Hot Summer Night

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living or otherwise is entirely coincidental.

This is my first submission…


It had been a loooong hot day. One of those sticky hot humid days when the air feels really heavy, and you’re just praying for some rain to come and relieve the tension. Gabrielle glanced at the clock for what was probably the fiftieth time today and was glad to see that she only had 10 minutes left until she finished work. She couldn’t wait to go home and attempt to cool down by jumping in a cold shower and then collapsing onto her sofa in just her underwear with her big fan blowing away on full blast. She just had to quickly finish a few things off and clear away her desk, then she could get out of there.

She didn’t have too far to walk home, but it was far enough in the sweltering heat of this particular summer evening that the humidity and tension started to become almost unbearable, so when it finally started to rain slightly Gabrielle was thankful and enjoyed the feel of the cool rain falling onto her tanned skin. She had just got back from holiday with her husband in Antigua. He had been on leave from the army during their break, but had unfortunately now had to go back over seas for three weeks. They both absolutely loved the Caribbean and tried to go as often as they could. Neither of them wanted to have any children, so were able to spend all their spare money on trips away and were already planning their next trip. They had particularly enjoyed Antigua though, because their resort had had a clothing optional beach. After they had got over their initial apprehension about going on there and getting naked in public, they never looked back as they had both found it to be a very liberating experience, not to mention great for getting an all over tan. After that they had gone on there everyday until their holiday ended, so Gabrielle now had a gorgeous glowing all over tan, much to the envy of her colleagues.

As she continued walking home the rain started to get heavier, and the sky seemed to be closing in and getting darker. In the distance she could hear the faint but unmistakable sound of thunder. She quickened her pace to try to make it home before the heavens really opened up, but couldn’t bring herself to walk too much faster in this still quite uncomfortable heat. Because it had been so hot today and also to show off her tan even more, she was wearing a tight short-sleeved white shirt and a little black skirt, so as the rain started to really come down, her bare arms and legs were getting quite wet which was at least cooling her down somewhat.

Tom, a colleague of Gabrielle’s, had left work a little while after her. He too had felt it had been a long day and was glad to be on his way home. Escort bayan His wife was working late tonight, so he was really looking forward to cracking open an ice cold beer and relaxing in front of the telly watching the rugby. Tom worked in a different department to Gabrielle, but their paths crossed every so often and they would always exchange pleasantries. As Tom was driving home he spotted her walking along the path just up ahead and he could see that she was getting soaked by the rain. You couldn’t really miss her walking along and most of the guys driving past were checking her out. She was already a very attractive girl, but today she was looking particularly hot in her tight revealing clothing and especially now with her wet tanned skin glistening in the rain and her firm breasts gently bouncing away.

Tom pulled his car up beside her and wound down the passenger window. ‘Hey Gabrielle’ he shouted across to her. ‘Do you wanna lift somewhere?’. She had seen the car pulling over and being a safety conscious girl had felt a bit uneasy and defensive at first as she couldn’t quite see who it was, but when she realised it was someone she knew she couldn’t hide her relief and the corners of her mouth crept up to reveal her beautiful smile.

‘Hey Tom’, she exclaimed. ‘That would be great thank you’, and there was that gorgeous smile again. She got into his car and was immediately grateful for the respite from the now very heavy rain.

As Tom asked her where she wanted dropping off, he couldn’t help but notice her lacy bra showing through her wet-through white shirt which was clinging to her ample tits. He also couldn’t help but feel a stirring in his pants when his eye was drawn to her hard nipples poking though her wet bra and shirt, probably from the friction of her wet bra rubbing against her nipples while she was walked. He had always quite fancied her. I mean, it was hard not to really, but as they were both married to other people he had always put those feelings to the back of his mind. This was proving particularly difficult right now though with her in his car looking so hot and he found he was becoming increasingly turned on.

Now out of the rain and into Tom’s air conditioned car, but still completely soaked through, Gabrielle was actually feeling a bit chilly and felt a pleasantly satisfying shiver work its way slowly down through her body causing her nipples to harden even more and culminating in a tingly warm sensation in her pussy. She was almost slightly embarrassed that her nipples were now so prominent through her shirt that she crossed her arms to try to conceal them, but at the same time she caught Tom’s eye, then clocked his bulging crotch and realised he’d already noticed them and was obviously enjoying the view.

