Your Surprise

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During most of our relationship, I kept it to myself. We would have all kinds of talk about fantasies but I kept the desire for a threesome to myself. How would you react to hearing I wanted another woman with you? The frequency of our fantasy talk increased and increased (and increased…) and I let it slip one late night. You became inspired and told me incredibly raunchy and well-inspired stories. I came harder and more often. I craved you even more. This went on for months.

Recently, you mentioned in passing that my stories never include another guy and you wanted to hear such a story. My pleasure. Here’s the first.


We hadn’t seen each other in a couple weeks and we were both pent up. I craved you with all of my being and I could hear it in your voice whenever we were on the phone, you felt the same. Long distance relationships suck in so many ways but there’s no denying the sex is incredible. Our schedules matched up and we were finally seeing each other.

You arrived at my house and I greeted you with a long hug and an even longer, passionate kiss. My tongue danced across yours and made love to your tongue as a precursor of the night to come. I ran my hands all around your body. I had missed touching you.

“I have a surprise for you,” I said, “but first you get a long massage.”

You purred with delight. Sure, the long drive had left your muscles with a full-body ache that needed to be worked out, but you craved my touch even more than I had missed yours. I led you into the bedroom to strip you slowly and seductively. As I removed clothing, I kissed, nipped and licked everything I saw. Your nipples were already hard and yearning for my mouth. Who was I to deprive them?

I brought my mouth to you and took both nipple and areole in. I lightly ran my tongue around and around the nipple, making it even harder. I flicked my tongue across the nipple and you moaned. Nature works in balance and we couldn’t have another nipple feeling left out, so I welcomed the other one home, as well.

I dropped to my knees and kissed your stomach, heading south. As I reached your waist, I unbuttoned your jeans – you’re so sexy in your jeans, I momentarily stopped to get a close-up view of you, but then got back on track. I pulled your jeans and underwear down to the ground in one smooth motion. I kissed my way from your ankle, to your knee, along your inner thigh and then to your pussy. You were already wet. I love letting my tongue explore along your lips and clit but this was going to be short. You had a massage coming your way.

You lay down on your stomach. I pulled out some massage cream and started with your neck. I rubbed away tension and soaked up every moment I got to feel your body. I moved down to your shoulders and back, muscles strong from your regular workouts but Kadıköy Fetiş Escort very much in need of the release of massage. I lightly dragged my fingertips back up to your neck, causing a slight shiver along your spine.

Next came your ass. I worked my hands all along your hips and your ass, down your legs and then back up your ass. I repeated the process a couple times and, every time I passed by your anus, I got a little closer. You have been experimenting with touching mine during sex and I wanted to see how you would respond. I was not disappointed. You moaned and pulled your butt up a bit, meeting my fingers and getting a little more pressure on your anus. At this point, you were good and relaxed as well as pretty pent up. Time for your surprise.

He had been watching the whole massage from the doorway. We’ve been friends a while and, when I told him I wanted to give you a surprise threesome, he leapt at the chance. Your sounds has been turning him on, quite obvious now that he had taken off his clothes and his erection was pointing right to you. Ahead of time, I had told him your likes and dislikes. Additionally, I told him it would all be over at any point you grew uncomfortable.

You wondered aloud, “So, where’s my surprise?”

I continued working on your legs and he quietly came over to the side of the bed. As I rubbed and massaged, he started on your shoulders and neck. For a brief instance, you tensed up and then relaxed just as quickly.

You moaned as my thumb grazed your anus again. I started to spend less time rubbing your legs and I found your pussy. I had one hand on your ass in back and the other under you in front. I slipped by thumb into your very wet pussy. You groaned with pleasure and reached out between his legs. With all of our talk about threesomes with another woman, I wasn’t sure if you knew another guy would be with us or not, but you found out quickly as you enveloped his hard cock in your hand. His turn to moan. You stroked him a few times.

You turned over and I knelt before you without speaking. My tongue went right to your pussy and you weren’t about to complain. You stroked his cock a few times and pulled it toward you. You were going to make the most of the situation that began with a taste. You give an incredible blowjob. I didn’t let that on ahead of time and he found out pretty quickly. Once your hand enters the picture, pumping as your lick and suck, you are truly a master of your craft.

After I slowly licked your lips a few times on both sides, I switched gears and put my tongue inside you. With as slowly as I started, I was even slower as the next several minutes went by. I heard you whimper out of ecstasy and it only encouraged me. I love tongue fucking you. The excitement of the scenario was pushing you a lot farther along Kadıköy Gecelik Escort the path to orgasm than you expected. When I moved to your clit, I replaced my tongue with a finger to find your g-spot. He reached down with both hands to feel your breasts. He rolled your nipples between his thumb and forefinger with each hand. So much sensation all at once and you couldn’t hold back.

