Campus Slumber Party Ch. 02

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Hello everyone. The first Campus Slumber Party was fairly well received and I only hope that I meet or exceed the expectations of people on this site. If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below or to PM me if it is something you don’t feel like sharing publicly 🙂

Best Wishes,



Alexa began slowly gesturing with her hands towards the girls in the corner. Slowly and rhythmically, it almost seemed as if streams of colour were emanating from her hands. As if directed by the streams, the girls very slowly approached me and began to stroke my arms and legs. The brunette started to suck my swollen tit, the blue haired one started to sensuously push her lips against mine, and the blonde began edging towards my pussy. Right before the blonde got close to touching me I tensed.

“Wait what the fuck! Who are you guys?”

The instantly moved away. Each of their expressions turned solemn.

“I’m sorry Mel.” Said the girl with the blue hair. I could see a cute pout which I associated with Callie’s cheeky personality. Except… had I met this girl before? Why did I think I knew a blue haired girl named Callie?

“Haha,” I laughed. A small and nervous laugh.

“I’m flattered Callie.” I responded, slowly coming to remember who I was looking at.

“I’ve loved you as a friend for a long time and I really like the way that you have been looking at me recently”.

I moved my hand to touch her shoulder and gave her a long look filled with a mix of love of trust. Alexa walked up to me from the side and drew my face around to hers.

“See! You are having a good time!” She raised her eyebrows and ran her tongue slowly crossing her lower lip. Seeing her again dragged me back to who I was. A man. Well… A man turned woman.


I squealed, discouraged by the high pitch that made me flinch. Each of the girls looked at me once more. The brunette who had played netball with me during high school, the blonde who had recently arrived from the Netherlands and. No… that’s not right. Ilse had actually been here about six months and I had helped her move in when Jade-the brunette- asked me to help. As far as I knew they were just friends, but perhaps tonight we would all become more. Leaning into them I smiled.

“I love you guys so much, and I really want to feel your soft skin beneath mine…”

Again, Alexa interjected. Pushing her way in front of me, she seemed to have made an alcoholic drink in the time between making me cum and seeing my favourite ladies in front of me. I could see the vodka that I had brought with me, with a touch of glowing green liquid. I raised my right eyebrow.

“Is this apple juice?” I cautiously asked.

“It’s your favourite” replied Alexa. “Lychee”. She squinted her eyes as if mimicking a cute Japanese girl in an anime.

“Ummm. Well I would actually prefer a beer.” I wanted to retain the habit that I had retained over the last few years of drinking a beer at social events.

“Best not to start with spirits, it will make it hard to switch to beers later”.

I started nodding in an effort to solidify this event in my memory. Callie screwed her face up at this last thought.

“Uggh. No beer for me Mel. Besides, I thought you swore off beer after you finished up with Daniel.”

“Don’t mention it.” I responded. I really didn’t want to think about that cheating asshole.

Giving into my frustration I replied, “He may have been a good lay, but he was a total jerk. I really loved him until he did that”. The heartbreak associated with his cheating was still there. It had only happened a few weeks ago. Perhaps a bit too eagerly, Callie leaned into me and whispered excitedly,

“you don’t need men!”

“Well of course I don’t! Haha I am not gay Callie! I mean there is nothing wrong with that all! It’s just that I have never liked men before… I like… the ladies.”

At this point I was beginning to feel a bit confused. I could see memories of Daniel as if I had Anadolu Yakası Escort merely seen him a few days ago. ‘But of course I had… we had decided to go for a coffee.’ I thought. This was however, merely an attempt to show off his new girl. Skinnier, prettier and somehow more desirable than me.

“What a jerk!” Callie said, nodding her head in agreement.

I could see some new blush on her face that really brought out her cheekbones.

She noticed the attention I was providing her, moved her face towards mine again, and started lightly nibbling my ear.

Making an effort to close my mouth, I started to think. ‘Had I said those previous things aloud??!’ Why wasn’t I able to remember the names of my parents? My REAL parents!? Instead of Phil and Beth, all I could see in my mind’s eye were Janet and Graham. Why had they been so horrible to me last week? Particularly at a time when I needed a new car! I had explained to them that I had driven my old Chevrolet Cavalier for years and yet they had said, almost in unison, like the hive mind that they sometimes were, “we can’t afford to fix everything in your life Mel.” Fuck they could be so selfish! I had pointed out that the brakes did not function properly and that the car still had a tape deck. Still they had not budged. On the other hand, it was nice to have a car at all. As my pop Phil had pointed out,

“you must make what you can of this world. Use your skills to the best of your advantage. I am sorry that we can’t help you out with your financial issues Brandon.” Brandon… Brandon… Brandon.

