Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 12

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After Chloe and Greg had lain there for another 15 minutes, Chloe decided that they should finally get up. After all, they had a lot of excitement waiting for them today.

“Hey baby, let’s get up, it’s almost eleven. Besides, you might want to shower and change into something more, ahem, dry.” With a big smile, she gave him a kiss.

“Yeah, you are right, good morning honey.” Greg was still a bit sleepy but suddenly his moist groin reminded him of what had happened just briefly before. He blushed and he was glad Chloe did not deepen the topic.

Chloe went to the bathroom first. After she showered, she sat down in the living room in a towel to paint her toenails. “I am done for now, the bathroom is free. And don’t forget to shave down there, I already felt some little stubbles even through your briefs just now when you came in them. You know I love your cutie all clean and smooth.” She loved to rub this incident in again.

“Err sure, babe, should I just throw my underwear in your hamper? It is kinda sticky,” Greg asked from the bathroom.

“Oh, that’s very considerate of you. Please better let your undies soak in one of my hand washing basins. The hamper is empty, I don’t want to have your little accident waiting for the next wash in there for too long,” Chloe chuckled.

“Alright, no problem.” Greg added some water and detergent in the basin and let his boxer briefs soak right in.

“Oh, and could you put my panties in the hamper,” Chloe opened the bathroom door and, with a loving smile, handed her panties to Greg, closing the door again.

Greg grabbed them and immediately felt the moisture. Chloe must have been as excited as he was when she made him spill his load in his boxer briefs. Her panties were soaking wet. He put them in the hamper.

Greg stepped into the shower. The images of what had happened in there just last night, ran like a replay of a sports broadcast in his mind’s eye. How he had knelt there and washed Chloe’s legs and feet. How she had guided his tongue between her thighs and how she had finally squirted into his open mouth, holding him in place with both hands, and how he had swallowed it all, gulp after gulp. His penis was already sticking out again, stiff and naughty. Yes, she had made it clear with her hands what she expected of him, but Greg knew that it would have been an easy thing for him to escape from her grip. Truth is he hadn’t even made the attempt. And he had been as hard yesterday as he was now at the thought of it. The shaving was done quickly. He really only had a few stubbles and after applying some shaving cream, he was able to get it all done in a few strokes with the razor. His little pecker was as naked again as one of a prepubescent teen. He turned on the shower.

Chloe opened the bathroom door and stepped in. “Having fun in there?” She laughed as she saw his small, bare hard-on through the glass door. “I’ll get started on my makeup.”

Greg did his best not to think about the embarrassment waiting for him in the sex store and to get rid of his stiffy that was again showing his arousal. He couldn’t stand an ice-cold shower and tried cooler water. But this did not have a lasting effect. For better or worse, he had to come out with a hard-on. He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off.

Chloe, doing her makeup in her birthday suit, peered in the mirror at his pubic area while she applied her foundation for today’s make up.

“Wow, looks like someone is already a lil bit excited,” she giggled. “So cute!”

“You know, in the mornings, guys tend to be hard naturally, bursa escort it is this morning wood thing,” Greg tried to explain.

“Oh, I see. And I already thought it is because we are about to go to the sex store and you will ask for their smallest condoms there,” Chloe winked at him through the mirror.

Greg’s small boner involuntarily twitched upwards, much to Chloe’s delight. “Little pee pees don’t lie,” she smiled to herself.

Greg wanted to escape the awkward situation. “Ok, I’m ready then, take your time with the makeup, I’ll go get dressed.”

“Sure,” she said, thinking “if you can.”

It only took a minute. “Babe, do you know where my fresh underwear is? I could swear I had another one here.”

Chloe mouthed “Oooops!?” to her reflection in the mirror as she applied her eyeliner.

“Hmm, I don’t know. Don’t you have any left in your closet? Everything that was in the hamper, I put in the washing machine this morning.”

“Shit, looks like I don’t have any fresh ones here. And yesterday’s is wet now too.”

“Ah, that’s unfortunate. But don’t worry. Then we’ll just both go without underwear. I’m all about solidarity here.” Chloe, still naked, stepped out of the bathroom and grinned at Greg.

