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Danielle was turning into a a typical teenager with a sexy figure and the often accompanying self absorbed, high ranking attitude. Well the big titted, shapely, pretty blonde she wasn’t typical looking, but for her looks, her emerging outlook was befitting. All young females get the opportunity to experience and take advantage of the benefits and experiences that come with being at their peak physical sexual attractiveness – their eyes bright and youthful, skin even and firm. This is a story about who and what particularly good looking young girls get exposed to and how they develop into the people that they often times do.

Danielle’s hormones began having their effect on her at an early age so that by the time she was 14 her budding tits swelled to fit into a 34C bra. The natural shape of her chest made them form into round tea cup perfect tits with soft, pointy light pink nipples protruding slightly upward. Further down her torso was a flawless flat stomach, pinched by a tight waist that lead in contrast to sharply swung hips that in turn curved around to two full ass cheeks that sweetly pushed out about any pants her mother bought for her. The depth of the crack between her cheeks lead a long, tight journey to her new, tight asshole and finely haired firm, virgin pussy. Already standing 5-6 inches tall her legs were long and tight. Her mature stature belied her innocent, inexperienced emotions. She attracted attention from wanting onlookers not knowing she was an age where many of her peers were barely hitting puberty. She was naturally built to become popular with all the right and wrong people.

Having been developing early and quickly meant that for a couple of years, at a very legally underage age she’d been discovering horny guys and older men, and even some females looking at her longer than usual. Sometimes repulsed, sometimes empowered she wasn’t sure what it was she wanted yet, but she was getting confident she could get it.

Danielle was being raised in a quaint middle class neighborhood by a young mom named Debbie. Debbie got pregnant shortly after graduating high school and the father couldn’t be bothered to grow up enough to raise his daughter and help support the family. He was young, Debbie was young and that was simply how it was. Debbie’s parents had a regular working middle class lifestyle and did what the could for the kids, but a sometimes strained relationship and Debbie’s desire for her freedom planted her two states from her family in a since failed relationship. She held several long term relationships, but as of the last 8 years she settled down with Thomas or Tom for short, a well paid manager of a respectable motel in the small town they lived in.

Debbie was a tall, pretty blonde woman who easily attracted attention when she wanted it. Having gotten pregnant early she was cautious about protecting her daughter from the instability of the serial dating most girls her age were doing. She decided she would sacrifice her freedom to provide as stable of a home life for Danielle as she could.

Tom did not discount Debbie’s reserved appearance as a lack of attractiveness. She was naturally pretty with full lips and clean, healthy appearance. Under Debbie’s clothes even in her early 30’s she had full tits that still presented a round appearance. Her long legs moved beneath longer dresses and occasionally form fitting jeans that gave her ass a chance to show.

Tom himself was a good looking man in his mid 30’s. He was in decent shape who took care of the things he valued in his life – his health, his work and his family. He loved Debbie and he loved fucking her, and the cute Danielle made a favorable impression and he quickly grew attracted to spending time with the girl. Debbie figured he was good for her and he seemed to treat Danielle with respect, fairness and love. All the basic requirements met in a mate, she was also glad that he gave her sexuality much needed satisfaction. She loved the shape of his dick and how he was willing to show her and have her perform new even taboo sexual acts. She didn’t know just how taboo he would be willing to go.

Around when Danielle was turning 12, Tom’s little buddy began to change. She was always cute and he sometimes pictured what lucky guy would get to see what intimacies he would get to indulge in when she grew into her body. He had to catch himself on occasion looking at her behind as he pondered this desirability. His thoughts never gravitated toward any sort of temptation regarding Danielle at this time in her life, but that was slowly changing as she was slowly changing.

One day Danielle came home from school early after the principal called home to inform her mother that she’d had an accident at school. Danielle got her first period. She was visibly shaken until her mother calmed her by reminding her that it was natural. Your friends are going to get it too and in fact some probably already have she said. Don’t worry. Everything will work out. Besides you’re going to have a lot of fun being an older girl, she said giving her an innocent wink. Danielle smiled at the thought of growing up and moving onto the future. Tom hanging out in innocent, ignorant male like fashion watched wide eyed as Debbie fielded this sensitive issue, Ya Danni, he said playfully, think of the cute boys that will be after you! Realizing he made have made a not so fatherly comment, he thought twice and shut his mouth. Man, he thought. I’d better watch my ass, he thought to himself playfully, still not realizing that their paths were going to cross in some unexpected and heavy ways over the next couple of years.

One summer vacation day of the year Danielle was 13 years old she and two of her female buddies were hanging out at the pool at their modest sized house. It was a hot day and everyone decided to head up and enjoy some cool water, and tanning rays. Tom laid on his lawn chair next to Debbie, each in bathing suits, relaxing and enjoying the leisure. Danielle and her friends were whispering to each other while soaking in the pool. Tom couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, but he caught on that it was about some guy or guys they knew. For a moment he smiled and remembered himself as the subject of school girl fantasies, when he looked down and caught one of Danielle’s friends peering in his direction… in the direction of his shorts. Her name was Carissa and she was 1 year older than Danielle and the other girl. She looked away quickly and Tom suddenly realized she was looking at his cock through the leg of his shorts.

Attempting not to be embarrassed, he reached down as if nothing was up and tucked his shorts down. Shit… that’s great he thought, half excited by the cute girl’s giggle it put a small sexual charge in him. Soon the girls were climbing out of the pool on the wall opposite Tom. He watched with nothing better to do. Each girl started to pop out, their young bodies wet, the light accenting their budding shapes. Then Danielle began to climb from the pool. As if in slow motion Tom’s eyes watched as her tight lithe body bent at the waist displaying her shiny, tight ass as her long blonde hair rained water down over her cheeks and between the groove cut by her stretching bikini bottom. Tom watched as she rose, stood and walked behind her friends. She looked over her shoulder at Tom who was watching her directly in her eyes. She gave a crooked almost sisterly smile and walked on.

Tom’s cock began to swell as he let his thoughts linger too long on what he just saw and experienced. He pulled himself together and quickly grew uncomfortable with the obvious notion that he was growing attracted to Danielle. His mind raced back tracing the steps of his thoughts about her since he’d known her. He realized the direction of things were headed toward lust. For a moment he let his mind wander back to what he just saw – her ass, poking out, tight, round, the cheeks protruding further than either of her friends, her waist tightening and her hips spreading. He knew she was going to grow into an endowed girl, but never before had it caused a quite this strong. What the fuck were they giggling about, my cock? Is that why Danielle gave me that cockeyed smile? He looked over at Debbie. She had dozed off and was still sleeping under the warm sun. Tom grew restless, leaned over to wake her and let her know he was going to head into the house.

Later that night Tom was sitting in the living room staring at the wall next to the TV. He was examining his head again. He was a strongly sexual man and lots of girls of lots of ages are sexy. He even had little affairs with teenage party girls when he was in his 20’s, but this was obviously different. Since he’d met Debbie, he was figuring he was settling down for a longer, slower ride. Sex with her was fantastic. She would beg to be fucked. Liked it rough, and even wanted to be video taped on occasion. There weren’t many dull moments between them. Fuck it he resigned. I’m full of shit. This is nothing, he thought to himself as Danielle appeared in the living and sat down on the couch a couple feet away from Tom and reached for the remote.

Why are you sitting in here alone in the quiet she asked? I dunno he replied. Just thinking I guess. Hmm, she said looking at him from the corner of her eye as he looked forward. She eyed him for a second then decided to spring it on him, testing him, fucking with him, probing flirtatious pubescent boundaries. My friend thought you were cute, she said in a cool tone. Tom looked at her for a moment wondering if he was in some sort of dream or nightmare. The 14 year old girl he replied? He was used to dealing with females and them being attracted to him but this was different. His reaction wouldn’t have been so blunt if it weren’t for his preoccupation of worry over his seemingly apparent desire for the cute even sexy Danielle herself. Yea, I guess she replied, a little unsure of what effect her comment made. Anyway, she said dismissively, got up and head to her room.

Danielle was turning into a typical female teenager. Moody, pushing the boundaries of the people around her and figuring she knew more and was cooler than anyone that was in a position of authority. Danielle and Tom had always been buddies though maybe even more than step daughter and dad. They got along and Danielle often used Tom as a sounding board when she couldn’t talk to her mom or her friends. He was old enough to not be a peer obviously, but still “cool” enough to admire him. He was always able to think of this girl as a child, but nature was now telling both of them different. Tom would have to face this reality. His decisions about his reaction would alter their lives.

A couple weeks passed and more trips to the pool were had. Tom was honing his perception of Danielle each time they stripped down to their bathing suits. He began to study her curves, her childishness, her maturity, her strengths and weaknesses. He began to try on his perception of her as a budding woman – a very young one, but a developing fertile woman none the less. As he observed her body, her attitude and her changing personality he began to slowly build the perception of being comfortable looking at her from a sexual perspective. He would playfully sneak peeks at her ass, or the way her shirt would hug her tits, making note of how they were getting pretty big. The look of her supple lips elicited warm thoughts as she experimented with different types and styles of makeup. He began to carry an unofficial fantasy about playing with Danielle and her budding sexuality and womanhood, imagining various scenarios leading to mutual satisfaction… maybe someday, maybe in an alternate universe… It was mostly an idle fantasy, but still it existed. He didn’t know how far he’d actually go if placed in the situation to do something about it. But he didn’t think it was possible, and so grew comfortable with his idle daydreams.

