Fun with Uncle Jerry 06

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Rachel pranced back into the room, her boobs bouncing as she waved something in her hand. “I brought the lube! It’s Butt-Play Day! I’ve never had it in the ass. Uncle Jerry promised.”

Margaret glared at Jerry, her daughter’s cunt juice still glistening on her face. “You promised…”

Jerry stammered, “‘Promise’ might be too strong a word.”

“…to fuck my daughter in the ass …”



“I wanted to keep it private. Intimate. And having her mother there while we…”

“You think I would spoil the moment? After …” Her arm swept in a grand gesture across the mess that my bed had become.

Rachel giggled. “She’s got a point, Uncle Jerry.”

I purposely turned my back on Margaret, holding Rachel’s face between my hands. “Darling Rach. Do you want to do it now, with your mother here? Or wait until a more intimate, more romantic time?”

Her voice was soft, if mocking. “What I just saw was the nastiest, most debasing, and hottest thing I have ever seen.” She grabbed my hand, closing all but the first two fingers that smelled of cunt and ass. “And if that,” she licked both fingers together, “is your idea of ‘intimate,’ then count me in, mother fucker.”

I slowly took the tube from her. Without looking away from Rach, I turned my head slightly toward Margaret. “Well, Mom. Shall we lube her up?”

Both women clapped in delight. Margaret ran up and kissed her daughter. Rachel licked her lips. “Hmm. And there I am.” They laughed and hugged and kissed again. Their arms tightened around each other as the kiss went on longer. Soon, Rachel began caressing her mother’s large tits. Margaret’s hands drifted down to grab Rachel’s ass. With a glance toward Jerry, she slowly opened the cheeks.

Jerry quickly crouched behind Rachel. He kissed her ass cheek and Rachel hummed. “Hello, Uncle Jerry.”

“Hello darling Rach.” He continued kissing the soft flesh, letting his tongue trace her curves. Margaret opened her more. Jerry moved his tongue between the cheeks as he brought two fingers between her legs to find her pussy, still wet from the tongue lashing her mother had given her.

“Oh God. Mom, his fingers are inside me. Oohh … hold me, Mother.”

“Of course, my dear daughter. Mommy’s here.”

Bending slightly forward, Rachel lowered her head to kiss Margaret’s breasts.

“Yes, Rachel. Suck Mother’s tit. Like when you were a baby.”

With Rachel’s new position, Jerry was able to lick up her ass crack to her tight sphincter. He ran his tongue around the dark pucker again and again.

“Ooo. He’s licking me. He’s licking my ass hole, Mother.”

“He is such a nasty man.”

“He’s our nasty man, isn’t he Mom?”

“If that’s what you want, baby.”

Jerry slid a third finger into Rachel’s expanding pussy. He spread them wide, stretching her as they moved up and down. Rachel began rocking her hips.

“Oh, fuck me, Uncle Jerry. So nice.”

Margaret took a small step back, guiding Rachel back with her so the young woman was bending further over, her butt cheeks spreading wider. Jerry moved his fingers faster inside as he shoved his tongue against the tangy hole.

Rachel gasped as her legs started to wobble.

“Jerry, dear. I think it’s time we moved back to the bed.”

He reluctantly bursa escort stood up, then brought his tainted fingers to Margaret’s mouth. “I have something for you, Meg.”

She sucked all three fingers, letting her tongue slide between them.

“And for you, darling Rach,” Jerry kissed Rachel.

When their tongues touched, Rachel pulled back for a moment, licking his lips. “Uncle Jerry? Is that my ass?”

“A little. We can share more later, if you want.”

Margaret put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. “You saw how I was on the bed, dear? When you so enjoyed watching us?”

“Uh huh,” Rachel climbed on the bed, haunching up on all fours, her ass facing her mother and Uncle Jerry. “Like this?”

“That’s perfect, darling Rach. Meg, will you sit there?” Jerry indicated a spot next to Rachel’s hips. Margaret sat down and began caressing Rachel’s back and buns.

Kneeling between her legs, Jerry once again opened her ass cheeks, enjoying the sight of her perfect virgin star. “Oh, darling Rach, your ass is lovely.” He saw it pucker, then relax as she wiggled her hips.

