Daughter, Secretary, and Me

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 1 – The Call

My name is Suzi. I am a secretary for the hottest looking man in our company, Larry Jackson. All my friends tell me I’m very cute.

The phone rings, “Hello, Larry Jackson’s office.”

A questioning Eve asks, “Hello, I am looking for my dad.”

I am suspicious, “Why are you calling me?”

Eve sniffles, “Because daddy said that if there is ever an emergency to call this number. I have an emergency.”

Condescendingly I answer, “I think you have the wrong number miss. Who are you trying to reach?”

Eve is frustrated, “You just said this is Larry Jackson’s office, that is who I want.”

I am frustrated, “Larry doesn’t have a family.”

Eve is now crying, “Look, I am sitting here at school with a knee injury and I need to be taken to the hospital. Now you barge into his meeting right now and tell him I need him. PLEASE!”

She doesn’t sound like she is faking it. No way this could be a crank call. Yet Larry never said anything about a daughter. Of course, he doesn’t talk about his personal life at all. Surely, he would have told me he has a daughter, right? I mean, that’s a big deal. Especially if she plays sports. He would be taking time off for tournaments and such. No, this can’t be his daughter. Why is she so adamant? If he has a daughter, then he must have a wife. Why else would he not hit on me and the other good-looking women here?

I question, “Can’t your mom come get you?”

Well, that was the wrong thing to say. Now the girl is crying hard and making weird noises like she is hyperventilating. Someone else picks up the phone.

The stranger asks, “Mr. Jackson?”

Now I am really confused, “No, I am his secretary. I just asked why her mom doesn’t pick her up.”

The furious stranger screams, “You, heartless bitch, she died 17 years ago in an auto accident. Thank you so much for bringing up such a painful memory. Fuck you! If her dad can’t bother picking up his own daughter, we will take her to the hospital ourselves. Fuck you!”

I hear her yell, “What a bitch! Practice is canceled, help me carry Eve.” Click.

The phone goes dead.

I get up and rush into Larry’s office, “Larry, you have a problem. Eve called.”

I have his complete attention now and he looks shocked. Holly shit, he does have a daughter. What have I done?

I sheepishly explain, “Seems she had an accident at practice.”

I see the concern in his eyes. I am near tears. I didn’t know he had a daughter.

Sadly, I say, “I was just screening your calls like I always do. I thought it was fake caller, you never talked about your family. I made the mistake of asking why her mother didn’t take her.”

The look on his face is pure pain now. I have re-inserted a wood stake into his heart. He has tears running down his face.

In a very concerned yet calm voice, he commands, “Where is she?”

I answer, “Her coach or friends are taking her to the hospital. I think she is at school. She wanted you, I am sorry. I didn’t know or I would have put it straight through. I thought it was a crank call at first. You never talked about her.” I am crying. I feel horrible for causing this wonderful man pain. “I am so sorry.”

Larry comes to me, gives me a hug (which always fixes everything), and says, “I am sorry I never told you. I need the afternoon off.”

That would be his first one in about eight years.

Larry says in a calm voice, “Fix my schedule please, re-arrange my meetings and I will see you tomorrow.”

That has always been a joke between us. They blackball him from everything important in the company. He never has meetings unless it is to hire a new programmer or secretary. In a flash, he is gone. Oh, how I love that man. He has a daughter and his wife died in a car crash. He never dealt with it, those tears are proof. No wonder he doesn’t hit on me or the other women, he is still in love with his wife. He can’t move on.

Larry’s point of view:

I want to speed and get there fast but I know that is dangerous, so I try to stay within the speed limit. I don’t want to get killed in an accident. Eve is eighteen and a senior at a private high school that just happens to be close to home. She has been playing softball for almost her whole life. The hospital is only a few miles away, I know they took her there.

I pull up, park, then quickly run into some grumpy women in softball uniforms. I know them all by name, their parent’s names, their sibling’s names, and most of their addresses. This group has been together a long time. They run at me for a big group hug. This group hugs a lot. Well, they hug me a lot.

I ask in a concerned voice, “How is my baby?”

Traci is mad, “They won’t tell us shit.”

I go into the ER. I find a nurse, she is busy Ankara escort but looks up. I get a quick smile.

The nurse asks very nicely, “What can I do for you, honey?”

I reply as calmly as I can, “My daughter Eve was brought in, she was in an accident at practice. I am looking for her.”

