Weekend with Katie, Part 4

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Part 4 – Monday

As said at the beginning of this story, Monday was a teacher in service day. The kids didn’t have to go to school but the faculty did.

I tiptoed into her room and just gazed at this magnificent creature. Katie was totally covered with a sheet but I knew she was naked under it. It was all I could do to keep from pulling it off.
I bent over and gently kissed her cheek. She opened her eyes, and when she focused on me she smiled. She said she wanted to sleep in for awhile if it was ok with me. I left her to go back to sleep.

I began thinking that it wasn’t a good idea for me to put her pictures on the laptop she used at school. I decided to go to the computer store to buy her a tablet on which I could put the password protected file for the photos. I selected one with its own cell number so she could text outside of wi-fi. I asked the young salesgirl what games kids Katie’s age like.

At home, I downloaded the games, the password protected file and the photos we had taken. I also linked her new tablet to my computer where we could interchange photos and messages.
Although I felt like it was a betrayal, I set up access to her tablet where I could see anything on it without telling her, and if necessary, erase any of its contents. Through encryption, no one using her device would be able to identify the link to mine.

Late that morning she came downstairs yawning and said she slept very well. And said she had some vivid dreams! She said if she told the dreams, they wouldn’t come true, but that I was in the dreams.

That’s when I gave her the tablet. She was so excited, she jumped into my arms and gave a big kiss. As she started to pull away, I continued the kiss and lightly pushed my tongue through her lips. Her eyes got big and then she closed them and pushed her tongue back through mine. It was the sweetest kiss I ever remember.

I showed Katie the games and how to access her secret photos. I had her pick her own password. I didn’t tell her I had a master password if I wanted to get into her file. The tablet had a pretty high resolution camera and she took some ‘selfies’ to try it out.

I asked if she had homework for tomorrow. She said she thought she could finish in a hour or so. I asked if she wanted to go out to eat and maybe catch a movie? She said she love to go out to eat, but I couldn’t believe my ears when she asked could we watch some more videos at home!

That evening when we got back home from the pizza joint, I was starting to set my laptop to view more porn on the big TV when the phone rang. It was my wife Cindy. She asked how things were going with Katie and me? I said everything was fine. I said she was probably bored. She said Susan wanted to talk to her. I put Katie on the phone and was scared to death what she might say to her gaziantep evi olan escort mom.

I heard her replies to Susan’s questions. Yes, she was enjoying her stay. She’d been in the pool several times. She’d seen a movie with friends. Yes, she was caught up on homework and had everything she needed for school. No, she wasn’t homesick. Uncle Jim had bought her a tablet which was much more fun to use than her school laptop. She told her mom she’d be glad to see her when she returned, but she needn’t change her plans to come home early.

When I got the phone back, Cindy said they had gotten her mom moved and most everything squared away. They were planning to come back in a day or two. I told her we were just fine and she shouldn’t cut their visit with her mom short on our account. She should make sure her mom was comfortable with her girls leaving. All this time, Katie was winking and giggling at me and I was having a hard time sounding serious. When we hung up, we both laughed. She said she wanted to get more comfortable.

I took a quick shower and put on the silk boxers, knowing Katy would again see my erection under the thin material . I hoped she would be wearing the little nighty. I wasn’t disappointed. She just radiated sex. She came and sat straddling me. I could feel the heat from her cunt on my throbbing dick. Katie opened her wet mouth and pushed her tongue as deep as she could in mine, and I reciprocated. We kissed a long time, my hands all over her tits, her back, her thighs and butt. She said she wanted to see more sex videos.

I selected one with what appeared to be an older guy with a woman dressed like a young teen with pigtails. Katie snuggled up next to me as we watched her undress for him. I was thrilled to see she had small pert titties and a soft blond bush like Katie’s.

Pretty soon they got in the 69 position with him lapping her cunt and she sucking his cock. Katie started squirming around as she watched the girl get on her knees and he started fucking her from behind. Then he squirted some lube down her crack and he started fingering her ass, first one finger, then two – in and out – twisting them around. She was making lots of “Yes!, yes!, yes!” sounds.

He pulled his dick out of her cunt and slowly inserted it in her ass as she pulled her cheeks apart. “Yes, oh fuck my ass. Fuck my ass!” she screamed . Katie reached over and pulled my rigid cock from my boxers and started stroking me. With a few seconds left on the video, the guy pulled his dick out of her ass and shot cum all over her back.

Katie and I were both breathing heavily when it ended. She began licking and sucking me just like the girl in the video. I didn’t want to cum so quickly so I pushed Katie on her back and drew her legs gaziantep fetiş escort wide apart.

