Descent into Depravity Ch. 02

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Descent into Depravity Ch. 2

Bareback and Saddled

The following week passed slowly with my ass constantly twitching and jumping from memories of the pounding it had taken the previous weekend. I had swallowed so much semen that the thick, musty flavour of cum re-emerged whenever I burped and caused me to relive the experience all over again. I told no one about what had transpired and hid my chastity-clad prick from the world. Since I had to sit on the toilet to pee, prying eyes were not an issue.

As the week wore on, I considered all the ways and means of removing the device currently restraining my dong. I examined it fully and decided that short of power tools, there was no other way to take it off. I began to get the haunting feeling that I would have to revisit the house of horrors.

Friday rolled around and found me considering my options. I could either live with this thing caging my dick for the rest of my life, unlikely, or I could use the number I had been given to get an invitation back so I could plead with them to release me from this torment. Even though I had constantly promised myself I’d never go back, I decided on my course of action, picked up the phone and dialed the number.

“Hello?” said a gruff but jubilant voice male voice as he picked up the line.

In a hushed tone almost whispered tone, I enquired, “Hello. Is Jennifer there?”

The gentleman paused for a moment before answering, “No, she’s gone out for a while. Would you like to come over and wait for her?”

My ass twitched violently, and I felt myself flush as my heart skipped a beat at the sound of his suggestion. All the excitement of the previous weekend rushed back to me at once as once again I tasted the heady flavour of semen in my mouth once again. “Yes,” I whispered after a pause to consider.

“Great!” he elated. “We’ll have something hot cooked up for you when you get here.” I shuddered to think of what that might be.

“Okay,” I replied. “I’ll be around presently,” I said as I hung up the phone.

Since it was summertime, the heat made the wearing of heavy clothes impossible. This suited me fine as I donned a skimpy pair of cut offs, commando, and a half shirt on top. I packed a few clothes into an overnight bag, recalling the sequence of events of last week once again.

I was feeling an amount of sexual excitement as I packed and wondered if it was the effect of their subliminal messages or the gas making me feel this way. A week ago, I thought I was arrow straight and thoughts like this would have revolted me. Now I was a bit bent, and they made my cock jump.

I bid my parents adieu and explained that I was off for the weekend then jumped in my pre-ordered cab. On the way over, I considered my motivations and chances of success. I was going to offer myself up on the altar of lust to potentially face more horrendous abuse. “What am I, nuts?” I thought as the cab rolled along. I considered turning around and going back home, but the touch of the cold metal they had wrapped around my cock convinced me to keep going. I had to get this thing off somehow.

The cab came to a stop in front of the building. I got out, paid the fare then just stared at the edifice. Slowly, I approached the front doors and, trepidaciously with shaking fingers, rang the intercom.

“Hello?” asked the same gruff voice.

“Hello,” I responded hoarsely. “Is Jennifer here?”

“No, she’s not but you can come up and wait,” he said as he buzzed me into the building.

My legs were shaking as I crossed the threshold of the outer structure. The walk from the front door to the apartment door seemed to take forever. Timidly I knocked on the door to the place of my debauchery. Again, the door flew open then a large hand grabbed me and dragged me into the dark space beyond. I felt the bite of steel as they slapped handcuffs on my wrists then kicked my legs out from under me sending me crashing to my knees. They reasserted their control over me in no uncertain terms.

A chucking voice walked up beside me. “I knew you would come back, Cunt,” he chuckled as he affixed a collar around my neck. He apparently recognized me.

I hung my head in deference. “Yes, Sir,” I responded.

“Do you want more of what we gave you last weekend?” he asked as the sound of a leash being attached reverberated in my brain.

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered. The gas mask from last weekend was place over my head, and I breathed deeply the oily fumes. Moments later, the feeling that I had experienced last weekend was back, and my head was abuzz again.

A cheer from around me let me know that we were not alone. “Good,” he uttered. I was jerked to my feet where my shorts button was undone and my garment yanked down, exposing my smooth crotch and still chaste prong.

