After the Layover

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I wrote a quick little story called the Layover and left the ending somewhat open ended. Since I got three requests for a sequel, and it became one of my most popular stories it inspired me to do just that. As a writer we live for the comments so here goes.

The dam had broken and I go swept over the edge. Suburban married dad now had an alter ego. A cocksucker and a sodomite. I’m not the first that it’s ever happened to and won’t be the last. A couple days in a hotel room with Jason after being forced to layover in St Louis had awakened a latent urge to suck cocks and take them up my formerly tight but now needy ass.

Oh I resisted and succeeded for a few months doing it again but like any other sort of addict I fell of the wagon when the least bit of stress hit me. You can’t unsuck a cock or restore your virginity. Those were gone. Obliterated in a few days of hedonism that resurfaced.

I found myself on my knees in a park restroom sucking cock as the thrill of it went through me and I knew I was lost. Resistance is futile from the old Star Trek series ran through my head. I knew I should stop but I didn’t want to.

I didn’t even know the name at first of my partner in this bathroom escapade. I swallowed his cum in anonymity. A nameless receptacle for him that he nonetheless invited back every week and suggested he’d fuck me next time if I was prepared. And here I was walking down the park path towards the far restrooms dressed in workout clothes with a greased hole, lube and condoms in my pocket.

My heart pounded in my chest as I walked and got closer. I should turn around and go back to work I thought. I can control this. But my legs kept moving that direction and I felt a fire building in my lower half.

He sat on the same park bench and gave a knowing look as he saw me. The impetus then was to continue and not run away as part of me wanted to do. Into the restroom and to the last stall and then just waiting.

I’m guessing he was eager too. I heard the footsteps and the tap on the door which I opened.

He had a leer now and bulging pants. Entering and closing the door behind him before latching it. He fumbled with his belt but soon was exposed to me and I dropped to my knees and went to work.

There was a sense of bliss that came on. Soft, hard, warm silky flesh filling my mouth. I bobbed on him. Working for my lunch.

“Ah fuck, you’re a great cocksucker” he groaned. “Did you grease your asshole for me?”

I pulled off and looked up. “Yeah but you have to cover up” I said. I may be submissive but also realized how easily this could all come tumbling down with an STD.

“Sure, put it on me and then show me that ass.”

I fished around in my pocket and tore open the wrapper. I gave him another suck and then rolled it down and stroked lube onto him. I probably had plenty in me but it had been a few months.

Turning around and facing the wall I slid down the sweatpants, leaned over and widened my stance as best I could. My bare ass exposed by the jock which barely contained my own rampant cock.

“Look at that little bubble butt. Reach back and show me your hole faggot. I like that you came prepared to get fucked like a slut.”

I reached back and pulled a cheek wide while the other arm braced against the wall. Fuck, I was doing it again. Asking to get fucked. And the shame that reddened my face was combined with the neediness of my hole.

He wasted no time. I could feel the warmth through the rubber as it pressed up against me then into me. Then that now familiar feeling of cock sliding up one’s channel came and I moaned and came. Bursts of my spend filling the jock pouch as he penetrated to the hilt.

“You’re such a hot fucking slut. Coming on my cock like that. I’m going to fuck your ass off.”

And the thrusts began as I basked in the euphoria of being fucked again and coming from it. “Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me” I begged.

The joy of being sodomized changed from being a memory to a current experience. I was lost. I liked it too much.

My partner in all this had me by the hips and was giving it to me hard. Our bare flesh slapped together loudly in the hard-surfaced bathroom. He slowed briefly and pulled my ass tight to his groin. Fingers slipped under my jock pouch and fondled my cock before retreating.

His hand came up to my mouth then and pushed two fingers in. Fingers coated in my cum. I moaned around them at the filthiness of it all and the hard fucking resumed.

He didn’t last much longer however. His hot breath hit my ear. The grip on my hips intensified and with a quivering bellow he thrust deep and quivered there.

We weren’t in a location for romance so unsurprisingly he dismounted leaving my hole complaining at the loss. He skinned the condom off and threw it in the toilet. “Clean my cock” he demanded and I looked down at the shrinking flesh.

It was clean except some leftover cum on the tip that my mouth found and removed. And with that he exited. “Same time istanbul travesti next week?” he asked and I gave a quiet yes wondering how I could commit to it so casually.