I took my thumbs and opened her labia lips to reveal the most perfect baby pink pussy, already wet with her juice. Her inner lips were flared out like a beautiful tulip. I licked her pussy, up and down. I eagerly lapped her slightly salty liquor. I lifted her clitoral hood revealing her tiny clit boldly sticking up.

I pushed her legs back more and licked her beautiful pick anus. She grabbed her knees and pulled them back even more, so my tongue could easily flick in and out of her ass. I moved back up and started sucking her little clitty. I put one finger in her pussy – it was so tight I wouldn’t be able to do more without breaking her hymen.

I continued to lick and suck her engorged clit while pumping one finger in her pussy and one in her ass. Katie started writhing around and moaning as she built to her climax. She grabbed my head with both hand and pulled me tighter into her cunt. “Oh fuck me, please fuck me! I need it!” She cried.

Knowing I couldn’t do that, I increased the pressure sending Katy over the top with one orgasmic wave after another. Then she was spent, but I’m still as hard as I ever remember, wondering how I was going to come down from this. ‘I should have let her keep sucking me,’ I thought.

Then the phone rang again. I certainly didn’t want to answer, but if it was Cindy or Susan, it would be hard to explain a no answer. It was Cindy. I cursed under my breath. She said they changed their tickets and were returning home tomorrow evening and would Katy and I pick them up at the airport? Their plane was due in around 6 p.m. Well, that phone call certainly took care of my erection problem!

After I hung up, we just looked at each other for a long time, knowing this was our last night together. If my face looked half as sad as Katy’s, it was sad indeed. I said, “Katie darling, we knew this would come.”

She said,”It’s not fair! I just want to be with you! I love you!”

I replied,” There is no way I could express how much I love you also, and the way you make me feel. Soon you can make the decision whom you want to sleep with. But now, I think we’d better call it a night.”

After we said goodnight, I striped down and got in bed. I knew I would have a hard time sleeping. I really had a sick feeling knowing that my affair with Katie had ended. After a while, I felt the sheet move over me. My darling Katie slipped into my bed and snuggled her back up against me, her blond hair in my face. I breathed in her heavenly scent.

She was completely nude. I traced her lips with my finger, and then found her erect nipples. My dick immediately started growing and with my hand I pushed it in the gaziantep bayan escort crack of her ass. With that she started moving and rubbing her ass on it. I knew there was no way I could fit into that tiny butt, but my dick didn’t care.

I reached into my side table and got a big glob of lube, which I rubbed on my cock, down on her rosebud anus and then reached around between Katy’s legs and rubbed her pussy, which was already slick. I gently pushed the head of my dick against her sphincter. She pushed back. Even if I didn’t penetrate her, the feeling was electric on my member.

But with me increasing pressure and Katie pushing back, suddenly the head of my dick was inside her ring! We both froze in that position. She tensed up. My dick was pulsing, I know she could feel it. I resumed rubbing her clit and she started pushing back. I felt myself slide in another inch. She grunted and let out a breath, but then pushed against me some more, maybe another inch.

I slowly withdrew a little and then slowly pushed back. I did this a couple of more times. I felt her relax a little and I was sliding in and out easier, but God she was so tight. I whispered,”Am I hurting you?”

She said,”It hurt at first, but now not so much. I feel so full. Go slow.”

As I could feel how wet and juicy her pussy was, I continued putting lube around my dick, now half way in her ass. I increased the frequency of my thrusts and she her pushing back. Finally I felt my balls slap against her perineum, and the pressure building towards ejaculation.

At the same time, Katie stiffened as her orgasm swept over her and her contractions squeezed me. I didn’t move as her body was milking me. I shot wave after wave of hot cum in her ass and she cried out with pleasure. We lay there perfectly still as my dick slowly wilted.

“It felt so wonderful when you squirted in me. I can’t get pregnant from this, can I?” she asked.

“No, my love. And someday soon, when someone fills your pussy with cum, it will feel even better!” I replied. I held her tightly and soon I heard her slow breathing of sleep. I actually had the thought, if I never wake up from now, my life would be totally worth it.


The next morning I awoke with beautiful Katie still in my arms. Knowing we’d come to the end of our affair, I told her, “I will treasure our days together and especially last night, holding you in my arms! I will always be there for you. I will always defend you. But now we have to act as if nothing happened between us.”

I dropped her off at school. I was morose all day, and wondered how I would be with Cindy when it would just be the two of us.

I picked Katie up from school and we went by to pick up her things from her visit. On the way to the airport to pick up Cindy and Katie’s mom, we didn’t say much. I had the car radio tuned to an oldies station. When a certain song came on, I turned up the volume and said,”Katie listen to the words of this song. At the end, the last lyrics were:

“When you are near me like this,
You’re much too hard to resist,
So go away little girl before I beg you to stay.”

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