Camper Girl Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

An hour or so after my three-way with George and Mac I peered out of my tent. They were with Pete and Tom, sitting in deck chairs and drinking from beer bottles outside their big frame tent. I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying, but Mac and George were doing most of the talking and I was certain the topic was our little escapade earlier. No way would they be able to keep that to themselves.

I left my tent and there was an immediate drop in volume as they all clocked me. With my towel draped over my shoulder I approached them on my way to the shower block. A knowing quality in their greetings which I answered with a million dollar smile. Only Mac was shirtless. He interlocked his fingers behind his head, displaying his hairy pits. Big George’s chair creaked as he leaned forward and eyed me from under his heavy brow. Little Tom’s gaze switch-backing between my tits and lower portions. As for Pete, he didn’t disappoint. Just a glance at his face got mine heated. His lovely green eyes were watchful, humorous and sexy as hell. I moved on with my hip-swaying walk and felt their eyes like lasers on the exposed curves below the hems of my shorts.

In the shower I washed the sweat and dried cum off me, then headed back.

The boys were playing badminton doubles. ‘Fancy a game,’ said Pete. Not as blond as I am; damp strands of his hair were dark on his forehead.

‘No, don’t think so,’ I said, my lips in a half-smile as I looked him up and down with another game in mind.

‘Course you do.’ He put a racket in my hand and stood behind me, real close. He grabbed my wrist and did some practice swings of the racket. ‘Long. Slow. Strokes,’ he said, his lips warm and moist in my ear. ‘Yeah, think I’ve got it,’ I said, smiling as much at the solid mass pressing into the top curve of my butt.

After all that they played like shit, even cool Pete. They missed easy shots with half their attention on me. I did my girly giggle, knowing it would get their nuts churning in their pants. Whenever the shuttlecock hit the deck near me, I laid it on, bending from the waist and presenting my rounded booty or the big hanging fruit of my tits. Okay, pretty shameless, but from the tightness of their packets I knew I’d lit the blue touch-paper and the slow burn in their balls would end in fireworks tonight.

‘I’m done’ I said feeling full of energy. I tossed the racket to Pete, said, ‘Later guys.’

‘Come and eat with us. I’m doing the cooking.’ Pint-sized Tom looked me up and down as if I’d serve as a suitable ingredient.

‘Sounds great.’

I couldn’t settle to anything in my tent over the remainder of the afternoon. At around six-thirty I saw Tom getting a meal ready while the others lazed around. I put on my pleated micro-mini skirt and tight pink camisole, low-cut with spaghetti shoulder straps. A touch of make-up to finish and I was ready. I sauntered across.

A fry-up; grease on my lips was sticky as jizz, not that I ate much with my stomach churning with anticipation. Four horn-dogs at my disposal with Pete in a special category all his own. The boys competed with tall tales, laughed too loud, legs splayed, everything directed at me. Later, at someone’s suggestion, as the sun went behind the hills, we ended up in the same pub I’d been in with Tim, Alex and Greg soon after I’d arrived at the camp site. That these were four different guys elicited a licking of lips and murmurs from grizzled regulars, as impressed by my work rate as they plainly were by my bare crossed thighs under the round table and, as I leaned over it, my tits threatening to balloon out from the low, wide opening of my camisole.

I learned that Tom was a trainee teacher and Mac and George were apprentices at an engineering firm. Those two kept glancing at me and looked well pleased with themselves. It was like they had a special claim on me after our threesome and that wasn’t the case. Pete made me certain of that, sitting forward, chin in hand as he listened to my occasional contributions. He spoke even less, looked faintly amused while the other guys chattered. He said he worked for a local newspaper in the Midlands. They didn’t hear him ask me how long I planned to stay at the campsite.

‘Dunno,’ I said. I inhaled deeply and Pete’s eyes flickered to the deep dark divide between my boobs. ‘Sleeping alone in a tent made for two wasn’t in the plan.’

‘Got a plan now?’ he asked.

‘You bet,’ I said, my eyes smiling at him over the rim of my wine glass.

Pete’s few words had hit the spot. At the best of times I feel sex is the ideal means of communication with guys, not talk. I was determined to bed Pete and see how he used his body to communicate. I figured if he was really as special as his physique and demeanour promised, I might make a big effort and break my current obsession with taking on three or four guys at a time and stick to just this one—maybe for more than a day or two.

With a stretch and a little fake yawn I said I’d be heading back. Half the clientele, I mean the male half, checked me out as I got up. Passing silivri escort behind Pete’s chair I gave his shoulders a squeeze.

