Iron Heart Ch. 02

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So I hope the wait wasn’t too long Kids. It made my day to know that you guys and gals even appreciated the first chapter and I really hope this one is also to your liking. Chapter 3 is cruising along so to speak, but a new life issue has arose that will drain some of my writing time. Anyhows, here ya go hope you like this one just as much maybe a bit more! Nuff from me except my shout out to my cool Buddy Mokkelke! Again she rocks! Votes, comments, and love is always appreciated kids now sit back and enjoy the show!


Leta’s days after that fun night were full of work and more work. She never had a chance to meet up with Ben as she was pulling two and three shifts at the hospital and her other job was begging her for more time. Leta was on the verge of collapse when she got a call from Ben.

“Hey papi,” she said and sounded very tired.

“Working to the bone huh?” he asked. The groan he got as a reply was a testament to how tired she sounded to him.

“Sorry I haven’t called you papi. They got me on doubles at the hospital and at the boutique they are whining I don’t work enough,” she explained.

“Did I say I was complaining?” Ben said softly and Leta smiled as she heard the soothing tone.

“Sorry papi,” she purred as she leaned into her couch and pulled her legs to her chest.

“Working tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yes, but only a half day at the hospital and a five hour stint at the store,” she replied.

“Then I guess I can help you out,” Ben said chuckling.

“Oh and how’s that?” Leta asked.

Her door knocked and she about jumped out of her skin. Leta went to the door and she laughed as she looked through the peep hole and saw Ben on the other side with a large bag. She giggled and opened the door and the tempting smell of take-out flooded her nostrils. She was very hungry from her long day as she only had a small snack at noon. Now it was almost ten and she was starving.

“My hero!” she exclaimed and jumped into his open arm and gave him a huge hug.

Ben laughed and patted her back as she took his hand and pulled him into her apartment. When they got in Leta saw the bag and knew he had gone to her favorite restaurant for the take out. Smelling her favorite dishes in the bag, she heard her tummy growl and they both looked at it.

“Sorry,” she squeaked in embarrassment.

“It’s all good honey. Hungry?” he asked and she gave him a stupid look.

Leta took the bag from him and set it on the table. Pulling out all the offerings she grinned as she saw he remembered her favorite from their first date and got it. He also got a few more things and she gave him the most relieved smile and they sat to dig in. Leta devoured her meal and Ben sat back in amusement watching the tiny woman pack it away like she did. Leta was too busy with her meal to notice and as she ate she got a funny feeling. Looking up after spooning a large serving of beans and rice into her mouth she saw Ben staring at her and his smile was amused.

“Qué estás buscando? ” Leta said with her mouth full.

“That’s such bad manners,” Ben chided and she gave him the finger.

“How’s that for manners!” she said after she swallowed.

Ben laughed and took a sip of his drink. Leta gave him a cross look and went back to eating her dinner. She enjoyed when he would look at her, but God he was so infuriating at times. All she wanted to do was eat her meal and enjoy his company and he was being annoyingly cute again. She looked at him and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. She stared at him as he ate and soon he looked up and acted like nothing was wrong. Leta blinked incredulously as he tore a bite of his chicken and went back to eating.

“What the hell Ben!” she exclaimed as she realized it was not affecting him.

“I had four daughters, they always stared at me or I them while we ate. It didn’t help matters when their mother was there though,” he said softly as he remembered the games they made of it.

Leta sighed and shook her head and went to pat his arm when he smiled suddenly and looked dead at her.

“Besides I knew it was getting to you,” he said with a smirk.

“Imbécil,” she quipped and got up suddenly.

Ben saw her get up and walk behind him. He looked over his shoulder and she grabbed his head and turned it so it went forward.

“No, no, no, eyes front!” she commanded and he laughed and complied.

Leta realized he wasn’t ticklish the last time she tried so this time she did something far worse. She licked her hand and slapped the back of his neck. Ben instinctively flinched as he felt the wet hand hit his neck and groaned.

“Oh your dead!” Ben said and got to his feet.

Leta squeaked and ran to her bedroom and was almost secure in it when his work booted foot wedged between the door and the frame. She shoved as hard as she could, but the steel reinforced head of the boot refused to give way. What’s more was Ben’s hand found the edge and he began to shove in steadily, his bulk behind it.