She takes my hand and we twist through a mostly empty ER to find Eve laying in a bed with a brace on her knee. I tell the nurse thank you.

Eve quickly asks me, “Is she single?”

I give half a laugh, “You know there is only one woman in my life. What’s up?”

Eve excitedly explains, “I was rounding second, my foot slipped off the bag, I fell to the ground and I felt lots of pain. They x-rayed me and here I sit, waiting. Your secretary is a real bitch.”

I bashfully explain, “The poor girl had no idea about you or our history. She really is a sweet woman. She is cute as well … I know you were going to ask. In fact, she is as stunning as you are, a true beauty.”

Eve blushes.

Eve asks me with a smile, “Single? Young? Cute?”

I laughingly reply, “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Eve continues the interrogation, “She doesn’t like older men?”

I explain for the 1 millionth time, “I don’t mix my personal and private life. Besides, you know how I feel. I am a one-woman man. I told you that.”

Eve is frustrated, “You are so frustrating. If a woman, say like mom, really loved you, do you really think she would want to see you like this? Maybe women were different back then, I doubt it. I think this is all you!”

Thankfully, the Doctor came in, “Good news, nothing is broken, but the swelling needs to go down before we can do an MRI. We can do it in two days. I will set you up with the appointments you need. Here are two Rx, for pain and a muscle relaxant. Don’t move the knee. Ice it to bring the swelling down. Let me finish the paperwork and then they will release you. The nurse will get you crutches. No school tomorrow, I will see you Monday after they do the MRI.

I go back to the team, give them an update. They leave and will drop off Eve’s car at the house. It takes thirty minutes to get out, a nice nurse follows behind me with Eve in a wheelchair to my car.

Eve amusingly says to the nurse, “Do you think he has a nice ass?”

Way too quickly the nurse responds, “Oh yes.”

That is creepy. She has been very helpful though.


Eve’s point of view:

We get home, dad goes to get the Rx filled. I am watching TV on the couch with an ice pack on my knee. I get a phone call from an unfamiliar number.

It’s a local area code so I answer thinking it is the hospital, “Hello, this is Eve.”

Suzi sounds like a mess, “Hi Eve, this is Suzi, your dad’s secretary. Let me start by apologizing. I had no idea you existed. Truly, I am very sorry and hope you get better quickly. Is there anything you need? Is your dad taking good care of you?”

I can tell she has been crying.

Suzi starts crying again, “I had no idea about anything. You caught me off guard. I try to be very protective of your dad, he is such a nice man. How are you? Is there anything you need?” What can I do for you?

I laugh to myself, she is repeating herself. She really is concerned and upset. Interesting.

I fish for some information, “Thanks Suzi for your concern. Dad always says it’s not good to mix work with family, I guess he goes to extremes. Nothing is broken, Monday I go back to the doctor. If Dad’s schedule is too busy, I can have a friend take me.”

Suzi laughs at that, “I guess you don’t know much about what your dad does at work do you?”

I state with a monotone voice, “He leaves for work every day and he comes back at night. Is there more?”

Suzi is amazed, “Wow, you don’t know squat, do you?”

Trying to be friendly, “About as much as you knew about me yesterday.”

Suzi uses her friendly voice, “I sure would like to compare stories with you sometime. Tomorrow is Friday, people often take long lunches, well, except your dad, he never goes out for lunch. How about I bring some sub sandwiches over for lunch and we talk? You know, compare notes!”

I ask, “Is this your personal phone?”

Suzi promptly answers, “Yes, text me your address and I will see you tomorrow about noon.”

I tell her, “Knock and then walk in, I don’t want to get up. I’m not supposed to move my knee.”

Suzi seeing the intelligence in that, “Fine, see you tomorrow. Bye.”

I reply, “Bye.”

I think tomorrow’s lunch will be interesting.

Chapter 2 – Lunch

Suzi’s point of view:

I knock on the door and walk in with lunch. This is a beautiful home, more like a cabin vibe with rustic furniture inside and a classic modern look on the outside, just like Larry, the two shall not meet.

I yell out, “Helloooooo!”

Eve shouts back, “In here with the TV.”

I walk into the living room, Eve shuts off the TV. Sitting on the couch is a goddess, I can tell she is shorter than me, I am 5′ 8″. She has a huge Ankara escort bayan set of at least C cup, borderline D breasts that look much larger on her lithe body. She works out, muscular arms and legs, tiny ass.