That did the trick. I’d barely gone twenty yards outside when I heard steps hurrying to catch me up.

‘You made George and Mac’s day,’ Pete said.

‘Gave you all the details did they?’ I said.

‘I got the gist,’ Pete said. I guessed he was understating the case massively. It excited me picturing him lapping up the details while maintaining a cool exterior. ‘You seem to know what you want,’ he went on.

I got a strong sense of what he wanted from his moist kissable lips and his pupils, enormously dilated in his searching green eyes. Right now I wanted him in my tent and ten minutes later we were outside it. I got on all fours and crawled, flaunting my curvy upraised arse, my micro mini riding high on it.

Inside, frantic kissing and necking while we simultaneously tore off each other’s clothes till we were down to his briefs and my black lace panties. He lay back, supporting himself on his elbows, a rangy, muscled hunk, sexy and vulnerable even as his eyes burned into my boobs and points south. I didn’t know where to start for a second or two—not that I’m ever unsure for long when it comes to sex.

His cock was angled to one side in his tight little briefs and demanded to be freed. I pulled the elastic waistband out and down and saliva sprang off my tongue at my first sight of his erect cock. Hooking the waistband under his big blond-haired balls lifted them, and he sighed at the squeeze of my thumb and forefinger around the base of his dick. It had an enticing slight outward bow that made a sweet spot in my pussy throb mysteriously in anticipation.

But I was feeling cock in my mouth first, my lips sliding down, widening to encompass the root. I tasted the skin, tight on the hard barrel, a faint tang of salt. Pete pushed up from his hips and dug his fingers into my blond hair. He grew deeper into my mouth till my swallowing reflex was massaging the big sticky end. He gasped over and over—’You’re a good girl.’ I knew that already but I like it when a guy lets me know how well I’m doing and I can tell he means it.

Cock and mouth parted company, a string of spit linking them, because it was high time we got completely naked.

I got my shoulders low over Pete’s thighs and licked over his tight balls, maintaining eye-contact while making a performance of reaching back and peeling my panties off the bounteous curves of my raised arse and down my legs. He lay back watching, his fingers interlocked under the back of his neck, his chest in a rapid rise and fall.

His turn then. I got him to lift his butt and I tugged his briefs out from under him, down his legs and off. My pussy was oozing for his cock and I wasn’t going to keep either waiting. I crawled up his body, my nipples brushing his thighs which tensed, the muscles visibly standing out.

‘Do that on my cock,’ he said fervently, revealing we were of one mind.

His whole body spasmed at the sensation of one nipple then the other feather-like up and down his dick. Fine, I thought, my pussy can wait a while longer. He flung his arms back and spread and bent his legs when I went in for the kill between them, rubbing and smothering his cock and balls with my tits, feeling his clear nectar glazing my prick-hard nipples, seeing it pool in his navel. And I wasn’t ready to stop there.

His stomach sucked in as my boobs worked their special magic on his six-pack, then up to the sudden slabs of his pecs. I half expected red scorch lines on his skin marking where my nipples had rubbed up the length of his torso.

With our lips kissing it was only ruthless discipline keeping my pussy a few inches over his straining dick. He pushed up from his arse, desperate for contact, and I relented a little, dropping, swiping my sticky lips over his cock two or three times teasingly, then I gave in completely. God knows, I wanted his pride and joy out of sight inside me as much as he did.

Crouched over him I reached down between our bodies and got my thumb and first finger tight as a cock-ring around the base of his dick. It thickened, the helmet shiny with my juice, well ready for my descending cunt.

I let go as the head went in. Then my pussy walls were bulging outwards for the shaft, enjoying and adapting to that deeply stimulating curve. A release of tension in Pete’s single growl of laughter. ‘Sweet,’ he gasped, thinking he was all the way in. A common mistake with guys who fuck me. I squeezed my pelvic floor and we shared with our eyes our joint satisfaction at that extra half-inch in length and girth I got from him. He reached up, his palms testing the weight of my boobs at their maximum roundness suspended over him. Tracing around each areola with his thumbs sent electric signals to my pussy. I began to move up and down on him.

He straightened his arms back to the corners of the tent. His flared lats and muscled shoulders inspired me and I ground my weight bakırköy escort down harder on his rod. His breaths quickened. I felt that hunger in my depths for his cum and saw in his eyes a primitive wish to empty himself into me. He bent his legs, planted his feet firmly and thrust as energetically upwards as I ground down.

