up all her cum juice of off the sofa. And besides i want our first time to be special, so go to bed and lay next to hubby and think of all the ways your going to pleasure me”. With that he released his grip on her hair and violently pulled his cock from her tight cunt, making a loud popping noise. Lynn’s final humiliation was the involuntary pussy farts caused by Steve’s sudden withdrawal. Tears rolled down Lynn’s face as without a word she made her way upstairs to bed. Steve went back to the lounge just as Jane had finished removing the evidence of her first sexual encounter. “Hi babe” Steve said, his cock swinging between his legs. “Come here and get on your knees, you missed a bit, now clean it off so i can get dressed and leave”.
“Sorry” she said as she knelt in front of him, noticing half of his beautiful cock was glistening with sticky wet juice. she gripped the base of his cock shaft and proceeded to suck and lick the offending juice from his cock. It tasted stronger than last time. It smelt muskier too, but she liked the taste and smell.
As Jane went to work on his cock, the thought that she was tasting her own mothers cunt juice got him rock hard. He was thinking how good it would be to fuck them both together, that thought soon had him shooting a few thick spurts of cum down her throat, Jane swallowed every last drop. Steve pulled Jane up and kissed her lips hard. “your amazing babe, so sexy”. Soon Steve was dressed and looking at Janes used naked body, he thought to himself ‘ That was the best virgin fuck i’ve ever had ‘.
Jane picked up her cloths and walked Steve to the front door. “I’ll call you tomorrow beautiful ” Steve told her as he slipped on his shoes and with one last kiss he was gone. Jane made her way upstairs to bed, still with that lovely warm afterglow feeling that comes with being fucked to many orgasm’s. Her tit’s, arse and pussy all felt very sore but that seemed like a small price to pay for becoming a woman, at that moment she loved Steve so much.

Steve crawled into bed shattered, luckily he didn’t have to be at work until 10am.
He could not believe Jane had given up her cherry so easily, after being so defensive for the first couple of weeks, all it took was to treat her nipples roughly and she became so submissive.
As for Lyndi Loo , what a bonus that was. He had managed to get his cock in her less than ten hours after first meeting her.
I’m gonna have some fun with these two in the next few weeks.
That was a good days work even for a serial shagger like me. That was Steve’s last thought before he drifted off to sleep with a big smile on his face.
Jane slipped between her crisp white sheets, still buzzing from the experience of being turned from a timid, shy, plain virgin girl that still went to church every couple of weeks with her mother into a fulfilled woman that was totally in love with her gorgeous boyfriend.
That night she hadn’t planned to let him go any further than playing with her bared breasts, but once he started to treat her hard nipples so roughly she was unable to resist his advances. It made her so wet and horny, responding to his every touch and command, reduced to a submissive slut and she love it.
For Jane it was a night of firsts. The first time she had let any boyfriend see and touch her bare breasts. First time she had seen, touched, sucked a cock and tasted cum. First time she had been fucked in her virgina and arse. ‘oh, and my first orgasm, wow, and my second, third, fourth and however many more ‘ Jane recalled.
Her sore, aching pussy pleasantly pulsed at the thought.
Jane thought of the shock she felt, when he ordered her to fuck him like a slut and making her use obscenities and beg him to fuck her in the arse, he even ordered her to stick her tongue up his arse, ‘ oh no, that’s not true, i did that all by myself ‘, he only told me to clean his arse crack. If my mother had been watching the way her little girl had behaved and the things Steve did to me she would have dropped dead on the spot.
Jane drifted off to sleep thinking of being fucked again by her gorgeous stud of a boyfriend Steve.

Lynn entered her bedroom in tears, totally broken and humiliated, unable to come to terms with what had transpired over the last ten hours. She had been sexually abused, watched her little girl get roughly deflowered and subjected to gross degrading sexual acts, after which her daughters brute of a boyfriend forced me, her mother, a respectable married woman into my own toilet, forced me to play with my own breasts , rub his penis, the same penis that had just been in my daughters virgina and bottom and then bent me over the sink before raping me in my virgina. The bastard even humiliated me by pulling his big penis out, telling me he wanted our first time together to be special, what did he mean ‘special ‘, how can being raped be special.