Leta screamed and laughed as she istanbul escort was slowly being shoved behind the door and in an act of desperation she let go of the door suddenly and ran. Ben felt her let go and stopped his momentum only to hear the bathroom door slam shut. Ben smiled darkly as he put his hands behind his back and stalked to the door and with the backhand rap knocked softly.

“De nadie casa!” Leta replied in a sing song voice from behind the door.

Ben stopped and grinned when he heard the singing voice and chuckled. Leta was pressed against the door and was safe for the moment. She was suddenly worried as the lock didn’t work on her bathroom door.

“I see, well that’s too bad because here I had another surprise for my little Leta, and she isn’t home,” Ben said teasingly and let go of the door.

Leta knew he was trying to trick her and laughed on the other side of the door as she had herself wedged between it and the bathroom sink.

“I’m sure you do Benjamin!” she said his name in Spanish and he chuckled.

Ben actually was getting used to her calling him that and a smile spread across his face. He jiggled the handle and laughed as he felt it wasn’t locked. Leta squeaked as he turned it and began to push. For it was worth she tried to hold on, but the steady pressure of Ben’s pushing was too much for her. Not wanting to be bruised she let go of the sink and tried to keep him out.

“Ben wait! I have to pee!” she tried to lie.

“Uh huh,” Ben retorted as he got his head in the door.

Leta saw his head in the door and looking at her laughing face.

“Here’s Johnny!” he said in his best Jack Nicholson impression.

Leta felt the door get pushed back a bit and soon his arm found it’s way in and was groping at her. Leta squeaked as she frantically tried to keep it at bay, but it was a losing battle. Ben was able to get in and his hand found Leta. She screamed playfully as he got a hold on her. Leta was laughing and begging for leniency as he hoisted her over his shoulder and walked slowly back to the bedroom.

“Benjamin no!” she said in her thick accent.

But for all she begged Ben was set on his course. He tossed her on her bed and Leta let out a squeaking laugh. He climbed on the bed with her and pinned her body. Leta tried to push his bulk away, but it wasn’t happening. Her little body was swallowed up by his massive bulk and as she laughed his demonic hands found their holds. The tickling went on and on and Leta was squeaking and begging him for nearly a minute. When Ben finally let up Leta was gasping and trying to get her composure back.

“Learned our little lesson now have we?” Ben said teasingly as he poised his hands over her sides garnering a flinch in response.

“Si papi!” she got out through her giggles.

“I bet,” Ben said smirking victoriously as he got up.

As Ben stood over her he took a moment to look down at her. She was so tiny, but at the same time so cute. Her hair was maybe to the top of her shoulders and the way she had it wildly curled and up was a very striking look. As he looked further down he saw a very nice curve to her shoulders and of course her full breasts. For her height she was kind of chesty as she had a very full B almost C cup. Her tummy was flat and her hips were nice and curved. Going down to her jeans covered legs he noticed she had great legs. Ben looked back up to see Leta smiling at him as she knew he was admiring the view.

“Like what you see, papi?” she asked in a cute voice.

“Very much,” he replied and the seriousness in his tone made her smile all the brighter.

“Venga aquí papi,” she said and patted the side next to her.

Ben sat down next to her and she shook her head. Leta put her hand on his shoulder and shoved a bit so he got the idea. Ben laid back and Leta curled into his arm. Leta was amazed at how high she was off the bed as she curled into his arm and her arms. Leta almost laughed aloud when her arm didn’t even go over half his chest.

“Ai mi Dios, your huge!” Leta said and laughed.

“Can’t help it,” Ben said back chuckling.

Ben had grown from an early age. His father and grandfather were all shorter men. His mother’s side had the genes and passed them on. While his mother was only five five he and his two brothers grew into monsters. He was the tallest of the three boys at six four, but the others were six one and six two respectively. For Ben his growth began at twelve and didn’t stop till he was almost twenty. He topped out at six four and a quarter and his bulk grew as a result of many things. The first being a football player in high school and then in the Army he worked hard and grew big as well. His Army time was cut short by a freak accident that tore his knee up. While the surgery repaired the damage the Army didn’t want to risk further injury.

Ben had met his ex-wife during his time recovering from the injury and they had hit it off well. His mind briefly touched the past to the times they were actually happy and it made his eyes wander a bit. He remembered şişli escort those things and suddenly his face turned sour.