It is her face that is the difference between us mere mortals and her. She has high cheeks, a tiny nose, and a deep dark blue set of eyes. She has golden hair that is back in a ponytail. She genuinely seems happy to meet me. This surprises me.

Eve is stunned, “My oh my, you are drop-dead gorgeous. You must be married otherwise the guys at work would be driving you insane.”

I am taller and just as fit, but my body is bigger, my 36C – 24 – 36 tits are about as good as it gets. My legs seem longer than they are. My breasts, like Eve’s, are full, round, and stand out proud. We could cause lots of accidents if we were walking near a street together. My face is a bit longer, my eyes are brown, but men get captured in them none the less when they get around to looking at my eyes. Larry was the only one that looked there first.

I admit, “I didn’t always look like this. When your father hired me, I was 75 pounds heavier, nobody gave me a second look. Your dad still hired me. He sensed my unhappiness with my weight. He told me the next day I should bring a set of workout clothes to work. At 11:00 AM we set up meetings for the company gym. We talked about work, what he needs, and about the new prospects he is looking at. This is while we are working out. It’s been almost a year, and this is what a difference he made.”

I show off my body turning around. I really do like how I look. I also changed my diet, between the two we worked miracles.

Eve is awed, “You are stunning. I mean it, that smile is infectious, your face is perfect, white glaring teeth, awesome eyes, why aren’t you married?”

I am a bit bashful now, “Before your dad helped me, I was a one and done. Guys just used me for sex and I never got a second date. Now that I am cute, everyone wants to date me, but I don’t want a man that likes me for my looks. I want someone that likes me for who I am.”

Eve gives me a suggestive look, “Let me guess, you know someone like that, right?”

My mouth hangs open, how did she know? I blush. Yes, I do know someone, and she knows the same man. What do I do?

Eve is proud of herself, “Yes! I thought so. Tell me about work. I bet they love him, right?”

Now I am not so happy and my head hangs, “No. It’s just the opposite. They loathe him, he is blackballed from just about everything that could help his career, and they openly mock him.”

Eve is devastated.

I continue sadly, “He obviously loves baseball by looking at his office, but he won’t play in the corporate league. The owner is into that in a big way, he likes to beat his friends. They know he can help but he refuses to join. That is a major hit against him.”

Eve looks haunted, on the verge of tears, but explains, “He loves baseball, he was a top prospect in the minor leagues. The day after the accident he quit so he could care for me. Are the games on Wednesday and Friday?”

I am shocked, “I go to some and yes they are, how did you know?”

Eve sadly answers, “My games are on Wednesday and Friday,” she sniffles.

I angrily continue, “They also tease him about his crappy car, they talk about how he has changed and gone cheap. Up till four years ago, he went out to lunch with the group regularly then suddenly he stopped. The thing that really makes me mad is the way they openly talk about how stupid he is for tossing away his retirement by selling his company stock. I know he sold $44,000 not long ago and $2500 just the other day.”

Eve starts crying hard now. I rush to comfort her, she can’t hold back. She is deeply distressed. She holds me hard and cries into my shoulder.

She stops crying enough to say, “Four years ago I started going to a private high school. My new car cost $44,000. He took me out for a day of shopping, we had to spend over $2,000.”

Eve continues crying, “I have ruined my dad’s life.”

I am embarrassed asking the next question, “I hate to ask this, but they think he is gay as well. He has never made a pass at me. Is there a chance?”

Eve is furious, “Don’t you dare go there! He calls himself a one-woman man. I think he still blames himself for not being in the car when mom died. Mom was sick, she didn’t want to take us to the pediatrician for a routine checkup. Work came first so dad made mom do it. Otherwise, he would be dead, and mom would still be alive.”

The realization of his guilt hit me hard, “Oh my, that is a lot of guilt. It explains why he separates the two now. He is overcompensating to you, making it up to his wife. Because of the blackball, no raises for eight years can’t be good for the family finances. They only keep him around because he hires good people. All the execs have his old secretaries. I will be next to leave. If he can’t pay for lunch or a new car, I bet he took out a second mortgage, I bet you are almost Escort Ankara broke if he had to take out for a single shopping trip and stopped doing lunches.”

Now I am crying.

Eve continues crying, “I had no idea what I was doing to my dad.”

