His First Time

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I had a few guys over to watch the game but due to weather conditions, I couldn’t get the satellite to pull in the game or anything else for that matter. So all but one guy left for home. Tom stayed there in hopes that maybe the storm would clear and we could watch the game, but he really had a different reason. He knew that I was bi from listening to me tell him about some of the swinger’s parties that the wife and I’ve gone to.

Tom asked me what it felt like to be sucked or fucked and I told him that it was a very different feeling. Women do give great blowjobs but so do some guys. In fact some guys do better as they “know” what feels good to them, so they in turn make the guy feel good. As for being fucked by a guy, well if done right, can make you cum without touching yourself I told him.

I asked him why the questions as he didn’t seem that interested in it before and he asked if I’d be his first. He wanted to suck me then later fuck him. I told him that I’d be happy to and we took our pants off. Tom came over and knelt down as I sat on the couch and proceeded to suck my cock. For his first time, he was doing me pretty good. He listened to how he should cup my balls, gently sucking on them, licking my shaft…all like a woman would do and his wife has done him before.

I told him that he was doing a great job and if he wanted he could taste some cum as I would be about ready to explode at this rate. Tom slowed his sucking down long enough to indicate that he was not going to stop but wanted me to cum in his mouth as he wanted to feel it all. I told him that I was going to pump my cock into his mouth and took his head and started pushing him down onto my cock.

I started to moan and told him to get ready as I started to cum in his mouth. As I’m fixed, izmir escort he didn’t get the “full” treatment that some guys could do, but I explained that to him that some guys would have filled his mouth full of cum. I personally don’t like guys to cum in my mouth. He then asked if I could suck him before we tried anything else. I told him that maybe we needed to go to the bedroom.

So Tom followed me to the bedroom and took his pants off. Showing me a 5-6″ cock, like mine but his wasn’t as thick but did have a curve to it. I had him lay back on the bed and I started to suck him slowly. Before I did that, I’d gotten some lube and a rubber out, and put it on the table next to us.

I slowly sucked him while I started to lube his ass. I was pushing in a finger into him and noticing that his cock seemed to pulsate with each little inch I went into him. I stopped sucking and eased a 2nd finger into him when he shot his load all over his stomach. Tom said that he was sorry and I told him that it was fine as I knew I was doing him good.

Tom then asked if I was ready for him to do more to him. I stood up to grab the rubber and Tom reached for it first. He wanted to put it on me. I told him that while I’m fixed, having the rubber on me would make the lube much more effective and not as “messy”. Tom rolled the rubber onto me and stroked me as I applied more lube to the already lubed rubber.

I told him first we’d try it with him on his back and his legs up so that I could tell by his facial expressions if I needed to stop and that should he want me to stop, just say so. I lined my cock up and slowly pushed into him. As my head disappeared into him, I saw Tom’s face and eyes roll back. He winced slightly but then grinned.

I put more lube alsancak escort on and pushed in little more, giving him time each little push to adjust and also a chance to tell me that he couldn’t take it any more. Once when I was half way in his ass, I slowly started to fuck him just with half of me in him. My cock was coming all the way out and going back into him when he asked if I was all in him and I smiled and told him no.

With the next push into him, I went in deeper but kept pulling out and going back into him. Each time a little more and little more till I told him that I was all up into him. Tom’s cock was rock hard and has started leaking some precum again. I told him that he was going to cum and from the angle it was at, it might hit his face.

Tom knew he was close and hoped I was close as well and asked me to make him cum if I could cum also. I grinned and said that most likely he’d cum first. With that, I thrust in him about a half dozen more times giving him slow deep in and out thrusts and with the next thrust, I made Tom cum. I told him to watch this and fucked him faster making him shoot each time I went into him deep.

I pulled out and stood next to him, letting him relax. Tom noticed that I was still very hard and asked me why I hadn’t cum. I told him that since I’d cum in his mouth, I could normally wait a bit, but if he wanted me to cum that maybe if he was up to it…I could do him like a real guy.

He asked what I meant by that, and I told him that he could either get on all 4’s with me standing behind him to fuck his ass or bend over. Either way, I’d start out slow and gentle, but the closer I got, the harder I’d fuck him till I got off.

Tom agreed to try it if I’d stop if it got to be too much for buca escort him. I rolled off the bed and got on all 4’s. I got behind him and slowly pushed back into him. As I got into him deep, I reached under to feel if his cock was getting hard for a 3rd time and it was. I told him that I was going to make him cum again and he said that he’d never cum 3 times in a short period before. I just said you will.

With that I slowly picked up the speed and pressure. As I fucked his ass, I kept asking him if he was ready to cum again and he said “Oh YES! Make me cum!” With that I started working him harder. Tom was moaning alot by this time and said something I didn’t think I’d heard, so I asked him again. Tom said “CUM IN ME!” I asked him if he was sure and he said “YES!”. So I pulled out and quickly took the rubber off.

As I pushed back into him, Tom told me not to hold back…I grinned and told him to hang on. With that I grabbed his hips, and fucked him as hard as I could pulling him into my thrusts. Finally I lunged into him one more time and exploded. I gave him all I had.

I finally pulled out and asked him what he thought about the entire experience and he told me it was great. I asked him if he thought he could tell his wife about it and if he thought she would want to try it, Swinging with us. He said he wasn’t sure about her playing with us, but HE WANTED ME AGAIN!

I grinned and told him that I’d be happy to help him when he felt the need and maybe even my wife could do him with her “toy”. We cleaned up just as the storm pasted and we were able to watch the second half of the game. I did tell Tom that depending on my mood, I might let him fuck me, and he told me that for now, he liked what we were doing.

I told my wife about our experience with Tom and in time, she too fucked him and he fucked her while I fucked him. I’ve offered to let him do me, but he seems to like me doing him any way I want despite having what I think would be a good size cock to do my ass with. Oh well, maybe in time I’ll get some “TOM” in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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