“But, huh, I don’t know,” Greg was visibly uncomfortable with the prospect of not wearing underwear during their sex store visit. His penis, however, was already fully extended again. And suddenly Chloe felt an opportunity she wanted to grab right there.

“By the way, do you know exactly how, well, big it is?” She pointed with her eyeliner to his groin.

Of course, Greg knew. Since he was 14, he had measured his little one countless times. And he had generously agreed with himself that under perfect conditions it was 4 1/4 inches. But how embarrassing would it sound if he told Chloe that he knew so precisely?

“Well, I don’t know that for sure, it’s never been so important for me” he lied.

Chloe had hoped for this answer. “That’s a shame. It might be embarrassing if we don’t know for sure afterwards at the sex store. And I wouldn’t want us to be embarrassed to guess its size. It looks really big this morning, bigger than usual. Looks almost kinda menacing.” Chloe had to use all her strength not to laugh out loud. It was still the same adorable tiny baby stick greeting her from his groin. She faked a thoughtful face. “Maybe we should measure it! Maybe it does indeed have close to 6 inches and we’d be going to the store for nothing at all. “

Greg’s brain, of course, knew that couldn’t be possible. Since he’d been measuring his penis, he’d never even come close to 5 inches, let alone 6 inches. But his pride was sparked, what if this very morning was that special day when he could reach the 5-inch mark? He looked down at his penis.

Chloe could see his inner struggles. Her tall Greg looked at his little pecker and hoped that a miracle would happen in front of his eyes. Oh god, how she loved playing with him. Would he fall for this cheap trap? Would he really let her measure it? It had to be a terribly embarrassing procedure for him, but he still seemed hesitant. Her poisoned guess that he might be bigger than they thought seemed to stroke his ego. “I mustn’t give him time to think about it any longer,” she quickly realized.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out. I’ll get a ruler.”

“What? You want to measure it? Now and here?” Greg felt his shame rise to his face.

“Of course, otherwise we can’t be sure. And don’t worry about it. I’ve already kissed, fondled, sucked, and bursa escort bayan fucked it. There are no secrets left anyway. And you would make me very happy if you let me. Pleeease!”

She looked at him with her sweetest smile, stark naked and beautiful as ever. And Greg had to admit that yes, she was actually right: She knew what his little one looked like, after all, and maybe it was bigger than he thought by some lucky chance? Chloe made a pout and brought her hands together in front of her body as if in prayer, pressing against her breasts with her upper arms so that they stood full and proud towards Greg. “Pleeeeeeeease.”

Greg looked at her full breasts, her sensual mouth and pleading eyes. He just couldn’t refuse her anything. “Alright, let’s do it.”

“Ah, you are the sweetest boyfriend in the world,” Chloe blew him a kiss and beamed at him. “Let me just get the ruler.” Chloe stepped up to her desk. She had several regular rulers and quickly hid them far down in one of the drawers. She already knew exactly which ruler she would use. And she also knew where it was. She wanted to use the ruler that her best friend Jade had given her just for this purpose but more in jest. The 6-inch Hello Kitty ruler. It was pink and decorated with hearts and bows. “It is just perfect,” Chloe kissed the ruler and headed back to the bedroom.

“Are you ready?” Chloe waved at him with the ruler.

“What is that?” Greg saw the short pink ruler.

“Oh, that is the only one I could find. Jade gave it to me last weekend already,” Chloe explained with a broad smile.

Why would Jade give Chloe a Hello Kitty Ruler? Greg could now see the ruler more clearly, pink, girly with all sorts of decorative elements. Had they indeed talked about his size? Had they discussed Chloe measuring it? Greg turned a deep red.

“Aehm, why did Jade give you that ruler?” Greg inquired nervously.

“Oh, you remember that we went to the same elementary school, right? We shared the same table back then and actually she accidentally stole my ruler. She recently found it at home, and she thought it was kinda funny to give it back to me after such a long time. It is sort of a small souvenir from our school days. You know, in Asia we take maths seriously. So, this little ruler here has been in our tiny hands all the time.” Chloe explained and she just loved to talk about small things taking the opportunity.

“I see, such a nice idea of her.” Greg still thought the ruler looked somewhat new, but probably the girls just took good care of their belongings.

