But You’re My Brother!

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Big Tits

NOTE TO READERS: So I went back and proof read and fixed some stuff up and junk! Nothing changed in the plot, just whatever some ANONYMOUS people had problems with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an editor for this genre who would accept a Copy/Paste E-Mail format. Any volunteers? I would totally ask my ANONYMOUS people, but gee, I dunno who they are! SO! If you’re new to the story, ENJOY IT! If you just liked the original PART TWO WILL BE COMING FOR YOU!


“That sorry sack of SHIT is going to DIE!” I raged through my apartment, ripping pictures of me and my ex-fiancee down, shattering glass everywhere.

Long story short, I wasted five years on a bastard who goes off and is getting married to some bitch from fucking Paris or Milan because he got her preggos. That fucktard! I hope he chokes on the bitches thong!

Tears threatened to spill from my eyes. No! I refuse to give that asshole anything else from me!

“I TOLD you.” The smug voice came from my brother/

I looked over at him. “I forgot you were here.” I muttered.

Damn! My brother’s been living with me for a week. He moved out here to Hawaii because of a job he got with whoever he works for. What? Like I’m supposed to know this? Sorry! Too self absorbed with my own shit here folks! Moving on.

Colin’s got a good look I suppose. Platinum blonde hair that curled around his face, a bushy beard of dark gold. His eyes, a bright green, were his more arresting feature though. I couldn’t honestly tell you if he’s handsome without the hobo look he was going for. He wore sweats, but he seemed to have the right blue prints for being a hottie. Wide shoulders, slim hips, long legs. He was six two and in the neighborhood of two hundred.

He was sitting on my couch. I have a lavish two bedroom apartment on Oahu in Hawaii. It’s expensive as all fuck, but worth it. My complex has a gym, pool, and a private park for us to just lounge in. My apartment itself has a master bedroom (MINE) and a smaller one (his) There’s a kitchen, living room, and even a separate area that we’ve been using to store his crap in it. The living room/dining room area consisted of an L couch, my flat screen, and a little dining set. It separated my room and his.

Colin shrugged. “I told you though.”

“Look, cold hearted one,” I snapped pointing a finger at him. “You’ve only been here for a week. How the fuck did you find out?”

He gave me a side glance as he turned his attention back to the television. “I have evil Jedi ways?”

“Hardee fuckin har ass munch.” I growled. I walked into my room where thankfully my shower would wash away my tears.

Going into my private bathroom was like escaping the pressures of the outside world. As a CEO of a major local Hawaii based modeling agency, I had to front like I was a cold hearted bitch. But really? My heart was breaking and I hurt because of what my ex did.

I looked at my full length mirror to see what he had seen. I have long brown hair that I flat iron every day. It’s shiny and healthy. My face is flawless with large burnt brown eyes with just a hint of a tilt. My lips aren’t thin but they’re not too thick either. I always wear nice business suits that flatter my figure. I’m what people call a pear shape. I have smaller breasts to bigger ass ratio. But I still have a flattering curve to my body.

Physically, I’m not a hot mess. Financially, I can carry my weight, plus children. I make enough to have a family with a good life. So was it my personality?

I went into the shower, feeling steam and hot water on me. But I felt numb inside. It’s like, it finally hit me. I was angry at first, but now, spent of my anger, all I have left is an empty sorrow.

I sobbed, sitting butt naked on the floor under the hot spray. I cried with great heaves of my body. Why the fuck would someone do that? If he didn’t love me or didn’t want me, why didn’t he just say so?

“Because he’s a fucking limp dick!” I hissed to myself. I got up, ruthlessly scrubbed my body till it was pink, washed my hair and rinsed the suds. When I got out, I was surprised to see Colin there, holding a towel out.

I closed the shower door in shock.

“Look, I heard you crying and I just came to see if you’re ok.” He said, compassion laced his voice.

“But you’re my brother!”

“Exactly!” He snapped impatient now. “Just get your ass out here!”

I opened the door hesitantly and peeked at him. He closed his eyes and his arms held the towel open for me. Feeling safe, I tried to just reach out and grab it. But he must of sensed that because he snatched it back and opened his green eyes. His beard twitched so I guess he frowned at me.

“Pussy.” He called me.

I gaped. “I am not!”

“Then just get out of the shower! It’s not like I’ve never seen tits and ass before!”

“But you’re my brother!” I said again.

“Oh my GOD.” He rolled his eyes. “Shana, if you’re ass is not out HERE, I will go in THERE.”