A riot of pleasure in my cunt, nerve endings mapping every meaty detail of his cock such that a mental picture of it, shiny-slick in the pink-tinged darkness, throbbing and hard at work, took hold in my mind. A momentum beyond our control built up and we helplessly cried out as we both came, bodies merging together, his as hard under me as his cock as it creamed off inside me.

A final entwining of tongues while I drowned in his green eyes, then we lay quiet. After a moment I told him I’d been obsessing about him even while I was having fun with George and Mac earlier that afternoon.

He looked touched by that, said, ‘Really?’

I inclined my head ‘you’re welcome’ style. ‘You know what?’ I said, like I was thinking aloud. ‘You so do it for me I might give the group thing a rest—and soon.’

He looked at me with amused scepticism on his face. Maybe I was kidding myself that I could just give up so easily on my liking for guys in twos and threes. Anyway, I didn’t need to start concentrating on Pete alone immediately. I could start, like, tomorrow?

Pete wriggled up towards the tent’s entrance flaps and parted them a little.

‘Tom’s back. All by himself.’

‘Poor Tom,’ I said. ‘He’s not had the pleasure yet.’

A little wrinkle of sympathy on Pete’s brow. ‘If he guesses you’re with me he’ll definitely feel he’s missed out.’

‘Yeah, I know.’ I thought a moment and made my mind up. Caring and sharing, that’s me. I got dressed quickly.

‘Give me, oh, twenty minutes, then come and join us.’ I smiled at him. He said, ‘Don’t worry, I will.’ With a slight regret I left him.

Tom looked surprised when I materialised outside the boys’ tent.

‘Was Pete with you?’ he said. He was trying to sound casual but there was a needy, hopeful look in his eyes.

‘Getting his breath back,’ I said. I ran my tongue over my lips to convey my meaning, confident Tom’s cock was going to confirm for him where Pete’s had been minutes before.

‘And now you’re here,’ Tom said, as if not quite believing it. He did when I gave him my wet wide smile, stood close and bumped forward against him with my tits, knocking him back a couple of feet.

‘Teacher aren’t you,’ I said. ‘Wanna teach me?’ I gave his face the best part of mine.

He managed to break off our kissing to say, ‘Like you need any teaching.’ He got a gander, just below his eye level, of my boobs, just about contained in my low-cut tight top. I pushed him to the door of the inner tent and then we were through.

I sealed the zip door behind us and we carried on kissing. Tom got his thumbs into the waistband of my micro-mini and pulled down. I got my camisole heading the other way and off over my head. With his rapt attention on my boobs his fingers were hopeless on the numerous buttons of his cotton shirt. Impatient, I ripped it apart and buttons went pinging everywhere. I helped him as he strenuously shrugged the shirt completely off, then I got on my knees and whipped down his chinos.

Lightly muscled and cute with that little pigtail; I wanted to eat him all up. Well-proportioned overall, I’d thought, till I fished in his speedos and lifted out a semi hard-on of a size I’d have more expected on a six-footer. I fitted my lips around the flaring rim of the crown and tongued his length to an impressive standing position. Pulling his speedos completely down and off I discovered he had thoroughly grown-up balls too.

We fell down onto a messy tangle of sheets, Tom on his back, me on all fours on top. For a moment I whacked his face with my tits while he grimaced, mouth agape, tongue extended and swiping over the hard bullets of my nipples whenever they were in range.

I glanced down to his cock and he looked more than ready. I flipped over onto my back bringing him over with me. He didn’t immediately surge in but held himself suspended over me, briefly overawed by the wide-open jaws of my thighs and the swollen sticky lips I held apart for him with some difficulty with two fingers.

‘What’re you waiting for?’ I said, confident the wait wouldn’t be for long. He set his jaw and his resolve visibly stiffened a few notches between his legs too.

‘Sheesh,’ I said through my clamped together teeth as he soldiered in, the whole heat and heft of him filling me till his furry nuts were snuggled at my moist outer lips. I swear his cock felt like ten per cent of his body mass. And he stayed there like being buried to the balls and motionless in heat and stickiness was enough for any guy—or girl for that matter. He caught the expectant look on my face and began pumping. Minutes of this, the pleasure growing in my cunt with the seeming expansion of his already sizeable şirinevler escort rod. He showed no sign of hearing the movement outside. If it was Pete, I was pleased that he hadn’t been able to wait the stipulated twenty minutes.

It wasn’t Pete and a stab of disappointment went deep as Tom’s enthusiastically probing cock.