Lynn looked at her useless husband sleeping like a baby, not a care in the world. It’s all his fault, if only he hadn’t stopped me from telling him what that bastard had done to me, instead of teasing me about my big hard nipples. He would have been able to deal with that sex fiend, teach him some manners, stop him from seeing our daughter.
As Lynn lay next to her husband unable to process all these events, playing them over and over in her mind. Why had she not slapped his face when he first grabbed her bottom, why did she still make him a cup of tea like he told her, which led to him groping her breast in the same room as her son. Why had she just stood watching them have sex, instead of stopping them to protect her daughters honour, surely that’s what a mother should do, protect her offspring at all costs, the baby girl that had come out of her virgina seventeen years ago. Why had she gone into the toilet so easily, she allowed that same, bastard, vile young man to force his horrible, thick, long penis four inches into her tight virgina without a protest or fight.
She was lucky he only managed to get four inches in, the only thing that stopped him from shoving more up her was the fact her husbands penis was only about five inches long and half as fat as that brutes. In the short time it was inside her she felt more full than her husband had ever made her feel.
Lynn could not get the vision of her daughter and the brute together out of her head, obscene sexual position after obscene sexual position, why did her daughter enjoy being treated so roughly, having so many orgasms, the more brutal he forced his penis into whichever part of her body he chose to abuse, the louder and longer she would orgasm. For two hours she watched her daughter get treated and act like a cheap prostitute. Two hours, how could he last that long.
Her husband struggled to last five minutes before ejeculating. Mark had only managed to bring her to fulfilment a handful of times and she did not make any of the noises her daughter had made.
Lynn remembered the words that Steve had whispered in her ear, “i want to make our first time together special “.
The sickening thought that he would spend two hours doing all those same perverted acts to her, the way he did to her daughter made her cringe, she had to avoid him at all costs, depriving him of any opportunity to rape her.
The tears began to flow again and for the first time Lynn noticed her nipples were sore, she felt them and realised they were still rock hard and huge. They had been rock hard since she first started watching her daughter being used and sexually abused by that bastard. Added to the fact that brute had pinched and twisted them, that was the reason they were so sore. Now she noticed her virgina was aching and tingling at the same time. The aching caused by him roughly violating her virgina, stretching it so wide, the only time it had been stretched wider, was during childbirth, but why was it tingling so much. She pulled the front of her nightdress up and touching her big hairy bush, felt that and her virgina were soaking wet, the back of her nightdress soaked in a puddle of her vaginal juice.
“Oh my god,what is happening to me “. Lynn wished she could turn the clock back twenty four hours, the silent tears flowed harder as it all became to much for her and until finally she drifted off to sleep.

Steve woke about 9am and the first thing he did was phone the customer he was due to meet at 10 and change it to 1.30.
He went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, seeing he’s flat mate Rob making toast. He recounted last nights adventures, Rob laughed and said ” you jammy bastard, any chance this hot little minx of a girlfriend of yours is stupid enough to fall for the blindfold trick, so i can have a pop at her too”. “I reckon so, leave it with me” Steve laughed back at him.
It was a trick they had both used many times before. Both their bedrooms were identical. One of them would hide in the closet with a video camera and film through a specially made hole, as the other one brought an unsuspecting girlfriend into the bedroom and got her hot and horny with some fore play, before suggesting they spice it up a bit with a blindfold and some furry handcuffs.
After he had handcuffed her hands to the old fashioned brass headboard and placed the sexy silk blindfold on her, he would fucked her for a while in the missionary position before climbing off the bed and turning her over, getting her on her knees doggie fashion, they would then swap over, the one filming, passing the camcorder to the other, before getting behind her and taking a turn on her unsuspecting cunt or arse. They where both of similar build and cock size, Steve’s cock being only a fraction longer and fatter. Over the past couple of years Steve and Rob had perfected their swapping techniques, even telling the unsuspecting victim to suck on this big dildo as the other one would place his cock by her mouth and she would end up being spit roasted with no idea. They even double penetrated girls, as the one underneath her, fucking her pussy tells her he is going to stick a dildo up her arse.