“Hmm, commando!” he grunted approvingly. “And still smooth. Like it that way, do you Cunt?”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded a little bashfully. After having istanbul travesti had my crotch shaved once, I decided I liked it that way and kept it up. Besides, it itched terribly if I missed a day.

“Very good!” he smiled through his crooked lips. “You’re coming along nicely,” he remarked.

“Thank-you, Sir,” I automatically responded. Indeed, their training was bearing fruit.

“The first thing you are going to do tonight is participate in a gang bang competition. It’ll be just like last weekend for you!” he chuckled.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied with some anticipation and some trepidation.

He took my leash from his friend and led me out of the room and down a short hallway to another room where four pairs of the now familiar bucks were arranged a curtain stood in front of one wall. There were placards set on poles beside each to keep score. He led me toward one set and stopped and removed my cuffs. “You know what to do,” he invited in a growl.

I bent over the first one, spread my arms along the second and placed my head down to be secured. He smiled as he fastened the buckles of the straps that restrained me. “I can see you really like this, don’t you Cunt?”

“Yes, Sir,” I admitted quietly. He smiled as he cinched down the last strap and stepped out of the room.

He returned momentarily with another then another collared young man. They were all carefully secured to their own bucks similar fashion to me. When he had finished, there were three other naked twinks and I restrained in a semi circle on what looked like a slow stage. Other men appeared bearing gas masks and I knew what was coming. Oddly enough, I rather looked forward to it. They popped the masks on the heads of the young men in stocks, always with the same advice. “Breath deeply and relax.” Soon, all of us had popped woodies inside the chastity devices we wore. “They’re ready,” said a voice that sounded like it came from a long hallway.

The curtain went up and I was horrified to find out that I was part the main show, like it or not. “Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Look them over and place your bets. Which one of these little cunts will take the most cock and win this round?” said a voice that sounded like it came from the back of the room. I heard the small audience stir as they made up their minds. Then, I felt the sensation of the lube being dribbled between my ass cheeks and hands massaging it in once again. My ass quivered involuntarily and a voice behind me sneered, “Eager, are you?”

“Yes, Sir,” came my automatic response.

The hands stopped moving and a beautiful prong swung into view in front of me. I felt my hair being grabbed and knew exactly what was coming next. I dropped my bottom jaw as my facially oriented friend popped it in between my waiting lips and the competition was underway.

At the same time, I felt a mushroom head of a large cock beginning to explore my substantially looser, little hole. He began to press in as I pushed back. Suddenly, I felt that soft popping deep inside me that told me that he’d penetrated my inner sanctum. Slowly, he pumped in and out, widening my channel as he continued.

Just as the events of last weekend, there were never ending trains of men waiting for my ass and throat. When one had finished cumming, another was waiting in the wings to take his place. I soon lost track of all the men who had used my body so far tonight. Some liked to slam it into my tender, little ass while others preferred to fuck my throat until they came. Either way, I was in seventh heaven to be allowed to service them like this.

Some of the men liked to talk to me. “You look great with your lips wrapped around my cock, Cunt. They were made to be sucking a cock just like that. Just a born little cocksucker, you are,” and other comments they would say as they slipped their cocks through my mouth and into my throat.

I slipped his cock back up to my lips to quickly and quietly reply, “Yes, Sir. Thank-you, Sir,” before plunging his prong back into my hot, wet throat.

So things went for the next hour with some men wanting to explode as deeply inside me as they could while others preferred to give the final few fist pumps and spray all over my smooth ass just as some guys liked to spill their seed in my throat, others preferred to seep into my mouth and there were more who wanted to see me looking like a glazed doughnut with it dripping from my chin.

Feeling a hand on my back when the hour was up, I heard the emcee say, “After taking fourteen men in his ass and making twelve men cum with his mouth for a total of twenty-six, this little cocksucker is declared the winner of round one!” I was covered in cum. It was on my face, in my hair, on my back and all over the globes of my ass. My master said while standing beside me with a smile on his face. A cheer went up from the audience before I heard murmurs of bets being made and the rustle of money changing hands.

