Ice Guide Ch. 03

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“Hey stud, wake up,” Suzanne said as she gently shook me. “Time to rise and shine!”

“Ohhhh what time is it?” I groaned as I rolled over to look at her.

“Past eight. Your charges are waiting to go fishing.” She answered with a smile. “Must have been a good night!”

“Uh…Yeah.” I answered as she got up from the edge of the bed. “I’ve wanted to ask you what that was all about.”

“Simple. Girls talk, and you were the topic of conversation after our little tryst in the shower. Seems Marlene was feeling her oats, too. We decided to draw straws so to speak. Pam won.” She said with a disappointed sigh.

“I didn’t know I was a contest.” I said with a slight tone of irritation as I kicked the covers off, forgetting that I was only partly dressed.

“Oh, definitely not a contest. If you want all three of us at once you can have that. We just thought you would prefer one on one.” She said as she stood staring at my morning hardon. “In fact I can arrange for one of us to take care of you right now.” She added as she stepped back over to the bed and sat down, reaching out to caress my hard cock.

“I thought I was late.” I said with a sigh as she ran her hand gently up and down the length of my shaft while my hand began to unconsciously rub back and forth across her shirt covered tit.

“You are. Guess we’ll have to save this for later.” She answered, pulling her hand from my cock and getting up to walk away. “Breakfast in five.” She added as she disappeared out the door, leaving the curtain half open.

I climbed out of bed and pulled the curtain shut before digging out clothes and starting to dress. It took me a few more than five minutes to get dressed and everyone else was eating by the time I finally made it to the great room, stopping by the always on computer sitting on the desk near the dinning area. There were a few jokes about me sleeping in, the more suggestive ones coming from Marlene. I doubted that any of the men had a clue what had gone on, if they did they clearly didn’t care if their wives got naked in front of another man or not.

“Temps are a bit warmer today, so who do we have going this morning?” I asked the group as I opened the local weather report on the computer.

“How warm is warmer?” Patricia asked from across the table.

“Well, we’re going to have a heat wave. It’s almost twenty five right now and the weather report shows we should get almost to forty.” I answered as I turned from where I was looking at the computer screen back to the dinner table.

“Oh that is warm. I’m in then. How about you, Marlene?” Pat asked.

“Sounds good. If I could brave single digits this will feel warm.” She answered.

“You sure you want to go again, Marlene?” Dave asked, almost as if he were irritated that she had gone the previous day.

“Sure why not?” Marlene retorted. “You can’t have all the fun you know!”

“Well Mike, I hope you can handle two of them.” Randal said, shaking his head, as if having women along ice fishing were somehow a bad idea.

“It’s just fishing,” I answered him, drawing smiles from both Patricia and Marlene.

We finished breakfast and I went to get dressed in my heavy clothes. With the warmer weather I stripped off my long johns before pulling on my heavy bib overalls. The insulation in them was enough that I was almost wishing I had brought a lighter pair. It was too cold for just pants and long johns, but almost too warm for my extra heavy outerwear, which was designed to keep me warm in temperatures down to thirty below zero. Lower if I was active. With just my heavy bibs on and my coat under my arm I headed out to the equipment room to get the bait ready, glad that I had prepped everything the night before.

“So this is where it all starts?” Patricia asked from behind me.

“Yep,” I answered, looking to see if she was alone. “And Patricia…thank you for last night.” I finished with a whisper.

“Thank you, too,” she whispered back. “And it’s Pat to my friends, and of course my lovers.”

“Ok Pat,” I said with a grin as I closed the bait bucket and turned to carry it to the sled. As I strapped it down the rest of the group gathered in the garage, the ladies seeming to be as eager to go as the guys.

“I’ve got a different place in mind for today. We can head out there and see if we can raise a few larger ones and maybe a few Northern Pike as well,” I said. “Go ahead and get helmets and we’ll head out.”

Everyone got a helmet and slipped it on while I pulled my coat on. I was the last one dressed, stepping onto the snowmobile in front of Patricia, Marlene choosing to ride with her husband on this trip. We all hit the starters and headed out into the bright morning sunshine.

We had barely started the ride out when I felt Pam slide her hands up under my coat, apparently having compared notes with Marlene from the day before. We were less than a mile down the lake before her hand had my zipper down and my pants undone and her hand wrapped around my hardening cock. Escort bayan “You better be careful not to start anything you can’t finish,” I said over the sound of the engine.

