Used For a Week Pt. 03

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“More Firsts” – Wednesday & Thursday

Part 1:

Part 2:

So many questions: Had I really changed so much in just three nights? How had William – my old school friend, now in his fifties – gotten me to suck his cock, wear women’s underwear, and be ass-fucked by anal beads? How had gotten me to fully submit to his sexual demands? And had he really ‘changed’ me or had he just exploited my submissive, horny nature? Had he just released my inner slut?

One of William’s requests was to wear my wife’s panties all week. Fearing I’d get caught pilfering from her drawer, Wednesday morning I left work when the mall opened and purchased panties for myself at JC Penny’s, thankful I didn’t see anyone I knew. Back at work, in a solo bathroom, I traded my boxers for a frilly lace panty.

Wearing panties kept me in a heightened sexual state all day. It also kept me under William’s spell which, like everything else I had been doing this week, I enjoyed. I felt sexy and dirty and excited. At noon he sent a text asking for a photo. I took my phone into the men’s room.

That evening we met for drinks at the dive bar by his motel. It didn’t take long for William to say, “Well, show me.” We sat at the corner of the bar where no one could see; I surreptitiously unsnapped my pants and unzipped my fly. William looked down and smiled. When I started to zip up he shook his head. “No, not yet,” he said authoritatively. I was shocked and nervous, and yet remained sitting with my pants open. Even when two guys in cowboy hats sat at the bar’s front section (but too close for comfort) I was forced to sit with my thong exposed to William. I was afraid but it was an exhilarating anxiety.

Back at his motel room he switched into dom mode. He had me strip while he sat fully clothed on the bed. He instructed me to stand in front of him so he could inspect me from every angle. Once satisfied he had me lean over the bed. He ran his hand over my underwear, caressing my ass through the underwear. “These look new.”

“They’re relatively new,” I lied.

He reached for something on the nightstand. “You enjoyed the beads last night, didn’t you?”

I nodded, too embarrassed to verbally acknowledge. I had my feet on the floor but my torso on the mattress. When he told me to relax I spread my legs and rested my forehead on the back of my hands. Soon he was behind me, pushing the back of my underwear aside. I felt his hand run across my butt, then a glob of cold lube along my crack. “Relax,” he told me. I held my breath and waited to feel his finger push inside me. There was no pain, just anticipation and a hint of pleasure. He pulled the finger out, squirted more lube on it, then reinserted it deeper this time.

After he withdrew it I closed my eyes and heard him say, “This isn’t much bigger than the beads.” Over my shoulder I spied a thin dildo or butt plug, I wasn’t sure which.

Then it was poking at me. He pushed it inward, felt resistance, slipped it out, then he adjusted the angle and pushed it in further. It was maybe only an inch when it started to hurt. “How big is-“

“You can erzincan escort take this…” He went slowly, but there was little pleasure on my end. He pushed further, then said, “There. That wasn’t so bad, was it.”

I had to admit it wasn’t.

“We’ll get a bigger size tomorrow.”

I stood up and reached behind me to feel the end of the plug sticking out of my crack. There was a mirror over the dresser; I turned around to see my reflection.

“You look sexy enough to fuck,” he told me as he unbuttoned his shirt. “But I’ll settle for your mouth tonight.” He removed his pants, then pulled the covers down from the bed. He slid off his pants, and sat on the bed to remove his socks, then propped pillows against the headboard. Once he was sitting comfortably he grabbed his crotch with one hand.

I had been standing there, dumbly, this entire time, waiting for instructions. Only now did I finally move. I knelt on the bed, and was soon in a familiar position – between his legs, stroking his erection through his underwear. Seeing a wet spot form I slid them off and lowered my head to take him in my mouth.

“Let’s see how you do tonight.”

Looking up I saw him close his eyes. I wondered what he fantasized about while I was sucking him. His wife? The bartender? Some past lover? Or me, his submissive cocksucker?

It didn’t take long. “Get ready for it,” he warned.

Tonight I was ready for it. I wanted to do good, to catch all of his cum and keep it in, to swallow it, all of it. I felt his hands on the back of my head and sensed him thrusting his groin, and felt a pulsing in the base of his cock, and then my mouth filling up with warm goo. Another pulse, a more cum, which startled me. Some of it spilled out of my lips, dripping down onto the sheet. More pulses of his cock, more cum in my mouth, more spillages. And while I didn’t keep it all, I didn’t spit any out. What cum I managed to keep in my mouth I willingly swallowed.

Finally done I sat up on my haunches. William looked at the bulge poking at my panty, where my own wet spot had formed. “You can take care of that,” he told me. Thankful, I reached down and released my cock. I spit in my palm and started to stroke myself. I closed my eyes until he told me to open them. “Look at me,” he ordered. I did. I stared at him while I masturbated. He started taunting me, calling me a cocksucker and his ‘cum bitch’ and his personal slut. I came within a minute.

* * * *

William’s Thursday morning text: “I have an evening appointment. We’ll meet at 5:00.” He gave me an address on the poor side of town. Googling it confirmed my initial suspicion – an adult bookstore that had somehow survived the online pornography revolution. To be truthful, I had occasionally visited it years ago, to purchase magazines back in the day, and even masturbated in the private viewing booths a handful of times.

