Furnished Room Ch. 04

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It was hard for me to concentrate on my work that day. I had realized one of my long time fantasies (getting a blowjob in my Porsche by a young girl). It wasn’t that I hadn’t experienced many delicious moments like that before, but never from a female under the age of thirty, a teenager no less. She was eighteen but still a teenager… a teenager far better at giving head than any woman I had been with before. Could it be a natural talent? Could her mother possess the same trait? I intended to find out. It was just a matter of how long it would take.

I wondered what she would think if she knew her precious daughter had gone down on her new boarder on the way to school…that I had come in her mouth and she loved it. It wasn’t too hard to figure out. She would throw me out of the house on my ear.

The red thong Stacy left with me when she got out of the car was no longer wet. But, it still carried her delicate scent…now mixed with the smell of my semen which had left two large potato chips on the red fabric. The panty fetish had been part of my sexual universe since I began masturbating in my mother’s and sister’s undies when I was a teenager. I had long since lost my feeling of being a sleaze about this peculiar practice and it was only a matter of time before I would venture into Stacy’s mother’s bathroom and mark Claire’s panties as part of my territory as well.

And, what about Claire? There was no doubt in my mind, after sensing her latent sexuality, that it would only be a matter of time before I would be experiencing the pleasures of her body. I never intended to have anything to do with her daughter but Stacy was a predator, a Circe to my Ulysses and it would have taken more than wax in my ears to resist her siren call. Claire would be pissed if she found out all right. I knew that my experience with Stacy wouldn’t stop at one blowjob and I would have to pick my spots. As far as getting anywhere with Claire was concerned, there was no question that I had to get Claire out of the house somewhere, or wait for a time when we were there alone and Stacy wasn’t. Bout how would that happen? The answer was incredibly simple and I would have nothing to do with it. I began to believe that this whole episode in my life was serendipity.

Just as I pulled my car into the garage (It was 5:35) a silver Escalade pulled up in front of the house and a beautiful Latina, about 5′ 6″ with long black hair hanging down almost to her ass, got out. She had a hot body which was highlighted by her tight designer jeans and a black Bison’s sweatshirt. When I came into the house through the garage she was talking with Stacy and her Claire. I saw Stacy’s backpack and duffel sitting on the floor beside the door. The girl cast a quizzical glance in my direction.

“He’s the guy with the Porsche outside,” Stacy said, looking at me with a barely selling the hamptons izle noticeable smirk. “He’s taken the room.” Claire quickly noticed the lapse and introduced the girl to me as Selena and told me that she was taking Stacy over to the University of Colorado for the weekend.

The look on Selena’s face told me that she had considerable wisdom for her a young college girl. I could see her mind working as her eyes moved slyly from me to Claire to Stacy. “Welcome to Denver,” she said with a sweet smile. “I know you’ll like it here.” There was a twinkle in her eye that I perceived had a deeper meaning than the words.

Selena, a long time friend of the family, was finishing her freshman year at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She was taking Stacy, who would be staying with her in her dorm room, for a pre-enrollment weekend on the campus.

After the girls had left I told Claire that I needed to talk with her…that, since she was insisting upon treating me like a family member rather than just a mere roomer I was going to increase my monthly payment from $400 to $1000. Her face flushed and her eyes welled with tears that didn’t spill over the lids. She hugged me and thanked me…told me that finances were very tight and my generosity was a godsend. Her embrace felt more to me than gratitude though, it felt more like her flesh was hungry for the touch of another body. Gently, she pushed me away, dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and said, “Well, it’s time that I get working on dinner.”

I enjoy cooking and it was natural for me to offer my help so I said, “Let me do it Claire.”

It was apparent that she wasn’t accustomed to being catered to by a man. She resisted at first but gave in easier than I would have expected, told me that she wanted to get out of her work clothes and take a shower. So, while I began busying myself in the kitchen she went upstairs and was gone for about forty-five minutes. I was ready to put the steaks on the grill when I heard her coming down the stairs.

Barefoot, she was dressed in a tight fitting pair of Levis and an electric blue t-shirt with a Nike Swoop just above her left breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the evidence of large her nipples almost made me catch my breath. It was hard to not ogle them but I was able to catch enough of a view in my peripheral vision. The Levis acted as a wonderful showcase for her shapely bottom…there were no panty lines. The seam of her crotch was pulled between her lips, showing the puffy outlines of her labia, proving my earlier theory that she was more comfortable not wearing panties. Her hair wasn’t completely dry but had been brushed out and its lustrous auburn sheen was enhanced by its dampness.

