Wow, What a Woman!

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I was 40 when I moved into my new flat; my wife had died nearly a year before, and it had taken all this time to settle affairs and for me to move and start afresh. The one blessing was that we had no children. I had a very good job that entailed quite a lot of traveling which much of was abroad. I was a trouble-shooter for a computer company and was very well paid for being on call 24/7. They were good to me though and had given me a couple of weeks off to get sorted. I wanted a completely fresh start, don’t misunderstand me I didn’t want to forget my wife, just live somewhere that had no associations with my married life.

The day after moving in, I got up and wandered into the lounge without a thought of having nothing on. I collected a lot of packaging and rubbish from the move, which I took into the hall to dispose of later then returned to the lounge. That was when I realized that I was easily visible from another block of flats opposite of mine, which was only fifty yards away. Looking up I immediately saw a woman in a window one floor up from mine. Her next action amazed me for she indicated the area between my legs, pointed at me and gave me the thumbs up.

Now I am fairly well endowed and I was sure that what she did was an act of approval of my sexual development. In return I delineated the female figure with my hands and gave her a thumbs up. She laughed and took off her blouse, her white bra obviously contained a fair sized pair of breasts so I used my hands as if I was feeling their size. She laughed again and took off her bra! I gave her another thumbs up and she dropped her skirt then slipped her panties off!

She certainly has something worth having and I blew her a kiss. She responded by pointing at me, then to herself followed by pointing downwards and indicating ten minutes and disappeared. I thought that I didn’t have anything to lose, so rapidly washed, dressed and went down stairs. My action was possibly colored by the fact that I hadn’t had sex for well over a year. When I tell you that both my late wife and I were very highly sexed you will appreciate that I was very frustrated.

I let myself out of the front door of the block and looked across the road, she was there already waiting so I walked across to her.

“Hi I’m Dave.” I said holding my hand out to her.

“Hi I’m Lucy.” She smiled back at me.

“Bit of a surprise for you this morning I would think?” She said again.

“You can say that again.” I replied.

“I could hardly believe the evidence escort bursa of my own eyes!” She laughed again.

“Your new here, otherwise you wouldn’t have been roaming around your flat in full view to anyone opposite.” She smiled. “You’re right there, I have never lived in a flat before now. Just didn’t think.” I replied rather flushed.

“Oh I am glad about that! Why don’t you come up to mine and we can have a chat?” She asked.

“I expect you think I’m very forward to put it mildly, but I’ve never believed in holding back, you certainly have something worth looking at.”

She whispered to me as we got into the lift and then up to her floor and flat. She made me coffee and we sat in her living room and chatted.

“So tell me about yourself, Dave.”

“I’m divorced myself.” She shrugged.

“Just couldn’t keep my knickers on.” She smirked.

“I realized that I’d made a mistake on our wedding night, my husbands wedding tackle wasn’t anything to boast about and he had no idea how to please a woman. I tried to teach him but he really wasn’t interested. In the end I got my satisfaction elsewhere.” She confessed.

“I have always loved sex. I won’t tell you how young I was the first time I had it, but I’m thirty six and I’ve fucked for over twenty years and I love it.” She went on to say.

Lucy was in fact quite sexy looking with an excellent figure and she was one of those women who always made you think of sex as soon as you see them. Her next words, though, took me by surprise.

“We’ve already seen what each other has to offer, so do you fancy a fuck?” She asked with a big grin on her face.

What was the point of acting all shy now knowing that we had already had a good look at each other? So we both stood up and held each other as we kissed for the first time. She then took my hand and led me into her bedroom. We stripped off quickly and her figure looked even better close up. We grabbed at each other and my erection dug into her stomach as we pulled each other close. I was soon squeezing and massaging her breasts as we kissed and stumbled onto the bed.

She took my cock in her hand and started working it up and down. I spread her legs and looked at what she had to offer. She had a hairless pussy and her lips were already engorging as she lay back smiling.

“I love being looked at, it really turns me on.” She said excitedly.