Though Danielle, Tom, Debbie and the people that looked at Danielle were slowly seeing things through new eyes this summer, the rest of the year went with few significant events effecting their relationships. Danielle would come and go with her friends like a typical girl her age, talking on the phone about boys and other social events and drama. Tom had Debbie and his work managing the hotel. Everyone’s lives seemed normal.

Danielle privately was also slowly discovering the motivation and courage to masturbate. Along with the new influx of attention she was receiving from random people both that she knew and didn’t know, her own internal signals were telling her she wanted stimulation. The girls made observations between them about sex and what experiences they were having or expecting to have. Danielle, was also growing curious even daring. Once her clit began to swell under her finger tip, her appetite quickly grew large and powerful. Laying on her back in her bed at night with everyone else asleep in the house, she would begin to buck her hips into her hand, her eyes closed, thrusting hard drawing hot stimulation just before she came. She had heard what an orgasm was and quickly after a few intimate sessions with herself she discovered it for herself. She knew one of her friends at least was masturbating to orgasm and Danielle swapped notes with her. Not coincidentally the girl Danielle was sharing these notes with was Carissa, the same friend that caught Tom letting the end of his dick be visible from his bathing shorts. The two girls became best friends that summer. They had similar ideas about what their new found experiences were worth.

Summer came and went and Danielle turned 14 not long after the new school year started. Debbie noted her body growing to maturity at an almost sudden rate. She outgrew 3 bra sizes in less than a year. Her height was close to reaching her own and her figure and choice of clothing was setting her up for experiencing a quick womanhood. Debbie attempted to calm her ambitions to be hot and to be noticed. Danielle loved her mom and saw for what she could the wisdom in her kind words of caution, but the world wants good looking girls to grow up fast, and the rewards for doing appear and often are empowering and tempting.

One night at the end of a boring day at school that coaxed a large does of gratuitous daydreaming she began to indulge in her thoughts finally in the peace and privacy of her own room. She wanted to play with herself. She wanted to feel that feeling. She wanted to be rewarded for how sexy she thought she was becoming. She deserved to be wet and she wanted something inside her, doing her, giving her the thrill in her mind that she figured she wanted. Her experience was limited, but she knew where to touch herself to turn herself on. She knew what mental images made it feel even better. She knew if she wanted someone to show her how to extract more pleasure and fantasy from sexuality, she could probably get that too.

Mmmmm, she moaned under her breath as she struggled slightly to pull her too small panties over her firm hips, spreading her tan, long legs and reaching for her clit located just below her light brown public hair. Mmmm she moaned again slightly louder, empowered by her ability to do what she was doing for herself. She stopped, sat up and pulled off her shirt and bra. Now naked she lay back down, her nipples peaked on top of large, firm tits. She pushed the covers down below her feet and spread her legs wide and far, finally resting one foot on the wall and the other on the floor.

She began to rub her clit and passing her fingers over her virgin hole to get the wetness over her lips so she could massage them. Her finger paused at her hole and inserted slightly. Mmmm, she breathed. She pictured a cock with a nice shape and size belonging to a guy with a firm body and pretty face rubbing the tip against her. She slid the finger inside taking note of how it felt to be slid into under such an aroused and wet state. She placed her thumb on her clit and began to finger bang herself lightly. She opened her eyes and let out a deep breath. She wanted more. She was feeling desperate. She was so horny. Fuck she said sharply and continued to drive herself into sexual fantasy and bliss.

Wanting more, she wanted something longer to put in her pussy. She didn’t want anything too big because she didn’t want to get all stretched out she figured not knowing much better. She stood and looked around her room… hair brush, no, lipstick, no. Fuck she said again… Then a light flashed in her mind. Would it be disgusting to use a hotdog? What harm can it do… She paused, then the thrill of doing something new took over and she carefully headed for and opened her bedroom door. Figuring her mom and Tom were asleep she headed down the hall naked and excitedly for the kitchen to grab what she wanted quickly and get back to her room. Finding what she needed, she fished it from the package and pulled out an ordinary hot dog.

She snuck back into her bedroom door and headed for her private, adjoined bathroom. Turning the sink on she ran hot water over the dog to warm it. She looked at her body and face in the mirror of her bathroom. She pouted her lips at the image in the mirror and licked her lips seductively. You’re fucking hot she said to herself as if trying out for a magazine photo shoot.

She returned to her bed with the warm hot dog, laid on her back and spread her legs. She rocked her hips in anticipation and began to insert the hot dog into her tight pussy. One inch, two, three and then she hit a spot where it didn’t seem to want to go anymore… She hit her cherry. Fuck she said, as she began to rock the hotdog in and out. It felt good but wasn’t quite what she was expecting. She pinched her nipples with her other hand driving some extra feeling into her body. It didn’t feel mind blowing like she hoped… hmmm.

She pictured in her head an image she had from Carissa telling her how she masturbated sometimes. She pictured her friends butt pushed into the air with her tits to the mattress as she fingered herself between her legs. I’m going to try it she thought to herself. Quickly she got on all 4’s. Her round ass protruded backward with enough visual temptation to make a devout priest a believer in reducing the legal age of consent. Her butt was round, her waist tight and her hips swung out to the perfect proportions. Danielle was physically gifted for sexual attractiveness. She began to ponder the feeling of the position as she inserted the hotdog back in and started to rock it in and out of her tight pussy looking for the thrill of a new experience.

Without warning a light knock came from her door and it began to open. Her mom’s head peeked in to see into Danielle’s exposed ass then lowering itself and withdrawing something from her pussy. She had been caught red handed. There was no way to minimize the appearance of what she’d been doing. Danielle looked straight at her mom, both women had equally surprised looking faces. Danielle just sat there on her bed looking at her mom with a shocked look on her face. Debbie didn’t want Danielle to feel bad or ashamed and didn’t want her to waste a good night’s sleep worrying about her reaction so she stepped in the room and shut the door behind her. Mom, she began, I’m sorry. Debbie sat down next to her and said, it’s ok honey. Please don’t worry. I’m not mad and I don’t think you’re doing anything bad. Danielle just looked at her trustingly as her mom leaned in to give her naked daughter a light hug and noticed what it was she was masturbating with.

You know she said letting her go. I could buy you a good toy if you want one. No big deal she said standing, figuring this was a good time to exit and let her be. It’s less risky than a boy, she smiled at her. Just let me know she said casually, opening the door. See you in the morning honey. Night mom Danielle replied with a loving smile on her face.

Whew! Debbie breathed to herself. I think I handled that ok she thought to herself as she headed back to her bedroom. She forgot what she was going in there for to begin with. Her mind spinning a little from what she saw she crawled her slinky body back into bed with Tom.

Fuck Danielle breathed to herself. Fucking embarrassing. She was cool about it though. Fuck… Her mind unable to focus squarely on sex again she fell asleep naked under her covers.

The next morning Tom was getting ready for work when Debbie thought she’d tell him what happened last night. Tom, do not lead on like you know, but I caught Danielle masturbating in her room last night. Tom stopped dead in his tracks, turned slowly and looked Debbie, the mother of the sexy, budding girl he’d gotten to know over the last few years. Really he said trying not to sound too interested, his stomach picking a twinge of excitement. How did that happen? Well, I heard water running so I thought she was awake. I was just going to say goodnight. When I opened the door she was in there… She paused for a moment unsure how much detail to give. Yea, what was she doing he asked sounding concerned. Well, Debbie said with a matter of fact smile on her face, she was… She was bent over on her bed fucking herself with a hotdog. She looked up at him and he at her. Wow, he choked out, trying not to think too long about the mental image. Wow, he said again turning to continue getting dressed, possibly sounding a little too impressed.

What did you do he asked? I told her it I wasn’t mad and if she wanted a toy I’d get her one. I figure it’s better than her letting some teenage boy test his ability to not get a girl pregnant on her. Shit she said. She’s growing up fast isn’t she? Tom looked at her and said yea honey. She is. She’s a sexy girl he said trailing off almost into thought about it. Debbie looked at him and for the first time wondered what he was picturing in his head. Well, honey, I’m off. I’ll talk to you tonight. He looked at her gave her yummy kiss that made her smile and headed out of the bedroom and for the front door to work.

Fuck, fuck, fuck Tom repeated to himself on the way to work. What the fuck? He wasn’t making any intelligible sense, because he wasn’t gaziantep escort bayan thinking intelligibly. His emotions were on high speed as he thought about how hot she must have been with her ass parked in the air banging herself. That’s the last thing I wanted to think about, lying to himself. She wants to get fucked. She’s masturbating. Danielle, the little girl… who by the way is not so little these days is masturbating. In my house. Fuck!

He paused to be silent and think about the mental picture again. His dick swelled as he pictured the firm, shapely, young ass he’d seen so many times actually aroused and wanting sex. He reached down and pushed on his hardened dick. Danielle, you’re in for some real fun sweetheart, speaking generally.

