An Email Adventure

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Big Tits

We were lying here in bed and I was asking myself how this all started. Then my lover says you don’t remember. Well this is how. With you reading erotic stories and the new ideas we found exciting.

Friday night we were at a restaurant enjoying the evening. You decide to start conversation over dinner; you ask if I wanted to try something different. Looking into your eyes there is a mischievous glint and your smile has me wondering what is going on. With out any further hesitation I look over to you and answered sure what do you have in mind? I picked up my drink and listened to the answer.

When you started to tell me what this new idea I was surprised. Then started to imagine all of the different possibilities. Now that you told me, the smile on face must have answered any question you had. We paid the check and headed home.

When we entered the house you asked me to start the computer up then headed for the kitchen and you would be there in a minute. Noticing how happy you were I went to the computer and soon as it booted you were there. Sitting down you went directly to the sight that you left a personal ad. I could not believe everything that was in it.

It left very little to question, you laughed at the shocked expression on my face. I hear you say, didn’t think I could be this way. I reread the ad, it said. We are very happily married couple looking for people who might be aroused by directing sexual activities and receiving all the details by istanbul escort email. If so we go from sensual to kinky. We also have large collection of toys such as vibrators cuffs clamps and even a whip. We switch roles meaning Dom to sub. Also when we come to a decision we made rule, no deviations. So if this intrigue’s you then please respond and we will let you know if we pick yours and the details if you if you wish.

So we picked one and this how the rest of the evening went. She went up to the bedroom and I followed few minutes later. When got there she was in the bathroom. At that time I undressed and got the toys out and waited. She was gathering up a few things and getting dressed for the adventure ahead. When she came out she was wearing black teddy, parts were leather and the best parts were black fish net. In her hands she carried some candles, a cloth and a towel. She laid the towel out on the floor, put candles and cloth down, went over picked up the cuffs and blindfold. Now she told me to put my hands behind my back and cuffed my wrists together.

Then the blindfold was placed over my eyes. I was then told to sit on the towel were she secured the cuffs to the leg of the bed. She started to rub my cock and tell me that she likes her man to have a set of hairless balls, and that she was going to get my balls smooth in a very exciting way that both of us would enjoy. She spread my legs and sat between them. Next I felt her tying a cord around escort bayan the base of my balls. I heard her flick a lighter and then within a few seconds I started to feel drops of heat on my balls. I heard her laugh and her say, “Looks like you enjoy this, and with your dick getting harder with every drop, this just might too much fun to stop.”

She would let a few drops of wax hit in one area and then do the same somewhere else. She told me that she was going to make this last as long as she could, she was getting wet just watching my face and seeing how stiff I was. With a sigh she blew the candle out. I was not sure what was coming next until I felt the pressure of her fingertips on the wax. All of a sudden she pulled a piece of wax. I felt pain and now she said, “Your dick is still hard, so I see that you like the pain or should I say pleasure. Well I guess your pain is going to be my pleasure.” She finished pulling off the wax. I’m breathing heavy and before I know it she standing up straddling my face. I hear, ” stick your tongue out and see how much I enjoyed it.” I felt her straddling my face and pleasuring her. I think I may be in trouble. She is really wet and turned on.

After a few minutes she steps back and changes positions. She unties my hands and leads me up on to the bed. Where she ties my arms and legs to each corner of the bed. Still blind folded I feel a sharp bite into both nipples then a tug the clamps are secure. “Remember escort istanbul the rule were using whatever we need to she said”. Next she sat and she lowered herself onto my mouth and facing the opposite direction I soon remembered why. While I was worshiping pussy licking her clit and enjoying her sent I keep feeling a tapping from a whip. All keep hearing was YES and DON’T STOP and that was all I wanted to hear. I was between her legs for a half an hour or so. That’s when she came I did my best to keep up and she collapsed on top me.

When she got up my balls were aching and so were my nipples. When she got her senses back, she got up saying that it was time to see how well you like your balls being hairless. I felt her crawl unto the bed between my legs. I felt her warm and wet tongue massaging the aches, somehow making them feel so much better and yet making them ache more. I wanted to cum more than anything but I wasn’t in control. Not knowing what was coming next somehow heightened all my senses. I felt her hand clamp down hard on my dick just bringing me closer to eruption. She then pulled away and slapped my dick a few times. She told me that if I wanted to have release to start begging, and make it real good. When you finally beg for the right thing you will be allowed to cum. I kept promising anything and everything and then I promised to live out any suggestions we find in our e-mail.

She said you better remember that and then preceded to untie my balls, she then climbed on top of me and slid my hard dick in her hot, wet pussy. She rode me until I couldn’t take any more and exploded.

When we recovered we sent this e-mail. Your idea was great and we thank you very much. Please keep your ideas cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32