Experienced Woman in Need

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These memories are true and even though they occurred about 25 years ago are still very fresh in my mind. I will take liberties with details only to fill in the few gaps in these memories, but most of the accounts that follow are accurate. I did intentionally change the one name in this memory.

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself before continuing. I am by nature a somewhat reserved individual until I get to know and feel comfortable with someone. I am, however, a very sexual person. I have always preferred the more passionate encounters, but will step out on the edge from time to time. I was not blessed with large anatomy, and in fact would guess that my penis is more than a little smaller than average. But to this day I’ve never had a bad sexual encounter or received any complaints from the women I’ve been with. In fact, I’ve had little need and prefer not to go “prowling” for intimacy.

Her name was Vicki. She was 44 years old. She stood about 5’2″ and weighed around 100 lbs. She had black hair stylishly kept just below the shoulders, small but still somewhat perky boobs, and a lean frame with slightly curving hips.

We shared the same office at work and were both supervisors. We’d shared the office for about a year and had gotten to know each other. Nothing real personal, just friendly chat about things in general in addition to the normal business discussions. I was 26 years old and single, while she was married with three children of varying ages.

She said at one point that her husband had hurt her real bad, but having never seen any indication of physical violence (like bruises or cuts) I assumed she meant he had cheated on her. I let it go and didn’t pursue the subject, figuring it was none of my business and if she wanted to talk more about it she would. She spent some time on the phone with her family, but I don’t ever remember overhearing her talking to her husband.

One summer Friday Vicki began talking to me more than usual. I remember it being unusual because her tone and manner were not of the normal type to which I had grown accustomed from her. She was especially personable and friendly, wanting to talk about anything and everything. Toward the end of the day she said on Saturday (the next day) she would be running an errand in the area where we worked, and since she knew I lived just a few blocks from there she would like to come by and visit.

What this meant was my Friday evening would be spent doing a legitimate cleaning job on my apartment just in case Vicki was serious about dropping in on me Saturday. I cleaned until about midnight, at which time I was satisfied my small apartment was presentable.

True to her word, Vicki arrived at my place around 2:00PM on Saturday. She had called to say she was on her way, so I was out on the steps waiting for her when she drove up. My jaw must have hit the ground when she got out of her van. Until that day, I had never seen Vicki dressed in anything other than knee-high dresses. That day she was wearing cutoff shorts and a t-shirt, and looked fantastic. The shorts were cut low enough to be tasteful, but short enough to be alluring and define her firm, shapely butt. She immediately came over and we sat down on the steps and began talking.

She gaziemir escort sat about two steps above the one I was on, and I found out later that was intentional. What it did was totally distract me from whatever conversation we were having and make it very difficult to focus on anything other than her lovely tanned legs.

As we talked, the conversation got around to her being out running errands alone on the weekend. Feeling the more personal atmosphere was right for more personal conversation, I asked why her husband was not with her. She said they had not been getting along well for several months. For her, things would never be the same between them since she found out he was not being faithful. That confirmed my earlier assumption that this was how he had hurt her. This line of conversation changed the mood and the talk became more serious. I suggested we go inside my place where it was cooler and continue the visit there. As she climbed the steps above me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her tanned legs and gorgeous butt. I will never forget that sight as long as I live.

We entered the apartment and sat at opposite ends of the couch. As the conversation continued, it was clear she needed to talk about her personal situation and I realized that was the purpose of her visit. I’ve always been a good listener and was pleased she felt comfortable enough with me to share her feelings. She talked at length about the times she caught her husband cheating on her and had confronted him with what she’d learned. She felt he took her for granted and really no longer cared how she felt. She said they were staying together for the children, and when they were old enough she would then leave him as her feelings for him had also died out.

As she spoke, Vicki would occasionally begin sobbing and slightly stand to reach a tissue box on the far side of the table in front of us. The last time she did this, instead of returning to the opposite end of the couch she sat down close enough to me that our legs were touching. She then leaned her body over and placed her head on my chest. I instinctively raised my arm and placed it around her, and tried to soothe her with gentle brushings up and down her bare arm. My intention was to be there for her and offer whatever support I could. The support she needed turned out to be far more than I expected.

Vicki looked up into my eyes and I knew then what she wanted. We didn’t need to speak, just react. She raised her head and faced me, then placed a palm on my cheek. I gently pulled her toward me and our lips met in a long, passionate kiss. As our tongues danced together she began to gently caress my chest, and I her began to massage her back. I’ll never forget that first kiss and the feeling that took over my entire body. It was so relaxed and passionate, yet very electric.

When we broke the kiss she pulled my shirt off over my head and tossed it to the floor. She again made eye contact and continued her caresses. I returned the gesture and removed her t-shirt to reveal a sexy white lace bra covering her small globes. I’ve always been a lingerie lover, and the sight of her sexy white bra against her tanned skin served to heighten my passion. I took her hand in mine and led her to the karabağlar escort bed, where we continued our mutual exploration.