I moved closer to her cunt and kissed her swelling lips and they parted. As I kissed her sweet tasting cunt, bursa merkez eskort I began to fuck her with my tongue and it took about twenty seconds for her to cum the first time. I carried on fucking her with my tongue as she obviously enjoyed it the way she writhed about on the bed.

“Fuck me Dave, fuck me good and proper.” She hissed at me.

I turned and moved over her with my mouth full of her love juice. As I eased my hard cock into her tight hole I emptied the mouthful of her juices into hers and she swallowed it noisily. I began to fuck her as hard as I could but I only lasted about 30 seconds before blowing my load deep inside her sopping cunt.

“Christ you really needed that, didn’t you?” She panted.

“Yeah I gasped, I haven’t had a fuck in over a year.”

“Your poor bugger, leave it to soak. You will get hard pretty quickly if I am any judge.”

She said as she clamped her pussy muscles around my embedded member.

She was right, I could feel my cock growing hard inside her and beginning to throb once again even though my cock never really went soft.

“Have you ever fucked a complete stranger before?” She asked.

“No I have always had plenty of pussy from those I have known.” I answered as I shook my head.

“You said you had spent a lot of time abroad, does that mean you were unfaithful to your wife?” She questioned.

“Yes unfortunately, but she always knew about it as I told her.” I answered her back honestly.

“She always said that she couldn’t see me not having sex when I was away because I was so highly sexed and no man could be expected to go without for months at a time.”

“I always told her what I did and it turned her on and we used to have fantastic sex when I was back home again.” I said with a smile on my face.

By now I was as hard as fuck again and I began to thrust my cock back and forward inside her. This time I took it much more gently using my full eight inches as she rose to meet my forward thrust and gripped my cock as hard as she could with her cunt muscles each time I withdrew. It got her half an hour of solid fucking, which she obviously enjoyed by the amount of times she had an orgasm.

She was so lubed up with my cum and her orgasms that my cock slid in and out of her with ease now as my spunk began to squelch around my cock and seep out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass from my first fuck with her. Eventually she came, not as intensely as when I used my tongue bursa sınırsız escort on her but almost continuously for several minutes.

“I want it all over me this time!” She panted as she came down from her orgasm.

My cock is thick and she was tight, but she was so sloppy that I had no problems at all. One last thrust and I pulled out, she lifted her head and watched as I ejaculated. I spurted forcefully into her face and then all over her tits and belly. She licked at the thick blobby fluid and swallowed it down.

“Give me some more!” She commanded.

I licked tongue fulls of cum from her breasts and belly as she sucked what she could off my cock. As I French kissed her I emptied all the cum I had collected in my mouth and filled her mouth with it and watched her swallow it all down; she turned and sucked my limp cock into her mouth. It was so sensitive as she sucked that I nearly passed out as she persevered though and eventually I was hard again.

“Now, I don’t do anal or pain but I do anything else. So you can either fuck me again here or we can go to the shower and have some fun. Your choice?” She asked.

“Let’s go to the shower.” I replied.

“Good boy.” She responded.

My cock was still hard and swung from side to side in front of me as we walked to the shower. The shower turned out to be of the Mediterranean wet room type. We got into the bathroom and she turned the shower on and the sound of the running water made me want to pee. But I was way too hard for anything to come out. She reached out her hand took hold of my hard on and pulled me into the shower beside her.

“I want you to take me from behind big boy.” She said with a smile.

She turned to face away from me and dropped to her hands and knees and I knelt down behind her and enjoyed one of the sights I like most, that of a woman on all fours as I take her from behind. I aimed my cock at her pussy hole and slid in all the way as both our combined juices made her cunt slick enough to enter her tight fuck hole.

She jumped as she felt the full power of my big dick start to pound her but moaned with pleasure a second or two later as my balls smacked off her huge clit as I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. A couple of minutes later we both came together as I thrust one last time deep into her sopping cunt hole. After I came inside her I pulled out of her with a plopping sound. I was so fucked after the last few hours of fucking with her all I wanted to do sleep. And that was my introduction to my new neighborhood. Lucy and I fucked many times and attended group sex parties as well from time to time. So the move I made was a good one from my point of view as I was certainly getting all the sex I could handle and then some.

All I could think of now was, WOW what a welcome!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32