Black Out Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I hardly left the house after my boss did that to me. I started to gain weight, I ordered out and had food delivered to me. I would watch TV all day and night. I refused to look for a new job. I have yet to get an abortion. My life was unraveling. I couldn’t wait to see Tyler again. I didn’t care that he was my brother. I wanted him just the same. I had to wait another week. I couldn’t stand it much longer. I looked through some pictures we had taken before we got into all the sexual experimentation. I forgot how happy we were. I felt unsatisfied, worthless. I couldn’t handle this much longer. I needed human contact. I forgot how fun the gangbang was. I wanted to do it again; there were a few things that I wanted to try. I felt bad for how I just used those guys as my sexual servants. I bet most of them are really nice guys, and would love to meet me in the real world away from any kind of sexual encounter. But that’s all I wanted. I seriously don’t care if their nice people or not. Whether I would like them more than Tyler. I just wanted them for sex, and that was it, nothing more, nothing less. I’m sorry if I sound like a racist, but I want black dick only for sexual pleasures.

Then the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. I didn’t recognize the number. I answer it anyways.

“Hello,” I stutter as I pick up the phone.

“Crystal,” the voice on the other end asks.

“Yes,” I reply, “who is this?”

“It’s well,” he pauses, “this is going to be embarrassing, but I met you the other day.”

“Where,” I ask.

“The hotel room,” he says in a nervous tone, “I was one of the…”

“Oh,” I say with relief, “how was I? Did you like it?”

“Yes,” he laughs.

“So how did you get my number,” I ask.

“I looked in your purse and found a business card,” he admits.

“How did you get my home number,” I ask.

“Oh,” he stutters, “I got your company’s business directory and called you.”

“So what do you want,” I ask.

“You,” he says with confidence.

“Unfortunately I don’t return the sentiment,” I say with ease.

“Why not,” he asks.

“Well,” I say before taking a deep breath, “it’s not that I don’t want you, it’s just that I don’t want you.”

“What,” he asks in surprise.

“Look,” I reply, “I want you, but I want more of you.”

“What are you getting at,” he asks in frustration.

“I want another gangbang,” I say in a loud tone.

“Sorry,” he says.

“Could you organize one for me,” I ask.

“Maybe,” he says, “when do you want to do it?”

“Tonight,” I say with confidence.

“That’s short notice,” he laughs.

“Well it can’t be hard,” I reply, ” just tell them that there is a bad ass white girl at home who wants a gangbang.”

“Are you serious,” he asks.

“Yes,” I say in a stern voice.

“Okay,” he replies, “what time is good for you?”

“It’s two right now,” I start, “how about around eight.”

“Alright,” he says, “where are we going to do it?”

“My house,” I say before giving istanbul travesti him my address.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he says, “I’ll call you before I get there.”

“Thank you,” I smirk.

“Don’t you want to know my name,” he asks.

“No,” I laugh, “I just want your dick!”

“Okay,” he laughs before he hangs up.

I then start to get ready; I find one of Tyler’s butt plugs. I clean it up and lube it up and stick it in my ass. I want to be ready this time. I keep it in while I take a shower, and do other things. When I did this last time my ass was not ready. It will be tonight. I masturbate a little bit to get my pussy ready. I start to get nervous, as I get ready. I find some of my hip-hop clothes, and yes they still fit. I didn’t gain that much weight, unlike what you the reader might think. I paint my toenails while watching some TV. I grab a quick drink of pineapple juice after they dry. How long will this take? I need this so bad! I can’t believe I’m going to do this again. I notice that the zero hour is approaching. I’m still waiting for that guys phone call. I put on my heels and hip-hop clothes. I put my make up on and I realize I look hot. I look banging. I’m really fucking desirable. If these guys don’t want me they must be gay. And the phone rings.

“Hello,” I say while looking at myself.

“Crystal,” he says, “it’s me from earlier.”

“Where you at,” I ask.

I hear the doorbell ring.

“Real close,” he laughs.

“Be there in one second,” I say before hanging up.

I walk out to the front door. I open it up to reveal at least 15 black guys.

“Holy shit,” I say in amazement, “come in guys and have a seat in the living room.”

I lead them to the living room. Most of them try to grab a seat on my small couch. But they realize that some will have to sit on the floor or grab a chair from the kitchen. One guy whips out his dick.

“Slow down,” I say while grabbing it and putting it away, “we’ll get there soon enough.”

“Sorry,” he says before laughing.

“Okay,” I laugh, “let’s go through a few rules. You guys have seen Reservoir Dogs right?”

A few say yes and nod and a couple looked confused. I notice that not all of them are the stereotype hip-hop rapper or whatever look you might imagine. But most of them do. I take a deep breath before I start my speech.

“Okay, let’s do this thing. I’m Crystal, a few days ago I had a gangbang, and someone called me and I decided to got through with it. There are a few ground rules you must adhere to. First this is my house and you will respect it. If anything is missing or broken I will kick your ass. Next, you know my name; I don’t want to know yours. If you tell me I’ll forget it. No kissing, a little is okay, but it’s a little too intimate, so if you kiss me don’t expect any tongue. But if I kiss you, just go with the flow. I can say what ever I want, that includes the n-word. So if you have problem, I’m not sorry. My shoes stay on! Like I said at the last gangbang, I don’t istanbul travestileri care if I break my neck, they stay on! If you take them off I will kill you! No condoms! I probably should be using, but you only live once. Once you cum you leave. I want all of you out of here as soon as possible. If you want to cum twice, let me know, but no thirds. You can cum wherever you want, but not in my eyes. If you do you will be asked to leave. I hate that shit when it gets in my eyes! I think that should be about it. Any questions?”