“Fine!” I griped. “Bully.”

I nişantaşı escort got out of the shower and marched into the towel. It was warm, like it just came out of the dryer. I sighed with pleasure as his arms wrapped around me and he pulled me into his chest. My butt hit his hips, and his buckle bumped my back.

He put his chin on my head, I’m only five, five. His arms, I could feel through the baggy sweats, were muscular. He nearly crushed me into him. He sighed on my head and I sighed with him. He was comforting me.

Fresh tears threatened to break and I heard him sniff my hair. “No Shana.”

“No what?” I asked. Was that ME that sounded like a little bitch?

“No more crying. Not for him.” He kissed the top of my head and turned me around. His look of surprise came through, despite his shaggy beard. He opened his mouth and closed it.

“I look like a drowned cat don’t I?” I said pitifully. Oh my God. I WAS being a whiny bitch!

“No.” He smiled. “You look like you should. I keep forgetting you’re only twenty seven. You look so much younger like this though.”

“Look old man, you’re thirty four. You look like you’re fifty.” I tweaked his beard playfully.

“I’ve been meaning to trim up,” He confessed. “It’s getting in the way and I gotta start work next week.”

“Well if you need a makeover…” I offered.

“No.” He said immediately, and I laughed. It caught us both by surprise. Then he did the most amazing thing.

He leaned down, thumb on my chin he tilted my face up to his and he kissed me. Right on the lips! It was warm, a kiss full of affection. I opened my mouth in surprise, or to say something, but he just took advantage of that. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and kissed me…senseless.

I never realized it when he pulled me closer to him, pulling my towel from my body so I was naked while he was fully clothed. Our tongues dueled and played tag as his hands roamed freely over my body. Caressing my back and my buttocks. His hands wrapped around my hips lovingly. He pulled me into him and I realized that what I had first though of as a belt buckle, was really…something else.

When he pulled away from my lips, I was rather dazed. Who’d have thunk? The best kiss I’ve had in like…ever… And it’s from my BROTHER.

I was naked before him, emotionally and physically. He seemed like a starving man eyeing a banquet when his eyes roved my body. I felt the brand of his possession tingle from my head to my toes.

I shivered as my wet hair dripped down my back. My nipples were stiff from the cold…or his attention. I didn’t know anything anymore as he openly watched me.

“But you’re my brother!” I murmured.

His gaze traveled back up my body and locked eyes. “I know.”

He reached for me and I side stepped him. The movement, surprisingly, turned me on. I felt my pussy grow moist. I cursed myself for having my pubic hair lasered. It was going to be smooth and easy for him to see how wet he was making me. Pointy nipples? It’s cold! Wet pussy…err…no excuse there!

“Colin!” I cried out as he followed me around. I started running naked throughout our apartment, being chased by my brother. But it was pretty fun actually. And as I ran from him, I realized something. He wanted me! If I wanted him, why shouldn’t we have each other? If this dark secret stayed between us two, we wouldn’t hurt anyone right?

I realized that he could catch me whenever he wanted to, his green eyes sparked with lust but I could see they burned with patience. He was waiting on me to make a decision. It wasn’t like it was an easy one. What would we do afterwards? It’s not like he’s a friend I can just say, “Oh that didn’t work out very well…so fuck off and die now please.”

He was my brother! Should I talk to him about it?

I slowed down and he caught me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, turning us into the couch so that I landed on him. I stared down, looking into his green eyes. He looked into my brown ones and cracked a smile.

“I took your mind off the douche bag didn’t I?” He said with a smirk. He leaned up, smacked a wet kiss on my lips and sat down. I straddled his lap as he leaned back into the couch and I sat up straight, staring down at him.

“So you’re really like…turned on by me?” I asked stupidly. He gave me a droll look and thrust his cock up into my pussy. I gasped.

“I think Exhibit A is sufficient evidence.” He said in clipped tones, his hands gripped my hips with a slight pressure.

“Quite.” I said dazed. How big WAS he? Fuck, I think the head was right on my clit… He was DEFINITELY bigger than the ex…

His grin was filled with a sensuality that I had never seen before in a man. It’s not like I had a lot of lovers anyway. At twenty seven, I had about…two or three notches in my bed. I’ve only been active for about six years.

“Why?” I never realized I spoke out loud until he pulled my face to his and looked me in the eye.