Weeks passed and Danielle learned to masturbate with the dildo her mom bought for her. It was slender like she wanted, but bigger than a hotdog. Debbie let her know it was ok to pierce her hymen if she wanted after hearing Danielle’s concern about pain when the day came when she did have sex. Danielle feeling the freedom to explore her sexuality in private became an expert masturbator. She continued to share notes with her friend who found another way to get penetrated. She was having sex and enjoying the liberating feeling it gave her.

One day after school on the phone she finally asked Danielle, when are you going to get fucked for real? You’re fucking hot. You know you can get any guy in school you want practically and you’re only a fucking freshman. Out of nowhere she asked, do you think your step dad looks at you like he wants you, she laughed teasing at Danielle. No, she relied quickly! You’re fucked up. God, I dunno she recanted, wondering if her attractiveness was powerful enough to reach even him. What the fuck would I do if he did she said trying on the shoes of an older woman. I dunno. He’s kinda hot for an older guy. Maybe you should suck his cock and see if he begs to fuck you, you little bitch. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Very funy Carissa. Well, I’ll think about it Danielle replied teasingly. Ha ha. You little slut. A slut has to have had sex Carissa, like you! Haha, you bitch Carissa teased back. Ok, I gotta go. Mom’s made dinner and wants me. Tha’ts cool you’re close with your mom. Ya it is Danielle replied. Ok see you tomorrow k? K. Love ya. Love ya. Bye, bye.

Danielle had never thought about Tom in that way except for the day maybe when Carissa teased her about how she saw his cock through his shorts and wondered if he was good in bed. Danielle was relatively close to Tom and arriving on the scene later in her current life span, she honestly felt they were almost buddies in a way. They got along and except for the occasional mismatch of expectations didn’t have much occasion to cross one another. Danielle was a good girl deep down, but life has a way of bending people here and there.

One night Debbie went to bed early and Tom was too restless to do the same so he stayed up as he often does and watched TV in the living room. After some time Danielle followed her mother’s lead and went to bed, probably to masturbate before nodding off. Danielle got up and stretched with her arms in the air, Tom looked up and let his eyes ease over the curves of her tits sticking out and upward and then down to see the shape of her ass cheeks as her thin cotton pajama bottoms slid tightly into the crack of her deep ass. Well, I’m off. See you in the morning she said. Tom nearly getting caught looking at Danielle smiled warmly and simply said good night Danielle.

There was no good way to bring up the subject of her masturbating even if he wanted to. Living with Danielle was turning out to be increasingly difficult. His mind would wander over the subject of Danielle and all the complexity that revolved around her physical maturity. He shook his head as she wandered to her room and thought to himself. I’ve seen younger girls on Abercrombie advertisements. What a bunch of bullshit he resigned. Crazy fucking world. Crazy fucking pussy he said again drifting into a mild fantasy about young tight girls and their respective roles as would be mentors, entrepreneurs and scum bags help themselves to the fruit of youth.

20 minutes later hearing no noise down the hall he figured everyone was out. He wanted to play with his cock and possibly relieve some tension under the blanket of some fantasy. He pulled down his seat pants to his mid thigh, parted his tan lean legs slightly and began to stroke his dick to attention. Mmmm he moaned slightly as his dick stood straight out. Images of Debbie, Danielle and other random girls passed through his mind. He pictured their asses, their tits and their willingness and need to feel hot sexual tension and what it would be like to sample their holes for the first time. He closed his eyes and pumped his dick, clenching his cheeks as the pressure began to build in his cock.

Oh shit, he heard faintly from somewhere in the room behind him. He turned just in time to catch eye contact with Danielle just before she headed back down the hall back toward her room. Danielle opened the door, shut it and sat on her bed shocked at what she’d just seen. She wasn’t sure if she was repulsed or not but she definitely wasn’t thrilled. Fuck she said. I should have kept my mouth shut. This is going to be awkward. Tom sat there, definitely alone now, shut off the TV and leaving his cock out. Slowly he put it away and headed for bed.

He passed Danielle’s door and pondered attempting an explanation and maybe bargain a way for her not to tell Debbie. He figured it was bullshit to try and figured he’d just deal with the consequences if they arose. He opened the door to his bedroom, crawled into bed and after some tossing and turning finally fell asleep.

The next day was Saturday and Tom and Danielle found themselves crossing each other’s paths in the house. Both attempted to act like nothing had happened. Both inside felt awkward. Tom gauged her reaction to him carefully. He didn’t sense disgust or nervousness. She seemed like her usual self, maybe just not as chatty. He sat down across from her at the kitchen table to some cereal in the morning sunshine.

Danielle was trying to figure out how to handle the situation. It wasn’t that long ago that she herself got caught masturbating… She got a wind of boldness and blurted out, you know when I got caught at least I was in my room. Tom looked up at her motionless with his jaw slightly dropped. She looked at him and suddenly they both started laughing. Shit, Danielle was all he said as he took a small bite of food. Sorry he said softly looking into the bowl. Danielle looked him over and just said it’s ok.

Later in the day Tom and Danielle found themselves alone again this time in the living room watching TV. Tom of course felt tension. He’d been eyeing Danielle in a not at all fatherly way for close to a year. He wanted to open things up. Get to know her a little better though he knew his ambitions could definitely lead to something that effected his long term best interest. Like most males though the closer he got the harder it was to stop.

He thought in his head about coming up with a good opening question or statement to get some rapport going about the latest sexual household activities going on. Finally he blurted, how often do you masturbate? It was a bold question. It was very bold and could have dire consequences if it fell on the wrong ears. He knew it. She knew it. She paused collecting her thoughts on the whole situation between them and weighed the balance between friend and foe. She looked at him as he waited hoping she’d see him as a friend. I dunno. Every other day maybe she said not losing eye contact – looking at him.

His eyes wandered thoughtfully as if processing the answer matter of factly. He was pushing open a new door to Danielle and if he wasn’t careful he would hang himself. Thanks for not telling your mom he said. Whew he breathed out as if relieving tension. Danielle found a chord of sympathy and just said. You’re cool Tom. We’ve always been cool with each other. I don’t want you feel uncomfortable. Mom and I are close, and I’m glad we all get along. Yea, me too Tom said.

I like having you around. He paused. You’ve become special to me he admitted looking at the wall in front of him. What do you mean Danielle asked. Tom was getting himself deeper into unfamiliar territory with Danielle. You’re growing up fast he said finally looking at her, wondering if she would catch some underlying meaning from that statement. You’re popular at school. So were you Danielle replied quickly feeling a sense of warmth. Tom laughed, yea, a long time ago. He wasn’t looking for pity. He was just being honest. He was proud and she admired it about him. He looked at her looking at him. She was seeing him as a peer in a world where she was feeling more and more like an adult. She was naive but had good instincts. She was potentially vulnerable, but Tom didn’t mean to hurt her.

Do you think I’m attractive Tom asked her holding his chin up with a confident smile. Ya, Danielle laughed in a girlish way. You’re a good looking guy, not really feeling the need to lie and tell him he was hot. He was over twice her age. Can I tell you something Tom said not able to stop the freight train rolling through his brain. I think you’re hot Danielle he said with a light laugh attempting to make the comment as light as possible and not sound like an idiot. Danielle’s face went blank as Carissa’s words echoed in her head. Holy shit she thought. I don’t know if I like this. Tom sensing her hesitation attempted to recover. I’m sorry, I just mean… He didn’t know how to adequately undo the comment. She looked at him, stood up and said, it’s ok Tom. Let’s just relax a little. I’m going to my room for a bit. K, Tom said simply.

Danielle was holding power in her hands and she knew it. She had some thinking to do. She was growing up fast and she needed time to think. She closed the door behind her and picked up her cell phone. Carissa answered. Oh my god, you won’t believe it. I think Tom, my mom’s boyfriend just hit on me. What? Are you fucking serious? Ya. I’m confused. Fuck. Well what did he say? He asked me if I thought he was good looking and told me I was hot. I also caught him masturbating not long ago by the way. What? Did you like it? Haha, Shut up Carissa. Ya, he’s not completely perving on me I don’t think… I mean he’s a cool guy for the most part. I think he’s just tripping out lately or something. He’s never done anything weird before. He’s my mom’s boyfriend. I’m kinda freaking out. Well, Carissa said I’d do him if he were younger. Carissa, I’m serious. Ok I’m sorry. Listen, Carissa said. Don’t worry. Just blow it off and more than likely he’ll just forget about it and then you can too. How long has he been around you guys? I dunno, a few years now. Wow, you are totally getting hot. Even your step dad probably wants you. Ya, ya, Danielle replied, the compliment helping but still fretting a little at the possibility that maybe he did want her.