“Trust me; I can finish anything I start after last night. I wasn’t sure I could go through with it, and probably wouldn’t have if you hadn’t started sucking on my nipples. They are sooooo sensitive and once you started that you had me.” She answered, squeezing and stroking my cock to accentuate her statement.

“Aren’t you afraid that Randal will find out?”

“As if he would care. He hasn’t had sex with me in over a year, so I doubt he will care a whole lot,” she answered.

“I see.”

“One more thing you should know,” she said over the wind as we started a long turn around a point jutting out into the lake.

“What’s that,” I asked?

“If you seek hard enough you will find a surprise. That’s all I’m going to say,” she said with a laugh.

I wondered what she meant, but didn’t have to wonder long, because we were quickly approaching where we were going to fish. I slowed the snowmobile and stopped in the middle of a semicircular bay with the tops of bull rushes sticking up through the ice. This particular bay had been a good producer of Northern’s and Muskies in warmer weather and I was counting on them coming back up into the shallows to feed during the middle of the day even under the ice. I started out drilling holes in the ice while the guys started placing tip-ups in them.

I was placing the holes pretty far apart, trying to cover most of the bay, and before I could get all the holes drilled we had the first fish on the line. I walked all the way back to the second hole, where the flag had gone up and watched Mark bring in a small Northern, which we threw back. I walked the whole way back to the farthest hole and just got the ice auger started when another flag went up. I let Dave handle it while I drilled the last two holes and walked back to the equipment sled.

“This is a super spot!” Dave said as he pulled a nice thirty plus inch Northern out of the ice.

“Yeah. But we’re spread pretty far. How about if we split and take one shanty down toward the other end?” I asked, not really wanting to walk the whole way again.

“Fine by me. You want to take the girls down that way?” Dave asked.

“If that’s what you want to do. I thought maybe you wanted to fish with your wife.” I said as I headed back to the sled to get some minnows in a second bucket for them.

“Not really. I mean it’s ok if she wants to tag along but when it comes to real fishing…” He retorted.

“Ladies, it sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown down. What do you say, should we prove them wrong?” I said, shaking my head as walked back with the bucket.

“Sure! I think if we out fish them they should have to clean up after dinner while we lounge around in front of the fire!” Patricia said, giving her husband a dirty look while he stood there shrugging his shoulders with a “what can I do” look on his face.

“You’re on. Highest poundage of fish wins! And if we win, we don’t have to put up with you coming out onto the ice again.” Dave said snottily.

“You’re on!” Marlene said angrily, turning and stalking off toward the snowmobile that had the second shanty hooked on the back of it. She climbed on and fired the engine, driving it most of the way down the line of holes before stopping.

“Ok. I’ll take the other sled down too. You can keep this shanty and bait.” I told him as I tugged Patricia’s arm to get her to come with me.

“Stupid jerks,” she swore under her breath as she climbed on the back of my snowmobile.

“Yep,” I replied as I fired the engine. I drove to near the shanty and shut down. Climbing off, I got a bin of tip-ups out and started setting the baits. I hadn’t really gotten too far, only to the fourth of our twelve holes when the flag for the first one went up. “Come on ladies. I’ll show you how.” I said as I walked across the snowy ice toward the red flag. I took off my gloves and knelt down, pulling the tip-up out of the water and holding it up.

“See the spool here? The line plays off there. Now the fish will grab the bait, but not swallow it. They like to swim off a ways and then turn the bait around. They can’t swallow it unless it’s head first. So see how it’s taking line kind of slow? It’ll stop soon.” I said as we watched the spool intermittently turn in small increments.

“Now Pat, when the line stops, take it gently between your fingers and put just a little tension on it. If he tugs back gently, let him take more line between your fingers. If he tugs hard, then give the line a good jerk.

She tentatively reached out and pulled on the line from the spool feeling the fish gently tugging on the end.

“It stopped,” she said nervously.

“He’s just turning the bait. If it goes slack start pulling the line in, just hand over hand until its snug again.”

“Does he swim fast?” She asked.

“Not in this cold water. Bayan Escort It’s just barely above freezing and he’ll move really slowly.” I said as she started to pull the line in. Suddenly the line went stiff and I could see her hand being tugged by the line. “Now…Give it a jerk and start pulling him in!”