We stood by the bed and continued slowly undressing each other, kissing after each article of clothing had been removed. I had intentionally not removed her bra, as I wanted to see her beauty in wearing only lingerie. I was down to my briefs when I released the button on her shorts. Letting them fall to the floor, I lowered myself to gently lift each foot out of the shorts so they were completely removed.

I stepped back a little to take in her beautifully shaped body clad only in the white lace bra and panties. Women were not shaving their vaginal area back then, and I could clearly see the outline of her dark pubic hair as well as the shape of her lips. This intensified my growing erection, and she seemed to sense this and moved closer and began to gently rub my cock through the briefs I was still wearing. I slipped my hand underneath the back of her panties and began massaging her firm ass as we passionately kissed. Locked together, we fell to the bed while never seeming to miss a beat.

I positioned Vicki on her back and began massaging her small breasts through the bra, paying special attention to her erect nipples. Raising her slightly, I reached behind to undo the bra and let the straps fall away. Her beautiful small perky tits jiggled slightly when she moved her arms to release the bra. They had the kind of pencil eraser nipples I love.

I slowly eased her back down on the bed and began using my lips and tongue to savor each breast while teasing and lightly pinching the other. It was apparent from her breathing and low audible moans that she liked this feeling, so I continued for several minutes. I then kissed and licked my way down her firm belly to the waistline of her white lace panties while caressing the insides of her thighs. I remember her skin was warm and smooth to the touch. I could feel my hard cock through the briefs as it pressed against her leg, and I moved my hips slightly from side to side against it as I continued to work on her body with my hands and mouth.

I began to ease her panties down and slowly removed them. Moving back up between her thighs I began separating the thin layer of dark pubic hair covering her pussy to reveal a set of beautiful moist lips. As I covered her lips with my mouth and darted my tongue out to greet them, I reached up to expose her clit. I began flicking it with my finger and her hips began to move slightly up and down while she used her hand to press my head further into her. She was warm and soft and tasted so good.

I then turned to her clit with my tongue, and glanced up to notice Vicki had one breast in her palm and was tweaking the nipple between her fingers. That sight made me forget about the slight pain in my jaw muscles, and I vigorously continued working on her clit. In a few moments she began to pant heavily and reached orgasm, tensing as her hips drove her pussy up into my face. She let out a low grunting sound and stayed tense through what seemed to be a series of convulsing spasms while I continued to work on her clit. She eventually pushed my head away and her muscles then began to slowly relax. She kemalpaşa escort was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed, and I moved up the bed to lie beside her and caress her cheek with the backside of my fingers.

After she relaxed a few minutes and regained her breath, she said she had needed that for a long time. She had not been intimate with her husband for several months, and they spoke only enough to hide their issues from the children. She needed a release through another’s touch. I told her I was very happy that I could help. I remember her smiling at me and telling me she was also.

With that she moved her hand down and again began massaging my small cock through the briefs. It was becoming firmer with each passing second, and I could feel it begin to throb. My hips involuntarily responded. It felt so nice. She slipped her fingers beneath the waistband and began rubbing it up and down, then gently grasped it with her small delicate fingers. She lowered the waistband to reveal the head, and moved down so that her head was resting on my stomach just above it. After a few seconds she moved closer and I could feel her warm tongue gently touch the tender underside. Not being able to see this seemed to intensify the feeling.

She slowly removed my briefs and returned her fingers and mouth to my cock. I looked down to see that I was so horny that my cock was pointing almost directly back up at me. She began slowly stroking the shaft with her fingers while using her tongue to tease all around the head. I remember making a conscious effort to suppress my orgasm, as I wanted this experience to last as long as possible.

I raised her up and turned her to face me, and she rose to her knees and straddled my waist. She reached down and placed the head of my cock between her lips while she lowered her body. That moment is another I will never forget. Her tunnel was so warm and moist. We each began moving and quickly found a rhythm. Occasionally she would stop pumping and rotate her hips in a circular motion, and when she did that we both became audible as it felt so damn good.

After a short while she lowered her upper body until we were breast to chest, and we resumed our rhythm. We were kissing and the pace was quickening, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold back my orgasm. Vicki was more experienced than other women I had been with, and I could tell she was sensing when I was close and would slow and sometimes completely stop our movements until it was safe to resume without an orgasmic explosion.

We enjoyed this experience for several minutes until I realized there was no fighting the impending climax. I placed my hands at the insides of her thighs and held her as still as possible as my pumping became stronger. This was one of those times when I knew the orgasm would be exceptionally strong, and my body seemed to completely take over. When I was deep inside her, my muscles constricted and I felt jet after jet release from my cock and into her warm pussy. It was a super intense orgasm that lasted for several glorious seconds. Finally spent, my body began to relax and I lie back flat on the bed. Both exhausted and perspiring, we lay next to each other and I held her close.

This began a long and very intimate friendship between us, and each time we got together seemed to be a different and unique experience. We each enjoyed experimenting and that led to some very passionate and unforgettable moments. I remember a few of those as well, and if readers would like me to put those into words I will do my best.

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