I remained bent over and istanbul travestileri immobilized while my cohorts were released and led from the room. I had won he first round, so naturally I had to stay and defend my title. New contestants were brought in and secured before round two got underway. As before, the men decided on their pleasure and took it from us any way they pleased.

I lost the next round by one dick in my face and was quite disappointed. My Master untied me from the frame, put me back in handcuffs and led by my leash to the next area he wanted me to be in. I was taken to a room where, hanging from the ceiling, were a series of swings and slings suspended from the ceiling. The room was quite busy with the sweet smell of sex hanging heavy in the air. I could see several other sluts secured into a number of the contraptions, but there were still a few slings left. They tugged at my leash by way of giving me direction and led me to an empty sling. “On your back,” my leash holder said as he patted the leather of the sling.

“Yes, Sir,” I automatically said as I hopped up. They grabbed my legs and secured them to the suspension and then cuffed my hands to the others. They then proceeded to angle the contraption so that my both my ass and my mouth could be used at the same time. A stranger stood at my ass, poking my hole with his hardening prong while an unknown dick began to swab my tonsils. Swinging me between them, neither had to move to take his pleasure from me.

They would cum and go with such great frequency that I lost count of the number of men I serviced while lying on my back almost immediately. I was now in my element and was beyond caring. Between the gas and my own feeling, I was lost in a delirium. All I was aware of was cum and making the next guy cum. By the time my Master let me up, I looked and felt like a glazed doughnut once again. He scooped some up from my chest and pressed it into my eager mouth before releasing me. “You did very well, Cunt. Now, lets take you somewhere else.” He led me through the building until we reached a door. He opened the door revealing a peculiar galley with a few young men inside. There were curious holes cut in one wall and in front of the holes was a wide bench. I witnessed as a dick appeared through one of the holes and one of the boys hurried over to service it.

“This is the Czech whorehouse, main attraction for this week’s party, Cunt!” he smiled as he led me in. I had a feeling that I was to be one of the whores in the house. With pressure on my shoulders, I was bade to kneel on the bench in front of a pair of holes. The gas mask was pressed against my face once again and once again, I was ready to go when a cock appeared, ready to be serviced.

He forced my head toward it to give me the idea. It was impossible to resist him with my hands still restrained in handcuffs, so I did as they silently asked and wrapped my lips around this anonymous dick and slide it down my well fucked throat. My Master then took my head in hand then pushed and pulled my mouth up and down his hard shaft. The effect was causing my partner to moan out loud.

“Hey Larry,” I heard him dreamily call. “You gotta try this guy! This one gives GREAT head!” as he rammed his prong into my thirsty throat time after time. A few more pumps of his hips and his cum joined the concoction put there by other men in the gang bang competition. Moments after his cock disappeared, it was replaced by another. I slid my lips around the tip and began to suck it back as his hips propelled it into my mouth and throat. “Oh, fuck! You were right!” a voice said jubilantly as he continued ramming his cock in and out.

He pulled his hard prong out of my face and leaned down. “I want you to stand up, bend over and stick your sweet, little ass through the hole here,” he ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded as I began to comply with his command.

When I bent over and my ass was exposed out the hole, I heard a low whistle. “That has got to be the sweetest little ass I’ve ever seen,” I heard an admiring voice say as I felt a hand touching my backside and fingers making their way to my already gaping hole. He touched and lingered for a moment before putting his hands on my hips and sliding his impressive dong into my open spooge socket.

I moaned and closed my eyes like the little slut I was becoming. My always hungry ass greedily gobbled in his wonderful prong. I felt hands on my head and opened my mouth. My guess was correct. There was someone there wanting to enjoy my mouth. I opened my lips and tasted the more of many cocks to come.

I was turned around and fucked hard many times in my mouth and ass at the glory hole. They made sure to always keep my mouth busy as each went about his business. “I’ve become such a little cumslut,” I thought as I eagerly accepted another dong and sucked it down my throat.