She jerked the line and then started pulling on it, pulling foot after foot of line in with her hands until it was obvious that the fish was right under the hole.

“Now pull him up into the hole!” I coaxed as I pulled my neoprene glove back on. I certainly didn’t want to get too close yet. Muskie and Northern Pike have VICIOUS teeth! I waited as she gently coaxed him, very unwillingly, toward the hole. Once he had his head into the hole he had no choice. A soon as I saw his long snout come up toward the surface I reached out with my gloved hand and grabbed his head, squeezing his gill plates for a handhold as I pulled him up and tossed him onto the ice, where he flopped around for several seconds before settling back down.

“Now that’s a nice Northern!” I said looking at the nearly three foot long fish. I got out my pliers and dug the hook out of his mouth and then handed the bare hook to Pat. “You caught it, you bait it!” I said with a smile.

“You mean put a minnow on it?” She asked, her eyebrows curling up and her face looking like I had asked her to intentionally step into a pile of dog doo.

“Yep!” I answered as I got up off my knees. “Come on…Bring the tip-up!” I said as I walked toward the sled. I showed her where the minnows were and watched her net one from the bucket. After coaching her on how to hook it she carried it back to the hole and dropped it down into the water, reeling the slack line up and setting it like I was instructing her. “There you go. Your first fish!” I said with a grin.

“I did! It was!” She said, getting excited now that it was all done.

“Ok. Let’s get the last of the tip-ups down.” I said as I got up and walked to the sled to get another one out and rigged. Between the three of us we had the remaining holes set and ready to go in no time. We were just setting up the shanty when another flag went up. “Well, who’s getting this one?” I asked.

“Oh me!” Marlene said as she dashed off across the ice toward the raised red flag. I smiled and followed along as Pat worked on the collapsible shanty. By the time I got to Marlene she had the hook set and was pulling in the fish, which turned out to be a medium sized Walleye.

“That’s two,” I said as we walked back to get new bait.

“Yeah. We are so going to beat them!” She said with a huge grin.

“It’s a long day yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.” I cautioned, not wanting them to get too excited. Pat had the shanty up and was inside it by the time Marlene and I got back from setting her new bait. I was already sweating so I pulled my coat off and lay it across the back of the snow mobile, leaving me with only my sweatshirt and still unzipped bib overalls on.

I unzipped the door of the shanty and ducked inside, finding Pat sitting on the bench waiting for us.

“Another keeper?” She asked hopefully.

“Yep. Two down, a lot to go.” I answered.

Marlene stepped inside and zipped it closed, sitting on the other side of me from Pat.

“I have cold hands now!” She said, blowing on them. “Aren’t we going to set up the heater?”

“No point. As warm as it is the sun will get it nice and toasty in here really fast.” I replied as I looked up and down the line of flags through the clear plastic windows.

“So how am I supposed to get my hand warm?”

“I guess tuck it into your snow suit,” I answered seriously.

“Really? I’m supposed to stick my cold hand inside my snow suit? Do you have any idea what I have on under here?” She asked incredulously.

“Not off hand,” I replied.

“We haven’t told him yet,” Pat whispered across me.

“Oh…yeah. Silly me.” She said. She quickly unzipped her snow suit all the way down to her waist, and then stood up as much as the shanty roof would allow, shaking her shoulders and arms to work the one piece snow suit off her shoulders. She pushed it down her body and legs, leaving me staring at her half naked body. She lifted her shirt up, exposing her bare skin from her neck to her knees.

“Damn!” I said in surprise.

“I told you we had a surprise for you,” she said with a giggle as she reached out for the zipper of my coveralls. She unzipped me the rest of the way and pushed the straps down my arms so she could spread the material, exposing my already undone pants and my growing hardon sticking out the top of my underwear. “Now that’s more like it!” She said as she pushed the front of my underwear down, hooking it below my balls before she turned around and sat down on my lap, my cock sticking up between her legs as if she had a dick. She wrapped her hands around my shaft, the cold shrinking me some before her stroking coaxed me back to full hardness again.

“Flags up!” Escort Pat said, looking out the window.

“You go. I think Mike is occupied warming my hands for a few more minutes,” Marlene said.

“And a bit more if I know you,” she said with a wicked grin. “Save some for me!” She added, unzipping the door and grabbing my neoprene gloves.

