Closed Doors Ep. 01

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———Closed Doors———

Episode One



Hayley had been looking forward to June for months now, even years. Not only was she graduating from high school, but it turned out that the day before graduation (today) was her eighteenth birthday.

As she sat at her desk, trying to will the clock on the wall ahead three minutes, she relished the idea that the completed final in front of her constituted the very final academic act of her high school career. Although she would miss a lot of her friends and some other aspects of her high school years, she excitedly looked forward to the newfound freedoms that a legal adulthood and college life would bring.

When the bell rang at 3:00, Hayley joined her classmates in an excited cheer and had no reservations about following the teachers instructions to just leave her textbooks behind on the desk. After all, she wouldn’t be needing them anymore, and had no reason to want them otherwise.

As she entered the hallway, dodging overzealous students elatedly celebrating the bell that signaled freedom, Hayley was immediately flanked by her best friend, Stacy Marie. “Oh my god, bitch! You won’t believe what happened!”

“Something exciting, I imagine,” replied Hayley, sarcastically. It was obvious that the perky blonde was giddy in anticipation to spread whatever story she was about to tell.

“A rare and entertaining event, girl. You know how every male in this place drools over the French teacher, Miss LaCroix?” Hayley nodded.

“Well, there’s about five minutes left to go till the final bell and everyone is sitting around, chit-chatting, waiting for it to ring. And then that Greek god, Jon Sullivan, stands up and starts walking up to her desk. And, of course, everyone looks at him and watches because it’s Jon Sullivan. Anyway, he’s carrying his book down in front of him, like this,” and Stacy demonstrated by placing her notebook flat against the crotch of her plaid skirt. She took this moment of not talking to catch her breath, as she was talking so excitedly. Then she continued.

“He gets up there and starts saying to her, ‘Miss LaCroix, I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your class for the last four years.’ And she smiles, and says, ‘Well, merci,’ or whatever. And then he starts talking about, ‘I thought about getting you something to show my appreciation, you know, like, an apple for the teacher or something.’ And she, in that accent of hers says, ‘Oh that is sweet. But you don’t have to give me anything.’ And then, he’s quiet for a second. Finally he says, ‘Well, I just thought that I would much rather give you this –‘. He moves the book away and it’s his dick, sticking out of his open zipper, hard as a rock, laying there on her desk.”

“No,” Hayley exclaimed, covering her mouth and giggling. “No way, you’re lying.”

“I kid you not. Her eyes got real big, and she blushed like she was embarrassed. She tried to look like she was trying to look away or something, but you could tell that she wanted it.”

Hayley’s eyes and mouth were still wide open in shock. “Well, then what happened?”

“Well, the bell rang. Jon looks at her and says, ‘Aww, that’s the bell. I guess I’ll see you at graduation?’ She nodded her head, and he covered himself back up with the book and left. She didn’t look anyone in the eye as we left.”

When they reached Stacy Marie’s car in the parking lot, Hayley threw her bags in the back. Stacy Marie saw Jon Sullivan walking up behind her friend. “Hey,” she said in a hushed, whisper-like tone, and nodded a signal for Hayley to look behind her. Hayley turned and stood back up straight just in time for Jon’s arrival.

“Hey Hayley. Happy Birthday”, he greeted.

“Aww, thanks Jon. You’re so sweet,” Hayley replied, noticing that in between leaving French class and coming up to her now, Jon had concealed himself properly, and she had to admit to herself that she was a little disappointed.

“Hey, Jon,” came Stacy Marie’s voice from the other side of the car.

Jon threw a look over at her. “Stacy Marie, hey. Looking good, doll.”

Stacy smiled and threw her head down to look at the ground, she was blushing. And even though Hayley knew this was just a normal greeting of Jon’s with no more subtext behind it than “A is for Apple,” she couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous of Stacy for having received the compliment.

Jon turned back to Hayley, “So any birthday plans for the night?”

“Well, the family thing, I guess. My brother and sister are coming in tonight for dinner and stuff. I think me and Stacy might go out for a little after that, but I don’t know.”

Jon nodded his head in approval. “You’re coming to my party tomorrow night though, right?”

“I think we had planned on it, didn’t we Stacy?” Hayley replied, diverting attention back over to her friend.

“It’s always a possibility,” Stacy Marie answered, flirtfully playing as to their intentions.