Ok, well listen Carissa interjected. I have some news for you anyway that will take your mind off things. You know Mark Hunter at school, he hangs out with Toby Johnson? Ya, Toby’s hot. Yea. I I’ve met Mark. Ya, well Mark has been talking about you I guess. It sounds like he’s been wanting you. What grade is he in? Uhm.. older. Junior I think. Is he popular? Ya pretty much. He’s cute. He used to go out with Sharon Tomlinson I guess. Ohh, she’s hot. Ya. Alright Danielle replied sounding more relaxed. I’ll bring you around them tomorrow if you want and see if you guys hit it off. Alright cool. I’ll give it a try, but I’m not promising anything. Listen Danielle. You’re hot. You’re only a freshman and everyone’s starting to notice you it seems like. Besides you need to get laid for a change. Haha. Alright. We’ll see. I do kinda want to get fucked Danielle admitted. I fucking know you do bitch Carissa laughed. Haha, Danielle laughed back. Ok, anyway, I gotta go for a minute. Call me later if you’re not busy. Ok. Ok. Bye. Click.

Danielle sat in her room absorbing her life and her options. It was all a bit nerve wracking. She was standing on the brink of stepping into a new social class at school if she started dating the right guys. Tom needed to chill. She would ignore him mostly except for sharing polite conversation. Should she tell her mom? No… She didn’t need to get upset by this crap. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. She’s cool about stuff. Ok, I feel better she sighed to herself attempting to talk the last bit of jitters from her mind.

The next weekend Danielle found herself getting picked up for a date with Mark. Ok Debbie said, be a good girl. The only reason I’m letting you go on this date by yourself is because I trust you. I know Mom. I love you. I love you too sweetie. Ok, have a good time. Tom stood by and gave Danielle a warm, encouraging smile. Danielle looked at him and saw that he genuinely wanted her to have a good night. Thanks guys. I’ll see you when I get home. Ok. Bye bye. Bye!

Tom and Debbie sat on the couch and chatted. She’s growing up fast I’m afraid Debbie confided. I know Tom said. She’s a looker. She’s going to be popular and she’s going to have a lot of options, for good and bad. Ya, I know. That’s kind of how it was for me Debbie said. Except I got pregnant. I don’t want that to happen to Danni. She needs to have a full life. Jeez, she’s only 14. Maybe I shouldn’t have let her go, she looked at Tom. No, Tom said… I think you’re doing the right thing. If you hold her back, she’s just going to do things behind your back. You can’t hide her from the world. It’s going to find her no matter what. Ya, I guess so. I think the best thing we can do is just be there for her Debbie said. You’re there for her right, Debbie asked. Ya, of course. I think I’ve always been there for her Tom said, feeling slightly guilty. We’re cool I think he said trailing off, reflecting slightly on the prior days happenings, grateful that Danni didn’t betray their friendship. Yea you guys seem to have a good relationship. Yea I think so Tom replied.

Well, anyway. Are you going to be up late again Debbie asked? Ya I might be. Good, you can wait of for Danielle. I’m going to bed after I read some. Maybe later, you can sneak in Debbie flirted, implying that she was horny. Tom smiled and said ya. I think that might be fun. Ok, I’m going to go read. Tom sat in silence for a moment reflecting on his sex life and where he thought the future was going to lead him. Well, fuck. I hope Danielle has a good time. Maybe if she starts having a boyfriend I can take my mind off her.

Tom fell asleep on the couch with the TV when the sound of a key in the door woke him. He opened his eyes and saw Danielle walking in. He looked at the clock. It was midnight, an hour after she said she’d be home. Her hair was slightly tossed and she looked a little… tipsy. Hey girl, how was it, he asked? Danielle headed for the living room and plopped down on the other end of the couch. Well, it was ok. Tom looked at her. Then he stood and walked over to her and put his nose close to her face. Danielle, you’re drunk? You can smell it Danielle asked? Ya, he replied. You’re gonna get in some serious fucking trouble. I didn’t drink much. I’m not used to it. Don’t tell mom, it was a fucking weird night. Tom looked concerned. No, it’s cool, he promised, the favor she’d done for him not far from his mind.

What happened? Danielle slightly emboldened by the alcohol buzz said well. Mark is ok. But I think he’s a lousy lay. What, Tom said looking genuinely surprised. You let him fuck you? His language befitted more to a friend than a step father. He was also slightly jealous though he probably wouldn’t admit it, not even to himself. Ya, we had sex in his car. I wanted to try it. I was tired of waiting while Carissa is off having it and talking about how great it is. I just… It’s cool Tom interrupted. Don’t worry about it. I won’t tell your mom. You gotta be careful.. he started, realizing he was telling her what she’d already heard a million times. Never mind, I’m not going to preach at you he said. Thanks Danni replied.

He looked at her relaxing silently, her nerves cool from the buzz. Well, Tom asked, what was bad about it? Danielle looked at him. Her blonde hair framing her underage, pretty face. Not concerned about the engaging in a personal topic, she replied, he came too fast. I don’t’ think he’s my type anyway. Ha, Tom laughed once looking a little amused. Girls at school will hate me if they think I’m a slut she confessed. Tom thought for a second then came up with his brilliant idea. Maybe you shouldn’t do guys at your school. He wasn’t directly implying that she should fuck around with him, but his mind was definitely working the angle he at least subconsciously hoped for. Ya, Danielle laughed. I don’t think I want to screw around for a while. I mean, I want to, but… I don’t know… I don’t know what to do.

Tom sensing the need to say something comforting just said, don’t worry. It will work out. I’m always here for you, you know that right? It was intended to be a fatherly/friendly gesture. On Danielle’s ears it rang more like an offer. She paused looked at him noting that he probably didn’t intend it that way and just said, ya I know. Well I guess I’ll head to bed Tom. I’ll see you in the morning She reached over to give him a hug. Thanks for not telling mom. Tom felt Danielle’s pert tits pressing into his shoulder and the image of her naked underneath some guy screwing her virgin pussy flashed into his head. Night Danni Tom simply replied.

Danielle sat on her bed and reflected over losing her virginity in a less than satisfying way. It was too late to call Carissa and she didn’t want to go to bed on a bad note. She needed to talk to someone. Screw it, I’ll go watch TV with Tom I guess. She got up went to the kitchen to get some water and plopped down on the couch with Tom again. You’re not going to bed? Not tired enough I guess. Cool. They sat in silence for a moment while Tom flipped the channels.

Still a little buzzed and her inhibitions lowered she had the courage to test her perception that Tom’s disposition toward her had changed. So what exactly did you mean that I was hot, she asked with her arms crossed? Tom looked at her, half worried about the pitfall that could awaiting him and half excited she was asking. What, are you telling me that you don’t know you’re hot? Everyone looks at you it seems like everywhere I go with you. I thought I was just stating the obvious. She paused gauging his answer. No Tom, I think you’re attracted to me for some reason recently, and at first I was a little shaken up by the way you said that comment, on top of your little stunt out here. It was a mature thing for her to take on. She was having to put herself on his level of rank in the house in order to call him out.

Tom fell silent. He would be lying to her if he professed otherwise. She took his silence for acknowledgement. She got sober for a minute mustering maturity she ordinarily wouldn’t have to so she could try to put things in order. Tom, you’re my mother’s boyfriend and you’ve known me since I was a kid. I am still a kid! I know. I trust you and I like you, but what the fuck? The last thing I want to do is hurt either of you, was all Tom could say. He looked away. Alright Danni said, I guess I should go to bed. Ok, no playing with it in the living room, she joked trying to make light of the situation. She did care about Tom and her mom and she felt the pressure to preserve the status quo. She hoped things would stay normal.

Shit Tom said under his breath as his step daughter closed the door to her room. What the fuck am I doing? I should have lied my ass off. He sat for a moment more contemplating the fact that things were actually in the air that could land him some discomfort and instability, even if he hadn’t actually done anything. Embarrassed he didn’t think about things going any further and finally got up to take himself to bed next to Debbie, his sexy girlfriend.

He walked down the hall and as he approached Danielle’s door he heard soft moaning sounds. He stopped in his tracks and listened. Danielle was masturbating her young pussy, experiencing the sexual pleasure she was craving. Obviously her tryst with Mark didn’t get her what she wanted. She was disappointed but she needed to cum. She decided she wasn’t that into Mark and that the short lived relationship was over. She needed release.

Tom’s cock swelled as he pictured Danielle, the shapely debutante he’d watched starting to bud into a sexually attractive woman exploring her sexual thoughts and body. Without thinking he reached for the handle and began to carefully twist the knob. He risked getting caught catching her, but he didn’t care. Either way he would get something he wanted. A verifying look for himself that Danielle, the girl he began to see as a sexual person that one day at the pool watching her body as water cascaded down her back and through the crack of her tight bikini bottoms, was indeed sexually active and that his senses were to be drawn to the attractive young girl were not lying to him.

He slowly opened the door with his eye looking in. Only the light in her bathroom was on blocked mostly out by the door that was mostly closed. He could see her long legs posting her ass high in the air from the edge of her bed. Her face was pushed into a pillow as she moaned with the rhythm of her dildo being screwed in and out of her young pussy. She must have figured putting her face in the pillow would block the sound. She was wrong. She couldn’t see him, but from his vantage point he was looking almost from directly behind her. He watched her hand between her legs moving the fake penis in and out of her pussy. For the first time since the day at the pool where he came to hope to experience something sexual with her had he upgraded his vantage point. For the first time he saw her pussy, her asshole and her naked ass cheeks spread slightly by the arch gaziantep escort bayan ilanları in her back. The sight was incredible. She had an uncommonly round ass. The kind that everyone hopes for, man and woman. No man alive could see this girl bent over in this position and not see something that tempted them.

