Elizabeth Takes What She Wants

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I have had the pleasure of dating some incredibly beautiful and incredibly kinky girlfriends over the years. These are all true stories, and I’m sharing them not to bolster my own ego, but to let all the good men out there know that if you respect a woman, treat her as an equal and support her when needed, you too can find yourself in any one of these crazy situations. It never ceases to amaze me just how kinky a woman can be if she feels respected…

This is the first in a series of stories about Elizabeth. This first story tells of how we met and our discovery of mutual kinks. Later stories will talk to her incredible fetishes and how we shared them…

Several years ago I lived in a gorgeous little apartment block in the centre of town, overlooking the parks. As a serving soldier, I had this good fortune owing to a mistake in my landlords rent agreement which meant I was able to afford this gorgeous place clearly outside my means. The building was home to a predominantly yuppie crowd, with a few retirees thrown in for good measure.

In the flat downstairs lived Elizabeth, a single thirty something terrifying social climber. She was one of those ladies that loved to network, lived to earn corporate success. And she was successful as far as I could tell. Elizabeth was a tall, confident woman, athletic and perfectly put together in both her personal appearance and life. For, always well presented, nice car, nice clothes, elegantly done.

So me, being a bit rough around the edges and in the military, found her intoxicating. One day as we did our customary smile and wave as we passed on the stairs, she stopped to let me know she was having some colleagues over for drinks and would I like to join them? In her eyes, I could see she wanted the novelty of a soldier there, no doubt to entertain with whimsical stories of regimental life that they could laugh at, punctuated by thousand yard stares allowing them to castigate war and its brutality. And I was ok with that! Happy to play jester for a bunch of corporate elites.

That night I showered and changed, then grabbed a beer and took a discreet seat overlooking the outside stairwell into the building, checking out the talent as it arrived. Sure enough people started arriving and I heard them being welcomed in the usual waspish manner by Elizabeth. I was pleased to see it looked a fairly even crowd of men and women, and most appeared to be single. Should be fun… I finished a couple of beers and went downstairs.

Elizabeth greeted me at the door and I was stopped in my tracks, left wide eyed with jaw on the floor. Allow me to describe her… At 5′ 9 she is tall. In her black pumps she topped off at 6′. Vibrant, thick red hair, usually up in a bun, cascaded past her shoulders like a fiery waterfall. Fair skin made up just right to accentuate her green eyes, twinkling in greeting. Luscious full lips, red, complimenting her natural hair. She was wearing a single piece elegant emerald dress, naked on the shoulders save for some flimsy straps. The fabric was taught around her incredibly tight waist and swelled perfectly over exquisite but not over done cleavage. The fabric clung to her thighs, and I literally could not stop myself looking her up and down. To my delight, she laughed and twirled for me, asking if I liked? Very much I managed to choke out as I saw her perfect round arse pushing out in overt flirtation… Good God I needed a beer!

With a gentle kiss on each cheek I entered her apartment, identical to my own but furnished much more elegantly. And then it was straight sometimes when we touch izle into the fearless networking I knew she loved. She guided me around as I began pumping hands, smiling, learning and instantly forgetting about two dozen names as I was introduced. Luckily, the apartment was crowded, the noise was loud. This was a far looser affair than what I thought she meant, and that was ok too.

As we neared the end of the introductions, Elizabeth excused herself to answer the door and I was left in the kitchen with about half a dozen people talking about some office gossip to which I listened with feigned interest. Elizabeth was clearly a quality host as there was plenty of beer I was welcome to, needed in this crowd with whom I knew nothing about. I was politely included, the conversation flowed and I was enjoying the whole thing.

After several hours not even the alcohol could hide my concern that anybody watching would have seen my eyes darting every so often back to Elizabeth, hopeful she’d return just for the pleasure of her glorious company. Yep, I was hooked on her.

It wasn’t just the fact she was stunning. It was her confidence as she owned the room. It became apparent from her friends she was a big deal and was in the process of being recommended to the board of directors. The women I spoke to all had positive, glowing things to say. The men similarly were positive, but they like me had that same primal lust in their eyes when her name was mentioned. She had more eyes than just mine on her in that room.