Jon shook his head. “No, no ladies,” he began as he started backing away from the two and their car. “It’s the şişli escort only possibility. Hayley, I expect you to be there.” Hayley smiled at his demand. “And Stacy Marie,” he continued. “I expect tight little ass to be standing beside her.” Stacy Marie said nothing, only giving him a flirty little goodbye wave. This time around, Hayley wasn’t really jealous of Jon’s comment, a second time, about Stacy’s body because she realized that she was the object of the invitation. To Jon, it seemed, Stacy Marie was just Hayley’s “+1”.


Jack awoke, rubbing his eyes as he groggily took in his surroundings. No matter where he might be, even here in his apartment, the first few seconds of consciousness were occupied with trying to discern where he was at. Being all over the place, traveling for gigs, and back to school for classes and such had made it so that any given time he would awaken he could have been anywhere. But this was his apartment, his bed. It was his bathroom that the sound of running water was coming out of.

When he sat up in his bed and saw the two sets of clothes on the floor alongside the beep blue comforter, he remembered that Jordan had spent the night. Jack threw the thin black sheet off and turned, throwing his legs over the edge of the bed. He was naked. Jordan definitely spent the night. He slid on a pair of boxers and headed for the bathroom.

Jack could see Jordan’s face in the mirror looking back at him as he entered, and was a little confused at the smile she cracked until he looked down and noticed his boxers were tenting out against the strain of morning wood. “Rise and shine, sleepyhead,” she teased.

Jack figured that she was just getting ready to get a bath and stuff because the water he heard running now filled the white claw-foot porcelain bathtub, and the only thing she was wearing was her little thin, pink and white lingerie top. And it was only half on, her left breast hanging out as the loose top dipped below her ample mound.

He walked up behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing her neck. Jordan leaned her head to the side to allow him better access and moaned her approval of the kiss. Jack reached his free hand down and pulled his hard cock out through the slit in the front. Helping to guide its aim, Jack pushed his hips closer forward into Jordan. The motion served to slide his hardness straight through Jordan’s legs, slightly brushing it against the lips of her bare snatch. Jack brought that free hand up and cupped the exposed breast, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Oh,” Jordan moaned, “we can’t do this. I have to get a bath. You have to get ready to go.”

Jack continued his seductive touching, moving his hips in and out a little, sliding his cock against her increasingly wet lips. “We’ve got plenty of time,” he tried to argue.

Jordan turned her head to kiss him on the lips. “It’s one, Jack,” she informed him. “We both have to leave in an hour.”

Surprised, Jack looked over at the clock on the wall. She was right.

Jordan slipped out of his arms, and gingerly stepped into the tub of hot water. She looked at him, like she was considering something. “Well, I guess if we took our baths together, that would maybe make up some time.”

Jack cracked a big smile. ‘She is such a tease,’ he thought as he quickly slid his boxers off and stepped into the tub with her.


Dave was walking out the front door of the house as he saw the car that belonged to his daughter’s friend Stacy pull into the driveway behind his car. “Hey, Mr. Bennett,” Stacy Marie called out from the driver’s seat.

“Hey there, Stacy. How are you?” Dave asked, out of politeness. It’s not that he didn’t like her, far from it. Everytime he saw her, he couldn’t help but ‘perk up’ down there, especially right after school like this. Even though she was hidden mostly by the car she was sitting in, Dave had the image of her in the short plaid skirt and tight, white button up top that her private school uniform consisted of.

It didn’t help matters any that bounding up to him after exiting the car came his little girl, Hayley, decked out in the exact same get-up that Stacy often turned him on with. “Hey, Daddy,” Hayley greeted him, standing up on her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, princess,” Dave greeted his youngest daughter. “Happy Birthday.”

“Oh, thank you, daddy,” Hayley beamed. “If you and mom hadn’t had sex eighteen years and nine months ago, I don’t know what I’d do.”

“Hayley!” Dave exclaimed, surprised at her comment. Stacy Marie giggled from the car.

“Oh, I’m just playing Daddy,” she explained. “Where are you going?”

“To the airport,” Dave answered. “Your sister’s flight arrives in about an hour.”

“Oh, yay! I’m so glad everyone is coming home.”

“Me too, princess. You better go get ready for your dinner tonight,” Dave suggested, turning to speak to Stacy Marie. “You’re more than welcome to join us, Stacy.” Dave was hoping she would.

“That’s okay, Mr. Bennett,” mecidiyeköy escort Stacy Marie answered. “This seems more of a family thing. Maybe some other time.”