She finally cries herself out as a hug her hard.

She finally stops the crying, “I am changing the subject, that’s too painful.”

She recollects her thoughts and dries her eyes before saying, “I have been trying to set up my dad for years now. He looks at women and gets hard, but he just can’t bring himself to date, anyone.”

I get a great idea, “I know someone he will date.”

Eve is dismissive, “He won’t. Most of my teammates and their mothers have thrown themselves at him. He never gave a hint he is interested. They know his story, they don’t press it. The nurses at the hospital were all over him yet he had no interest.”

I smile, “He will date you. I see the pictures on the wall, you look like her. She was very beautiful as are you.”

Eve blushes.

I explain my plan, “If you say you want to know what an adult date is like, he will take you on one. Go dancing.”

Eve is confused, “Um, I have a problem, I can’t dance.”

I give my million-dollar smile, “No, but I can.”

The realization hits Eve, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok. I get it. Hey, that just might work.”

I explain, “I know this really classy place, they have dancing. With you not playing, do you think your dad would play baseball now?”

Eve is confident, “I think so. He is in shape and he still loves the game. Yes, I think he would. I was what stopped him. I would like to see him have fun and play. I have never seen him do anything but play catch with me and be my catcher. Could I bother you for a ride, I want to watch him? He never missed one of my games, I certainly can’t miss his.”

I tell her, “One second.”

I take out my phone and dial Jim. I hate this slimy VP. Ever since I started looking good, he is all over me. He is disgusting and a degenerate.

I ask in a friendly voice, “Hi Jim. This is Suzi from work. Did I hear right that you made the corporate playoffs?”

Jim is in lust immediately, “Hi Suzi, yes we did, you want to come out and watch? We would love to have you … there.”

I bet he would. I would love to kill him … there.

I am grossed out but try to sound happy, “Actually, I am at lunch with a friend of Larry’s. He had plans every Wednesday and Friday night. Something came up and he is now free again those nights. I understand he is a former pro prospect that had to quit the game for family reasons. He is in awesome shape. If you get a chance, today is a great day to recruit him for next week when the games resume.”

Jim is in disbelief, “You know he never plays, that’s why Fred hates him. He knows he used to play and he was supposed to be awesome. However, just for you, I will ask him, but don’t expect much. He is a loser. I got to run, see you. Bye.”


Looking at Eve, “I hate that guy. He might invite your dad today. Have him go to a batting cage before the game. After so long he probably needs a few swings.”

Eve reaches over and hugs me, “Thank you. I am sorry I called you a bitch. I would let my dad date you. In fact, how about tomorrow? Slinky, form-fitting, deep cleavage, evening dresses?”

I quickly say, “Oh, my fuck me dress,” then I realize what I said, cover my mouth with my hands, and turn beet red.

Eve laughs hard, “Ha, ha, ha, ha. That is exactly what I want you to wear, your ‘fuck me’ dress, I will as well. If all goes well, that dress will earn its name. 6:00 PM too early?”

I answer still embarrassed, “No, 6:00 is perfect, we will have dinner and then dance. Do I have your permission to be sexy, treat him well, and maybe have sex with him?”

Eve proudly says, “You are sexy, you will never be mean to him, and I most definitely want to get him laid. Secretly, I will be jealous of you. With everyone flaunting over him, even I noticed what a hunk of a man he is. The high school boys all seem so … lacking when compared to daddy.”

I knowingly answer, “You can’t compare that specimen to a boy in high school. Older guys understand more about women and will look after you. I will leave the door open. I want you to see the difference. I don’t know for sure if my charms will work on your dad, but I sure will try. I am also going to do some damage control at work.”

I look at the time, “I have to go, I will keep in touch. Let’s try to keep him in the dark as much as possible. When the time is right, we will enlighten him.”

Eve laughs, “Thank you so much for everything. My leg might be the best thing that has happened to me in a VERY long time. 6:00 tomorrow. We will meet you there, take a cab. We will find you, all the men will be staring your way.”

Chapter 3 – A Strange Day

Larry’s point of view:

Suzi leaves early for lunch and stays out late, must be a date otherwise she would have told me. Good for her! Jim sticks his head into my office. That’s unusual.

Jim asks, “Hey Larry. We just made the playoffs in the corporate challenge. This year we are trying to expand the roster a bit. You interested in playing?”

I reply, “Sure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32