Wild Child Ch. 05

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I’m not sure who was messier, Rita or me. We finally got the energy to hit the shower and the hot water felt good. I used my hands to lather her up as she washed her face. She had her back to me as I washed her breasts. My slippery hands had her squirming and whimpering softly. She leaned back against me as my hands worked their way down across her belly, sides, and hips.

She gasped loudly as my hand slipped down over her mound and between her thighs. She took a step to the side, spreading her legs and then came upon her toes with a loud groan as my fingers traced her slit down to her opening and back several times.

“Ok, turn around,” I said, moving my hands back to her waist.

She gave a little shiver and did as I asked. I washed her arms one at a time and then moved to her shoulders and worked my way down her back. By the time my hands reached her butt, she was leaning against me again, with her arms around me. I soaped my hands again and massaged her ass as much as washed it. When I drew a finger up the deep cleft between her cheeks she came back up on her toes and gasped loudly, as I touched her asshole.

Grinning, I used a soapy fingertip too teasingly massaging the tight ring of muscles. Ever so often, I would press against it, letting my fingertip slip just inside before going back to massaging the area. Each time, she would give a deep shiver and press her ass back against the intruding finger.

She was trembling by the time I said, “Okay, sit on the seat and let me get your legs.”

She released me and moved to the end of the shower and took a seat. I knelt down in front of her and picked up her right foot and soaped it up, working my way upward along her leg to her knee. I did the same to the left but didn’t stop at her knee; I continued on up to wash her thigh, all the way to her sex.

As my fingers brushed her there, she squirmed and slid forward on the seat, trying to get my fingers to make firmer contact. I moved to the right thigh and washed it the same way.

“You’re done. You can rinse the soap off now,” I said with a grin.

Rita looked at me with a lusty look and squirmed on the seat. “Uncle Rick, you’re mean. I love you’re washing me and all but damn, I’m so turned on right now….” She let the sentence trail off into silence.

“That’s the idea,” I said still grinning. “Now, rinse the soap off.”

With a groan, she stood up and moved under the water to get the soap off. “Make sure and rinse good, I’ll be checking to see if you got it all.” I told her.

I rinsed off the shower seat and then got the soap to wash myself. When she finished rinsing, she started to open the shower door. “Hey, we’re not finished; sit over on the seat while I finish washing off. You two girls got me all sticky and messy but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

Rita sat there and watched me as I washed my manhood and then on down along my thighs and legs to my feet.

My manhood was only semi hard and Rita said with a chuckle, “This is the first time you haven’t been hard, and standing up with me around, since mom left.”

She then reached out, wrapped her slim fingers around it, and gave a gentle squeeze. I washed my chest and arms as she slowly ran her hand up and down along my shaft as it slowly hardened. Her other hand moved to my balls and cupped them, lifting and gently rolling them around.

I smiled down at her when I was through and asked, “Are you having fun?” She giggled and then nodded. “Ok then, let me rinse the soap off.” She released my now ridged shaft and watched as I stepped under the water and rinsed off.

I moved over in front of her and knelt down. She grinned as I said, “Now, I’ll see if you got all the soap out of all those nooks and crannies. Lean back and relax, this will only take a moment.”

When she leaned back, I leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and ran my tongue lightly over it. She took a gasping breath, her hands coming up to my head. I released the nipple and licked and nibbled at her breast and then across the valley to the other one. She gave out with a soft whimper from time to time as I did and then gasp loudly again as I sucked her other nipple between my lips. I could feel her hips squirming as I flicked the tip of my tongue against the hard bud of her nipple.

I lifted my head, holding a light suction on her breast until it gently popped out of my mouth. A shiver ran up her body and I grinned as I said, “Well, there’s no soap on those.”

As my head moved lower to lick and kiss her upper belly, she moaned loudly and slipped down on the seat more, her legs opening wider on either side of my legs.

“Oh God, you’re going to do it to me again,” she whispered and then groaned loudly as my tongue licked at her belly button. When I lifted my head and started to sit back, she yelled, “No!” And pulled at my head, trying to pull me back down to her stomach.

I slowly let her move my head back down until I could lick lightly at her mound. She shivered and whispered, kayseri escort “Oh, yes!” When I did.

