Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 03

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Even more fishing

The shrill pitch of the rod alarm awoke me. I glanced at my watch as I unzipped the tent flap, 2.30am.

Had I really volunteered to spend a night in a tent fishing?

Yes of course I had and as I rolled over to turn the alarm off and check whether we had a catch or not, I sensed why.

“Are you going to get that or do I have to?” Dad said.

“Ok, Ok I’m getting it,” I replied.

As I had rolled over I was hard alongside his hot, sweaty, hairy body.

I found it a huge turn on, being in such proximity to a manly frame.

As I reeled in the line and took a small fish off the hook I felt his hand exploring my back and ass. I cast out the line and put the rod back on the rest.

“What about turning the alarms off both rods?” he said

“Then we won’t be disturbed…?” I asked quizzically.

“Now you’re getting the idea,” he chuckled.

His right hand was all over me and he slid his other hand under my body to get a hold of my now growing cock. I could feel his strong hard hands rubbing into my ass crack and at the same time taking hold of my hardening cock.

As I zipped up the tent flap I lay face down in the hot sleeping bag and revelled in the warmth of his horny explorations.

My left hand slid down my side and, as expected, came across his growing pole.

I gripped it and stroked it and played with his foreskin. Beylikdüzü escort I brought my hand back to my mouth and in the dim moonlight he watched me spit on my fingers and lower my hand back down to his cock.

I added my spit to his hardening cock end as I felt his pre-cum oozing out of his slit. His foreskin began to easily slip over his solid ring as I gently started to jerk him off. His fingers were busy working on my ass and it wasn’t until he attempted to put two fingers in that I realised where we were up to.

He had the gel on his side of the tent and I knew what he was doing, as the cold lube slathered over my ass hole. He worked the stuff in with one finger and at the same time put the remnants off his hands onto his cock end.

I took back hold of his shaft and felt just how hard he really was.

“Lube me good,” I said, as I knew where we were going.

“I’ll do it real slow,” he whispered.

He had two then three fingers in me as I still held his cock in my hand. He was working them in and out and although I had never before that night been invaded in my butt, I was as eager as anything to get a sample.

He moved over me with one leg and took my hand off his cock. I felt him slowly working his hand up and down the shaft with the lube. The feeling of his hairy legs and his balls on my ass was almost more than I could stand.

I was conscious Beylikdüzü escort that my breathing was shallow and erratic.

He lowered himself onto me in a sitting position and he was jerking his cock really hard.

I realised that he was having trouble waiting to get in me and was on the point of going for a wank off first.

“Don’t do that,” I said “Wait a minute then go straight in me after you pull your fingers out”

He raised his body off my ass and pulled his three fingers out, to be replaced by the feel of his cock head gently pushing into my ass. He gently lowered his body down and the pressure made his purple head pop in to my ass, all in one movement.

The feeling was a mixture of sheer pain and yet at the same time pure pleasure.

He held his massive cock just an inch into me as I came to terms with the invasion into my ass. I felt him slathering more oil lube over his shaft and round my ass. But the next feeling is beyond description, with one firm, long slow thrust he pushed the whole of this giant 9″ cock all the way up my ass until he was in hard up to his balls. At the same time his right hand had come round the side of my face and covered my mouth as I went to squeal and yell.

He held his hand over my mouth until he could hear me gasping for breath and then he started the next phase.

He pulled almost 8″ of solid cock out of my ass and Escort Beylikdüzü then plunged it all right back up. He systematically and rhythmically pumped his huge monster cock in and out of my aching ass until I thought I would pass out.

His pace quickened and the thrusts became more and more urgent as he reached his final phase. He moaned and groaned as I felt his cock expand and his balls went up close to his body. He pumped for over a minute as the spunk went into my bowels, with his thrusts subsiding slowly. His weight came onto my body as his last few spurts went further and further into me. I felt the raw heat of his hot sweaty sticky body on my back.

He rolled away to his right and I went with him, his cock still all the way up my ass hole

My ass ached both good and bad, I felt totally spent and it was only then that I reached down to my own cock and felt a large puddle of come on the sleeping bag. Sometime during my pounding I had shot my load onto the bag.

“Are you guys OK in there?” came a voice from outside the tent.

“What’s the matter now?” Jim said as he partially unzipped the tent flap.

“I’m sorry you guys but the noise sounded like you were in trouble in there,” came the response.

“I suffer from Asthma,” I quickly said “Sometimes it sounds worse than it really is, but thanks for asking”

Jim laughed as if to emphasise the point and the guy shouted an Ok as he went away.

We zipped up the flap and Jim and I chuckled …’if only he knew’ we thought.

We stayed in spoons position and slipped silently off to sleep with Jims huge monster still lodged firmly up my ass hole.

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