She picked up her head from her pillow to get a deep breath, just see enough to make her suspect that the door had been open and someone had seen her. Shit, she said in a whisper. Well it was probably Tom if it was anyone, and I know what’s probably on his mind. Once the fear wore off she laid down on her back and continued doing herself. She thought about Carissa and her comments about Tom, about how she’d do him if he were younger. She closed her eyes, tossed her hair back and relaxed her head on the pillow. As she moved the toy in and out of her swollen wet lips she remembered what Tom’s cock looked like from the day she saw him rubbing it in the living room. She pictured him stroking it thinking about her. The stroke to her ego made her smile and whisper. You want me don’t you? I’m so hot you want to fuck your 14 year old step daughter, don’t you, you dirty fucker. Maybe I should make you beg to kiss my ass and let Carissa watch you kneel for me.

She was getting close to orgasms and suddenly her legs clenched tightly on her hand and she rode the waves of orgasm, her pussy spasming rhythmically over the toy her mom bought her. Uhhhh, she sighed this time being careful not to make much sound. She pulled the dick out and looked at it. She contemplated what a real cock would feel like from a guy who actually could use it. Fucking Tom. What the fuck, she sighed dismissively as she rolled over and fell asleep.

The next day was Sunday morning and after fielding naive questions from her mom about the date, Danielle told her mom she didn’t think it was going to go anywhere. Slightly relieved she released Danielle who made her way to the kitchen to get some juice for breakfast. She saw Tom sitting at the table reading something and eating his usual cereal. She looked at him remembering last night’s events and the possibility of him peeping on her. Tom you’re getting predictable she said. He looked up to see her in her usual morning look. What? He asked dismissively trying to maintain dignity, wondering if he’d been caught and that she knew that somehow he couldn’t let himself stop falling in lust or love with his well developed, stunning now 14 year old step daughter.

Nothing she replied, not certain it was actually him peeking on her, and not wanting to bring up the subject. Mom gave me the third degree about my date last night. What did you tell her? The truth, minus the sex and drinking part. Probably smart he replied looking out the window. You wanna go the lake he asked her out of the blue, still staring blankly out the window. Uhm, I don’t care. Carissa has some crap to do with her parents anyway. Tom looked at her remembering some of the comments he heard she’d made. Tom kept his mouth shut though, not wanting to disrupt things more than they were.

Honey, Danni and I are gonna hang out at the lake for a few hours. Do you want to go? Well, I wanted to get some stuff done here at the house. I have an errand to run too. Why don’t you two go and I’ll just catch up with you when you get back. Tom genuinely was inviting Debbie, but a shock of excitement hit his spine at the thought of hanging out with Danielle alone. Ok, let me know if you change your mind.

Tom finished his breakfast and announced he was going to get some stuff together. Get ready chick he barked at her teasingly. Alright, alright, she replied. Shut up and let me chill for a second. Kids, he replied teasingly. My ass she said under her breath. I heard that.

Once at the lake Tom and Danielle picked out a conspicuous spot and laid out some towels. He pulled his shirt off and laid down propping himself up on his elbows facing the lake. Danielle had to remove her long shirt covering her down to her thighs. She had thought about this moment already and decided nothing was going to happen and to just relax. As she pulled her shirt eyes from all over the nearby area watched the hot, tall blonde getting down to her bikini. It was obvious she was a young girl, but no one legitimately knew if she was under 18 or not. The men and women (but mostly men) of all ages, looked on till she sat down. The women wanted to look like the young girl and the men wanted their women to look like the young girl. It’s an interesting twist of irony that a girl can be the epitome of physical sexual attractiveness and desire but for it to be against the law to engage in those desires with her. Whatever the reason for the established, polite, lawful social norm, it doesn’t stop the attraction which means it doesn’t eliminate the demand, in legal form or not.

Tom was inconspicuously looking as well. When she couldn’t see him, his eyes moved up her legs and over her ass and finally to her firm, ample tits covered just by a snug bikini top. Her ass was so fucking good. Tom had to look away not just because she would catch him but because his dick was threatening to swell. He kept his mouth shut too.

They sat in some silence for a while warming under the spring time sun. He didn’t want to push himself on her with conversation. He figured he’d said enough. If she wanted to talk, she could bring up a subject. He said innocuous things and made a couple jokes, but overall kept his relative distance. When Danielle felt comfortable enough that he wasn’t going to do anything too stupid, she thought it might be ok to ask him something she was curious about – what sex should be like. It wasn’t the first time she’d confided in him and won her trust.

Sleeping with Mark was a bad idea. Sounds like it was disappointing he replied. It was. It could be bad for my reputation. Ya, he replied. You gotta watch that. People turn on you. Ya she replied. She rolled onto her side to face him, her cleavage showing heavily. Tom looked over at her deliberately not looking at her tits. Her hips swung out high. She looked like a magazine ad. Offers of that kind were probably not far from her reach. Isn’t the guy supposed to last a little longer than a couple minutes? Uhm, Tom smiled. Ya. He looked her in the face. She was so young. She was so sexy. She looked back into his eyes letting herself think about the possibilities of having a real fling that would satisfy her growing desires and curiosity.

How long do you last, she asked in a bold move. Tom debated his next move. He wanted her for completely illogical reasons, and was he willing to risk so much trying to yield to them? Apparently so. For someone like you, I’d have to keep myself from finishing too soon too. He laughed intending for it to be a joke. It was another bold statement. Danielle looked down, smiled crookedly and rolled onto her stomach. Tom looked down at her protruding, tight ass not believing what he’d just said, but not believing he couldn’t stand not moving closer. I heard you fucking yourself last night Tom admitted. Danielle turned her head and looked at him sharply. You heard me? Ya. Did you see me too? Tom looked at her debating if a lie was in his best interest and said, ya.

Danielle turned her head away again. She was scared and horny at the same time. She debated which emotion she should act on. This was too much for someone with so little experience. Her judgment was not in the peak form of her life. This was another irony about the human lifespan. It seems we reach our intellectual peak just before our bodies hit their low. Tom was speechless again. Danielle was too.

Tom finally broke silence with some light chit chat and finally they decided to pack and head home. Riding home in Tom’s truck he occasionally looked down at Danielle’s thighs covered just at the top by the long shirt. He was trying to think of a way to coax some more legitimate time to have a chance to get closer. Hey, do you want to check out where I work? You’ve never seen much about it. The hotel? Alright she said, in a that’s not so interesting tone. You gotta check out some of these rooms we rent out. The best ones go even in this small town for $300 a night. Wow she said. That’s a lot. What’s so special about them? Well, large room, glass showers, a view of the valley and a Jacuzzi in a nook. Sounds kinda nice she replied. Ya, it’s kinda cool actually.

Tom pulled into the hotel and let themselves into the main office. He didn’t have any legitimate business there. His only plan was to try on seeing Danielle in a hotel room and hang out some more with her in the process. He grabbed an available key to one of the premium suites. Alright let’s check it out.

Danielle wasn’t stupid. She knew what people did in hotels. She trusted Tom though and didn’t feel afraid. She wondered what Carissa would say if she knew what they were doing. Alright Tom, let’s check out this room of yours she replied. Tom laughed knowing she was picking up on his feeble attempt to spend legitimate time with her.

Tom opened the door and let her in. Wow, this is pretty nice. She walked tentatively around inspecting, but not touching. She looked at the shower and the Jacuzzi tub and the view. Nice. Tom kinda wandered around trying not to pay too much attention to what Danielle was doing. She ran her hand across the high quality covers on the bed then plopped her ass down on it and giving a big girlish smile. Ha ha she giggled. Tom looked down at her and smiled then sat down next to her. Nice eh. Ya, take a shower he came up with. Get the nasty lake water off you this time looking her in the face. Her darling eyes looked at him as she held her knees together looking almost shy.

The only clear part of the glass was the side facing the view window. The rest was opaque. It’s cool go ahead he encouraged her. Sensing he could possibly get away with a bold statement he said with a crooked smile, I can’t see much from this side of the glass. Much she replied looking at him. She was warming.

Tom stayed on the bed as she opened the shower door and turned on the nozzle. Once the temperature was where she wanted she began to wash her body. She was debating taking her suit off. She was debating letting Tom get closer. Finally, she reached behind her back and untied the bikini top. She slowly pulled it forward looking down at her breasts. Finally she lifted them exposing her nipples and the silhouette of her tits and hung the top over the shower wall. Tom leaned down on one elbow and watched casually.

She hesitated then began to pull down her bottoms. Her ass touched the opaque glass as she bent and Tom noticed the flesh show up in more plain view. He was trying to think of something interesting to say, but words were failing him. She was stripping and showering. She was warming to him. If he wanted her, this was probably the time to work it.

Did you cum last night he asked finally speaking up. Danielle hearing the question looked around wondering what she should say. Ya, she replied weakly. Tom let the response resonate in his mind for a moment watching the silhouette in the shower that was Danielle. his heart was pounding. His cock was getting hard. He looked down at the bulge in his shorts and stood to adjust himself. As he stood, he looked at the shower. In one smooth and slow motion he slid down his shorts. This was it, the moment that would make his male dream come true, or break him entirely.