Leta saw the look of disgust that passed over his face and she decided to be proactive. Without letting him in on what she was doing she turned his face and looked him dead in the eyes.

Ben looked into her brown orbs and wasn’t surprised when she leaned in a touched his lips softly. Then Leta pressed her forehead to his and they enjoyed the feeling of just being together, holding each other. Smiling Leta turned to her back and looked up at the ceiling.

“Thanks for the dinner papi, it was yummy,” she purred contently as she stretched.

“No problem honey,” he said softly as his fingers traced her side and she jerked a bit.

Leta laughed a bit and looked up to him. She was bleary eyed, finally her long day began to catch up with her. Sighing Leta got up and offered her hands to Ben. She wanted to pull him up, but Ben had other ideas. He yanked her to him and she laughed as she landed on his slid chest. His arms found her back and she looked at him with a sexy teasing look.

“And what were you going to do now, Benjamin?” she teased.

“This,” Ben said and kissed her lips firmly.

This time the kiss lasted for a long while. It was a chaste kiss but they both just enjoyed the light touching of lips after a while. Leta was fully on top of him and couldn’t help but enjoy the sensations of his firm body under her. Leta let her legs fall along his sides and she clutched his face sweetly as she tasted his lips some more.

Ben felt her legs encasing his sides and shuddered a bit. She felt so good on him it was near maddening. He wanted to keep himself in check and not push his limits with her so he behaved himself. His hands did travel to her back and rested there. Leta felt his hands on her lower back and she sighed happily into her kiss. As they slowly made out Ben felt her pants beginning to warm up on his stomach. Leta felt it as well, but she didn’t let it stop her from doing what she wanted. As they broke from the kiss Leta looked him in the eyes and gave him one last peck on the lips. Ben smiled up at her and she laughed as he sat up suddenly. Leta was in an awkward position in his lap and as she was almost falling from his lap Ben grabbed the back of her legs to help her stay up.

“God damn, your fucking huge!” Leta said laughing as he held her up.

“Again, I can’t help it,” Ben replied sheepishly.

The difference in height and body dimensions was something that did make them chuckle a bit. While Leta was tiny and semi lithe, Ben was a massive man. His hips were forty inches and not fat. His shoulders dwarfed Leta’s tiny frame and his arms were enormous. As Leta looked into his broad chest, she couldn’t resist the urge of putting her face on it. She leaned on him and Ben smiled a bit. His arms found a good hold on her and he held her to him for what felt like hours. After a while Leta finally spoke.

“So, can we go out this weekend?” she asked.

“Umm….no I have my daughter’s birthdays this weekend. I’m taking them down the Shore,” Ben said after a second.

“Oh it’s Rochelle’s?” she asked.

“Well yes, but I’m taking them all down there so we can have them all in one go,” Ben said. Leta looked at him confused and he went on, “The weirdest thing was they were all born like two days from each other. Rochelle was born on the fifteenth, Mary on the seventeenth, and Susan was on the nineteenth. Sherry was born like two months after all of them so it made for a fun stretch then we could rest till hers,” he explained.

“Wow,” Leta exclaimed as she pondered three birthdays one after the other like that.

“Yeah, it made for a fun time,” Ben reminisced.

Ben sat in thought thinking of all the good times they had when the girls were younger. He loved watching them smile and laugh as they had a great time with their parties. Even before his ex went on her tangent they had a blast. The girls were all that mattered to him and her and they strove to make things work. Ben sighed as he remembered the one year his ex-wife ruined a great time.

Ben had bought the girls a video game system and three games for the each of them The girls were happy with the system and when they saw the games they wanted, it made them all go nuts. For hours they enjoyed quality family time and had a grand time.

What no one knew was that their mother had been drinking that day and she went off on the girls. She complained that they were making too much noise and annoying her with the games being obnoxious. That night Ben and her had a shouting match in the back of the house that the girls unfortunately heard and made them ask him if they were not going to be together much longer. For Ben having to lie to Susan that night made him sick to his stomach because less than five years later they were officially divorced.

Leta realized the sigh was something that was part of his past. She pulled her head from his chest and looked into his eyes. Ben was lost in thought mecidiyeköy escort and she decided to get his attention. Her hands found his neck and pulled his head towards her. Ben snapped from the past thoughts and to the present. Ben looked down and felt Leta’s lips kiss him fully on the mouth. They gently probed each other’s mouths for a while then Leta stopped. She looked into his eyes and gave him a smirk.

