Good Morning, My Dear!

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Nilla had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a soft, hunter green towel. Stepping to the mirror, she wiped some fog off it and glanced at her reflection, tanned from the summer sun and the weekend on her husband’s boat. Her long, reddish-brown hair that was cut in layers, hung stringy wet around her tanned shoulders. Her greenish-brown eyes sparkled against the small water droplets that collected on the surface of the mirror.

Slowly, she began to towel off. The towel absorbed most of the water from her soft, supple skin as she dragged it gently from her shoulders, across her full, rounded chest, over her pierced bellybutton, around over the curve of her rear, and down her legs. She wrapped herself back up and began brushing her silky hair. She heard the bathroom door crack open and saw some of the steam roll out the space. She smiled her dazzling white smile as her husband came in, shutting the door behind him. “Well! Look who’s up!” she exclaimed as she continued to brush her hair.

Alex smiled as he stepped behind her. Wrapping his arms around her small, 5′ 4″ frame, he glanced at their reflections in the mirror. He had to bend down low as he was 6′ 4″ tall to rest his chin on Nilla’s shoulder. He took a deep breath in and smelled the delicious scent of her pear-scented shampoo and raspberry vanilla body wash. “Hmmm,” he smirked as he gently kissed her ear. “Lucky body wash.” Nilla giggled as she gently ran her hand down the side of his face, which still needed to be shaved. Alex had managed to grow a bit of stubble overnight.

Nilla ran her hand over his “high and tight” cut graham cracker golden hair. She loved the feel of it. Alex gently placed a kiss on her shoulder and trailed it down to the crook of her arm. His smoky blue eyes sparkled with a bit of mischief in them. Nilla pursed her lips and blew him a kiss. Effortlessly, Alex picked her up and set her gently on the porcelain sink. It sent a bit of a chill through her as she tried to pull the towel down to cover her rear. She smiled as he bent down and began to kiss her lips, sweetly. Alex stepped between her the ark izle legs and allowed her to feel his hardened erection through his hunter green flannel lounge pants. Nilla gasped at this feeling in pure joy and anticipation. The steam of the bathroom was nothing compared to what they were about to work up.

Suddenly, his kisses changed. They became hungry and passionate. He slid his warm tongue inside and began to exchange naughty French kisses with his wife. He ran his big, strong, hands through her untangled hair and down her back. However, he left the towel wrapped around her curvy body. Nilla wrapped her strong legs around his waist and pulled him closer, encouraging him to kiss her more and more.

Alex ran his hands over her rounded chest and playfully squeezing about where her nipples would be. Nilla grinned as she let out a sharp gasp, which encouraged him even more. “Oh my,” she moaned quietly as she ran her fingers over his hair again.

Slowly, Alex began running his warm tongue over the outer curve of her ear and letting out soft moans and groans, which he could tell turned her on. “I want you right here, Nilla,” he whispered as he slid his hand between her legs. He felt for the perfect spot, and found her to be already dripped wet with excitement. She threw her head back and this tantalizing touch and groaned his name. This brought a smile to his face. Alex grinned as he watched their reflections in the mirror. “Can I have you, Nilla?”

It took all she had to nod her head as she spread her freshly shaven, silky legs wider. Alex released his erection from his sleep-lounge pants and let her feel it smooth, warm and ready against her inner thigh. Nilla smiled at the sight of it. “Damn,” she said, “I love how big you are.” Alex bit his kissable bottom lip gently has he slid into her. She was so wet that he almost couldn’t control how quickly he entered her. He went slowly so as to let her enjoy all 7 inches of his perfect erection.

Her moans and groans became louder as he hugged her close to him, feeling the towel against his the catch izle chest. Nilla looked at him, her greenish-brown eyes clouded in ecstasy now. “Do you want me to take this off?”

Alex shook his head, “No, baby. I kind of like it … leaves a little something to the imagination.” He released his grip on her and rested his hands on the edge of the sink and began to quicken his pace. There was already a wet spot on the edge of the sink from her. Nilla groaned his name as she rocked her hips back and forth in an encouraging fashion.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she repeated as she panted, her temperature rising from him. Alex brought his kissable lips to her ear and whispered into it.

“You like this, huh?” he asked.

Nilla smiled, “Oh my God, yes! The best ‘good morning’ in a long time! Please, don’t stop, Alex.” He obeyed his wife and kept his exciting pace up. His moans and groans began to mix with hers.

She shuddered in excitement as she closed her eyes. This allowed her to concentrate on how deliciously hard and good he felt pounding into her. The sink put her at the perfect height for him to do this. The harder he pounded the more excited and wet she became. “Please don’t stop!” she begged, almost in a scream.

She knew he was getting close to his own release as he began to moan louder. “Girl, you’re going to make me blow my load at this rate,” he groaned into her ear. This turned her on so much to hear a bit of dirty talk.

Nilla wanted to come with her husband, since they were long over due for this kind of attention for each other. She slid one of her slender fingers down to where they were joined and began to touch herself in the most perfect spot. “Would you like to watch, dear?” Nilla asked, faking innocence.

“Oh God, yes!” Alex said excitedly. Nilla graciously obliged and continued rubbing herself as Alex’s eyes glued to where they were joined. He could feel himself getting even harder. His moans and groans became louder as he encouraged her to keep going. Nilla egged him on.

“I know you like this, darling,” the chemistry of death izle she said with a smile on her face. Her face flushed as he continued to pound into her. The edge of the sink held them perfectly and helped at putting Nilla at the perfect angle to hit her G-spot with each thrust. Nilla could feel herself getting wetter with even more excitement. She wrapped one of her hands around his shoulders and pulled him closer to him. He wanted her more and more. He couldn’t pound into her fast enough. His emotions and sexual drives were getting ahead of him. Nilla couldn’t control her moans and groans anymore. She continued to rub and touch herself with the intent of driving him out of his mind with sexual desire.

Nilla couldn’t fight it any long. She began to scream his name out as she felt her inner muscles twitch wildly. Alex groaned her name as his entire body stiffened and he poured into her. The feeling of her muscles clenching down drove him out of his mind.

It was several moments before he could even move or speak. He blinked and rested his head on her shoulder; her skin was damp from both the steam of the shower, and the steam from her husband. Alex reached down and kissed her sweetly on the lips and touched the side of Nilla’s face gently and lovingly. “I love you,” he whispered as he hugged her close. Nilla smiled and kissed him lovingly as well. “I love you, too, Alex.”

He gently helped his tiny wife down. Her legs felt like Jell-O! Alex caught her in his strong arms as he cradled her head to his chest. She nuzzled him and ran her fingers through the dark hair on his chest. She was about to say something when they heard a tiny knock on the door. They jumped to cover up just as Nilla opened the door.

“Mommy, can I have flutter nutter for breakfast?” asked their three year old daughter, Cara.

Alex smiled sweetly as he nuzzled his wife’s ear. Nilla nodded and replied, “Of course, sweetie, just this once. Just let Mommy get dressed, okay?” Cara nodded and ran down the hall trailing her teddy bear behind her. Suddenly, she stopped and turned towards them.

“Daddy,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “You have to use your indoor voices when we’re inside. No screaming in the house. Mommy says so!”

Alex and Nilla blushed as they watched their daughter run down the rest of the hallway. Nilla nuzzled him again and said, “That’s why I love you, my dear.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32