I snapped back to reality. Falling backwards off the couch, I used my hands to flip myself over and landed on my feet.

“A perfect dismount! Haha!” Said Jade.

“I suppose you haven’t forgotten our old gymnastics class then.” She smiled and winked at me, clearly trying to hold back a giggle that the other girls seemed unable to prevent.

Alexa had started rolling back and forth on the ground, laughing in quick and spasmodic bursts.

Callie had her arm around Ilse, and she seemed to be using the laughing as an excuse to begin tickling Ilse. I could see her long, slender fingers splayed across her side and touching her as if there were hidden piano keys arranged along her midriff. Seeing this reminded me of the amazing music that Callie had played in the past. I remembered the concert recitals that she had performed during St. Catherine’s jubilee anniversary, and how impressed everyone had been with her near flawless playing (Callie later explained that there had been a minor tempo error during the sixteenth bar, but no one else, including me, had noticed). Jade gestured to me to return to the couch, her face displayed surprise and mirth in equal measure, alongside a longing that I had not seen in Jade since she had slipped a hand down my skirt on New Years Eve. I hadn’t stopped her, had cummed all over her hand, and had not talked about it since it had happened 6 months ago. As if to remind me of these thoughts she began to suck the same two fingers that she had used to finger me all that time ago. My body involuntarily shivered and I could feel a growing mound of wetness downstairs. Just before I felt like I was unable to do anything other than jump on to Jade’s lap, I looked back at Alexa. Here, again, I could see her laughing, she seemed to be struggling for breath.

“Why are you laughing so much you crazy bitch?!!” It was meant to come out as cheeky, but instead I seemed to scream almost aggressively at her. Only Alexa seemed to notice. The other girls seemed to continue as if I had not said anything at all, Jade visibly forget that she was looking at me, and instead began to help Callie tickle Ilse.

“Ahhhaha. Stop guys! I am really ahhhaaa… damn it!” Ilse tried to sound serious as if to warn off the other girls, but couldn’t bring herself to sound anything but pleased.

Alexa stared directly at me, picked up the glass of lychee that she had left previously unnoticed on the yoga mat and Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan gestured towards the bathroom

I followed Alexa into the bathroom and immediately noticed that it was an incredibly cramped space. Alexa was forced to sit down in order to give me some standing space. Making an effort not to accidentally elbow the towel rack, I crossed my arms and stared at her.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Alexa breathed in deeply.

“Here why don’t you enjoy your drink. It has some of that limited edition vodka that you brought with you remember?” She winked at me, but I could tell that her good mood was very much artificial.

I deftly snatched the glass from her hand and lightly placed the drink on the ground, I may have felt like she was trying to poison me, but that was no reason to accidentally waste good booze.

Again, I crossed my arms and stared at Alexa.

She sighed.

“Listen Brandon. Have you heard of the infinite worlds theory?”

“What? Yeah I have. I watched Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos, what about it?” I had a feeling I would not enjoy the answer.

“In many other worlds you exist, but not as you… if you get my drift.”

“I don’t…” I was beginning to feel angry now, it felt like she was trying to erase my mind and replace it with someone else’s! My original memories of the last few years at ‘Scatsdale’ were already being replaced with undergraduate years at St. Brezhine’s.

As if sensing my tension Alexa pulled my head towards her bosom.

“It’s okay darling.” She stroked my blonde hair the way that my mother had when I was a little girl.

Slowly, gently, but with a passion that my mother had not supplied.

“We love you here, and we just want everything to work out for you.”

Again, that feeling of wrongness. I had known the other girls in the house, and even the memory of me as a little girl felt genuine, but I had no idea who this woman before me was. Throwing my back against the door I screamed.

“Stay away from me!”

Again, Alexa sighed. “The memories may be different, your personality may change. But the subjective experience is continuous.”

“Wh-wh-what!” I whimpered. I thought I understood what she meant now, but fear was making it nearly impossible to articulate my thoughts.

Alexa smiled and began stroking my cheek. I flinched, but allowed to continue, partly because her touch was electric and because I could barely move.

“Why not drink this Mel? This is your favourite drink after all. Don’t you remember me asking you to bring the vodka so that I could make it for you? I always have lychee here you know.” She winked after the last part about lychees, but I could see the stress of the conversation beginning to affect her facial features.

Where she would have been smiling as she had been earlier, she was instead, beginning to frown.