She had always secretly had a bit of a thing for Tom. All of the Bayan Escort other blokes at work flirted with her openly, but Tom had always remained professional with her which she had respected. In a way the fact that he didn’t show that he fancied her at work had intrigued her and made her like him more. They had never been alone before now and she was enjoying the electricity and excitement she could feel between them. Not wanting this feeling to end, she uncrossed her arms to reveal her rock hard nipples to him again while looking him right in the eye. As they momentarily held each others gaze, it was clear they both wanted the same thing.

Tom decided to take the initiative and turned off the main road at the next turning and headed towards the woods. Seeing this, Gabrielle smiled to herself and started lightly caressing her sumptuous cleavage with her fingertips. They parked up in a secluded corner of the car park outside the woods and Tom switched off the engine. Gabrielle’s fingers had now eased her firm breasts out of her bra and were gently squeezing and pulling at her nipples. Tom couldn’t contain himself anymore at the sight of this sexy woman pleasuring herself in his car and unzipped his trousers to get his raging hard cock out of his boxers.

Gabrielle’s eyes widened and he saw that she was delighted with the size of his throbbing dick. Without a moments hesitation she leant over and slid her lips down over the head and down the shaft taking as much of his big cock in her mouth as she could. This forward move on her part took Tom aback slightly since his wife didn’t even like giving blow jobs, but he definitely wasn’t about to complain! Gabrielle slowly built the speed up until she was furiously working her soft wet lips and hands up and down his length, licking and sucking away, pausing only to look up into his eyes to make sure he knew how much she was enjoying it. Tom grabbed her long hair in his hand and pushed her head up and down deep onto his cock so she was now taking his entire length deep into her throat, which only served to make her moan with pleasure.

Still with one hand on the back of her head controlling the speed and depth of her sucking, Tom leant over and slid his other free hand between her shapely thighs easing her wet knickers to one side. His dextrous fingers worked in and out of her dripping pussy and played with her swollen clitoris until she couldn’t take it anymore and had to feel his huge dick inside her. She climbed over to his side straddling him as best she could in the limited space of the car, and hesitated slightly as she looked him right in the eye again before very slowly sliding her pussy down onto his cock.

Tom couldn’t believe how succulent and tight her pussy felt on his dick. It felt so amazing having her wet tight cunt sliding up and down his massive cock, Escort taking every inch, that he didn’t know how long he would be able to take it before he just had to let go and shoot his big load all over her.

They maintained eye contact throughout and kissed each other passionately both taking great pleasure in the sensation of her tight pussy working up and down on his swollen cock. She thrust her tanned bouncing tits into his face and made him suck her perfectly hard nipples loving the slight pain when he gave them a playful bite.

Tom knew he couldn’t last much longer like this so lifted her off and they climbed into the back seat. She knelt on all fours and presented her bottom to him. She turned her head back so she could look him in the eye again while he lifted her skirt up, pulled her knickers to the side and slid his throbbing manhood right deep inside her, taking her breath away for a second. He held firmly onto her hips and pumped away loving the feeling of her soft round ass pounding against him with every deep thrust. He was giving her a good rough fucking, which she was obviously enjoying very much as her pussy was absolutely dripping wet.

She reached down with one hand and played with her clit while he thrust his cock hard and fast inside her. She was relishing the sensation of taking his cock deeply from this angle so much that she wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer.

‘I’m… gonna… come’, she panted between thrusts. Knowing this only spurred Tom on and made him pound her even harder and faster. He was absolutely loving fucking her tight little pussy with his engorged dick and wasn’t going to last much longer himself. With the increased pace she seriously couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a loud moan while a powerful orgasm juddered through her body. Tom couldn’t believe that her pussy was gripping his cock even tighter as she came and had to withdraw before he came himself. When she saw that his big dick was covered in her juices, she immediately turned round to be on all fours facing him so she could lick her pussy juices off and enjoy having his massive cock in her mouth again. Yet again he grabbed her hair and forced her head faster and deeper down onto his shaft so he was giving her face a good fucking. She was so turned on by this and still managed to let out muffled moans between thrusts. Knowing she loved having her face fucked by his giant cock which was about to explode any minute made Tom unable to hold back any longer. He shot his load while still thrusting her face and pumped every drop of his cum deep into her throat, which she swallowed with a look of absolute pleasure in her naughty eyes.

After Gabrielle had swallowed the last drop of Tom’s cum and licked his cock clean, they climbed back into the front and started slowly heading back home. After Tom dropped her off Gabrielle took a cold shower as she had originally planned, and collapsed on the sofa in her underwear. She checked teletext for the weather forecast and smiled naughtily to herself when she saw that they were expecting rain again tomorrow…

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