“I will.” Marlene answered as Pat slipped out, zipping the door closed behind her.

“Now let’s see….I guess I need to warm you back up, how’s this?” She asked as she lifted herself up and pushed my cock back, her already wet pussy teasing my head. She wiggled me around and then slowly sat back down, my hard shaft slowly enveloped by her hot, soft tunnel.

“Oh geez.” I groaned as her weight pushed down against the head of my cock.

“OH yeah. Now do you suppose you can make me cum by just playing with my clit? I’m not sure the guys would appreciate us rocking the shanty like a couple teenagers!” She said as she leaned back against me and spread her legs wide to give me access to her crotch.

“No they probably wouldn’t,” I agreed as I reached a hand around her and let it slide down between her legs and across her wet pussy, feeling her lips spread around where my cock was impaling her.

“Hey, you two. I need some help out here!” Pat said, looking shanty through one of the plastic windows.

“Coming.” I answered, as Marlene lifted herself off my lap. I stuffed my cock into my bibs and zipped them enough that I wasn’t hanging out before unzipping the front of the shanty. I stepped out and saw two more flags up and a fish laying by the flag that Pat had gone to service.

As much as I wanted to get back into the shanty with Pat and Marlene, especially as little as they had on under their heavy clothes, it just wasn’t to be. We seemed to have flags up almost as fast as we could get things back into the water. We would just get back into the shanty and another flag would pop. The good side was that we had a nice collection of good sized fish, some of the largest coming from the last hole on the string that was right at the end of the weed bed. Besides a number of thirty inch and larger Northern’s we had one forty six inch Muskie that had to weigh at least eighteen or twenty pounds. By lunch time we had caught our legal limit for the three of us on Pike and had a number of good Walleye and a pair of big Muskies.

“So since we’re limited out on Northerns, and that’s mostly what we’re catching we should probably stop fishing.” I said as I walked up to the shanty with Dave, Mark and Randal standing around outside.

“You’re shitting me!” Dave said incredulously.

“No. The girls limited out. How are you doing?” I asked.

“We got a few, but nowhere close to our limit.” Randal answered a bit dejectedly. “I can’t believe they out fished us!”

“Tell you what, if you want to keep fishing I can leave you and come back later, but I think the girls are done.” I answered.

“You’re serious?” Dave asked in surprise.

“Yep. We have maybe fifty or fifty five pounds of fish not counting that lunker Muskie that weights a good eighteen, how about you?”

“You’re shitting me!” Dave said his face a mask of shock.

“No man. We got maybe eighteen or so pounds. Only five fish.” Randal said discouraged.

“Well, if you want I can leave stuff and come back later. But I think the ladies win hands down.”

“Yeah, we’ll stay,” Dave said angrily.

“Ok. I’ll come back around three. I’ll take one shanty and one snowmobile with me.”

“Ok,” Dave said grumpily.

I shook my head as I headed back down to where the girls were waiting. “Fold it up!” I called as I walked.

I organized the gear in the big sled and unhooked it, hooking the shanty in its place on the back of my snowmobile. “One of you is going to have to ride in the shanty sled.” I said as I pinned it to the hitch point.

“Oh, I’ll do it.” Marlene said, stepping over and half laying in the sled. “It should be a comfortable ride.”

“Pretty much. Here, put my coat under your butt so it’s not too hard. It’s warm enough I won’t need it.”

“Good idea.” She said as she tucked it under her butt for a cushion and then settled back. I shook my head and then started tossing the almost frozen fish into the bottom of the sled with her.

“You didn’t say I had to ride with the fish!” She said with her nose crinkled up.

“‘Fraid so. And you get to help clean ’em.” I added as I tossed the last and biggest one in, the tail sticking up between her legs until it almost touched her stomach. I laughed at the face she made and then jumped onto the snowmobile, Pat climbing on behind me.

I started off down the lake, taking it slow because we had Marlene in the sled and I didn’t want to accidently dump her. As we wound around the narrow stretch Pat tapped me on the shoulder.

“Hey Mike.”

“Yeah?” I asked letting the sled coast to a stop.

“I wondered. Would it be ok if….well….would you mind….” She stammered.

“What,” I asked.

“Is it too cold to have sex outside?” She finally spit out.

“Well, it’s probably almost forty. If you keep moving and there isn’t any wind, I guess you could for a little while. Why? Do you want to?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32