His cock stuck out. Danielle thought she saw him undressing but wasn’t sure. Tom walked toward the shower Danielle’s back facing the shower door. He removed his shirt and reached down and stroked his cock. The tension was growing as both of them remained silent. Not knowing he was behind her and too afraid to look she bent down to soap her legs. Tom saw her position and without any thought opened the door.

Ahh, she gasped as she heard the door open. Now Danielle in close sight Tom stepped behind her luscious hard ass. He could see her fine pussy hairs and her deep cheeks hiding her asshole. His cock was standing straight up. She quickly stood upright as Tom reached gently to hold her at the top of her hips and pressed his erect shaft into her ass crack. Oh my god Danielle protested weakly. Tom reached up and delicately held her mature, firm tits for the first time, her nipples poking his palms. Tom, what the fuck!? It was a stronger protest, but only half genuine. She was scared, but she was horny.

Shh, Tom soothed. He leaned in and began kissing her neck gently and lightly at the same time rocking his hips rubbing his dick up and down over her ass crack enjoying the sensation. Her body was a prize worth risking a lot over he seemed to reason and took possession of the opportunity to indulge in it. She could feel his hard dick moving up and down her ass beginning to stimulating her. I don’t want to get pregnant was her next frantic response. Tom turned her around to face him and put his arms around her. He removed as much contact with his cock as he could and looked into her eyes. I’m not going to do anything you don’t want. She looked up at him in his eyes and for some reason instantly felt better. She trusted him.

He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She looked down at his dick gauging its size, wondering what he was going to do with it. He then turned her back around gently. He put one hand on her waist and one on her upper back and gently began to encourage her to bend over into a purely sexual position. She complied bending at the waist, her bottom beginning to turn up. The shower was large enough for her to bend over completely. He positioned her until her ample cheeks parted enough for him to see for the first time since he had lusted for her body, her pussy and hairless pink virgin asshole.

Danielle was along for the ride waiting to see what things would turn out like and hoping for the best. Tom reached down and grabbed his cock aiming the tip for her pussy, nestling it slightly at her hole. He set both hands on her hips and massaged her tight ass indulging in the sexually ideal body part. Her brand new woman holes moved as he indulged in taking visual latitude with her. You’re gorgeous Danielle. I’m going to make this feel really good. We’re going to like this a lot. He leaned in pressing the tip to the slight opening he created with his hands. Danielle felt the shower splashing water on her back as she turned to see Tom in her peripheral vision with his hands on her butt.

Suddenly she felt the tip pushing. Then the head opening her and the ridge passing inside. Her eyes opened wider as she felt him finally push the shaft inside with one firm thrust. Tom looked down at his step daughter’s teenaged ass and pussy, her tight near virgin hole, impaled all the way onto his dick, finally.

Danielle’s eyes relaxed and her mouth opened as Tom’s began to withdraw and push forward again giving her that fuck sensation she had become familiar with. Tom watched as her pussy lips parted wide for his healthy shaft and her wet juice glistened on it. He could barely believe his sensations as he plucked the delicious forbidden fruit. His mind filled with satisfaction as he fucked behind her ass. He looked to the side to see Danielle’s face, her eyes almost closed as she held onto the shower wall, water cascading over her back trying to enjoy Tom’s cock. For some reason men like to give women’s their first experiences. It felt sweet to look at her angelic, young, pretty face and watch her breath heavy, gasping out light moans of pleasure as Tom fucked the tempting girl, already better than she’d ever had it.

Tom reached under her chest to feel the perfect, heavy breasts jiggling under Tom’s fucking pressure. Uhhhgh, Danielle finally let out a passionate moan. God, that feels good. Ya, Tom replied. You really turn me on Danni. The word Danni coming from Tom for a moment reminded her of who was fucking her and what the implications could mean. He ignored them in favor of the sweet sex he was finding.

Tom reached down and stroked his hands from her tight thighs to her thin waist, finally settling back on her ass, spreading her cheeks. He looked down into her crack and almost came at the thought of how long he’d been teased and tempted by this ass. An ass he could see but couldn’t’ touch. He finally was getting his satisfaction as he slammed hard into her ass making her head hit the shower wall a couple times. Her knees almost buckled under the strain of the pleasure.

He had to focus his mind away from cumming as he felt his cum begin to rise in his shaft. He slowed down and pulled out reminding himself that getting Danielle pregnant though fun would be detrimental, as if he wasn’t risking her mental health as it was. Lust is selfish however, and for now it was all he could do to make sure she was as safe as his selfish ambition could allow.

He pulled out and looked at her pussy lips close behind his dick. Uhh, why are you stopping, Danielle asked after a few seconds of waiting. Danielle wanted hers too. Selfishness is close to being a teenager’s middle name. Together, for the moment, they were perfect for each other.

Tom used his hands to motion for Danielle to stand. His drive to feel that he could and was screwing such a beauty was feeling more satisfied now that he’d given her some cock. His irrationality settling down for a moment he gave her a hug, turned off the shower and calmly lead her by the hand to the bed.

He sat her down then motioned for her to lay on her back. Tom stood between her legs looking down at her pussy nestled below her adolescent, curvy hips. He picked up her legs and pushed her knees back to her chest and began to lick her swollen pussy. What are you doing, Danielle half protested not sure if she was comfortable with what he was doing. His tongue maneuvered expertly around her clit and Danielle soon let her legs relax and began to moan.

Soon he was tonguing her asshole and just after she discovered that she loved it. After he’d given it it’s first sexual sensations he flipped her on her hands and knees to get a better angle. Reach back and spread your ass Danni. He was getting hornier and bolder. Danielle was completely willing as she reached back and spread hard at her butt. He drove his tongue as far inside as he could and listened to her moan. Mmmmm, god. I like that. Yes, I love it.

Tom took a bold move to increase the intensity of the already sexual taboo occurring. He was feeling hot, hotter than he had in a long time. His fever for more depravity grew as he ate the butt of the step daughter he’d loved and gotten to know. Your mom loves it too he replied. He licked again hard to keep Danielle in the mood. Danielle despite her potential for a guilt breakdown moaned as he pinched her clit and his tongue lapped from lips to butt.

Oh my god, you fucker. You lick her ass too. God.. panting… Maybe you will peek in on us and watch, he said in between firm licks. Fucker, she replied. She sounds a lot like you do when you moan. Her eyes closing in pleasure was the only response she felt capable of.

He got up on his knees on the bed positioned his cock back at her pussy entrance and rammed his cock into the girl and started pounding hard. Oh oh oh oh oh she found a loud rhythm of moans as she took her first real pounding. Her ass cheeks vibrated under his hips. Her tits jolted hard under her throat. Play with your clit and cum with me Danni. I know you know how. I’ve seen you baby.

Danielle, driven by lust and the need to be satisfied reached between her legs as she was told and rubbed her wet clit. Tom fucked hard attempting to time when he would cum. Danielle’s hips were pushing back against him as she neared orgasm. Tom reached down as his cock grew as stiff as iron getting ready to stroke it as he pulled out of his girlfriend’s daughter. Ahhhhghhh! Oh fuck, fuck, Danielle started cumming loudly. It pushed Tom to the edge as he grabbed the base of his cock, pulled out of Danielle’s pussy and started jacking off the final stretch to orgasm.

Cum instantly began leaking onto Danni’s sweat glistened butt cheeks and then suddenly shot hard onto her back, some landing in her hair. The sight of her body, the taboo, the pent up lust. Since Mark used a condom, Danielle was feeling cum for the first time. She didn’t know how much there would be, she stayed still not sure what she should do as Tom neared the end of his orgasm and she recovered from her own. Uhhhh, fuck you sweet girl, fuck! His cock was exploding with an intensity he couldn’t remember having in any recent memory.

Tom finally sighed and Danielle felt him relax. She turned her hips and sat down to face him. She saw his cock hard as a rock with the tip wet with cum sticking out in front him toward her. She looked at it then at him, then reached behind her to feel what was on her back and ass… She wasn’t sure how to feel. A lot of emotions were threatening to run through her mind as the gravity of the situation became more visible. Tom reached into the toilet area and pulled out a nice towel and started wiping her. Still naked he gathered her t-shirt and bathing suite and brought them to her. She took the clothes trying to act normal as he sat close next to her. Awkwardness threatened to ruin the after sex bliss, so he made some casual small jokes that brought a smile to her face and made her feel a little better.

Tom, I’m scared she confessed. I can’t believe what I just did, placing the blame on herself. No Danni. I brought this on Tom said in a genuine attempt to take responsibility. He did love Danielle. He was just too driven by his lust to keep it non sexual. Everything’s ok. No one is going to get hurt. It was well intentioned, but that would be a hard promise to deliver and his odds of keeping it would get worse if they continued to have sex, but that is exactly what they would do.