“And, as it is a 6-inch ruler, I feel like it is perfect for us. My bold guess is that it will be long enough.” Chloe giggled and sat down on the bed. “Come here.”

Greg was still stiff and now stood right in front of Chloe. She playfully scratched the edge of the ruler along his penis and grinned at Greg from below.

Greg tried desperately to pump as much blood as he could into his little stick to make it as big as possible. From above he could see his tiny member was already bright red. Maybe he really could reach 5 inches?!

“Seems we have a colour match here,” Chloe laughed. “Girly pink is so in fashion this season.”

Finally, she patted his balls with the flat side of the ruler. Greg was dying from embarrassment. Chloe’s delicate hands so close to his pinky penis, checking how to best adjust the ruler. It came to his mind again that she had had guys with 7, 8 inches. Those cocks were even bigger than the ruler in her hand. He was sure she was silently comparing his to theirs. escort bursa And still Chloe’s face spotted the sweetest smile. She seemed to enjoy this.

“So then, let’s see how long it really is: 1…2…3…oh wow, ha-ha…4…hmmm…and a little bit, right to this little heart here. Like 1/8 more. That is the proof then, you really do have a baby penis. I will still legitimately call it my little pee pee.” Chloe giggled.

“No way, I am sure it is at least 4 1/4 inches,” Greg protested, immediately feeling stupid to be haggling for an eighth of an inch here.

“What makes you think that? Since you’ve never measured it before,” Chloe loved having him in the hot seat.

“It’s just a feeling, you know, 4 1/4 it should have,” Greg tried a lame argument.

“Hmm, feeling is good, but Hello Kitty is better. It is what it is, and it is exactly 4 1/8, we Koreans are very particular about numbers, I told you that.” Chloe thought about taking a permanent marker and writing down the numbers on his abs right above his little stick, but that might have been a bit much for him; for now at least. But she had to laugh involuntarily at her idea. Maybe other things could be written there as well. How she loved this. “I guess every 14 year old with a tiny stick like this would be praying every night for it to grow more. Gosh, that’s just hilarious. But don’t worry, baby, I truely love your baby penis,” she kissed it on the head holding it gently with her thumb and forefinger.

4 and 1/8 inches. So that was it. How could Greg be so stupid as to think he was bigger than usual today. Chloe’s generous estimation before had to have somehow misled him. Greg’s head was deep red.

“Then we both go in commando today, that’s fun” Chloe changed back to the original problem that Greg had almost forgotten about.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Greg couldn’t quite share the “fun” though.

“Unless, of course, you want to try on a pair of my panties,” Chloe gave him a challenging look. “Hm, actually I have never tried to get his reaction on something like this,” she thought.

“Ha-ha,” Greg was taken by surprise and tried to sound as cool as possible but hesitated a little too long. He had never worn panties, but the thought of it kinda hit a nerve. “Err…of course not, how could I even fit into any of your S-Size panties?!”

“Oh, so if I had the right size for you, you’d consider it an option!? I will keep that in mind,” she stuck out her tongue playfully.

“Come on, I was joking, obviously,” he shot back weakly.

“Hm, you were obvious, yeah. Let’s get ready” Chloe left to the bathroom to finish her makeup.

Did she just say that he was obvious or obviously (joking)? Greg couldn’t recall her words clearly. Anyway, he had to get dressed. He pondered which pair of pants to wear. The choices were a pair of fairly tight jeans and a pair of slightly wider fitting light green linen pants. Greg was worried that the shape of his little man would clearly show in the tight jeans and decided on the linen pants, which gave him a little more room.

Chloe opted for a tight grey cotton dress that went halfway down her knees. Decent enough, but clearly showing of her shapely braless boobs and smooth legs. And Greg knew that no panty-line meant no panty today. Chloe finished her immaculate makeup. Her beautiful face was framed by her long, black and open, silky hair. “God, I look so amazingly hot, I would definitely ask myself out” she chuckled to herself due to this self-praise. She would be the super hot girlfriend today, standing next to him, when he, the tall white handsome guy, had to admit to a complete stranger that he had the smallest little baby stick anyone could imagine. And she would happily assist if he happened to forget the exact numbers.

“Let’s go then, big boy,” Chloe chuckled and took Greg by the hand.

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