I parked behind his car on a side street. The place had always given me a nervous thrill, as if coming here dirty and nasty, which I guess it really was, so I waited for a break in traffic, then hurried to front door. Inside William was chatting up the cashier, a erzurum escort scraggly half-hipster/half-hobo looking guy. Two other customers, both middle-aged men, milled about. “There he is,” William said a little too loudly for my comfort. I threw him a half wave, as if shaking hands was too proper for this place. “My friend needs to purchase a butt plug,” William told the cashier, again loud enough for the other customers to look up and appraise me. “Yesterday’s was too small.”

“Down the aisle, to your right,” the cashier said, smiling smugly.

Embarrassed I headed past the magazines and dildos, as one of the customers, a tall bearded man, eyed me carefully. I scanned the different plugs and beads and prostate massagers, and selected a silicone plug, medium size, and picked up lube for good measure. When I returned to the register William asked: “Find one to your liking?” The cashier couldn’t hide his smile.

After I made my first butt plug purchase, William laid out a ten dollar bill to purchase tokens for the private viewing booths. I stared at the ground as we headed to the hallway that led to the booths. A sign read ONE OCCUPANT PER ROOM, a rule that I had seen broken before and was sure William had cleared with the clerk. We found a center booth. As I ducked in I noticed the bearded customer entering the hallway behind us.

Inside was dark and dingy. Dirty tissues lie scattered on a sticky floor. William closed the door behind us – it was a tight fit for two people – and sat on the small stool in the corner. “Why don’t you kneel – you’ll have a better view.”

“But the floor is-”

His look ended my objection. And so I kicked the tissues into a pile on the side and tried to find the cleanest area on the floor. Slowly I lowered myself until my knees rested on the hard cement floor. Was that dampness I felt seeping through my pants fabric? I felt degraded, which I knew was William’s plan. And yet, how can I explain this. My cock was hard. I was actually getting off on this.

(Later I would look back and had trouble fathoming me in this scene. It was irrational, dangerous even. And yet in the moment I was excited and aroused, it felt completely natural.)

William placed the tokens in a slot and the screen lit up. The room was brighter now. I saw a small round hole on the left wall, a cock hole into the empty booth. On the right wall was a window with a powered shade in each booth – both booths had to open their shade for anyone to see through. (The last time I had been here, jerking off to a hot lesbian video, the person on the other side opened their shade and knocked on the window. I had been too afraid to open mine.)

On the screen two blonds were eating each other out. “Nice,” William said, “but not what the doctor ordered.” He toggled the channel selector, flicking through several straight videos. Then a selection of gay videos: a guy sucking another guy; an old man being sucked off by two young boys; a fem boy being ass fucked. He turned back to the first gay cock-sucking scene. He smiled, then pointed to the screen. “Remind you of anybody?”

Of course it did. It reminded me of the ‘new’ eskişehir escort me, the ‘me’ he was creating this week.

We watched for only a minute or so before I heard the door in the adjoining booth open and close. Then came a cough, followed by audio from that booth’s video (moans, a woman pleading ‘fuck me, fuck me’). As if on cue William stood up, undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. As he released his cock from his underwear I swiveled on my knees until I was kneeling before him and once again sucking his cock.

Then I heard the other booth’s shade being raised followed by a double knock on the glass. I held my breath, silently praying that William wouldn’t raise our screen. Would he humiliate me even further?

Of course he would. He hit the shade’s UP button and our shade rose up, revealing the semi-opaque glass that separated our booths. On the other side of the glass, a man stood, his cock in hand, more interested in watching me suck off William than whatever was on his video screen. “You have an audience,” William told me. “Give him a good show.”

I’m not sure why but my fear and worry disappeared. I was focused on stroking and sucking William, but also stealing peripheral peaks at the man in the other booth. William uttered words of encouragement, and soon enough he was ready to cum. “Now.. tonight… no spitting… you know you can do it.”

William grasped my head with both hands and soon enough he filled my mouth with his warm sticky fluid. I pulled away but held his cum in my mouth . I gagged once, then a second time, but just as he instructed I didn’t spit any out. Instead I braced myself and took first one, and then a second swallow. When I finished, I took him back in my mouth and sucked at whatever secondary fluid was seeping out.

“He must have enjoyed the show,” William told me, pointing at the trail of white cum dripping down the other side of glass.

William pushed the DOWN button and as he pulled his pants back up the screen lowered. I finally stood up, and William reach over to pinch the erection straining at my pants. “You can take care of that home – with your new butt plug. Maybe your wife-”

“No, she’s not into that sort of thing.”

“Too bad…”

As we exited our booth, the man in the adjoining booth stood at his open door. He smiled at me, and even gave me a ‘thank you’ nod. Embarrassed I looked away, down at the visible tent in my pants.

Fortunately Thursdays were grocery nights, so after dinner at home my wife headed out, leaving me alone in the house. I had smuggled the plug and lube in my briefcase, but once safely alone, I undressed in the bedroom. I laid a towel on the bed, lubed up the plug, and struggled to insert it. It took a while – it felt larger than it looked – but finally managed to have it slide upwards and past my sphincter. William had requested me to send proof, so I picked up my phone and snapped a few photos. Then, laying comfortably on the bed, my legs spread, my ass plugged, I dabbed lube on my palms and stroked myself. Closing my eyes I remembered all of the ‘firsts’ I had experienced these last few days and the dirty thrill of being watched in that booth as I sucked William’s cock. It didn’t take long for my climax. As I lay there, spent, exhausted, I wondered what plans William was concocting for his last day in town.

End of Part 3

Note: This is fictional story and is Copyright (c) 2018 by MRALX99. You may not copy or use it for any commercial purpose.

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