Dinner was relaxing, she had set the table in the dining room with nice sense8 izle china and sterling silver, lit candles and put on an Enya CD, and we finally had the chance to get to know each other a little better. We talked about the work I was doing surveying schools for computer installations, I told her about my divorce, the inability and/or desire that I hadn’t formed a permanent relationship by virtue of my being out of town so much. She told me about her husband, how he had sunk them into horrendous debt from his compulsive gambling and how he was trying to recoup it all with a hazardous job in Afghanistan. I asked if she was lonely for him and she said no, that, if they could get their feet on the ground she intended to divorce him.

“I know this is a very personal question Claire,” I said, “But have you found anybody who might replace him.”

Her cheeks tinged pink and she told me that she hadn’t, although, her boss had made moves on her. But, he was married and she wasn’t interested in the kind of relationship that could end up costing her job. She was into her church…said that she needed some kind of stability in her life and didn’t want to get the reputation of being a cheat. A relationship with a man, at this point in her life, wasn’t a luxury that she could have afforded; that would have to wait until she was free of debt—and her husband. “Besides, I want to get Stacy settled into college before I do anything.”

It wasn’t exactly a guilty feeling when she mentioned Stacy’s name. But, I couldn’t get the image of her daughter’s young head bobbing up and down on me…and the feeling of her delicious mouth and tongue working like a seasoned pro on my cock…and the exhilarating, sapping feeling of my load bursting in her mouth. But the thought of it and the thoughts I had, as I lay in bed the night before, made me want Clair even more.

I got up from the table and started clearing the dishes but Claire told me to leave them, suggesting that we go into family room and have a brandy. Sitting on the couch across from me she sipped from her snifter. She looked sexy and vulnerable and I really wanted to make love to her. The way she was acting, I thought she felt the same about me and blurted, “This is such an incredibly awkward situation Claire.” Arresting me with her clear hazel eyes, it appeared that she was having a difficult time formulating a response. “I never intended renting the room from you,” I went on. “I just wanted to see what the woman with your sexy voice looked like.”

“I know, Lance,” she said. “I should never have gone through with it… particularly with Stacy in the house.” Her eyes continued to rivet mine. “She’s a lot older than her years. I hope I haven’t done the wrong thing.”

It seemed that she had a greater dilemma than just me. Stacy’s warm, wet mouth was working on my sewer divers izle cock again and I found my desires for Claire intensifying.

I tried being philosophical. “Who knows what’s right and wrong Claire? I have found that sometimes what seems to be entirely wrong turns out to be incredibly right. She smiled as if she wanted to agree, swirled the brandy snifter, sniffed it then drank more than a sip and contemplated.

“I don’t know why I feel like confessing to you Lance. There was something about you when we first met that made me think that you should know about my past. I was wild when I was Stacy’s age—and even before.”

“So?” I responded, “I was too.”

“But you were a boy.”

The image of Stacy sucking my cock flashed again and transmuted to the image of a young Claire sucking a cock. Then it was replaced by another, of her lying on her back with her legs spread, being fucked. How many times?

“I paid the price by getting pregnant and marrying Ted. Stacy is a wonderful part of my life, Lance. Ted is a nightmare. But Stacy is so much like me, such a flirt…and, I’m afraid she is acting the same way I did when I was her age. She’s such a beautiful girl. I don’t want her to get hurt.”

I got up from my chair, walked over to the couch, stood in front of Claire and asked, “Are you still a wild girl Claire?” The reddish glow in her cheeks told me that she was excited by the question. “Maybe that’s why you don’t wear panties.” She put her free hand over her face as if to hide.

“Oh my,” she said, her eyes peeking over her fingers, “Is it that obvious?”

“You have a spectacular body, Claire.” I noticed her large nipples making more noticeable dents in her blue sweatshirt. She pulled her legs more tightly under her, “It’s apparent to me that you know it… and like to show off a little.” She blushed deep red.

“More than a little, Lance; I love to show off. And I love the way men look at me. Do you think that terrible of me?”

“On the contrary Claire, it excites me.” I sat down on the couch, beside her. “As a matter of fact, after following you up the stairs yesterday and watching you wiggle your unpantied ass, then seeing the look in your eyes when I sat down and tested the bed, I realized that the sexy voice on the phone matched the woman I had come to see…that’s why I rented the room. I’ve never rented a room before, Claire.” When I put my arm around she willingly nestled into me.

The sophisticated woman I had met the day before became putty and, when I touched under her chin and raised her face, I saw hunger in her eyes, a hunger that would not be satisfied by a snack. We kissed. Her lips were soft and yielding. Her mouth opened and beckoned my tongue to explore. Crowded with two tongues her muted moans of were trapped inside and her breath whistled through her nostrils. My hand found its way under her blue sweatshirt and I thrilled at the sensation of her naked skin. She writhed when I fondled her breast and had to break the kiss to breathe. With her head resting on my chest she gasped then heaved and said, “Oh God, Lance, I’ve needed this so much. Take me to bed…”

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