As I licked down along her parted outer lips, I could see the inner ones unfolded and her clit standing up hard and proud. I slowly ran the tip of my tongue up the center of her slit from her opening to bump gently over her clit. With a long drawn out moan, her hips bridged up higher and higher as I did. I cupped an ass cheek in each hand and lowered my head to stab my tongue sharply into her wet opening. She yelled and hunched against it as she exploded, her hips and legs trembling and jerking.

As her orgasm subsided, I lowered her gently back to the seat and sat back licking my lips. I’d have to wash my face again before I went to bed; I had her literally from ear to ear. I grinned at that thought and sat there on my heels looking at her, all sprawled out in the afterglow of her passion.

When her eyes fluttered open I said softly, “You got all the soap but you need to rinse your sweet little pussy off, you got it all messy again.”

She grinned up at me and giggled, “I think I had some help with that, Uncle Rick.”

I grinned and nodded. “Yeah I know, I need to wash my face.” She laughed at that and then looked up at my manhood as I stood up.

I stepped back under the water and was rinsing my face, when I felt her fingers wrap around my stiff manhood. The touch of her hot tongue to the head of my dick made me jerk. I got the water out of my eyes in time to see and feel her suck the soft spongy head into her mouth. I made a soft groaning sound and tried to move my hips back, but they didn’t seem to be working right as her tongue fluttered madly over the sensitive head she was sucking on.

My knees were to the point of shaking when she lifted her head, literally popping me out of her mouth. She looked at it for a second, licking her lips and then she looked up at me. With a big grin, she said, “I had to check you for soap to, didn’t I?”

I nodded quickly as my voice didn’t seem to be working either. Damn, I was falling apart.

She slowly stood up but she didn’t release my dick. She ran her hand up and down its length for a moment and then asked, “Was I doing it right? I’ve only read about it in a book once and then I tried to do as the book said. I practiced a couple of time on a banana.”

I blew out a noisy breath and said, “Either that was one damn good book or you inherited your moms natural talent. You were doing an excellent job believe me.”

She grinned up at me and started to bend over but I grabbed her shoulders. “Oh no you don’t, you’ll end up with a big surprise that that banana didn’t have to give you.”

She looked at me funny for a second and then I saw the light of understand click on. “Oh!” she said, her eyes getting wide. “You mean like earlier when you shot me in the booby.”

“Yeah like that,” I said. “Now rinse that hot little putty cat of yours and let’s go get some sleep before you hurt this old man.”

She giggled and moved under the warm water to rinse herself off.


We were out of the shower and drying ourselves off, when Rita asked, “What do I do if you do shoot off in my mouth?” I must have had a shocked look on my face or something because she grinned and added, “You know I’m going to do it again, if I get the chance.”

I nodded and then grinned. “Yeah, you’re your mother’s daughter after all. If it happens then you have a choice, swallow it, or spit it out. It’s mostly protein and won’t hurt you if you do swallow. Some women do and some women don’t, it’s their choice. I’ve always tried to give a warning, if at all possible.”

She nodded and asked, “Does mom spit or swallow?”

I laughed and shook my head. “Little one, that’s one of the first things you need to learn. If you want to know something that personal about someone, ask them. A gentleman doesn’t talk about his lady friends; that is if he wants to keep them.” I told her. “Now if women would just show us guys the same courtesy.”

She looked at me funny and I held up my hand. “Don’t ask, you’ll find out all about it believe me.”

She yawned and I said, “Come on, its night, night time.”


I walked her into her room and put her to bed. She looked up at me and held up her arms. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. She held on to my neck as I started to stand up.

“Sleep in here or at least cuddle and hold me until I go to sleep. I promise to behave. Please.” she pleaded softly.

I smiled and said, “Ok, I’ll cuddle you for a bit and then I’m going in the other room.”

I lay down on the bed and had her turn on her side, so I could cuddle up behind her, spoon fashion. She wiggled back tight against me as I slipped my arm under her head. Her warm firm ass was pressed up against my slowly hardening manhood. I could feel it slipping in to nestle in the cleft between her cheeks. She wiggled and sighed deeply. I put my other arm around her and hugged her to me, my hand kayseridekifirmalar.com cupping her breast and giving it a gentle squeeze.