A few of them look at each other and me. No one opens their mouths.

“No questions,” I say, “let’s get started, now who whipped his dick out?”

“I did,” he says standing up.

“Carry me to my room,” I say as he grabs me.

He carries me to my room and the rest follow. He gingerly places me on the bed. I get on my stomach and unzip his pants. I take out his flaccid black monster. It stays limp as I begin to suck it. But all of my worries disappear when it gets hard. A few of the other guys get naked. I stay clothed while I suck his dick. I notice a few of the guys getting nervous and impatient. They seem to be happier when I stop sucking on his and take the next monster cock. Most of them fuck my face hard and I’m almost in tears when they get done. I think I suck most of them before I finally decide to take off my clothes. I get off the bed and grab three of the guys.

“Strip me down,” I say breathing deeply.

They comply and take my clothes off. They kiss and caress my body as they take the clothes off. I then jump back on the bed. I get on my back. A few of the guys look at me funny as I spread my legs.

“It ain’t gonna lick itself,” I say jamming a finger inside my pussy.

They each take turns licking my pussy and asshole. A few of them fuck my face as I lay on my back. It’s strange lying on the bed as guys start fucking my face again. I feel a finger or two probe my asshole. It’s been stretched out a little so I’m more prepared for it this time. They lick for what seems like an eternity. Then one of them finally puts his monster cock inside of me. It feels good, but I can’t see who it is. The rest of them take turns at my mouth. I can tell that a few of them have switched out. I finally get a look at the man’s face when they stop fucking mine. A few then take their dicks and force them back into my mouth. I like the taste of my pussy, it tastes good, maybe too good! I then sit up and instruct one of them to get on the bed with me. I mount him and begin to ride him. Another guy begins to face fuck me. Finally one guy fucks my ass. The feeling is intense! I make small talk with the guy who is on the bottom. I kiss him gently.

“So,” I say before a dick is shoved in my mouth.

“Yeah,” he replies.

“What do you,” I say before another dick interrupts my conversation, “do for a living.”

“Nothing,” he smirks before another dick flies into my mouth.

This routine continues for almost ten minutes. I then get off of the guy travesti istanbul and another takes his spot. But I get in the anal reverse cowgirl position, so they can take turns with my pussy. I try to make small talk with whoever is fucking my pussy, but to no avail. They ram my pussy like there’s no tomorrow. It hurts a little bit more each time someone pulls out. I feel one guy cum in my ass. I then pull myself off of him. I tell him he can go home or try to cum again. I feel it leak out as another guy takes his place. But he doesn’t put it in my ass he puts it in my pussy. Then I feel an even greater pleasure.

“Fuck,” I yell out so loud I’m sure the neighbor can hear.

“You like that,” one of them exclaims.

I realize that two huge black cocks are in my pussy. It feels incredible. I can’t even begin to explain the sensation. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Two huge cocks inside of me are completely insane. I never felt this before. I want more. I don’t think a third in my tight white pussy.

“Shit,” I say as I pull myself off the last guy, “look at that stretched out pussy!”

“Fuck yeah,” one of them, says.

“Okay,” I smirk, “now let’s see how many will fit in my ass.

I then get back into the original position. I place the guys dick, which I’m sure, was in my ass, back in my pussy. They then take turns pounding my ass again.

“Come on guys,” I demand, “my ass wants two cocks in it!”

“Chill you stupid white bitch,” one of them yells out.

Then I feel it! A burn so intense I can barely describe it. My ass feels like it’s going to explode. I can feel their cocks rubbing up against each other and the interior of my ass. It feels so insane, and so painful, yet it feels good. As they get done double fucking my ass they force their cocks in my mouth. I don’t care if they’ve been in my ass! I love going ass to mouth. The taste is exciting and the rush is exhilarating. Then the unbelievable happens. All three of the dicks inside of me cum nearly at the same time. One in my pussy and two in my ass! It feels good as the hot cum splashes around inside of me.

“Holy shit,” I yell out.

I then pull myself off the guys.

“I want cum,” I say jumping off the bed.

The guys get in a circle around me. I begin to suck on their massive cocks. One of them cums quickly as he tries to get it in my mouth. But it drips on the rug. Thankfully nearly every single one of them violently fucks my face. Most of them cum in my mouth. I swallow nearly every drop. A few want to cum in me and I comply jumping back on the bed as they either cum in my pussy or ass. One guy’s cum burns bad! Another’s is nice and smooth. They begin to leave as they cum. A few stick around and cum twice. But mostly they leave. The last guy cums in my mouth. I swallow it with pride. He then collects his clothes and leaves. I walk him out of the house and thank him for a great time. I then take a thirty-minute shower, in which I douche both my pussy and ass. I towel off and go to the living room and watch some TV in my pajamas. Then it hits me.

“Who the fuck was the guy who called me,” I say out loud.

I’ll probably will never know. I can’t wait to see you Tyler.

To be continued in My Wife My Sister, My Husband My Brother, I promise!!

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