Well, we did it again! Part 5

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Well, we did it again! Part 5

Tim and I met up after Tim got off work (oh, how I detest that 4-letter word) to discuss our upcoming rendezvous with Fred. I express my concern, that I didn’t want to mess up our relationship with Fred. Fred is a good friend and a great Top/Dom. At our last meeting, he tolerated Mary as a novelty, but I know he felt she took away some of the energy and focus of the session. To put it bluntly, Fred wasn’t the star attraction, Mary captured that role and Fred didn’t like the competition. Tim agreed that he had noticed the change in Fred’s personality.

I steered the conversation to my deep throat training. I asked Tim if he thought I should try to swallow Fred first? My reasoning, while Fred is longer, he is also narrower with a more normal head. I can see Tim’s fat mushroom head instantly blocking off my airways. Tim, puzzled over my question for a few seconds then replied, “Yes, I think Fred’s cock would be easier for you to take. It pains me to say that, as I wanted to be your first. However, if Fred goes into beast mode, he could hurt you.” Yeah, I’ve had that same concern. We’ve both been on the receiving end of “beast mode”. The day after can be painful, he knows how and enjoys stretching an ass with his man meat. Hmmm, I’ll think about it on our way over.

Saturday at Fred’s was a pretty high energy affair, Fred was intent on fucking the shit out of both of us. He seemed to be trying to make up for ass he didn’t get last weekend. Tim and I were more than happy to allow him to rape our butts and rape them he did! Fred was really putting the meat to us, he must have a supply of little Blue pills hidden somewhere, he was a man possessed.

He had both Tim and I leaning on the bed with our asses up in the air and he would pound one of us for a few minutes then move over to the other and repeat. I noticed Fred was slamming Tim considerably harder than he was fucking me. I believe my suspicions have been confirmed. This went on for thirty minutes until Fred was just physically worn out. He had us get off the bed and knell in front of him, then he jacked off and shot his cum on both of bursa eskort our faces. I believe Fred was making a statement, that we were going to feel all the way home. Sore ass city!

Tim and I licked the cum off each other’s face and had a nice long kiss as we passed Fred’s cum back and forth. Fred watched with amusement, then patted us on our heads and said, “you two are very good little cum sluts.” Fred said he was going to take a shower to clean up and cool down. I said OK, “see you in a bit”, as soon as Fred turned his back to us, Tim and I smiled at each other. Looks like Tim’s going to pop my last cherry.

I laid on the bed, so my head was hanging off it. Tim grabbed a couple towels Fred keeps in the bedroom and placed them on the floor, under my head. “Just in case you barf”, he said. Tim moved in front of me and asked, “are you sure?” I answered by opening my mouth to accept his beautiful cock. “Ok, cock sucker, grab my ass with your hands. That way you can pull me in or push me out. If it isn’t a straight shot, stop and rearrange your body/head position so my cock will go straight in.” I nodded, and he stepped forward and let his cock pierce my lips. I reached out with my arms and grabbed his ass.

I could taste the precum on his cock, I guess he was hoping for this moment. I pulled his ass in just a bit and had a mouthful of cock, I pushed him back, trying to build my courage up. I took a deep breath and pull him in and hit my gag reflex. I pushed him out, Tim said,” your brain is trying to stop this, when you get to that point, rather than allowing yourself to gag, simply swallow. Try it again” I took a deep breath and eased Tim back into my mouth, the moment his big fat head hit the back of my throat, I swallowed…Tim’s big fat head!!!! I let it sit in my throat for a few seconds then pushed him out.

Tim pulled all the way out of my mouth and knelt down in front of me, he said, “You fucking did it! Mary is going to go nuts watching you throat my cock! Then he kissed me and quickly stood back up to present his tool. “This time, take it all and hold it for 10 seconds.” He slipped his bursa merkez escort cock back into my mouth, I grabbed his butt, took a deep breath, and swallowed his cock, all of it. Once my nose was in his pubic hair, he began counting off the 10 seconds. We did this a few more times then I took my hands off his ass.

He took the hint and picked up the pace slightly, he always waited until I had drawn a breath before he drove it home. I went into sub space, I was just a piece of meat to service my master, I have no idea how long he fucked my face. Probably just a minute or two but serve him I did, he blasted a long rope of cum down my throat and continued to shoot as he pulled his head back into my mouth. I gagged on the cum, Tim pulled out, I rolled over and puked on the towels. He tousled my hair and said, “I did the same thing my first time, that’s why I grabbed the towels.”

We headed for the shower, threw the towel in the washing machine as we passed by. Fred had just gotten out of the shower, so we just went in. He was looking at us rather suspiciously, like he guessed, he had just missed something major. If only he knew!

Fred said he was going to fix a couple drinks so don’t take too long. Sounds good, we said. Tim, immediately dropped to his knees and gave me the best blow job I’ve had today. It didn’t take me long to fill his mouth with my spunk, he swallowed it all. ????

We got out of the shower, dried, dressed and headed to the den. Fred was sitting there staring at his glass of brandy. What’s up, Fred? He said, “Have a seat and a drink boys.” We sat; it was obviously an order. Fred swished his brandy around in his glass, it looked like he was trying to make a decision. Finally, his broke his gaze with the brandy and looked at us. “Look guys, I’m sorry”, he said. Tim and I looked at each other, I asked Fred, what are you sorry about?

Fred took a pretty big hit of the brandy. I think he was buying time to organize his thoughts. “I was mad at you guys because of last weekend” he said. “I took it out on you two today, all I wanted to do is fuck you both raw, hurt bursa sınırsız escort you.” But why Fred? I asked. I’m pretty sure Tim and I know what the issue is, but we need to let Fred get it out. “You guys know I’m a gay top, and I really enjoy dominating you two. You guys really stimulate me, I get to act out my fantasies, I like playing with you, we were a fucking team.” We’ve had a blast being here with you, Fred, so what’s up, I prompted? “Well last weekend really messed with my head”, Fred said. “I’m used to being the Dom, I control the action, I give or take what I want. Last weekend that changed. Tim, your wife, Mary, took charge of all of us. I did not like that at all. Tim, I realize what I am about to say may end our special relationship but please, do not bring your wife here again.”

Tim took a snort of his brandy, fishing for words, I’d bet. When he finally put it together, he said, “I’m sorry Fred, I should have asked before I brought her over. She’s been bugging me about wanting to see and be a part of our playtime that I didn’t even think that it might bother you. I guess, since I’m bisexual, adding a woman to any playtime activity is just going to make it more interesting to me. I really didn’t think about looking at it from your perspective. I promise not to bring her here again, are we OK Fred?”

I don’t think Fred expected that reaction from Tim. He was preparing himself to lose one, possibly two friends and playmates. In this little town we live in, the Gay/Bisexual community is very small, so this is a big deal. He smiled sheepishly, Tim and I both stood up and walked over to him. “Stand up you big lug and give us a hug.” The three of us embraced, then Fred went to fetch us another round of drinks. I winked at Tim, we saved it!

When Fred got back, we downed the brandy pretty quickly among some small talk. As Tim and I were heading for the door, Tim turned to Fred and said, “Next weekend, we may have a new party trick for you, but it will probably cost you a blow job or two!” Fred smiled and said, “It had better be a pretty good trick.” I said,” I think you’ll enjoy it.” Tim and I both laughed and stepped outside. As we walked to our cars, I told Tim, I’m probably going to need more practice if you expect me to take on Fred. Tim smiled and say, “Yes, I was counting on that!” Sly bastard!

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