“Alright, then,” Dave said as he was climbing into his SUV. “But if you change your mind…” He threw Stacy Marie a look that suggested something other than how a friends dad usually looks at his daughters friends. Stacy Marie noticed it right away and replied with a flirty, sly smile. Hayley was already on her way into the house, however, and didn’t see either of their looks.

Stacy Marie backed her convertible out of the driveway and turned to the east. Mr. Bennett backed his SUV out of the driveway and turned to the west.


“Mom?” Hayley called out, sitting her bag down on a stool in the kitchen.

“I’m up here, sweetie,” came the reply from upstairs.

Hayley ascended the staircase, turning to the right as she reached the top. A couple of doors down the hall, Hayley found her mom, Karen, in her regal bathroom getting herself ready. “Hello, mother,” Hayley said, straight-faced and flat in tone.

Karen paused the application of her mascara and shifted her view in the mirror to look at Hayley’s reflection in it. Hayley was still standing just inside the doorway.

“Mother?” Karen said. “So, you’re 18 now and all of the sudden it’s ‘mother’?”

Hayley tried to appear serious for as long as she could, but broke down into a fit of giggles. Karen couldn’t resist the levity of Hayley’s little joke for very long either, and soon they were both giggling. Hayley walked up behind her mother’s satin robed body and gave her a hug from behind, wrapping her arms around Karen’s waist and squeezing herself close.

“Happy birthday, daughter,” Karen spoke, trying to make the last word sound as flat as Hayley had made ‘mother’. This led to another spat of giggling from them both.

Hayley released her hold on her mother, who went back to applying her makeup. “What I wouldn’t give to be young and beautiful again,” Karen sighed.

“Oh mom,” Hayley sighed. “Who said you weren’t beautiful? Age has nothing to do with it.”

“Well, I just remember when I turned 18,” Karen began explaining. “I was tighter, and….perkier.” She paused to inspect her reflection in the mirror. The satin robe she was wearing hugged her curves like a glove. Her breasts probably weren’t as high up as they had started those years ago, but childbirth had given them the same fullness that they had given her hips. Exercising had kept her stomach flat, and though her rear was a little more bubbly than she might have cared for, had kept her ass firm.

In fact, Hayley had always been a little jealous of her mother in those respects. She might have wished for her mom’s breast size, a full cup bigger than her 36 C’s, although her mom had always reassured Hayley that a 36 C was the perfect breast size, according to her and most beauty magazines anyways. Karen also teasingly warned her to be careful what she wished for because someday she would have a kid, which would add an inch or two to her symmetrically balanced 36 inch waist.

“Oh, mom, knock it off. You know that you’re stunning. I don’t even like to bring guys over because you draw their attention away,” Hayley commented.

“Really?” Karen said, surprised that any boy her daughter’s age would take notice of her, let alone be attracted.

Hayley was still behind her mother. “Are you kidding?” she began. “With these tits,” Hayley said, cupping Karen’s breasts from behind, “and this stomach,” sliding her hands over Karen’s stomach, “and this ass?” Hayley gave Karen a quick slap on an ass cheek to emphasize.

“Hayley!” squeaked Karen. “What has gotten into you?”

“Oh, nothing,” Hayley replied, giving her mom a peck on the cheek. “I’m just in a giddy mood today.”

Karen giggled with her daughter. “I’ll say,” she managed to get out. “I have a present for you, but you can’t tell your father.”

Hayley got excited. “Really? What? Why can’t I tell Dad?”

“You know how he gets when he thinks of you having anything to do with lingerie. You’re his ‘little girl’.”

“Lingerie? What is it?” Hayley begged, getting more excited by the moment.

Karen held up a finger, signaling Hayley to wait a minute, as she walked out of the bathroom. A couple of minutes later, she returned carrying a Victoria’s Secret bag. Hayley nearly ripped it out of her hands.

“THE SHEER BLACK LACY ONES!!!” Hayley squeeled as she looked into the bag. Then, almost tackling her, Hayley gave Karen the tightest hug. “Thank you, thank you!”

“And there’s this,” Karen pointed out, bringing out a bag that she had been holding behind her back.

Hayley grabbed it and looked inside. “Oh, mom!” She pulled out a robe exactly like her mothers. “I hope it looks as good on me as it does you.”

“I’m sure it will, sweetie.”

“Why can’t I tell Dad about the robe?” Hayley asked.

“Well, the robe is okay I guess. Not the bra and panties though,” Karen explained.