As the night wore on, more and more people were acting out, behaving in a manner I was more used to from my soldiers. It was all in good fun, but then of course somebody ruined it by throwing up just outside Elizabeth’s front door and having a verbal meltdown with his wife. I found the whole thing hilarious, but Elizabeth took that as the cue to shut it down.

I figured I should be a good neighbour and excused myself to Elizabeth and told her I’ll clean up outside before the guests left and had to walk in this idiots puke. So I grabbed the firehouse from the stair well and as the irate couple left I hosed the whole area down and cleared the vomit.

I went back in to several coked up suits cheering me for my help and a beleaguered Elizabeth trying to shoo her colleagues out. Again being a good neighbour and an unknown at the party, I told them all that a noise complaint had gone in and the cops would be there soon, which had the desired effect as I think many people Still had some ‘sherbert’ in their pockets.

As the bulk left, Elizabeth came up and gave me an appreciative hug and peck on the cheek for helping out. I took the opportunity for a quick squeeze and was rewarded with the feel of her athletic body pressed against me, if only for a moment. We had a quick chat and a laugh as she apologetically thanked me over and over. As we chatted it was clear that a few people were incapable of leaving, and she excused herself to get them blankets. I left her to it and went upstairs to crash.

I showered and changed into a pair of shorts and grabbed a whiskey nightcap, unable to sleep for thoughts of Elizabeth. I desperately wanted to go downstairs again, but even in my state I knew it would be seen for what it was; another male desperate to get in her pants.

So I put on some porn and got to it. However as I was starting to get some steam up, there was a knock on the door. I didn’t know what to expect but in my haste to answer I forgot I was special forces worlds toughest test izle shirtless with a semi erection bulging in my loose shorts. And so like this I answered to a resigned Elizabeth still in her elegant gown. Now it was her turn to look me up and down with appreciation, before apologising and asking if she could shower at mine as someone had puked in her toilet and she couldn’t stand the smell or the hassle of cleaning it up. Now at this point, my semi erection twitched and she must have seen that moment of pure animalism which passed over my face…

So in she came and I rushed to get her a towel and something to hide the growing bulge as she waited in the living room. Coming back, now dressed in heavy track pants to hide the swell and a fresh towel I saw to my horror she was looking with intent at the porn I was watching- bukkake. On the screen a busty woman was on her back, being ferociously fucked as a dozen men jerked off and coated her obscenely bouncing tits in gallons of cum, her face obliterated and unrecognisable in a mass of white goo. I blushed Crimson, apologising profusely. She just looked at me with an awkward stare, thanked me for the towel and went inside to shower, brushing past quickly in embarrassment. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck… I closed the laptop and went and hid in the bedroom.

I had to laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing and then preoccupied myself with a book whilst I tried to ignore my stubborn erection and the thought of Elizabeth in the shower in the next room.

For about ten agonising minutes the shower ran, until eventually it stopped and I could hear Elizabeth humming to herself as she dried off. Desperately horny, all I could do was sit there on the edge of my bed and give her a clean break out the front door. But it wasn’t to be. A gentle tap on my bedroom door. I replied to come in, and the door opened to Elizabeth wrapped in a towel which barely covered her crotch, fiery hair soaking wet and a smirk on her face.

‘So you like bukkake huh?’

Mouth dry, all I could muster was some croaky prepubescent utterance of agreement. She laughed, a deep, rich laugh as she walked to me, spread her legs and sat in my lap.