To say it was a week of mental turmoil really doesn’t do it justice. There was the infidelity and the risk. I thought I could forgive myself the first several days. Stranger in a strange land. There was no way to justify what I had done afterwards and apparently would continue to do. I didn’t consider myself to have an addictive personality but here I was addicted to sex with men. I’d catch myself salivating with the thought of sucking cock and moving my hips in the memory of getting fucked.

Could I manage to stop this? My wife was no less attractive to me and in fact we were having more sex as my libido went into overdrive. We had never done butt stuff to me but I asked her and she played with my hole wearing a glove when blowing me. I shot off like rocket into her surprised mouth and she was less than happy about that.

I found myself on that familiar park path the next week telling myself I needed to stop but I didn’t. My nameless partner got off the bench as I approached carrying a backpack. “There’s a spot back here in the bushes where there’s a clearing and we can have more room. Besides I’m worried someone’s going to hear us in there. You get pretty loud.”

He led the way deep through some narrow paths and my nervousness was allayed when I realize just how far back and out of the way it was. The backpack contained a blanket which he spread on the leaf covered ground. “Get naked” he ordered and I realized getting away from the background was also about that too.

I was down to my jock and he told me to leave that on. “Get on your knees” and I moved into position.

I could see him better outside. He wasn’t as big as Jason which I knew but was longer than average. The pink-brown flesh was engorged with blood and precum dotted the tip. The move to standing in front of me put his cock at mouth level so I opened up and drew him in. One hand on the shaft and the other cradling his balls.

“Fuck you’re a good cocksucker. Yeah, suck me” he whispered.

The depth he was in my mouth had my salivary glands producing and my stringy spit coated him and connected us. “What would it take to let me fuck you bareback? I want to breed your ass.”

I pulled off him. “It’s not safe and I don’t even know your name. Besides, I can’t clean out before coming here so…” leaving the obvious unstated.

“How about with clean tests and then you’d know my name then too. I’ll show you that and ID. I don’t care about a little mud on the turtle. How about it.”

I didn’t really want to take the risk but figured I had another week to stop all this. “I guess so” I said grudgingly.

He walked away then and grabbed an envelope from the backpack and his ID from his wallet. “Here then. Tested last week. I’m clean. And by the way my name is Dave. Get on all fours and get that ass up in the air. I’ve been looking forward to breeding you all week.”

Now I wasn’t prepared for his preemptive testing but looked at the paperwork and ID. It was him and I recognized the street address as one in the same subdivision I lived in. The testing was recent and I scanned it. All of the things I’d heard about were on there and negative. I handed them back to him and got on all fours wondering with detachment when any willpower would return.

Looking back over my shoulder I watched him remove everything below the waist and rub himself with lube. I didn’t have long to wait as he crouched over me and rubbed the hot flesh around my crease. Bare did feel better I prevaricated and couldn’t help but shimmy some as he pressed his cock against my hole. I was no blushing virgin at this point but still gasped as he pushed past my sphincter and deep up my ass.

“Fuck…” I groaned as he sank in and I felt his balls and crinkly pubes rub against my split.

“You feel so damn good” Dave moaned. “So hot inside. Gonna feel so good to cum up your ass. You ever been bred?”

I grunted with the feelings and let out a little moan as he slid back and forth across my gland. “Yeah. When I lost my cherry.”

He didn’t seem disappointed with the news he wasn’t the first and continued fucking me in long strokes. “When was that?”

It seemed incongruous to be asking that while he fucked me but I answered. “A few months ago.”

“Really? Well I love the enthusiasm. Jerk yourself off. I want to feel your hole squeezing on me.”

I pulled the jock pouch away from my cock and began stroking. The dual action of being fucked and my hand ramped me up quickly.

“Uhhhh… I’m going to come” I moaned.

“Let it out. Come with my cock up your ass. You’ll get my cum soon enough.”

It burst from me and hit the blanket with an audible sound and my ring tried to strangle the cock that was impaling it in the meantime. I gave a little squeal at that and Dave gave a moan as I milked him. “Such istanbul travestileri a hot little bitch…”

I had mixed feelings about it. Shame in my response. And I was acting like his bitch. I couldn’t deny it. When you let a man sodomize you then that role is cemented. I was going to let him go even further and inseminate me. And then there was the other part. I enjoyed it.