If it was a girl they didn’t like much, after they had done their usual routine, they would link the filming onto the 55 inch television in the corner of the room and put the camera on a tripod, while the boyfriend that had brought her to the flat would get underneath her, fucking her arse in reverse cowgirl position, holding her legs back towards her shoulders with one hand, while pretending he was fucking her pussy with a dildo in the other hand. The one kneeling in front of her, fucking her cunt, would pull her blindfold off. The look on her face as she realised a stranger was fucking her pussy, not the dildo, was priceless, then the realisation she was being filmed, when she saw herself on the large tv screen, handcuffed to the headboard being fucked in her cunt and arse, was double priceless.
The reactions that followed would vary from foul mouth screaming and calling us every cunt, rapists under the sun, to crying and saying “how could i have been so stupid “. Or sometimes threatening us with police, fathers and brothers.
We would carry on fucking the shit out of her until we were ready to cum, then we would kneel either side of her and both spunk all over her, covering her tits, face, hair and mouth with what looked like a pint of spunk, then one of us would get the camcorder and take close ups of the state of her face, telling her we would post it all on the internet and make sure her family got a nice edited version showing how willing she was and how much she enjoyed it. We never had any comebacks .
Steve had some breakfast and decided he would not call Jane until 12.30pm, just to make her sweat a bit, keep her on her toes.

Jane had got up at 8.30 for college, she could barely walk she was so sore. Her breasts and nipples felt like they had been in a blender, her virgina and bottom felt puffy and battered, they ached like hell. She hobbled downstairs just as her brother was leaving for school, she made her way into the kitchen finding her dad getting ready for work. “What happened to you?” he asked, watching her waddle over to the kettle. Jane almost froze, can he tell i’m no longer a virgin, does it show. “What ” she asked defensively.
“You look like your limping, have you hurt something?” he said. Thinking quickly she lied ” No, i played badminton yesterday and i woke up like this, this morning. I’ll be okay. Where’s mum?”
“Mum’s not up yet, must have had a bad night.” He answered.
“How you getting on with your new boyfriend Steve? he sounds like a very nice young man, i can’t wait to meet him” said her dad. Jane blushed, if only he new that i was getting on a bit too well, “oh fine dad, i like him a lot “. ” That’s good, i’m so happy for you, invite him for dinner tomorrow night, it would be nice to meet him before i fly off Friday morning for five days. I’ll tell your mother, i’m sure she would like to see more of him too ” with that he gave her a peck on the cheek and left for work.
Jane made her tea and breakfast and gingerly sat at the breakfast bar. She thought of last night and her whole body tingled , she checked her phone again, still no calls or texts from her gorgeous boyfriend. ‘No worries, he’ll call soon ‘ she thought. she didn’t have to rush off to college for a couple of hours.

Lynn woke about 9am, she felt terrible, then she remembered what had happened last night and started to cry again, she could feel her vagina was sore, from that brute forcing half his big penis into her, the same one he had buried inside all of her daughters holes not 15 minutes earlier, she then realised she had not even showered since. This only added to the shame and humiliation she felt, Now she felt dirty and contaminated as well.
Lynn took a long hot shower almost scrubbing herself clean, hoping to wash all the guilt and shame down the plug hole and restoring her broken life to what it was 24 hours ago. As she dried herself on the soft fluffy towel, she started to feel a bit better, although her nlpples and virgina were still sore.
Lynn slowly dressed, glad that she would have the house to herself for the day, she couldn’t face talking to anyone right now. Lynn entered the kitchen and the shock of seeing Jane at the breakfast bar made her stutter as she asked “oh, a,ha haven’t you gone to college yet?” Jane wondered why her mother looked so surprised to see her, “No, i haven’t got any classes until 11am, i’ll leave in an hour, why, have you got a fancy man coming round ” Jane joked. Lynn flushed red and in a very defensive tone she answered “Certainly not, what kind of a woman do you think i am, i’m a respectable married woman “. “Okay mum, calm down, it was only a joke ” said Jane holding her hands up in mock surrender. “Sorry Jane, i didn’t get much sleep last night ” said Lynn.