I switched from licking your clit to downright sucking on it. You stopped sucking his cock, leaned back and let out a tremendous roar with your first orgasm.

Panting, you collapse your head on the pillow.

“What an incredible surprise,” you said.

“That was just round one and today is all for you,” I said as a toothy grin looked back at me from the bed. “Tell us what you want. Anything and don’t hold back.”

You wasted no time. Maybe it was because you were reaching down to some deep desire you had never shared and maybe it was because you were afraid that, if you thought about it, you’d have some inner conflict and want to stop. In any case, you dictated.

You got on all fours, facing the mirror, and told me to fuck you from behind. You told him to get under you. We happily obliged.

You were incredibly wet and I had no trouble entering you. Slick, warm and wet. Fantastic. I entered your pussy slowly, as you like it. You savored every second and groaned as I entered. I slowly withdrew almost all the way and pushed back in.

He couldn’t wait for his fun. He slid under you, first with his mouth under your awaiting nipple. While he sucked one and flicked his tongue across it, he let his hand work magic with the other. You didn’t know what to focus on first and felt like a kid in the world’s best candy store. You were all smiles, moans and giggles of joy.

It’s not every day you like to watch yourself in the mirror during sex; we had some fun with the mirror and you usually includes blindfolds for one or both of us to heighten the experience. This time, you watched with deep desire to remember every second. Your brain was in overdrive, memorizing every second for later, when we were separated by the miles again, and wanted another memory to flash on while masturbating.

I started to massage your ass again and occasionally let my thumb slip down your crack to your waiting anus. Meanwhile, he shifted. To entice him for this threesome, I had told him how incredible your pussy was. Now was his turn.

He slid back a bit, releasing your breasts and put his hands on your hips for his own balance. We shifted a little to get closer to him, with me still fucking you from behind, and his lips and tongue found your clit. Around and around your clit, his tongue danced and sent waves of new pleasure through your body. His hard cock in front of you again, you needed it in Kadıköy Genç Escort your hands. The dreams you never told me about were coming true – pumping a cock in one hand while getting mercilessly fucked by another.

So much sensation, another orgasm was building again. You wanted this to last as long as it could but you were in a losing battle. Over the next few minutes, it built up from your core and came our as a series of roars and throaty yells that could have awakened the dead. So hot. Fantastic. He heard you and his own erupted. Cum covered your tits. You collapsed to the side, panting. You rubbed the cum all over your chest and moaned softly with delight. You had watched the whole thing in the mirror and would relive it countless times when playing with yourself. You had no doubt, I would describe it again in detail in your ear for months of rounds of sex, too.

You sat up, kissed me deeply and probed my tongue with yours in a deeply erotic and sensual kiss. You slid to the side of the bed, fell onto your back and pulled your knees up. One of your favorite positions. I came around the side of the bed. You reached out for him, pulling his hands to your awaiting tits. I used the head of my cock to play with your clit a bit and you weren’t sure you could handle any more. You were a driven woman, though, and a third orgasm would be yours before I came. I was going to play dirty, though.

I slowly slid back into you. He rubbed your tits and you didn’t have a single thought in your head. You were just soaking it all in. I continued to pump, fucking you with increasing speed. Moans of pleasure were all around the room and then I pulled out our little friend: Your favorite vibrator. I know you by now; it’s always in your purse when you come to my place and I had taken it out when you first walked in the door.

I was fucking you intensely, your whole body moving with the pressure. A huge smile on your face, you pulled your hands behind your head and told him to hold your hands down so he and I could watch your tits bounce. So good to me. There are fewer better sights in this world than your bouncing tits.

You didn’t see what I had in my hand, too caught up in it all. I turned the vibrator on and brought it to your swollen and sensitive clit in one quick motion. You gasped. That was it. You had no control anymore and made a series of sounds – screams, screeches moans. You were building up to the third orgasm and the lack of down-time between them was having its effect. Your hands were bound by his, you were open and naked, sweaty, still feeling the cum all over your chest.

Your order came out loud and clear in the first words you had spoken in a while: “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me! I’m yours for whatever you want to do to me.”

Your orgasm ripped through you. Hearing all of that, I couldn’t hold back anymore fucked you wildly without abandon. You always know what to say to trigger mine. My orgasm came like a rushing flood.

We collapsed on the bed. There would be time for goodbye to our friend and more sex between the two of us. I had a feeling we would be asking him back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32