“Because I watched şişli escort you grow and learn. I see the softness you try to hide from the world, I’ve seen the steel forged in your heart by the trials of fire you’ve endured.” I blinked in surprise. But he continued. “Because I held you up when you achieved greatness and I held you together when you fell apart. When you graduated high school as the valedictorian virgin I was so damn proud. When you went to college and succeeded there too in your field and climbed the ladder to greatness, no one on this earth was happier for you than I was.”

I gaped. Damn! I sounded good! Could he put that on paper for my resume?

“I never knew you were a poet,” My dumb ass responded.

He sighed and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. “You’re nervous and it’s ok. I’m not pressuring you.”

“This is just fucking CRAZY!” I pushed him away in fright as I felt panic start to well up in me. “We can’t be talking about this. I mean…seriously! You’re my BROTHER.”

“Don’t you think I hate myself enough for that fact!?” He roared at me. “God, I left and became someone that no one could know about just to get away from you! I know how wrong this is Shana. I do! But shit, you’re the perfect woman. I have fucked countless other women out there and none of them are you. No one looks like you, laughs like you, swears like you or fucking walks with that same sass!”

“But you’re my brother for fucks sake! Are you talking about…about…”

He grabbed my shoulders and took a deep breath, staring into my eyes. “Shana. I want to take your beautiful little body and make love to you till we’re both cross eyed with pleasure. I want to show you forbidden delights and make you mine, body, heart and soul. I want it all Shana.”

“But why?” I whispered. My God this was good shit. My emotions were in turmoil, knowing this was wrong. But it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“I love you, Shana.” His eyes were soft, the look on his face was one that I had never seen before. It was a bare open look of every emotion he had ever felt.

I didn’t know how to respond. Didn’t know what to say. So I just let my body guide us. My body knew what the next step was. My hands cupped his cheeks and I yanked him to my body. I kissed him like I was a woman drowning under an icecap and he was the hole that gave me air.

This time, our bodies tried to fuse us from our lips to our hips as my legs wrapped around his waist. I kissed him, a hot slippery kiss of tongues and lips. Soft pants and moans of desperation were shared between us as I ground my naked pussy into his hard cock. I felt the heat of it as he pulled my ass towards him with his big hands.

My big brother then used his strength to lift me up. We stood up and he carried me into his room which was like two steps away. With each step his hips thrust that massive cock into me. When he shut the door he pressed me against it. I felt the door behind me and his hard heat in front of me. His tongue licked my lips as I tried to nip his chin. I reached my hands up under his shirt.

“Oh!” I was surprised to feel the muscles of his abs. Two…four… six… yummy! Why was my brother hiding this from me? Idiot…

I fumbled but my legs were wrapped around the back of his sweatshirt. In a totally graceless move, I unwrapped my legs from his waist and slid down the wall onto my ass. He came with me and we fell with a thump in a pile of naked ass and tangled clothes. But we still reached for each other. We’re troopers like that.

“I don’t have a rubber,” He said breathlessly as he pulled his sweater off and tossed it into a pile. He wasn’t wearing anything under it, so I met his bare chest for the first time since I was a young kid. And HELLOOOOOOO muscles!

“Well big brother,” I got up on my knees, caressing his chest and his abs. “Aren’t you all buff?”

He blushed. “Well, I gotta stay in shape for work.”

“What do you do?” I asked as I started playing with his waistline. He had a cock in there that bobbed for attention. I was desperate to touch it and taste it and have it fill my tight little pussy.

He cupped my face and started kissing me again, pulling his body against mine. He had a light smattering of hair that I couldn’t see in the darkness but I felt it against my nipples which stabbed into him. He was kneading my ass, squeezing it and weighing it while we tried to grind out hips into each other.

I was trying to spring his cock free, so when Colin stood up to face me I was delirious with pleasure. Then puzzled as I tried to figure out how I was gonna get that to fit in me.

It was long and thick, my pussy throbbed with want. It stood up past his belly button, a monstrous male part that had me chewing my lip in anticipation and nervousness. He even trimmed around the edges.

I looked up at him, saw the nervousness on his face and grinned. “I’m sure we’ll find a way to make it fit. Do we have lube?”

He shook his head. “I don’t even have a condom. Didn’t you mecidiyeköy escort hear me?”

I stared transfixed at his cock. I wondered how good it would taste… I smelled good. Probably because we have our AC on all the time and he’s a clean kind of guy. This was starting to seem like a green light the further we went into the forbidden.