I really hated to disappoint people. A few weeks earlier Callie had told me that I should really stop trying to please people, but the fact was, I had always been what Callie described condescendingly as a “submissive little bitch”. I loved to help my teachers when I was in school and to act as a pseudo teacher when my classmates needed help at university. All I really wanted was to make other people happy. In fact, after talking to Callie, I had begun to think that the happiness of others really was akin to my own.

Seeing the look on Alexa’s face I decided to make her feel better. I may not have remembered who this girl was, but I was sure that my other friends knew her. Knew her quite well.

“For my best girls and for my new…old friend Alexa!” I said.

I dramatically snatched the drink from her hand and had a mouthful.

“Mmmm yummy!!” I intoned. Rolling the sweet liquid around in my mouth.

“Real lychee! Haha I keep forgetting how reliable you are with this stuff. We ought to call you the Lychee queen Alexa!”

As if in relief Alexa’s shoulders slumped. I hadn’t seen Escort Anadolu Yakası her like this since last year’s bio-med exam.

“What’s wrong honey?” I began stroking her shoulder out of concern.

“All good Mel!” She replied, with a twinkle in her eye and a renewed look of pleasure on her face.

We exited the bathroom and returned to the girls. We had excellent timing too. The girls had already started the festivities! Callie was licking Jade’s tit with gusto while Ilse was stroking her pussy with her right hand, while doing her best to slip her index finger up as far as she could.

“Let me help you Ilse!” I breathed.

She looked at me with surprise, but then quickly gestured for me to come over. She licked her lips in anticipation as I mounted her leg. After pulling her face close to mine I sensuously kissed her, allowing my tongue to wrestle hers in full view of the others. I wanted all the other girls to notice our sexy kissing, particularly Alexa! She had been so busy these last few weeks on college stuff, that the girls and I had barely had any time to see her! True to my expectation the other girls stopped what they were doing and began to stare at us. Callie and Jade pumped their arms while Alexa compulsively licked her lips and edged forward. Alexa came around to Ilse’s side and cupped her right breast, kneading it as Ilse and I continued to kiss. As if on cue, Callie approached Alexa and dropped on to her back, positioning her mouth directly beneath Alexa’s pussy. Her tongue flicked out and began tonguing Alexa’s pussy which by now was brimming with Lychee flavoured pre-cum.

Without even taking a second to observe the ungodly mess of bodies and liquids that was being hastily constructed, Jade stretched her limbs out in a feline way, retracted them and crawled over to Callie’s pussy. Alexa began to moan as Callie’s sharp twists of her tongue explored the caves of her pussy, paying special attention to the lower third which was filled with more liquid and was decidedly delicious for Callie. Jade started licking Callie at about the same time that Alexa began to respond with low frequency moans that quickly escalated into squeaks of pleasure. After a few minutes Callie began responding as well. Jade has never used her mouth on another woman before, but she seemed to adjust very well to the new experience.

When she started she seemed to lick in a direction that produced no visible reaction for Callie, but after a few moments, she managed to readjust and produce some new notes of pleasure from Callie. Alexa and Callie moaned in unison while Jade feverishly attempted to flick herself to orgasm. Even Ilse and I were trying to join the caucus of pleasure. I shifted my body and sat cross egged from Ilse. As if on some unconscious cue we both started to finger each other. The angle made into difficult to slip fingers into each other, but instead allowed us to rub along the public bone and flick the clit. The crescendo of the girls’ moans coupled with the vigorous flicking and sweet kissing that I shared with Ilse, (she had a delectable mango flavoured lip gloss on) helped me to cum. My body bucked and arced as I came.

‘A sweet release and a pleasure’ I thought.

‘One that I could not have had without good, reliable and beautiful friends.’

A few seconds later Ilse seemed to finish as well. Her facial features relaxed as if she had smoked a joint and her lips curved upwards into a relaxed smile. The other girls however, had not finished. Alexa was shrieking. She was kneading her own breasts now that Ilse had finished. Callie and Alexa continued fucking, their moans reaching a new pitch. Finally Alexa’s legs spasmed and, moments later, Callie’s legs also spasmed. Callie and Alexa then stopped moving. Cum was dripping from Alexa’s mouth, as was Jade’s. Jade, however, was still furiously flicking. After a few more moments she yelled out: “Dammit guys! I couldn’t do it! I need you…” She said sulkily.

After uncrossing my legs and gathering the black strap on that Alexa had left on the ground from earlier, I crawled over to Jade.

We locked eyes.

Her ocean blue eyes reacted with a slight hint of annoyance, and a hidden look of longing.

“Remember what you did for me on New Year’s?” I said, my fingers already reaching to tie the dildo to my waist.

“It’s time to return the favour.”

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