After what seemed like hours, my masters again took up my leash to lead me somewhere travesti istanbul else. Bearing a submissive posture, I padded after them and saw some more of this week’s party. There were whores like me lying on benches through shrouded holes cut in the wall so that there was just a cute little ass presenting itself. They led me to another hole in the wall. “Get on your back and slide in,” said the man who seemed to be the leader. I obeyed and slid home on the padded bench. My head hung off at one end and I felt hands sliding my feet into the stirrups on the outside of the wall.

Meanwhile, inside the wall, my Master restrained my arms above my head with handcuffs locked to loops set into projections jutting off the main bench. He picked up the gas mask from beside him and had no trouble convincing me that I wanted it on my head. I breathed in deeply a few times and felt that old familiar feeling from last weekend. He then shucked his shorts and suspended his glorious cock just inches above my gaping mouth.

“Do you want that, Cunt?” he asked in a teasing tone, dipping the head of his prong closer to my lips and watching me struggle and squirm for it.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied affirmatively.

“Beg for it, then,” he requested through a slick sneer.

“Please Sir, let me suck your wonderful cock into my warm, wet throat?” I began. “I beg you to fuck my mouth with that superb dick of yours.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth, but I did want his cock in my mouth at that moment and this seemed to be the only way to get it there.

He placed his hands on both sides of my head as if to steady it where he wanted it and dropped the head of his extraordinary, cut cock into my watering mouth. “Well, since you begged so nicely…” I opened wide with eyes a sparkle and he was soon to be fucking my ever-willing throat.

I felt my Master’s prong begin to swell in my throat and a shiver of excitement ran through my body. He could choose to fuck any little cocksucker in here because we all belonged to him, but he chose me and now he was about to cum down my throat again. I felt a thrill run through my body at this realization.

He moaned as he raised his mushroom head into my mouth and began to spew his musty cum through my teeth. Again, my swallowing couldn’t keep up with the liquid volume and it leaked out of the corners of my mouth and down my cheeks. I looked up to see a curious smile on my master’s face. “Now THAT is hot!” he enthused as he dismounted my face to let the next cock penetrate my lips. “You’ve become quite the little cum dump!”

It wasn’t long before my cute little ass attracted my first customer. I felt fingers caressing my inner thighs, working down the globes of my butt. A finger probed my hole before I felt both of his hands on my ass, then the sensation of the head of his prong being pressed into my soft, accepting body. A thrill ran threw my body as I realized that I wouldn’t even be able to see the men who would be fucking me.

I moaned as best as I could with a cock slamming in and out my throat. I felt the now familiar popping sensation deep inside me as the man in my pressed home and began to fuck me. He moaned loudly as his cock sank into my inviting hole. “Now, that’s an ass to fuck!” he cried as he wrapped his fingers around my waist and began to fuck me faster. After this comment, my ass was never alone for long. I was nothing more than a cream pied cum bucket now, and I loved it.

I was beyond caring how many men used me while my legs had been held up in stirrups. Occasionally, I saw the grin in my Master’s face and knew things were going well.

After what seemed like hours, my Master released me from the restraints and took my heels out of the slings. I wobbled as I stood up, but his hands were instantly at my sides acting as guard rails while the gas mask was pushed back over my face. Again, I breathed in and again I felt so very horny.

I was led to a bench where he laid me down on my chest upon it. My hands were cuffed to the legs of the bench while my ass jutted out of another hole in the wall where my feet were planted on the ground. A hand grabbed my hair and lifted. My face automatically dropped open and he plunged his swiftly stiffening dick into my wet and ready mouth. It seemed my fan club from the last station had follows me here. From moment one, my gaping hole was never alone long.

I was used from both ends, spit roasted between two men for the balance of the evening.

The last cock slid from my mouth and the last cock finished using my sweet little ass. I lay quivering and quaking as sensations reverberated around my head. Master put the virtual reality headset back on my face and continued to subject me to extreme gay BDSM imagery and the subliminal messages contained within them. They suspended me and turned up the volume on the headset to make sure I stayed awake to be even more susceptible to their messages.

When they came and got me, I was informed by a gruff voice that, “We’re sending you to a room where you do what you don’t confess tonight. Someone will walk in and all youse have to do is anything what they wants. Got that, Cunt?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.” I answered meekly.

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