Hayley shoved the bags and garments şişli escort bayan back into her mother’s hands as she kicked off her shoes and began undressing. Unbuttoning her shirt and dropping it to the floor revealed Hayley’s perfectly shaped breasts, snug in a white, lacy bra. As she reached around behind her, undoing the clasp and letting it fall to the floor, Karen admired the naked mounds that belonged to her daughter. Being suddenly exposed to the cool air in the house immediately hardened her nipples and created an image that any Playboy centerfold would wish for.

Hayley’s plaid school uniform skirt dropped to the floor as it was unzipped, revealing the white, cotton panties of an innocent schoolgirl. It occurred to Karen that she, herself, might want to spend a little more time out in the sun when the contrast between Hayley’s bronzed skin and the pure white of her undergarments created a contrast of tones that only enhanced Hayley’s body.

Hayley slid her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them, then quickly grabbed the robe from her mother’s hands. Karen had just enough time to glimpse her daughters well-manicured strip before Hayley wrapped herself in the robe.

“How does it look?” Hayley asked as she looked in the mirror, examining one angle then turning to examine another.

“Absolutely stunning,” Karen commented. “I wonder if the boys you won’t bring around would think the same thing.”

“Mom!” Hayley giggled.

“I was just teasing, dear. Now, hurry up and get your shower. Kara will be here in a little while and you know she’ll want to clean up before we go out for dinner.”

Hayley kissed her mother on the cheek. “Thanks, mom.”

Karen watched as Hayley slid her robe off and bounced her way into the shower. How many boys is she not bringing here?


Jack was on the interstate, halfway home, when his phone rang. He was speeding because activities in the tub with Jordan had lasted a little longer than they had planned, and he was late leaving the apartment. Fishing the iPhone out of his pocket, he looked down at the screen, which displayed a candid, if extremely revealing, picture of the girl he had just fucked. “Hello?” he answered.

“Hey,” came Jordan’s voice.

“Umm…,” Jack teased. “Amy?”

“What? No, it’s Jordan. Who’s Amy?”

Jack laughed to himself at the missed joke. “Nobody, I was teasing. What’s up?”

There was a sigh on the other end of the call. And some silence, like Jordan was trying to work up the courage to say what she had called to tell him.

“Jordan? Is everything alright?” Jack queried, growing concerned that she was in trouble, or something had happened to her or something.

“Yeah,” she replied, unassumingly. “I just thought we should talk about something.”

Jack was curious at this point. She had piqued his interest. What could she want to talk about? It couldn’t have been the sex they just had, it was great. They rode each other in that tub for over half an hour, getting so loud at the end that the next door neighbor pounded on the wall. She couldn’t be pregnant, she was on the very best of birth controls. It probably wasn’t her job. He checked the clock on the car stereo, she had to have just been getting there as she was on the phone with him. “Okay. What should we talk about?”


Jack lost his focus on the driving momentarily, and nearly ran off onto the gravel shoulder of the four-lane. An angry driver honking their horn as they swerved around him brought him out of the momentary web of thought that that single word exploded in his head. “What about us?” he nearly yelled back.

Jordan sighed. “I don’t think we should stay together anymore.”

Jack could feel his anxiety levels rising. It felt like his whole body was starting to vibrate, though he knew it wasn’t, but it would start to in a few minutes if unaided. He performed a quick switch of the phone from his right ear to his left, using his left shoulder to hold it in place against his head as he opened the lid to the middle console and dug around inside it with his right hand. “What the hell, Jordan?” he asked loudly into the phone while finding his prescription bottle.

Jack got the lid open and managed to get a couple of Xanax into his mouth before he hit a hard bump in the road, which served to launch little blue nerve pills out of the bottle and all through the inside of the car like rice thrown at a wedding.


Dave stood in the airport terminal, thinking. He couldn’t get that smile that Stacy Marie had given him out of his head. Was she flirting with him? Or had he just misread it? Either way, the outcome was always the same in his head:

She was facing a wall, bracing herself against it with her arms stretched out in front of her and her palms flat on its surface. The buttons had been ripped from the white button-up shirt so that it hung open, exposing her supple alabaster breasts, which reverberated like jell-o to every movement her body made, and it made a lot. With her uniform skirt hiked up around her waist, and her white cotton panties pulled down around her ankles, Dave stood behind her, pounding into her pussy. She was so wet that his cock slid easily in and out, and he was so forceful that she needed to be.

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