She made a soft sound of pleasure in her chest and whispered, “Thank you, Uncle Rick, this feels better than I even imagined it would.”

I kissed her hair and whispered, “Sleep tight, little one.”


The sun lancing across my eyes through a crack in the blinds, is what woke me up. Rita had turned over at some point and now had her head nestled on my shoulder, facing me. Her right arm was across my chest, her firm breasts pressed to the side of my chest. Her right leg was between mine, her thigh warmly on top of my semi hard manhood. I could feel the heat of her sex pressed against my hip.

I sighed, moved my head slightly to get the sun ray out of my eyes, and remained motionless, just enjoying the feel of her warm young body against me. She reminded me of her mother so much, in so many ways, that it was scary at times. Looking at her sleeping face right now and the way she was snuggled up to and on me was one of those times. I sighed again softly.


The next time I woke up, it was from a wonderful sexy dream. When my eyes opened, I found that the dream was true. Rita was sitting astraddle my hips, her hot wet sex rubbing slowly and steadily, up and down along the bottom of my hard manhood. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she had a hand on each of her breasts, massaging them gently. Her face had that slack, other world look of a woman lost in passion.

I watched her for a moment or two and then whispered, “And a good morning to you too.”

Her eyes flew open and her hips gave a jerk. Then she moaned softly as her eyes squeezed back shut and her stomach muscles gave a couple of large spasms, causing her upper body to rock forward as she came in a warm flood over my shaft. I smiled as I reached out and ran my hands over her tight thighs and quivering hips.

“That’s a great way to start a day, isn’t it?” I whispered with a chuckle.

She was grinning as she lay forward onto my chest and hugged me, her head cuddling against my chest. She gave a big sigh and nodded her head slowly. “Wonderful.” she whispered softly.

We lay there for a while, I was beginning to think that she had gone back to sleep. Then she asked, “Do you want some coffee? I can go make it if you do.”

“Little one, at my age coffee is the lifeblood of the morning. No coffee and the brain doesn’t want to start. Of course, what you were doing works better but….” I let the sentence trail off.

She chuckled and said, “It sure relaxed me, I do know that. Now I know why mama’s so happy some mornings and so grouchy on others.”

I laughed and hugged her to me. “Little one, you are one smart cookie. Now, get your horny little ass off me, so I can go to the bathroom and clean up this mess you made.”

She giggled and lifted her head to kiss me lightly. “Okay, but I get to help, I’m just as messy.”

I laughed and rolled us over until she was flat on her back. “Well, that’s one mess that I like to clean up in my own special way,” I said before I kissed her on the nose and scooted down to flick the tip of my tongue against first one swollen nipple and then the other.

She arched her back and grabbed my head. “Oh, yes,” she whimpered softly.

As I sucked on a nipple, she moaned and whispered, “That ain’t helping the mess any, Uncle Rick.”

I switched to the other nipple and she added, “You’re just making it worse.”

As I kissed my way down her stomach, I said, “I’m just hunting the source right now.” I licked my way lower and as I tasted her sweet juices on her mound, I added, “I think I’m getting close.”

I took a long slow lick along each swollen outer lip and looked up at her face. She took a long hissing breath that matched my licks perfectly. I used the tip of my tongue to flick the very end of her clit a couple of times. Her hips jerked and bucked as I did.

My hands slipped under her ass and held her hips up as I whispered, “Oh, there’s the problem. This little switch is stuck in the on position. I guess I need to turn it off.”

I flicked her clit again firmly and then swirled my tongue over it as she yelled and came with a rush.

When her fingers tangled in my hair, tried to pull my head away from her clit, I let them. Then I proceeded to devour her from her tailbone to her slit and back again. Her little ass never quit bouncing and bucking the whole time. By the time I settled into a steady rhythm of licks from her ass to just below her clit, her hips had settled down enough to match me with a steady rocking, lifting motion.

When I paused to stab my tongue into her opening, she would whimper quietly and flutter her hips against the intruder. The first time I tried that with her anus, she gave a jerk and then groaned loudly as she worked her hips slowly against my mouth and tongue. I grinned as I teased and toyed with her asshole.

Her mother could come just as hard from a dick in her ass as she could with one in her pussy. Her biggest fantasy was to get fucked both places at the same time by me and her husband. It would probably never happen but you never know.