He didn’t last much longer and bellowed “I’m gonna come” as I felt him jerk in there. Pushing his jizz into me in pulses.

“Lick up your cum. Don’t want any stains on the blanket” he ordered.

“Are you going to pull out?”

“Nope” and he grabbed my hips and held himself in me as I backed up to where my emissions had hit the blanket. I lowered my face to the fabric as he ground himself in me while I licked.

“Yeah baby. Lick it up. Your natural state is with cum in your mouth. Next time I’m going to cum in your mouth and spatter that face.”

He finally withdrew and wet wipes cleaned him up and got the worst of mine. I knew I’d leak later and would need to get underwear on so I didn’t stain my pants.

Unlike previous times he waited for me as we dressed and we walked out together to the parking lot. It was uncomfortably familiar with some of the anonymity gone. His pickup was just a few spots away from my Lexus. “What’s your name?” he asked and I didn’t know how to not say it and peeled away one more layer of protection.


“Well Steve I like your mouth and love fucking you. Same time next week in the woods? Do you know how to get back there? I’ll meet you there.”

He turned and got in his truck and I headed back to work. The ache in my backside and constant drip a reminder of my earlier activities.

At home my internal tension continued. The activities in the park temporarily satiated me but only for a day or so. “Two fingers” I urged my wife as she fingerfucked my ass during some play time. She gave me a strange look but did it. Afterwards we cuddled and she brought it up.

“You’re wanting me to play with your butt more…”

“Yeah it feels good.” I paused thinking of the opening it gave me. Maybe it would make a difference on the urges I now had.

“Would you peg me?” I watched her carefully looking for the reaction.

I died a little when she said “What’s that?”

“We’d get a strap-on for you to use.”

“You want me to use a fake dick on you? Isn’t that kind of gay?” The look on her face was a combination of confusion and maybe revulsion?” I couldn’t tell.

I fought back the urge to admit what I had done these past few months. “Last time I checked you weren’t a guy.” I replied.

“I don’t know…” and we left it at that.

Sex got a little tame after that until the weekend. To give her credit we started our usually long Saturday session and when it came to when she usually blew me out came an old vibrator of hers that the motor had died on with blushing on her part. I didn’t share that I already had a dildo but smiled at her effort. “How do we do this?” she asked quietly.

“We need a lot of lube. On it and in me. Like a trooper she gloved up and smeared the lube over the pink rubber. Then she squirted onto her fingers.

“How do you want to do this?” waggling her fingers at me.

“Uhh on my back I guess” and I laid down on the bed and pulled my legs back exposing myself.”

“You look like a girl doing that” she observed and rubbed her lubed fingers over my anus before inserting one. After just a little bit she put the tip of the toy against my hole.

“So you want me to put this in your butt?” came the teasing voice.

“Yeah” I groaned and she began to push it in. “Fu…” I moaned as it slid in. It was smaller than any of the cocks I had actually taken so my now more experienced hole gave it up easily.

I felt the gloved fist hit my ass and stop as I waited and she looked at me expectantly. “Move it in and out” I rasped and she bit her lip a bit and it moved a little. “Yeah… more.”

There was probably two inches moving in and out now slowly. “Fuck me!” I demanded and she got this concerned look but did increase the speed and movement. I pulled my legs back a little more. Making myself spread some more. “Ahhh…” came with the orgasm that shot spectacularly over my chest to hit my chin and neck.

“Fuck…” and I was done. The toy came out of my hole in a rush and she took it with her to the bathroom where I found it in my sink. I cleaned it and me and went to back to bed.

The silence was pretty palpable until she broke it. “So did you like that?” The questioning tone was strong and I could feel some judgement in there however unintentional.

I waited a few seconds. “It felt good…” I offered and got a pause back from her.

“I’m not sure I was ready to see you that way. Like a woman… getting… fucked.” She blushed at the word since it wasn’t usually in her vocabulary.

“It felt good” I said defensively. “I haven’t come travesti istanbul that hard in a long time”

“Are you going to want that again?” I could see her uncertainty but a rebellious part of me said fuck it.