Jane forgetting her aches and pains, took her cup and dish to the sink. Lynn noticed her daughters discomfort and thought to herself ‘I’m surprised she can walk at all after being abused so long and hard by that bastard boyfriend of hers “.
Jane looked at her phone again, told her mother she was going to get ready for college , leaving her mother to the peace and solitude she needed.
Lynn spent the day trying to forget the visions and torture of the night before.
Jane finally went off to college, checking her phone every two minutes, starting to panic, thinking what if he meant all those nasty things he called me while we were making love, what if he only wanted to take my virginity and now he doesn’t want to see me again, thinking i’m just a slut. I only let him do and say those things to me because i’m so much in love with him, but i did enjoy him saying and doing those things. The harder he did them and the nastier his language the more excited i got , oh no perhaps that means i am a slut and he knows that and doesn’t want too see me again. oh god, he’s not even going to bother call or text me to dump me. how could i have been so stupid. Jane’s eyes were welling up by the time she got to college.
Just as she was about to have a full blown breakdown her phone rang, it was Steve.
Jane answered all flustered, blurting down the phone “i thought you had dumped me, because you thought i was a slut, you didn’t call and i thought yo” “Whao, whao, whoa,” Steve interrupted her “I didn’t call earlier because you wore me out with your insatiable sexual appetite. i’ve only just woke up. i don’t want to dump you, i think you’re amazing ” said Steve using all his charm. “look babe, i’m really late for work, i’ll pick you up after college and we can talk then ok” “ok Steve, see you at 4.30, love you, bye”. Janes mood had done a 180 in a heartbeat, ‘ he thinks i’m amazing’.
If it hadn’t been for the fact that her arse and pussy were so sore she would have skipped from the common room to her next lesson.

True to his word Steve was waiting outside gaziantep escort videoları Jane’s college in his flash bmw x5. Jane got in the passenger seat and Steve drove the short distance to the deserted far side of the college car park .
” Now what’s all this talk about being a slut and me dumping you” Steve asked.
“When you didn’t call, i started thinking of the names you was calling me and the filthy language you used and the things you told me to say. I had never heard you swear before and you was treating me so roughly ” Jane said,getting it all off her chest.
Steve lent in and gave Jane a long lingering kiss. Jane whole body tingled as she melted into his body. Steve broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes. ” How did you feel when i told you that i was going to fuck the shit out of you, called your breasts tits, your virgina a cunt or pussy and your bumhole your arsehole?” Steve asked.
Jane blushed and looked at him sheepish before answering “it made me feel very aroused , naughty and a little bit shocked, i liked it”. “that’s because deep down a woman wants to please her man, fulfil his carnal lust and satisfy his desires, when i called you a slut and a whore you got off on it because you wanted to be a slut and a whore for me. It doesn’t mean you are one, it’s like role play, we were just acting out our desires ” Steve reassured her. ” If you were to sleep around with anyone that made a pass at you, then you would be a real sut”.
Jane looked at him lovingly saying “i understand now”.
Steve could see his charm had given him license to do as he liked to her in the sack and he would still come up smelling of roses.
Just to rub the point home he asked her “Have you ever heard your mum have an orgasm?” Jane blushed again and said “no of course not ” Steve questioned further “have you ever heard your parents having sex ?” again she squirmed “god no, that would be so embarrassing “. “I tell you why that is, it’s because your dad is too gentle with her, probably frightened of hurting or upsetting her if he fucked her too hard or called her dirty names. They’ve probably made love a thousand times and never fucked once. I bet your mum hardly ever orgasms and when she does i bet she’s never orgasmed as hard, long and intense as you did last night, let alone cum multiple times. That’s why i fucked the shit out of you in lots of different positions, because that’s what gives you the most pleasure. If i had gently made love to you it would have been nice, not eyes rolling in their sockets, blowing your socks off, wow, that you experienced last night. So what would you rather do fuck or make love?” “When you put it like that, fuck wins hands
down “. Jane answered with a smile on her face.