My tongue made slow headway for a few moments and then the ring of muscles gave way as she relaxed and fucked back against the intruder. She moaned softly each time I pressed the tip of my tongue into her. I lifted my head slightly and stabbed my tongue deep into her sopping wet pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips higher. When I slipped a fingertip into her ass, she jerked her hips and yelled. Then she was grinding her ass deeper onto my finger and her sex harder against my probing tongue.

A whining growl was growing louder in her chest. When my finger was as deep as it would go, I lifted my head and slipped my thumb into her open sex. My mouth came down on her clit as I started to move the digits slowly in and out of her two holes. The growl got louder and as I flicked her clit, it turned into a loud yell as her hips took up a fast fluttery motion, matching my tongue. There was a warm flood across my thumb as the yell got louder and her hands feebly tried to push my head away.

I let her lift my head but I continued to slowly stroke her pussy and anus. The jerking and bucking of her hips slowed and then took up a rhythm to match my fingers. Rita had her eyes tightly shut and as her breathing slowed, they fluttered open and focused on my grinning face.

“You’re trying to kill me right?” She asked breathily.

I shook my head and replied, “Nope, I just showing you all the options that you have in life and that they are special with the right person, at the right time.”

Rita smiled for a second and then her eyes slowly closed as a soft groan came to her lips. “Oh yes. I’m fixing to go boom again if you don’t quit.”

Her hips were moving a little faster and I had matched her with my fingers. Now, I pressed my fingers forward and stopped moving them.

“No!” she yelled as her hips moved even faster and stronger against my motionless fingers. When the low growl in her chest returned, her hip movement stumbled.

I moved my hand, pulling the finger and thumb almost all the way out and then I jammed them back in sharply, several times. The fifth time I did, her hips rolled up to meet my hand and she yelled as she came again. I grinned as I marveled at the power and willingness of her young body. I rammed my hand forward and back a couple more times and then just held it tightly against her ass and sex. Her hips fluttered and jerked even harder as her orgasm rolled on and on.

After a while her hips slowed and then stopped moving. I slipped the finger and thumb out of her and sucked on my thumb. Damn she tasted so sweet. “It looks like I didn’t do much good in cleaning up that mess. In fact, I think I made it worse,” I said as I moved up and softly kissed her on her parted lips.

She giggled softly through her hard breathing and nodded.

With a grin I rolled over and got off the bed. I stood there looking down at the beautiful sight she made sprawled out as she was. I leaned over and brushed my lips over hers before I said, “I’m going to wash my face and then I’ll make the coffee, I don’t think you’re in shape for it.”

She chuckled and nodded slowly. Between deep breaths she said, “When I get a little energy, I’m going to try to go to the bathroom myself. God, I’m drained.”

I chuckled as I headed for the bathroom.


I had the coffee started and four slices of bread in the toaster by the time she came into the kitchen and put her arms around me from the back. She hugged me for a second and then said, “The coffee smell extra good this morning for some reason.”

When the toast popped up, she looked around me and laughed. “I hope that’s for me, I’m starving.”

“I wonder why?” I asked with a chuckle. “Yes, half of it is for you. Grab the butter and some jam, we’ll have our breakfast out on the patio.”

I put the toast on a plate and dropped four more slices of bread into the toaster. Rita buttered the bread as I poured two cups of coffee. I doctored the coffee and we headed out to the patio.

At the door, Rita paused and asked, “We’re going to eat out there naked?”

I laughed and asked back, “Why not? No one can see us from the road and there’s no one behind the house, is there? You’re mom and I have had coffee out here naked a lot of times.”

She followed me outside as she laughed and replied, “It just feels weird, exciting, but weird. I like it.” Then she laughed again.

We ate in silence as we enjoyed each others company and the cool morning, with its light gentle, caressing breeze. After a while I went inside to get the toast and to make up a carafe to bring the coffee out in. When I returned to the patio, Rita poured herself another cup of coffee and started spreading jam on the toast.

“Uncle Rick, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, anything, you know that.” I replied.

“What happens after this weekend? I mean, well, I’m not sure what I mean.” She chuckled softly and went on, “Every time I see you, I’ll think about this weekend and my panties are going to get soaked.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32