“Sis!” He snapped.

I looked up at him. “What?”

“Do you have condoms?” He was exasperated but I saw a smile tug at his lips. “I don’t have any. It’s been…awhile.”

“Um…” Did I have any? Maybe! No? “Uhhh…”

“Well…we just won’t put it in then.” That got my attention. “There will be time for that another day. We can just go slow.”

“But-!” Before I could really develop a protest, my naked Spartan of a brother literally tossed my ass onto the bed. He followed me quickly, pouncing on me and spreading my thighs.

“Stop me…” He gave my pussy one long lick and I moaned. “If you can.”

I flopped on the bed and let my big brother eat me out. Beneath his masterful touch I moaned and thrashed, I felt the blood flowing from my pussy to my breasts, circulating lust and some other foreign emotion in my body. My hands were sweaty with pleasure, but I still managed to tweak my breasts as his tongue swirled around my clit, sucking on it and nipping it. He focused on it until I gasped and shivered, getting ready to cum. He pushed my legs further apart and dipped his tongue into my pussy, using his nose to tease my clit. When the urge to orgasm receded he did it again. He licked and sucked and nipped until I was begging him.

“Stop teasing me prick!” I snapped. “You want me to cum?”

He laughed throatily, the vibrations shooting up my pussy and making me moan. I mashed my cunt to his face while he pushed my ass up and with that added pressure, he stabbed two fingers into my sopping wet hole.

The orgasm took me until I screamed myself hoarse. I was riding a wave of ecstasy, feeling it push me towards the shores of fucking awesomeness until I crashed, exploding into a realm of pleasure I never experienced.

He was still lapping at me, staring at me with those eyes when I looked down, gasping for air.

“You’re delicious.” He purred.

“Feel free to snack anytime,” I panted. “Damn, if I knew you were capable of this I’d have jumped at this opportunity.”

He laughed and crawled up my body. When he kissed me, his beard had my juices on it. I giggled. “You tickle me.”

He rubbed his beard and lay back on the bed. “I think I’ll trim up tomorrow when you’re working.”

“Whatever.” I sat up and stared down at him. He looked at me, confused. “Are you ready?”

“For what?”

“The best blow job of your life!” I said confidently.

He just cocked an eye brow, and waved a hand at his cock. “Then by all means, proceed.”

I kissed him, licking my way down his neck in a slow manner. Fuck it. I decided to go through with this, I’m going all the way! No half ass shit for me.

I licked his belly button and he moaned. I dipped and swirled around it, teasing it. He seemed to like this. So I did it until I felt his hand pushing down on my head, urging me to give in to my desire.

“Oh, Colin…” I murmured as I breathed in his scent. The strong musk of sex permeated the air and I licked my lips. He had a shiny drop of precum at the tip. I licked it enjoying the salty taste. I licked his cock from base to tip, wondering how much I could take in my mouth.

When he was shiny with spit, shuddering from watching me lick and nibble his dick, I took the head in my mouth. I jerked the rest of his meat with my hand, and found rhythm we could both enjoy. He buried his hand in my hair as he urged me to take more and more in my mouth. My eyes watered and I was kind of choking, but I didn’t really care because he was moaning, groaning and bucking his hips into my mouth. It was his turn to feel the mind blowing pleasure. I reached down and weighed his balls, feeling the sacks tightening and flexing.

When I gently tugged on his balls, he let out a hoarse bark. I stopped sucking his cock and bent down to take lick his balls. I was still stroking his cock when I started to tongue those heavy weights.

“Oh God Shana…” His whisper was throaty and sexy. “Do you like your big brothers cock and balls?”

I stopped sucking and looked him in the eyes. “I LOVE sucking your cock and taking your nuts in my mouth…” Then I returned his dick in my mouth while I cupped his testes.

“Fuck Shana, I just wanna fuck your pretty lips…” He grabbed both sides of my head and shoved his cock in my mouth, hard. I gagged around him, but he held me there. That’s when his dick exploded in my mouth.

The hot jizz flowed down my throat in a smooth bursts. His groans escalated as he spurt into my awaiting mouth. His load was so big that it even leaked out of my lips, spilling onto my chin. He pulled out and the last couple shot landed on my tits.

As he lay back in recovery mode, I swallowed his cum and stared at him. A sheen of sweat covered his body, his hand was over his eyes and he was panting. But he was smiling.

“Fuck Shana…” He laughed. “My little sister really gives the best head.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32