Young and Naive

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This is a story I have kept secret for many years. It happened when I was still a teenager and still very naive. My memory has faded some, so the story may not be completely accurate, but I will try to make it as accurate as possible. It will be up to the reader to determine what to believe and what not to believe. I hope it’s enjoyed either way.


When I was nineteen, I had a hot eighteen year old girlfriend named Amy. Amy was a slender strawberry blonde with big blue eyes, nice breasts and an unbelievable ass. She was young and naive like myself and she swore I was the only man (boy) she had ever had sex with. At this time in our relationship, the sex had just been oral sex and nothing else. I loved her dearly and she loved me.

Amy and I were both going to different colleges, so I would work temporary jobs when I could to earn extra money. At one of these temporary jobs, at a warehouse, I was working with a group of black and Hispanic guys from the inner city, who were several years older than me. They would ask to see pictures of my girlfriend and I would let them. They all liked what they saw!

Carlos, who was the ringleader of this group, drove a van. It was your typical “sin bin” with the refrigerator, bed and fancy lighting in the back. It had a fancy purple paint job complete with the Motley Crue mural which Kadıköy Esmer Escort included several half naked women.

He and I often discussed cars, so he was quite familiar with the vehicle that I drove.

One day Carlos and a couple of the other guys in the group were telling me about an X rated drive in that they would go to on occasion to watch porn. They encouraged me to bring my girlfriend, so I could see her get really hot. I just laughed along with them and said “we’ll see, maybe I will!’

Several weeks went by and nothing further had been said about the X rated drive in, when I finally built up the nerve to take Amy there. It was a hot summer night and Amy was dressed in a lavender tube top with no bra and a short faded jean skirt. She looked awesome! I told her I had a surprise for her that would make her hot and on the way to the drive in, I was able to talk her out of her lavender panties. When we arrived at the drive in, she was shocked at first and refused to go in with me. I finally convinced her that it would be fun, so she reluctantly agreed to go in. I told her we’d be discreet and we’d be sure that nobody we knew saw us there.

Once inside, we parked in the most desolate area we could find away from other vehicles and next to a tall fence. The action on the screen did make Amy Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort hot and soon I was fingering her pussy and sucking her nipples. Her tube top and skirt were now around her waist. After fingering Amy to orgasm a couple of times, she wanted to suck my hard cock. I put the back of my seat down and Amy quickly went to work.

While Amy sucked my cock, I heard a vehicle pull in behind us and park. I didn’t think much of it and Amy didn’t either. She continued sucking me with her eyes closed when I began noticing shadows moving on the tall fence to our right. Then I saw several black or Hispanic men standing outside the passenger’s door and looking in my car. At that point Amy took her mouth off my cock and jacked me off until I shot my load all over my stomach and chest. With my orgasm the men let out a loud cheer and Amy turned in horror to see the men standing there. She then scrambled to cover up.

Carlos was the first one to step up and speak and he said “Hey, we thought you might be here Nige.”

“Great show!”

“Why don’t you and Amy come back to the van with us and we’ll see what else she can do.” I didn’t know what to say. Amy had put her tube top, skirt and panties on by now and she looked at me and then responded to Carlos, “Okay.”

We left my car and went back to Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort Carlos’ van. Amy was ushered into the back of the van by the four guys with Carlos and Carlos and I sat up front. Carlos told one of the guys to get us some beer, so there Amy sat between four black guys sipping on a beer and staring into my eyes. I knew all the guys, but Carlos introduced Amy to each one. The action on the screen was hot and as we continued to sip our beers, Carlos and the others began complimenting Amy on her performance. She thanked them, but just continued staring at me.

After about ten minutes, one of the black guys dropped his shorts and stuck his semi-hard cock in Amy’s face. The other three just started feeling her up while the one with his cock out said “Suck it bitch!” Amy didn’t hesitate and immediately put the black cock in her mouth. She was quickly stripped naked and put up on the bed where she continued to suck the first black cock. All four black guys then stripped naked, too.

For almost two hours, I watched Amy suck and fuck all four black guys and Carlos too!

Their black cocks were much bigger than mine, but she seemed to enjoy every inch of them. She sucked one black cock while she was getting fucked by another. Amy experienced anal sex for the first time that night and a double and triple penetration. She was a complete and total whore for the five of these guys and I felt powerless to stop it. When it was over, we said our goodbye’s and walked back to my car.

As we were leaving the parking lot, Amy looked at me and said “You told me it would be fun!” She then put her seat back and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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