The first feeling was of her pussy, naked, insanely hot to touch, directly on top of my now monstrous erection. The second feeling, her huge tits, unrecognisable now they were free from the silky confines of a bra, pressing into my chest. Rock hard nipples could be felt on my bare chest through the thick towel. Her wet hair on my shoulders, her hot breath in my ear as she whispered, ‘I love the feel of gorgeous cum shooting into my tight pussy, the feel of cum coating my lips, the feel of a litre of man juice dribbling down onto my tits…’

It was on. I abandoned sensibilities. I picked her up, strong hands crushing her arse cheeks as I stood, her legs wrapped around my waist as she flung off her towel. We crashed into the bedroom wall mirror, her head flung back in pleasure as I kissed her neck, her shoulders, before seeking and finding her luscious lips. We kissed passionately, intensely, no technique, just wild tongues searching, sucking, licking one another as our naked bodies stood entwined. Her heels pushed down my track pants as she arched her back, hot pussy, soaking wet grinding against my abs leaving a trail of slick juices as she sought for my cock.

With my hands holding her up and spreading her cheeks, one of her hands found my cock as the other hoffman family gold izle gripped my hair and she forced me inside her. We both gasped and fell silent as my huge helmet inched up her soaking wet pussy. But it was so tight! The heat, the wetness sent me into ecstasy and before I’d even pushed half of my nine inch cock into her I groaned, every muscle contracting in my body and gripping her in a vice I pumped a massive load inside her, coating her wet walls and filling her body with pump after pump of my seed.

In turn she cried in pleasure, her thighs shaking as she convulsed in the pleasure of being filled, toes curling and back impossibly bent, she orgasmed on the end of my cock, her pussy juices dribbling onto my naked cock and mixing with my own seed. Trembling, still inside her, I turned her around and we collapsed onto my bed, still joined, flushed faces inches from each other as we kissed gently, both still wracked with orgasmic twitches…

But we weren’t done. The pressure of our shared lust had been released, but the new, the exciting pleasure we found in each other hadn’t abated. Gently, I knelt back, easing my cock in and out of her, gently holding her thighs as I slowly built up a rhythm. It wasn’t long before her moaning and my grunting were in sync, as for several minutes we fucked in tandem, completely at ease with each other. The mess we had made inside her was glorious to see and that visual aesthetic kept me hard, even through the insane spasms my cock was making.

Her pussy lips were coated in my spunk seeping out with every thrust. Her juices had saturated the white sheets under her arse and glistened over her thighs and my torso. I leant over to grab my phone on the bed and asked if I could take a photo for her to see what I could.

She smiled and agreed, and in the soft light I snapped a few pics of her gorgeous body, huge tits jiggling and rock hard nipples shooting at the ceiling. Her naked pussy filled with 9 inches of cock, impossibly thick and spreading her apart. Cum soaked lips, juices everywhere… After doing my official photography I showed her the phone and as I continued to pump, she looked at the mess between her legs, and her finger found her clit and began furiously masturbating in deep, powerful strokes over her rosebud.

I just kept fucking, didn’t vary the strokes as I felt her building to another orgasm. She dropped the phone and grabbed one of my hands, placing it on her breast and demanding I torture her nipple. Kneading, pinching gently at first, my hands became more severe as the harder I mauled her tits the more she screamed in ecstasy. Soon both hands were destroying her tits as I fucked Elizabeth harder and harder on her back.

Again our orgasms were in sync as I felt my load coming, she screamed louder than ever before, again her thighs twitched uncontrollably, her sloppy pussy contracted again and as her back arched she came, squealing, hands behind her head and pushing back off the bed head to impale herself on me. As she slowed her movements I pulled out and she cried for me to cum on her face, but I didn’t move and instead pulled out and put her hand on my cock. Aggressively, teeth bared she looked at me and wrenched my cock violently, crying through gritted teeth for me to cum on her, cum on this slut she cried and I released another massive load from between her legs, shooting up her slim body, the first jet spurting and hitting her upturned face and open mouth flush, the second jet immediately hitting her jiggling tits as she continued to masturbate. I was lost in a moment of perfection, almost blacking out myself as this second impossibly huge orgasm shattered my body.

We collapsed into a sweaty, cum and juices soaked mess side by side, idle fingers stroking one another in the dim light as we giggled at our mess, wondering if anybody downstairs was having as much fun…

The next story with Elizabeth features a crowded bar and one helluva dare…

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