Steve decided to push it a bit to see what Jane’s reaction would be. ” I bet you had more orgasms last night, the only time you’ve ever had sex, than your mum has in the last ten years. Maybe i should fuck the shit out of her, so she can know what it’s like to be properly fucked to a mind blowing orgasm” “That’s gross ” said Jane pulling a face, but she did feel an enormous sense of pride, knowing that she was more of a woman than her mother, more fulfilled sexually than her mother had ever been.
Steve again pushed the point ” I can just see your mum bent over the sink with my big fat 8 inch cock buried in her cunt”
Jane punched Steve’s arm and told him to ” Stop being so disgusting, my mothers a lovely person ”
Steve laughed and said ” Well you better keep shaping up, or i will be forced to turn to her to satisfy my sexual lust.
Talking of sexual lust, all this sex talk has got me horny, how about a quickie now, while there’s no one about?”
Jane said ” I’m horny too, but after the way you fucked me to pieces last night, i’m still too sore”. ” Okay then, it’ll have to be a great blow job or i fuck your mum, which is it to be?” Steve said with a big grin. Quick as a flash Jane’s hands were at his belt buckle and had his semi hard cock out. As she started to wank it to full hardness she said “I’ve got to protect my mothers honour “.
She then set about sinking her hot wet lips over his now fully engorged bellend and trying to get as much of his shaft into her mouth as possible.
While she set about giving him a blow job he would remember , Steve sneaked her mobile phone from the top of her bag, set it to silent and started filming her sucking his cock for all she was worth. He then attached it to a txt message that read
‘As you can’t be here to watch, i thought i would send this to you as i new you would be upset at missing out Steve x ‘. He then sent it to ‘Mum’, hoping that only Lynn would see it. After he sent it he deleted all evidence and returned Jane’s phone making sure he switched it off silent again.
Meanwhile Jane was going to town on his throbbing cock, he didn’t want it to take to long so he gripped her head in both hands and started to force more of his fat shaft into her mouth, soon he had his helmet banging at her throat. As she was starting to struggle, he offered her some verbal encouragement “Come on you little slut , i want to feel it tickling your tonsils, if that’s the best you can do, i might have to get your mum to help, i bet she could swallow it down all the way until my bollocks were slapping her chin. Now swallow my fat cock and make me cum you fucking whore”. Jane redoubled her efforts and once she managed to control her gag reflex, she was soon deep throating all 8 inches of his fat throbbing meat.
As he face fucked her hard and fast , balls slapping her chin, he thought of Lynn watching the video clip, her nlpples going hard and the shame she would be feeling. With half a dozen more thrusts Steve felt his cock start to pulse “here it comes slut, swallow every last drop, i don’t want you getting any of my precious spunk on my seats ” with that Steve shot rope after rope of hot spunk down her throat and straight into her stomach . After she cleaned up his cock Steve gave her a big sloppy kiss, said “thanks babe, that was awesome ”
Steve put his deflating cock away and drove Jane home.
As they talked, Steve told her she should go on the pill, they didn’t want any surprises coming along, Jane said she was one step ahead of him , she had made an appointment for 6pm at her doctors and she would get some morning after pills, just in case.
They pulled into Jane’s driveway about 5.30pm.

Lynn had spent the the morning moping about the house, she had replayed the events of last night a hundred times in her head. It was to late to tell her husband Mark now, how could she tell him that Steve had groped her, and his faithful wife had said nothing to him when he got in from work that evening. How could she tell him, she had seen his only daughter and her boyfriend naked on their sofa and not only had she not stopped them, she hadn’t rushed upstairs to get him to stop them. She had just watched them fornicate instead.
How could she tell him she had let him lead her into their toilet and done nothing as he bent her over the sink and shoved half his penis, that was twice as long and twice as thick as his, into her virgina from behind. Mark had never entered her from behind, he had only ever made love to her in the missionary position. How would mark feel knowing this brute had not only taken the apple of his eye, his sweet innocent daughters virginity, but had also violated his wife’s body and vagina.
He would feel betrayed, sickened and disgusted with her, it could end their marriage. From now on it would have to be her dirty, degrading, humiliating, sordid secret.