“It’s your ass, Uncle Jerry. You and Mom. I want to feel how she was feeling. I want everything!”

Unable to control himself, Jerry dove his face deep into her butt. The scent of her musk drove him mad and he began licking her asshole, dragging her pungent flavor into his mouth.

As Rachel flinched and began rocking her hips, Margaret reached under her daughter, grabbing her breasts where they hung heavy and thick. One by one, she squeezed the nipples, tugging them down as if she could draw milk.

“Fuck, Mom. That’s so nice. Uncle Jerry, give me more. Put your fingers up my ass.”

Jerry quickly found the tube of lubricant where he’d placed it on the bed. He kissed her ass cheeks as he poured a large amount on his fingers. He rubbed it over the sphincter, which flexed at his touch.

“Relax, darling Rach. Let yourself open up. “It sounds silly to ask, but it is probably going to hurt, at first. Are you sure?”

“Yes, Uncle Jerry. Yes.” She turned her head back to look at her mother. “He’s always so polite.”

“I know, dear. Until…”


Jerry had slipped one greased finger into her butt about a half inch. He paused, waiting.

Margaret stroked Rachel’s long hair. “Are you ok, baby? Try to relax.”

Rachel nodded. “I’m ok. Give me a second.”

Remembering her first time, Margaret moved her fingers from Rachel’s nipples to her pussy. “This may help, baby.” She gently caressed the mons, pressing on the clitoral hood.

Rachel began to relax as she pressed back on her mother’s hand. “OK. Yes. Go ahead, Uncle Jerry.”

Jerry felt her muscles relax around his finger. He removed it, then squirted more lube where the tip met the tight flesh. It slid back in much more easily. Again, he paused to let her get used to the intruder.

“Tell me if you want to stop.”

“Don’t be brave, baby. We don’t want it to hurt more than it needs to.”

Jerry slid his finger deeper, rotating it gently to stretch her open.

“And also, darling Rach, tell me if there is anything you want me to do. Faster, slower, more finger-play on your clit.”

Margaret and Jerry looked at each other across Rachel’s upturned ass. Meg wagged her bursa escort bayan eyebrows and began laying down on the bed.

Jerry added more lube to a second finger then eased it in alongside the first.

“Oh, Uncle Jerry. Wait. Mom, what?”

Margaret was sliding herself under her daughter with her face under Rachel’s pussy. She lifted her head to kiss the small patch of soft fur.

“Oh God, Mom. Are you going to eat me while Uncle Jerry fucks me in the ass? That is SO HOT!”

Rachel was horny beyond anything she had experienced. She quickly brought fingers, then her tongue, to explore her mother’s fragrant pussy.

“Shh, baby. Don’t worry about me. This is all for you. Just relax.”

“No, Mommy. Let me…” she slid her tongue along her mother’s clit. Margaret reacted by sucking hard on Rachel’s sensitive nub.

Jerry watched this interaction with delight and growing arousal. He gently twisted and spread the two fingers in Rachel’s dark tunnel.

“Ah, yes. More, Uncle Jerry. Deeper.” She seemed torn between pushing back onto his fingers and thrusting forward to her mother’s tongue.

Jerry and Meg continued to patiently lick, suck and finger the eager young woman. When Jerry decided she had relaxed enough, he slid his two fingers out. Rachel moaned her displeasure, but Margaret laughed quietly into her cunt. Suddenly Rachel felt herself being pushed open again, this time by three large, lubed fingers. As they descended into her, Rachel started to enjoy the feeling of her ass being stuffed. She rocked back and forth, tongue to fingers to tongue to fingers. Clit to ass. And again.

Jerry knew his fingers were sliding freely. He pulled them out slowly.

“I think you’re ready, darling Rach.”

Yes, Uncle Jerry. Please.”

Jerry nudged Margaret’s hand with the tube of lubricant. “Meg? Will do me the honor?”

Margaret opened her eyes and looked up past Rachel’s ass to see Jerry’s balls and fully erect penis hanging less than a foot from her face. Pulling her sticky fingers from her daughter’s pussy, Margaret first reached up to wipe the cunt juice on Jerry’s hard cock. Then she took the tube and squirted a generous amount on her palm, rubbing her hands together. She cradled his dick, covering it with slick lube. She loaded her hands again, concentrating on the large head of his cock, making sure it was surrounded by a thick layer.