“What do you think?” I didn’t say it meanly but I had just obviously come hard. “I liked the switch. Getting fucked like that. Next time I want to turn over for it.”

I could tell that worried her but she left it there. I felt a little relief from my urges that night.

We had sex with the regular roles a couple of days after and she rubbed my arms and my chest and was more submissive than normal. I decided to play to it and was dominant which set her off multiple time. We finished doggie style and I rubbed my thumb across her anus which set her off although later she said that I shouldn’t touch her there.

Our next session I made a point before we started of going to the toy drawer and taking out the old vibrator she had used on me last time. Her eyes were on it and after I went down on her and got her to come I rolled over onto my hands and knees and stuck my ass up.

Looking back at her I whispered “Fuck me” and gauged her reaction. I could see the trepidation on her face but to her credit she pulled on the nitrile gloves provided and lubed up the faux phallus.

I pushed back on it as it met my pucker and easily accommodated it. My ass now familiar with regular penetration of much larger objects and I felt her fist hit my exposed crease. “Fuck me” I ordered wishing she would just do it.

It went in and out. Not with the domination I hoped for but it scratched the itch and I groaned “Ahh yeah. Do it. Fuck me” as I bucked back into it. I couldn’t help but tug on my cock as she fucked me with vibrator.

I looked back as she knelt to my side. Her face was emotionless and staring down at where her fist banged against me. It felt good too. The stimulation scratching some of the itch. It took a while but I came hard with a whimper at the end.

I ordered the strap-on and put it in the drawer with the vibrator she had been using on me. It was bigger and was closer in size to what I was used to. The idea of the wider toy opening up my hole made it pucker in anticipation but it would have to wait until our next extended session.

Dave’s truck was in the parking lot and I hiked into the woods to the clearing where he waited with the blanket already laid down. His face broke into a smile when he saw me.

“I took a Cialis this time so I can go twice. Strip down and get on your knees. I’ve been looking forward to your mouth all week.”

The familiarity was making me more and more uncomfortable. He expected this now. My willing submission. But I did as he asked. Kneeling naked from the waist down as he flopped his cock out. “You better take off the rest too. I’m going to come all over your face this time before I take your bitch ass.”

I unbuttoned while my mouth was on him. The flesh filling my mouth and causing my saliva to flow. Dave’s hands on my head taking possession. I sucked but wasn’t otherwise in control as he used my mouth. “Look up cocksucker” he ordered and I opened my eyes to look up at his face hovering above me.

He stopped me and pulled out as I tried to figure out what he was doing. I got my answer as he pulled his phone from the pants pooled around his ankles and used his other hand to grip the hair on the top of my head. His erection pushed at my compliant lips and I found myself sucking him again. The camera clicked several times before he spoke again. “Smile for the video cocksucker.”

I tried to back off while shaking my head no. I didn’t know Dave well and this was near where I lived. I didn’t want video out there.

“Nuh Uh cocksucker. This isn’t your choice. I’m going to fuck your face for the video and you’re going to like it.” He got a little harder as he said it and thrust in and out of my sucking mouth. It didn’t take long and the first burst went in my mouth but all the rest splattered my face noisily as I snorted through my nose.

He rubbed it in with the head of his cock. Pushing the hot but cooling globs around. “You are a bitch aren’t you” he said condescendingly and I resolved this would be the last time. “Get down on all fours like the bitch you are and finger your hole until I’m ready again.”

My mind screamed no but I obeyed. Braced with one hand and reaching down between my legs I self-consciously diddled my hole.

I jumped at his voice right behind me. “You better get opened up better than that pussy boy. I bet I last a long time. You’re a needy little queer bottom aren’t you?”

I didn’t say anything. It was embarrassing that I enjoyed being fucked so much. Being used. His attitude this week supplied contrast to who I thought I was versus my behavior.

“Admit it pussy boy. Admit you’re a needy bottom.” He reached between my legs and handled my balls. Somewhat rougher than was comfortable. Tugging them backwards so I had to move with him.

“You don’t even need these do you. I’ll get you a cage and lock these useless things up. You need to admit what you are to me.” The hand on my balls was insistent.

“I’m a needy little bottom” I said. There was no point arguing.

“And a pussy boy who needs to get fucked with big cocks.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32