She had even gone to church for an hour hoping to find some solace. She only felt like God could see into her very soul and saw a cheating wife that had betrayed her husband and her own morals and principles. Lynn returned home feeling worse than before she went.
She hardly acknowledged Tom when he came home from school.
Lynn decided she would start preparing the evening meal to take her mind off the turmoil racing around her head.
About 30 minutes later her mobile phone started vibrating on the granite work surface, looking at it she saw it was a text from Jane, she opened it and pressed the play button. Lynn dropped to her knees as she saw her daughter sucking on a large penis, she was sickened as she saw the video pan up to reveal Steve’s grinning face, the vile bastard even winked at her before returning the camera back to Jane performing oral sex on him. She heard Steve ask how much she enjoyed sucking cock, and pulling her head off his rock hard, sylvia covered penis. Lynn heard her daughter answer ” I love sucking your beautiful big cock, i want to suck it until i can taste that lovely spunk filling my mouth, i want to swallow every drop “. Lynn was compelled to watch the whole 3 minute clip,until it ended and then read his sick text message.
Lynn slowly rose to her feet again. why was that sick bastard tormenting me like this, it was bad enough he sexually groped me, then had sex with Jane in the most degrading way, knowing i was watching and followed that by sexually assaulting me and sticking that vile penis in my virgina. Now he’s sends me a sick video of Jane pleasuring him with her mouth and talking filthy about how much she’s enjoying it. What if Tom or Mark had been in the kitchen and opened her text message.
Lynn deleted the disgusting text . What if he’s left it on Jane’s phone and she realises Steve had filmed her and sent it to me. How could we look each other in the eye, let alone speak to each other.
While lynn was trying to process this latest headache she heard the front door open and 10 seconds later Jane and Steve walked into the kitchen. Lynn was on the verge of fainting as her brain started to short circuit.
“Hi mum, just a flying visit while i do a quick change, we’re of to the cinema. “Won’t be a minute “. Jane said as she went to change.
Lynn was paralysed as she was left alone with the one person in the world she hoped she’d never have to see again.
“Hi Lynn” Steve said with a big smile on his face, he walked up to Lynn and planted a kiss on her cheek in the same way her husband would when coming in from work. “Hope it’s a good film we’re going to see, have you seen any good films lately Lynn “?Steve asked looking questionly into her eyes. Lynn felt physically sick, as this cruel bastard tormented her. Lynn lowered her mist covered eyes, looking at her shoes.
“Why is it every time i see you, your nipples are always rock hard?” Steve goaded her. “Is it me that gets them so excited, or watching Jane do all the dirty exciting things you’ve never done, that’s making them rock hard?” Lynn could clearly see them poking through her thick large bra and frumpy cotton blouse. Lynn didn’t answer.
Steve reached out with both index fingers and gently flicked her nipples repeatedly up and down, sending shivers straight to her virgina. Steve then pinched both nipples firmly as lynn stood motionless, hands by her side helpless to stop his latest sexual assault on her defenceless body. As he continued to pinch and pull firmly on both nipples Lynn felt her own body betraying her, she could feel her virgina pulsing and getting wetter by the second.
Steve released her nipples and took the full weight of her large tits in each hand, slowly juggling them up and down as if trying to guess their weight. “You’ve got amazing big tits and nipples Lynn, i can’t believe hubby doesn’t give them the attention they deserve, you should try flopping them about, giving he’s face a good slapping with them”. Steve let the heavy weight of her tits drop as he lowered both hands and firmly grabbed the cheeks of her arse, he told her “you’ve got a gorgeous, sexy body Lynn, i would say it was even sexier than Jane’s, it must be frustrating knowing you have all the best equipment and a hubby that hasn’t a clue how to operate it. If you want a real man with a big enough cock to get your sexy body juices flowing, you only have to ask nicely”. Steve gave her arse cheeks one last squeeze before removing his hands and cupping her pussy with his right hand saying “It’s a shame to let this juicy cunt go to waste “.
Steve stepped away after giving her pussy one final squeeze, winking at her, as she watched him retreat a safe distance away, a few seconds before Jane came back in the kitchen.