On the way back Tom held her hand and kept his mouth shut so he could try to read her and let her ask questions. She had a couple. So how are we gaziantep escort bayan reklamları supposed to act? I don’t want you to feel like you have to lie, but shit would hit the fan if your mom knew. What do you think he asked her opinion? No, I don’t want to hurt her. She loves you, and me. Shit… Don’t worry Tom replied. We definitely don’t have to do anything, with each other I mean. He was trying hard to be delicate realizing even in his mind that he’d put everyone in a risky situation. He needed to do what he could to minimize damage especially for Danielle. He genuinely meant at the time that he wouldn’t ask for sex from the girl, but chemistry would be hard to ignore.

Danielle’s mind weighed heavy being concerned about her mom mostly, but still she found time to reflect on Carissa’s stories about the great sex she was reporting about. Danielle decided for now at least that she was ok with what she and Tom did. He didn’t seem to act any different or weird except he seemed more attentive and caring maybe. It helped, but Danielle would never be able to look at Tom or any other men for the rest of her life the same again.

Afraid to think about it anymore she stopped asking questions and the two remained relatively silent until they got home. As he parked the truck, he looked at her lovingly and leaned to indicate to give her a hug. She paused then gave him one. I love you Danni. I’ll always look out for you. Ok, she replied softly.

They entered the house and Debbie came to greet them. You two were gone for a while. Danielle looked at Tom for his lead to which he replied, I showed her the hotel and some of the nice rooms they have there. Danielle replied, yea, it’s pretty nice. Debbie looked at them thinking it odd that he would go out of his way for that, but oh well. Well, I made some dinner. You guys should eat.

For the next several days Tom steered clear of making any flirtatious or otherwise attentive comments or actions toward Danielle. He was scared she’d crack or be in a state of shock. His concerns were real. He didn’t think about this clearly during the many decisions he’d made leading up to their having sex, so steering relatively clear was what he thought was all he could do.

Danielle passed her mind from getting horny thinking about the hot sex acts she and Tom had to disgust and disappointment with herself and him for potentially hurting her mom. She thought about telling her, but she knew Tom would get in a lot of trouble and probably be pissed, not to mention all the unforeseeable shit she’d have to endure. She was afraid if she did and afraid if she didn’t. She finally came to Tom when she knew they were relatively alone. You know, I’ve thought about telling my mom. Tom swallowed hard and his heart instantly began pounding. His response however surprised her. In most cases like these the men are too selfish and predatory to care about much else than what they want. Tom was pushing the envelope in that category, but his feelings for Danielle and Debbie pushed something inside him. If that’s what you feel you need to do, then do it. I won’t stop you.

in a helpless hard situation his response gave some sense of empowerment. She didn’t feel like she wasn’t in control as bad as she did before. Ok, she replied. I’ll think about it. Thanks Tom. He continued to rifle through the fridge pretending his heart wasn’t pounding through his chest. Fuck he said to himself trying to accept his potential fate. Tom was a straight up, honest guy and that’s what Debbie liked about him. But he wasn’t above keeping a skeleton or two in the closet. Everyone’s got a weakness and sex was often his. He’d never cheated on Debbie, but he certainly had cheated on other girlfriends.

Several days passed on and no life changing meltdown occurred, and Tom began to breath slightly easier still being only regular Tom to Danielle, who seemed distant, but not rude. Danielle sought council with Carissa who being Carissa was mostly interested in the sexual aspect of Danielle’s adventure. There were political gains to be had and each girl had naive ideas about what they were, but neither girl was savvy or experienced enough to know how to really extract them.

Have you changed your mind about not doing him again? I dunno actually. I’ve thought about it lately. I told you it was good Carissa, I can’t lie. Is he hitting on you yet? No. He’s being cool. He even told me that if I wanted to tell my mom that I could. That takes some balls. Fuck yea it does. Maybe he really cares about you. Ya, maybe. He used to anyway. Things can never go back to how they were completely, but I guess he still does. Maybe you should talk to him and see how he feels. Ya maybe. I’ll ask him tonight maybe what he’s thinking. Cool. Well let me know how it goes. I will. K, talk to you later. Me and by bf and gonna get dowwwn. Haha, have fun Carissa. You too. Be careful. I love you. I love you too Carissa.

As usual Debbie had gone to bed early and Danielle emerged from her room to feel out Tom who was as was common watching TV in the living room. Danni sat down a couple seats away and said hi. Pleased she was approaching him, he replied hey. How are you she asked? I’m ok. How are you, he asked in a concerned tone? I’m ok she replied. I didn’t tell mom. Ya, I kinda figured he laughed slightly. Danielle smiled and looked down. She moved in closer and gave him a hug. They both fell silent and watched TV.

Ah, there’s nothing on Tom stated. Ya there is. What about MTV or… she named off some shows Tom didn’t know much about. It reminded them that they were truly from different generations. Here babe he said handing her the remote. Check out what you want. I used to watch MTV all the time. But then they had music at least one in a while. Danni laughed. Tom had a good sense of humor and was good at settling Danielle’s emotions. She was glad to have her friend back. Tom was too not to mention that it appeared he wasn’t going to jail.

Tom kept his mouth shut and his advances at bay. Danielle continued her routine of school and friends and soon several weeks had passed. Minus the significant fact that she’d fucked her mom’s boyfriend Danielle was glad things had were returning to relative normalcy. She had even gone out with Mark a couple more times. Even though she was just a freshman, he was starting to really like her, but the results for her were the same as before, so she and Carissa decided she needed to break it off. The move would either help or hurt her social life and her growing popularity status, but they figured it necessary. Tom’s cock still sometimes stirred when he saw the girl in form fitting clothes accentuating her body and her hair done, but he managed to keep his desires unheard and his eyes from wandering.

One night Danielle couldn’t sleep and got up to get something to drink from the kitchen. On her way out, from the hallway moaning sounds coming from Tom and her mother’s bedroom. Her mind flashed to the day Tom and her betrayed her mother and was glad things seemed to be going well between them. Then she felt a slight twinge of jealousy as Tom fucked her pretty mom. She dismissed the jealous feelings and then horniness began to creep in hearing the sounds of sex. She thought for a second, if Tom was attracted to me, would my mom be too if she were a lesbian? Do other people’s parents think their kids are attractive? No, I don’t think so… Tom’s just my mom’s boyfriend, he’s not my dad, thankfully. How confusing. Danielle’s young mind was forced to think about relationships, sex and herself in a new light.

She remembered when Tom told her that her mom liked it when he licked her from behind and tonguing her asshole. She pictured it in her mind for a second and wondered if that was what he was doing to her. She wondered for a second what she liked when she had sex and how she did it. She reached down and rubbed her pussy through her panties. As the sexual sensations began to spike in her body and mind she wondered if her mom liked girls. In the middle of having sex with herself she caught herself and suddenly decided she wasn’t going to sit in the hallway masturbating to her mom having sex. She decided to go back to her room and think about someone or something else that she wanted to be in love with or have sex with. She masturbated and fell asleep to those other comforting thoughts, remembering the days when things were less complicated.

A couple more days passed and the weekend arrived. Friday night she would go on one last date with Mark to see if the romance would take a new turn. Some more fumbling in the back seat of his car leading to some more experience for her, but didn’t lead to the spark she needed to continue wanting to date him. She would end the relationship either on the phone this weekend or at school the next week.

Danielle arrived home earlier than expected feeling disappointed and horny. She let herself in. No one was up and the house was quiet. Hmm, she said to herself and helped herself to something quick in the kitchen. She decided to head to her room to think about what she needed to do to get out of her relationship with Mark and have some alone fun to finish satisfying herself. Upon leaving the kitchen Tom and Debbie emerged barely dressed having just had sex. Debbie’s tits could be seen as her robe wasn’t tied and Tom’s dick was still slightly hard under his boxer shorts.

Oh Danielle exclaimed as she looked at her mom’s tits before she covered them. Both girls were embarrassed, but Debbie more so than Danielle. Oh, Danni, I didn’t think you’d be home so early. Oh, well, Mark’s not my type I think for sure this time. Debbie, said oh, I’m sorry honey. It’s ok she said pretending nothing was unusual. Well we were just going to bed, so we can talk tomorrow if you like, or Tom could probably help you with a guy’s perspective. Ok mom thanks. I’m going to grab a bite honey, I’ll be in bed in a little bit. Ok, well Danni if you need me I’ll be in my room. Ok, night mom. I’m going to put a shirt on Danni and I’ll be back out.

Tom disappeared and Danielle considered getting his advice on how to end it with Mark. It might help to get a guy’s perspective. She stayed put at the kitchen table and waited while she ate her snack. Tom returned to find Danielle still up, so he came over and sat down after grabbing a snack of his own. He looked at her openly waiting for her to open the conversation. Basically, he’s just not my type. She went into a list of things that she didn’t care for explaining each one while Tom listened. And, as you also know he’s crappy to have sex with. I think he’s too small maybe she looked at him wondering what his reaction might be. He raised his eyebrows and said, Ya, that’s a problem sometimes for girls… It sucks, but it happens. Ya, Danielle replied plus he’s fast. I mean, I love some of the stuff we do, but anyway, just overall. She looked at him indicating conclusion of her thoughts on the matter.

So I want to know how to break it off, you know without hurting his feelings or something. I don’t’ think he’ll talk shit about me, but I kinda want to reduce the risk, you know? Tom laughed. It’s been a while since i was high school. I almost forgot what a pain it could be. Well, here’s what I would do… He went into some different approaches and angles… but above all, don’t say anything about it being bad in bed. That will ruin both of your days.