Dropping the tube, she held his shaft by the base, guiding it to her daughter’s ass hole.

“Darling Rach?” Jerry asked.

“Fuck my ass, Uncle Jerry. I’m ready. Be the first grown man to have his cock in my ass.”

Margaret felt Rachel kiss her clit once more. “I’m glad you’re here, Mother. I love you.”

“Thank you, baby. I love you, too.”

“And we both love you, Uncle Jerry. Now, fuck my ass with that gorgeous cock.”

Jerry’s cock still nestled tight against her ass, he pressed forward. Rachel tensed up again, then relaxed. He pushed just enough to wedge the large head in her slightly open sphincter.

“Do it, Uncle Jerry.” She took a deep breath, in and out.

Her muscles relaxed as she rocked back. Jerry pushed forward.

His head was in. Her anus closed around the ridge, as if welcoming it to a new home.

“Oh!” Rachel cried. “Hold it there, Uncle escort bursa Jerry.”

“Dear lord.” Margaret whispered, staring. “So big, in my little girl. Are you ok, baby.”

“GOD yes. I had no idea.”

Jerry quickly dropped more lube around his cock. Rachel began easing back onto his shaft.

He let out a long moan. “My beautiful, darling Rachel. I love being in your ass. So tight. Oh GOD!”

Everyone began moving quickly. Jerry pumped her with long strokes. Margaret was licking and fingering her daughter with blinding speed. Rachel twitched her hips again and again. “Oh, Uncle Jerry. You’re fucking my ass.”

He felt the urge to fuck her overwhelm him. He started shoving faster. “I’ll fuck your ass my dirty Rachel. You want it like your ass-whore mother takes it? You want to be my nasty slut?”

“Jerry, no,” Meg pleaded.


Jerry slammed his cock far up her ass always harder, always deeper. Rachel arched her ass up to her lust-driven uncle, bringing her face down to her mother’s sopping cunt. The combination put her over the top.

“Oh fuck!” Rach shouted. “I can … I can feel … it’s firing lightning to my cunt! I didn’t know. No one says… You’re going to make me … Uncle Jerry… CUM IN MY ASS.”

“Do it now!” Meg screamed from under her daughter’s pouring cunt.

Cramming his cock faster and faster into her convulsing butt hole, Jerry gave in to a drive older than civilized man. “MY DARLING RACH!” he screamed shooting a huge load of cum deep into her ass.


Jerry summoned all his energy, pumping himself into her most private place, given to him willingly, taken with lust and aggression, but no anger.

“Darling Rach.” He felt himself softening as her muscles closed, pushing him out.

Rachel whined as her body reacted on its own. “Oh. No, Uncle Jerry.”

Seeing his long dick drop from the ass above her, Margaret quickly swung out from under her daughter, rolling over to grab Jerry’s cock in her mouth. She hummed in horny contentment.


Meg tugged at her daughter’s arm. “You want a taste of your ass, this is it, baby.”

Jerry watched as Rachel moved her ass from him, replacing it with a face full of fire and lust. She closed her mouth around his cock.

“Enjoy,” her mother said. “Tasty and nasty. It’s a rare delicacy.”

Rachel squinted for a minute, then her eyes lit up. She began licking and swallowing all around his limp dick.

“I think she likes it,” Jerry groaned at her lascivious attention.

When Rachel finally let him go and flopped back on the bed, Margaret leaned down to thrust her tongue into her daughter’s mouth. “Still good, baby?”

She only smiled and sighed.

Meg sat up to kiss Jerry, letting her tongue explore his mouth as well. She broke the kiss to give him a crooked smile. “Are you good?”

“I think my brain is back in captivity, if that’s what you mean.”

Meg looked at her daughter, wondering if she was asleep already. “I’ll check her in a bit to see if you tore anything.”

“I think she was relaxed and lubed enough, but thank you, Meg.”

“What is a mother for?”

Jerry hugged her close, enjoying the feel of her big tits against his chest.

“I can think of a few things.”

“You are a mother fucker.”

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