“Ready Steve, glad you two get along so well” said Jane adding “Don’t do any dinner for me, we’ll grab something while we’re out. Won’t be home too late, bye “.
“Yeah, i’ll grab something ” Steve repeated with a wink. “Bye Lynn, lovely getting to know you better “. With that they were both gone.

Lynn was yet again left in a state of shock, thank god Tom was in his room doing homework and Mark wasn’t due home for another half hour.
After the pornographic video text, Lynn had been thinking things could not get any worse, then bam, this happens. What was that monster referring to when he said ‘grab something ‘ me or Jane, probably both knowing that vile pig of a man.
At least Jane hadn’t noticed her flustered state and erect nipples when she had returned to the kitchen.
Lynn resumed preparing the evening meal almost on autopilot as she tried to process her latest encounter with her tormentor, the man half her age who had turned her world upside down and shattered her peaceful, happy existence and driven a wedge between her and her beautiful family. That bastard had really upset the apple cart.
Lynn’s mind was racing, as yet again he had sexually abused her, by fondling her breasts, playing with her nipples, grabbing her bottom and even cupping her wet virgina and giving it a squeeze. Why was her virgina so wet. She hated the way he handled her body as if it belonged to him. Why did she not resist, not fight back, slap his face or better still scratch his eyes out. That would stop him looking at her like a piece of meat, there just to play with, just like a cat toys with a mouse.
Why does he say horrible things about my husband to upset me, then say complementary things about my body. Lynn realised she liked hearing him say nice things about her body and despite the crude and disgusting words he used to describe her body parts, she felt things she had never felt before, she even felt pride that he considered her body sexier than her own daughters who was over half her age, but most of all she would feel her virgina pulse and become wet, especially when he would pinch her nipples. As Lynn contemplated all her mixed emotions Mark arrived home from work and kissed her on the cheek the same as Steve had done some 30 minutes earlier.
“Steve must have been here” Mark said laughing, pointing to Lynn’s nipples. “Well your be pleased to know i’ve asked Jane to invite him for dinner tomorrow evening, it will be nice to meet her new chap before i go away on business, he sounds like a nice young man, you don’t mind do you?”.
Lynn looked at Mark with a blank expression, unable to answer, She felt like she was in a nightmare she could never wake from. Her husband was standing there mocking her , with a stupid grin on his face, blissfully unaware off the fact i could still feel his daughters boyfriends hands on my breasts, bottom and virgina. Why was he not here in time to protect me , why was he sleeping last night instead of protecting his precious daughter and wife from this sexual predator. At that very moment Lynn felt like plunging the knife she was using to cut cucumber right into her husbands useless heart. Instead of protecting his family, he was inviting the bastard for dinner. She felt like telling him that this so called ‘ nice young man ‘ had shoved his penis into her virgina last night and it was twice the size of his.
“Fine ” said lynn snapping out of her trance.

Steve had taken Jane to the doctors and while he waited for her he saw that she had left her phone in the car. Steve was quick to seize on the opportunity to go through her contact list and put her mum’s number on his own phone.
when Jane returned they stopped off at the chemist on the way to the cinema.
The film wasn’t that great, the highlight of the evening was Jane going down on him and sucking him off. She was turning into a great cocksucker considering how inexperienced she was. Steve repaid her by gently fingering her still sore pussy, paying most of his attention to her clit, making her come three times, the last of which she was unable to fully muffle, which got a few heads turning in their direction. Jane almost died of embarrassment, if you had told her a week ago, she would perform oral sex and get off on her boyfriends fingers in such a public place, she would have never believed it. Steve found it all very amusing, better entertainment than the film they were watching.
On the way home after the cinema, Jane told Steve about her dad inviting him for dinner tomorrow night, so he could meet him before he went away on his five day business trip to zurich early friday morning. Steve’s face broke into a big smile, Jane thought it was because he was so pleased to meet him. Steve smile was more sinister than that, he could feel his cock twitching at the news her dad would be away for five days.
Steve arrived at Jane’s home and they kissed passionately for a few minutes before Jane got out of his car waved him goodbye. Steve drove home thinking of the possibilities that had just been presented to him.

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