They each had a small laugh. Danielle felt better and was grateful. Tom fell silent and waited to see if Danielle needed something else. You know, when we had sex it was good. Tom looked at her not sure what to say. I mean, she continued, I liked it. I don’t like that we did it behind my mom’s back and all, but the sex part was good. I’m also glad that you have been giving me my space. I’ve needed it.

This was the second time she’d brought it up since they came home the evening from the hotel and the first time it wasn’t under emotional strain. Tom, looked at her feeling a mixture of happiness and fear. I really liked it with you too. He was afraid and happy that intimate things with Danielle might continue. You know, I heard you two the other night. Tom laughed a little. Oh ya. How did it sound? ha. I dunno. It kinda made me horny she said shyly. Tom smiled still keeping his distance. Do you still like fucking her after you fucked me? It was a potentially political question and there wasn’t a good answer.

Oh no Tom replied. I am not answering that question. I love you both, and honestly it’s great with her and it was great with you. It’s a different love he admitted… trailing off not wanting to say too much or confuse her. Pussy, Danielle teased. Tom had noticed her language had changed around him. She saw him less as an authority figure and he could tell. She was seeing him more as an equal, if not a potential pawn. He sensed that he’d better watch what he said if they were to begin having open dialog about their secrets. It would also prove difficult to stop creating new ones.

Do you want me to fuck you again Tom asked feeling a renewed sense of boldness about sexuality with Danielle. Oh, I don’t know buddy. I don’t want to hurt my mother. That thought bothers me. Well, Tom continued with an idea. If it made you horny to hear us, then why don’t you watch. Then you can see how much I love and want her and have a little fun too. Danielle was stunned for a moment, looking at him with a skeptical gaze. Your mom’s gorgeous Danni. Not to mention I love her. I won’t leave her, and like I said before I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I promise.

Danielle’s mind eased a bit long enough to get a thrill thinking about watching real sex, good sex. Well, how am I going to watch? Tom’s horniness shot up at her response that seemed to indicate she might do it. She had changed substantially this year.

Are you sure you want to do this? Tom, don’t you want me to? Yea. That’s what I thought. So tell me how I can watch. First taken aback by her frankness he proceeded to come up with a plan. What do you want to see Tom asked? I dunno, you fucking her. I want to see you make her cum and her liking it. Rising to the challenge Tom said, ok wait outside our bedroom door and once you hear her start moaning open the door slightly annd look in. I’ll make sure she’s positioned in a way that she can’t see you. Ok, when are you going to do this she asked? I’ll start with her for you as soon as I get back into bed. If you don’t hear sex though, nothing’s going on.

Danielle liked the sound of him making exceptions for her. She liked that she was exerting some control over him and his relationship with her mom. Don’t make any sound that she can hear or we may get caught. Are you going to play with your pussy Tom asked? I dunno. I might she confessed. Tom looked at her lustfully, but didn’t touch her. He didn’t want to push her too far.

Ok, let’s have some fun Tom said flatly smiling a crooked smile, stood and headed for the bedroom. Danielle remained silent and watched him head down the hall. As soon as the door shut she got up and headed down the hall. She first went to her room to contemplate what just transpired. She changed into some loose fitting sweat clothes leaving her underwear off. This way if she wanted to masturbate she could easily.

She wondered what Tom would do to her mom and how she would like it. Danielle’s pulse began to race as she went to her door, opened it and stepped out to stand in front of her mom’s door. She couldn’t hear anything happening yet, then suddenly heard some soft moaning coming from the door. It was her mom. Knowing she was part of the plan, she got a little nervous but still grew curious trying to imagine what was happening. She waited for the moaning to continue a little longer making her young pussy start to get wet and her nipples tighten.

Danielle reached for the knob and slowly opened the door. A small amount of light shone in on her face and she laid her eyes on the scene in front of her. Her lovely mom, tall, shapely, blonde and pretty was naked, laying on her back on their bed angled in a 45 degree angle from the door so Danielle could see more than just the top of her head but so she couldn’t see Danielle. Her tits were in her hands as she massaged them pulling on her nipples as Tom’s face rested between her spread legs, licking her pussy. Danielle had just seen her tits in an accident and it was strange that it was only moments later she was seeing them completely exposed with her mother using them to masturbate.

Tom saw Danielle standing in the door dressed in her baggy clothes. His cock grew hard at the thrill of the risk they were taking. He drove his tongue deep and began massaging her ass cheeks, spreading them and massaging them, making her asshole tingle.

Danielle just stood and watched, not sure if she how comfortable she was seeing what she was seeing. This had to top anything even Carissa has done. She wondered briefly who she was becoming, some sort of incestual slut. Just then Tom pushed Debbie’s knees up exposing her butt. He reached back down and spread her butt cheeks and began to eat the ass. Debbie began to moan louder as Tom’s experienced tongue rimmed her. Danielle’s pussy instantly got more wet and she more lustful.

Danielle still stood still watching and learning. She wanted Tom to give it to her as good as or better than she got it from him. Tom then raised his head and began to drag her ass to approximately where her head was. Danielle ducked fearing her mom would see her standing there watching. Tom then flipped her onto her hands and knees. Mmm, Mmm. She was whimpering. Danielle’s clit began to throb when Tom turned around and looked at her just before he told her mom to spread her cheeks, the same way he had told Danielle to do it. Danielle could see up her mom’s ass. Her pussy was shaved clean and was glistening wet. Her asshole was light pink and also glistening.

Still whimpering lightly Debbie reached back and pulled her ass apart. Tom stopped short of going in to eat her. Tell me how much you love it when I lick you from behind he said. Oh I love it! Lick me from behind, I love it when you stick your tongue up me. Debbie was truly enjoying sex with him and him with her. Tom began to lick her and squeezing her clit, the same as he had done to Danielle just weeks before on their secret tryst.

Danielle’s face was flushing and her pussy was pooling wetness at the cleft of her hole. Tom couldn’t see and neither could her mom so she reached down and inserted her hand under the elastic of her sweatpants and guided it down to her pussy as she watched her mom’s blonde hair swaying under the pressure of Tom’s expert licking. Uhhh lick me she moaned. Fucking tongue my asshole.

Danielle almost moaned with lust. She drew moisture up to her clit and started rubbing. As she did her passion grew fierce and her hips started bucking under her hand. Tom continued to lick Debbie’s pussy and asshole. Danielle could see his cock, the same one she got fucked by pressed against the edge of the bed held between his legs. She had never masturbated her own ass and never knew it was something she’d enjoy. She listened to her mother’s moans as she began to pant. If Debbie were any quieter, she would be able to hear her daughter masturbating, watching her boyfriend lick her from behind while she held her ass exposed for her to see.

Danielle reached her other hand behind her back and contemplated mimicking the sensation she thought her mother was getting and that she had gotten from him previously. Her fingers found the waistband and began to slide down over her tight cheeks. She opened her legs and turned her knees in so her ass would spread and began to work her fingers through her butt to find the hole. Finally her finger tip rested on the bud and she began to massage it and eventually lightly finger it.

With one hand on her clit and the other on her ass Danielle watched her mom. Uhh, she whimpered lightly hoping to not be heard. Tom was withdrawing and about to insert his cock into her mom. After a pause Danielle saw her mom’s tits starting to bounce back and forth and her ass ripple as Tom began fucking her from behind. It was more than Danielle could take listening to her moan loudly and deeply, and she began to cum. Her breathing deep and ragged as she came barely able to hold herself upright. As soon as the orgasm subsided she backed out of the door watching her mom and Tom getting off, each moaning and enjoying the sex and she shut the door. Tom soon noticed that Danielle was gone and he and Debbie finished having sex.

Tom and Danielle crossed paths in the morning and Tom gave her a knowing smile. Danielle returned one. Tom and Danielle continued their sexual relationship off and on for a couple years. Debbie eventually noticed they seemed to have a close but peculiar relationship and way of dealing with each other. She never caught them in the act even though eventually Tom would be so bold as to sneak from Debbie’s bed to fuck Danielle in hers in the middle of the night.

There were trysts at the hotel and more private trips to the lake. Danielle learned and experienced everything she could about how Tom gave her good sex. Eventually however, she would find other serious relationships and would eventually grow strong contempt for Tom cheating on her mom. She then despised herself for allowing it to happen and taking part in it.

Carissa and Danielle remained close. She talked Danielle out of many self destructive decisions. Men would offer her ways to get into clubs even though she was under aged and even money if she would just “hang out” with them. She thought about being a stripper, or even going into porn. She was officered many ways to sell herself for her physical attractiveness. Her relationships often suffered and she grew a reluctance to have children from the disappointment she felt from her own fatherless and corrupt childhood. Carissa and her mother saved her many times by showing her the unconditional love she deserved even though she often felt she didn’t. She didn’t hate Tom after it was all over. He loved her, tried to support her and was thankfully not otherwise abusive toward her. But eventually she had to settle into some way of living in the world the way it was and her role in it. She was able to acknowledge many things eventually, but she never grew to come to peace with the divisive ways that men and the world often can and do value young pretty girls.

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