“Something tells me you like that papi,” she purred in a cute voice.

“I could be getting used to it,” Ben whispered into her lips.

Leta snuggled under his chin and was content. Sadly as much as she wanted to pursue things further her eyes were drooping. A yawn came from her and Ben chuckled.

“Tired?” he asked.

“Mm hmm,” she purred.

Without asking Ben sat up and lifted her into his arms. Leta looked at him and her eyes grew bleary. Ben laid her down on her bed and pulled the blankets over her body. Leta giggled as he tucked her in and gave her a light kiss on the top of her head.

“Get some sleep honey. I’ll call you when I get back from the shore,” Ben promised.

“OK papi,” she said sleepily and turned to her side as he walked to the door.

Ben hit the light and she watched him walk to the living room. Her eyes closed to sleep and the smile on her face was content. She had a man in her life, and maybe more. Ben cleaned up the remains of dinner and set the left overs in her fridge. He threw away the empty containers and put the unopened soda in the fridge. As Ben looked into her fridge he saw how empty it was. He looked through her kitchen and saw aside from bare essentials, she had little food stocked. Ben knew she worked hard at two jobs to make ends meet, but seeing how hard up she was he made a plan to change that.

Ben locked the door and left making sure she was still asleep. He went to his truck and got into it. The neighbors all seemed to be watching him, but he didn’t mind. He likely knew a few of them from his work site and hoped that would be enough to be a deterrent for people wanting to be negative. He fired up his truck ad turned on his play list. As he backed up a Nine Inch Nails song began that made him smile a bit. “Hurt” was always a song he knew of but only listened to occasionally. The haunting melody of it accompanied his drive back to his apartment. He knew that it was not appropriate to him and Leta, but he couldn’t know the hard time ahead of him and how appropriate it would be.

Ben walked into his apartment and saw the machine beeping. He sighed and played the messages. Of the five on it two were from his daughters and the other three were from his ex-wife Carol ranting at him for whatever reasons.

One was a rant for him not taking a DNA test for her supposed pregnancy. The other was her a little later and drunk going off on him for her having her life turn out like it was. The last was an even more drunk Carol letting him have it and her new boy toy in the background laughing and egging her on.

Ben inhaled sharply as he heard the man laughing and wondered if Rochelle was awake and forced to listen to Carol’s shit. Ben felt his phone vibrate and looked at it. It was Carol again and he sent it to voice mail. After a minute the voice mail was done and he listened to it. The voice on the other end wasn’t his wife but a terrified Rochelle.

“Daddy, please! I can’t take it anymore! Mom is fucking drunk and they are fucking in the living room. Daddy she isn’t alone with just him but some other guys are in here too! Oh shit dad, one is at my door trying to get me to come out. Please, daddy! Please, help me!” she begged and hung up abruptly.

Ben felt his face scrunch up in anger and he stomped form his apartment. The phone rang again and it was Rochelle again.

“I’m on my way, honey,” he said sternly.

“Daddy, please hurry. They are all really drunk and I don’t want to be here anymore,” Rochelle said in tears.

“Just keep the door locked honey. I’ll come by and you get out your window and come to me. I’ll be out there in fifteen minutes,” Ben promised.

“OK, daddy,” Rochelle said and he heard her do something.

“Just a second, honey,” Ben said as he put the phone on hands free.

Ben gunned the engine and roared out of his complex. He got onto the parkway and sped north towards the house. He could hear Rochelle yelling at the man to stay away from her and he growled in anger hearing it. His hands griped the wheel as he wove in and out of the late night zombies. Time seemed to creep slowly for him as he drove as fast as he could to get to her before something bad happened.

After a lifetime he found his exit coming up on the right. Pulling off the highway he got stuck in traffic at the light. He heard the door being banged on and her mother yelling on the other end. Rochelle was in tears sobbing as Ben was forced to listen to Carol yelling at Rochelle to shut up. Somehow the traffic cleared up and Ben found himself down the street from the house. He slowed down and saw Rochelle running down the street. He honked the horn and she looked up in time to see the truck. Ben got out and she ran sobbing to his arms. Rochelle was near hysterical and Ben saw someone running at him. He picked his daughter up and set her in his truck and shut the door.

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