‘She’s a legend,’ George was saying. ‘Where is she now, that’s the question? I wouldn’t mind having a proper crack at her.’ I didn’t quite catch Mac’s mumbled reply, something about hoping I’d get his name right next time. Anyway, I forgot about them as Tom got into his stride. I forgot about Pete to tell the truth.

‘Crazy little fucker,’ I squealed when Tom pulled off the trick only a shorter guy could do, arching his back and pushing up my tits and planting his hot moist lips on one nipple then the other while he fucked me. It was doing me a whole lot of good and I hollered, fit to echo off the hills. He started shuddering like a man-sized vibrator, his every thrust feeling like it had to be his last. But then he heard the zipper to the inner tent being undone. He slowed, stopped, a few odd little thrusts more like reflex actions than intentional—uncertainty in his face.

‘Keep going,’ I ordered. He looked unsure how to play it with the new arrivals. ‘Don’t you like to party?’ I added, a little more gently, tensing my pelvic floor encouragingly. I felt him respond in my cunt. He looked cocky then, realising having his beef inside hot stuff like me would impress his friends no end.

George and Mac stepped in. They looked surprised and impressed by the little guy with his big rod inside the big titted blonde they’d been enjoying themselves that afternoon. My expression over Tom’s shoulder in no way discouraged them from stripping off in double-quick time. I figured with Pete not showing up yet there was no point letting Mac and George go to waste until he did.

I was so keen for them to get started I thought I’d hurry Tom along. I clawed at his perky buns with my silver-painted nails and felt his dick rear inside me. Fast and frenzied, he was deep in the pink, oblivious to everything but fucking, his ponytail bouncing all over the place. I felt a ripple of bliss expand big as a football between my hips. His cries were higher than mine as we came together, my arms and legs vice-like around him, my cunt slimily sheathing every inch of his cock as it spasmed and spattered his jizz.

He rolled off me and before I could draw breath, George, big in body and dick, had lumbered down and replaced him. My pussy walls were as adaptable as ever accommodating George’s formidable rod as it sank home—and being pre-lubed up by Pete and Tom helped. The weight of him was quite a contrast after pocket-sized Tom. I got my legs wrapped around the small of his back and gave in to an industrial-strength shafting.

Pete appeared then—and about time too. His friends looked like they wished he hadn’t but perked up when he looked at our naked sexed-up bodies indulgently. He stripped down to his briefs, knelt behind my head and leaned forward, supporting himself on his elbows, his inverted face directly over mine.

‘You’re a busy bee aren’t you,’ he said, mild as milk.

‘Queen bee you mean, oh and you’re late,’ I said, with a pout, but I felt a glow around my heart as well as in my cunt, valiantly wrapped around George’s dick while I noticed how Pete’s distended his briefs.

‘Gonna have to wait your turn, Pete,’ George said, face sweaty and grimly happy as he concentrated on the job in hand. ‘Yeah,’ Mac concurred, waiting his turn, his fingers fast on his cock, priming it for action.

‘Suits me,’ Pete said with a shrug. Would anything ever faze him?

I grabbed his wide bare shoulders and his face dropped to mine. Our tongues weren’t as hot and wet together as the big weapon grinding in and out of my pussy but I loved the contrast. It was like I was experiencing two lives at the same time: intimacy and a kind of romance with Pete from the neck up, everything below good old animal lust.

George’s thrusts went in hard, moving all of me back and forth, making my tits roll heavily and disrupting the kissing until George withdrew and rolled off me suddenly. A jerk of his head signalled Mac to carry on where he’d left off.

With Pete tonguing and nibbling at my neck, I spread till the tendons at the inner tops of my thighs ached. Mac slid into me after barely three seconds of emptiness. I looked past Pete to admire Mac’s pecs, big and tense in their covering of wispy black hairs as he supported himself on his elbows over us, our only point of contact his vigorously poking cock. Pete watched us fucking and Mac grinned at him as if to say ‘wouldn’t you rather by doing this?’ And it was certainly what I wanted Pete to be doing—and tipping my head back I saw his body was in agreement. His cock now overwhelmed the capacity of his briefs to contain it.

After a moment Mac was out without cumming, and maybe not a moment too soon, just like George. It takes iron self-control for a guy not to give in to instinct and finish what he’s started, but the need to make the sex last longer held sway. Now Tom was in again and as hard as before. ‘Way to go, Tom,’ I said, impressed. He buried his face in my boobs but didn’t come this time. Then it was George again, halving my abdomen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32