Deborah Discovers Domination Ch. 03

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Pt. 3

Two months in…

We were at two months of this new dominant Deborah persona and each week she would introduce something new. Nothing major, just weird little additions to her kink repertoire. Things like, pouring yoghurt down her panties and squishing in into her pussy and ass and then having me completely clean her and her panties with my tongue. One day while we were both at home, she prepared a vegetable soup for lunch. Being in a new job now and having to work sometimes from home, I wasn’t at her beckon call so much during the day, so I was late to the table. When I got there, I saw that my soup dish was on the floor under the table and her feet were dipping in and out of it and swishing it about. She smiled as I approached.

“Lunch honey.” She said, beaming at me.

As I stooped to get down under the table she handed me a bread roll.

“Break it up and put it in between my toes.”

I did as I was told and within seconds received a mouthful of toes and soup-soaked bread. I began licking it from her toes and sucking the pieces of bread out and licked every morsel of soup from her soles, and from the sounds she was making above me it seemed like she was enjoying it just as much as me, or maybe more. The other foot was poised waiting and dripping over the dish.

“Keep loading the bread between my toes until it’s all gone.”

The experience was a messy one, the soup had gotten everywhere on her feet and I was on my knees for another twenty minutes licking them clean. I had to suck every toe on command and prise the tip of my tongue under her toe nails to make sure I got it all.

“Are they clean honey?”

“Yes love.”

“What did I just hear you call me?” Her voice was stern.

“I’m sorry. Yes Mistress Deborah. They’re clean.”

“And under the nails?” She snapped.

“As much as I could get Mistress Deborah.”

“I want you to crawl your worthless ass over to the coffee table in the front room and retrieve my nail file. Then get back under this table and you run the end of that file under every nail and suck the debris out. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress Deborah.”

“From now on call me Miss Deborah. I am your owner, and occasionally, at a time of my choosing, bursa escort mainly outside of this house, I will become your wife again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Deborah.” I murmured.

A part of me didn’t like where this was going, but each time she issued a command I could feel my hardening cock throbbing. As I sucked at the hardened skin of her toe pads I realised that the deviant in me couldn’t get enough of her body. I was becoming almost as obsessed at being a sub as Deborah was of having complete control over me. In essence I felt like I was losing my wife but gaining a long-held sexual fantasy.

My thoughts were interrupted as she pulled her foot away.

“I didn’t hear that! Answer me in a clear and concise voice. Who am I?”

I swallowed hard.

“You’re my owner Miss Deborah.”

“And what are you?” She quickly retorted.

“I am you’re property Miss Deborah.” I whimpered.

“Very good. We’re getting somewhere. Come up here and kneel beside me.”

I eased myself out from my crouched position and edged over to her on my knees.

She leaned forward and began kissing me passionately like she used to do as a normal wife, and lover.

“I love you more than anything in the world!” She whispered as she moved her mouth along my cheek and nibbled at my earlobe.

“Do you feel my love for you?”

“Yes Miss Deborah.”

“It’s so important that I feel that I own you. Do you submit freely to my control?”

“Yes Miss Deborah.”

I found the whole exchange a little bit creepy as I said and felt that this was a completely different person now than the one I married, but Deborah was my wife and I was devoted to her, regardless.

“How hard is your cock after that?”

“Hard Miss Deborah”

She lifted up the front of her top and pulled her bra down exposing her large nipples standing to attention.

“How hard is it now?”

“Very hard Miss Deborah.”

“Show me.”

I opened my jeans and pulled them down. The release of tension sprang my cock forward in a raging stiffness.

“Hmmm.” Deborah said. “You are excited aren’t you.”

She leaned forward, supported one of her tits with one hand and cradled my head with the other bursa escort bayan as she slid a stiff and dry nipple into my mouth.

The soft familiar scent of her perfume had increased the sensuality of the moment and I began sucking in a slow and deliberate motion. She began to “hum” and “ahh” as she pressed her breast into my face. My cock raged, longing for a touch, but I was apprehensive about tugging it so early for fear of being over excited and losing the moment. Just then, I felt her toes pinching and squishing the very sensitive tip of my knob. I felt my whole nervous system shudder with excited pulses. She withdrew her nipple for a moment and inserted her fingers into my mouth. They wandered searched every nook and cranny, gathering up as much saliva as was available and then she re-inserted her, now, well-moist nipple, as her fingers slid down inside her leggings to lubricate her pussy. I tenderly kneaded her other stiff nipple between my thumb and forefinger. We lasted in these contorted position for ten minutes or more before I was distracted by the sound of scraping wood as Deborah’s foot pushed into the floor jerking the chair backwards. She exhaled loudly in a torrent of tortured gasps as she came to the climax and she quickly stationed her other foot firmly on the floor for stability. I, for my part, was reluctant to let go of her glorious nipple and sucked it as if I was never going to be afforded the privilege again.

The stiffness of her nipple began to subside as I felt the tension of her body ease and her limbs become more supple. I had not yet touched my cock in all this excitement and it was still raging raw from the caressing of Deborah’s foot. Deborah had regained her composure and happened to look down at the same time. She reached out to touch my face and I could smell the pussy on her palm as she brushed it across my cheek.

“You served me well Jeremy. Would you like me to reward you or would you like to carry on serving me? What’s your pleasure honey?”

I nearly came there and then from the seductiveness of her voice.

” To serve you Miss Deborah.”

It just came out, I didn’t even hear myself say it. It seems that subconsciously, I was consumed with escort bursa a desire to please this woman whom I thought I already knew intimately but I had never, ever, experienced wanton pleasure and abandon on this level with Deborah “the housewife”.

She raised the side of her mouth in a closed-lip smile and maintained eye-contact in silence. She then held out a hand with her palm inwards, in a royal manner, for me to take hold off. I did, and not sure of what else to do, I kissed it as a subject would.

“You are an absolute treasure and I can see that we’re going to have some absolute wonderful times together as mistress and servant.”

She pulled my face forward and landed a passionate kiss on my lips and explored my mouth with her tongue.

“Keep that cock hard, for I want to reward you and have you serve me at the same time. But first, peel off my leggings please.”

As I did so, she slipped off the chair and down onto the floor in one fluid motion. Pushing me backwards she straddled my hips and with a firm grip guided my cock into her dripping pussy.

“Do you want to fuck your mistress Jeremy?”

I murmured once more.

She slapped me across the cheek and asked again.

“Do you want to fuck your mistress Jeremy?”

“Yes Miss Deborah, yes Miss Deborah, please.”

Her hips began to undulate and she pumped my cock for ten minutes or more and dangled her tits over my mouth, swapping from nipple to nipple. I tried to last as long as I could but I couldn’t hold on. I carried on sucking her tits like a newborn. The tip of my cock felt red hot as the shivering, gushing excretion shot up inside her. She clenched her grip around my hips and dug her nails into my shoulders as her pussy violently pounded my groin.

We were both exhausted after this exchange and Deborah stayed in position for a moment and then flopped down on top of me. We kissed and licked around each others mouths for a while and then she made movements to get up.

“You served me well.” She said as she uncoupled herself from my drooping cock and raised herself. The minute hint of affection in her voice was gone now, the coldness of was back.

“Make sure you clean all this up. Then I want you to polish my black heels and make sure that I have clean panties and pantyhose for work tomorrow.”

Thus began my metamorphosis from a husband of my beautiful Deborah into a whimpering slave subject of a dominant queen I didn’t know existed in our household until two months ago.

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