Island Idyll

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This is a work of fiction.


The only family member who would not have been surprised by my success at university would have been my grandfather, who unfortunately died before I started my studies. He left me everything. Not millions, but by the time his house and other assets had been sold, added to his savings the total amount was, well, certainly enough to kick-start my adult life.

There had been two conditions; the money could either be used to finance my further education, or frozen until I was twenty-five. He also specified what I was to study – Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece had been his passion, he had eaten and breathed it. I even had a Greek name – Alexander. At school I was Alex, sometimes Alec as in ‘Smart Alec’. When I was into my teens, my parents started to call me Zander, which I hated. Eventually, a girl friend started to call me Lex. I have been Lex ever since.

I had been a considered a waster at school, the joker, at the centre of all mischief. I had been threatened by my teachers and by my parents;

“You will come to no good,” sort of thing.

But I confounded them all. I got adequate grades in the subjects that I needed, and good grades in the subjects that I wanted. I was offered a place at a good University.

Again, I played harder than I worked. To the extent that even I was surprised at just how good my degree was. I was invited to stay on and convert it to a master’s. Three more years of study, one full time and two part time. I accepted, without really knowing whether I would honour my word. I knew that it was a once-only chance, but I felt schooled to bursting, I needed a break. This was May, I had until September to decide finally. I wanted to travel, and if possible, to earn a bit of money to top-up Grandad’s diminishing bequest.

Naturally, I headed for Greece.

The hard way, thumbing lifts through Europe, sleeping rough or in hostels, and working whenever I could. After several weeks of this I had not reached Greece. But I was close, right at the toe of Italy. And with a job that could last all summer if I wanted it to, serving behind the bar of a trattoria, popular with both locals and tourists.

My sex-life had pretty much gone on hold when I started travelling. At college I had found it easy to score and expected to do so during my sabbatical. Not so. Fellow travellers seemed to be in couples and local girls were looking for husbands, not fun. I did not go entirely without, I managed to bed a few tourists, mainly older women looking for holiday thrills, but they all count don’t they? Mostly though, my cock and my right hand became almost inseparable.

One day, a young woman who worked as a waitress in the restaurant, told me that she had seen a notice at the mini-mart where she shopped, she thought that it would suit me.

“Crew wanted for 12 metre sailing yacht. Must have experience, speak English or Dutch and be prepared to commit to four weeks cruising Greek Islands. On-board accommodation and all meals provided, plus smile money.”

I liked the last bit. The notice was in English, French, Dutch, Italian and Greek. There was a ‘phone number.

The notice could have been aimed specifically at me. I had been a member of my university sailing squadron and had crewed in ocean races. I also had a fundamental grasp of Greek and French, by which I mean a reasonable vocabulary and the ability to ask for a beer or say;

“Do you speak English?”

And my Italian had become quite good since my stay in Italy. I called the number.

A voice answered in Italian. The number was for the harbour office, I was told to leave my number and I would be called back. I gave them the number of my workplace.

This was in 1979, mobile phones were around, but the domain of the very rich. The internet was in the future. Happy days. HIV/Aids was also yet to be invented. Yes, I am one of those who believe that it was man-made, in a biological weapons lab somewhere, and inadvertently escaped into an unsuspecting world. Back in 1979, people could still fuck without fear.

But I digress. An interview was arranged at a bar close to the small harbour that served both the local fishermen and the occasional pleasure craft.

The advertisers were a Dutch couple, Matthijs and Elis, he was about forty and she was about ten years younger. They made a striking couple, he was athletically built and good looking. She was drop-dead gorgeous. They had left Holland at about the same time I had left England, with another couple as crew, the plan being to sail around the coast of Europe to Greece and to spend the summer exploring the islands. The male half of the other couple had fallen and fractured his hip. He had to be flown home to recover. His wife had gone with him, leaving Matt and El crew-less.

The interview went well and we arranged to take the boat out the next day, in order to see how well I sailed. It was a dawn start, I had to be back at work by lunchtime. There was a brisk breeze Antalya Escort and the yacht handled like a dream. I had a new job.

The owner of the trattoria was not overjoyed at my short notice, but we came to an arrangement and three days later I was at sea, heading for my beloved Greece.

Kerkyra, the main port of Corfu, was our destination. Matt had me sail the boat for almost the entire trip, stopping only for comfort-breaks. He sat alongside me monitoring my performance. El meanwhile, kept us supplied with cold drinks and a light snack at lunchtime. As soon as we were at sea, she had removed the blouse that she had tied round her waist, displaying a pair of tits to die for. I could not keep my eyes off her, something that she was very aware of. As was Matt. I had a painful hard-on for much of the time, first of all trapped in my shorts until I could adjust it into a more comfortable position during a pee-break. My predicament seemed to cause much amusement for my hosts.

She covered up as we came into harbour at Kerkyra, then went below to dress for shore. I was to accompany her into town to stock up on supplies, Matt would check the boat and handle the paperwork. We were moored at the boat club.

El did the shopping, I did the carrying. When we returned, Matt announced that he had booked a table for dinner at the boat club. Dressed for dinner, the difference between our incomes showed, El wore a short, pale blue/green silk dress. The dress itself had little in the way of shape, but draped itself over her spectacular curves in a way that made it look like it had been poured on. Clearly no bra, the silk just dripped from her nipples, and if she was wearing knickers, they did not show. It was a lot later when I noticed that her shoes matched the dress, along with every man in the restaurant, and most of the women. Matt wore tailored slacks and a pale pink silk shirt. I felt very scruffy in jeans and T-shirt, I resolved that if we were going to eat out, I would spend some of my smile money on smarter clothes.

The food was wonderful and there was a seemingly endless supply of wine to wash it down. Three very wobbly people made their way carefully back to the boat, which thankfully, was not far away. I fell asleep immediately, but was awakened by a cry from very close. I shot out of bed to investigate, realising as soon as I opened the cabin door, that the cries were coming from the other cabin. They were not cries of distress, but cries of passion, El was being very vigorously fucked.

Rather ashamedly, I stayed to listen until they had finished. I had an excuse to be out of my cabin – ‘my’ bathroom, or if you want to be nautical, head, was separate from my cabin, being the communal one for the boat, whereas the master cabin had en-suite facilities.

I snook back to bed with a mega hard-on. And it was not going away without help. I wear tight jockey-shorts in bed, tight because I am a restless sleeper and loose sleep-wear tangles around me. I threw the sheet off and slipped the shorts over my feet. My friend pointed up at the wall behind my head. I closed my eyes and wanked myself off quickly and efficiently, imagining that it was El’s hand around it and not mine.

The next morning, Matt said that he wanted to move up the coast and find another, quieter mooring. The boat club berth was also quite expensive, we could moor for free in one of the many sheltered bays and use the tender to go ashore. There was almost no wind and what drift there was, was in the wrong direction. The sails remained furled, we used the engine.

The sea was flat calm, El decided to take the opportunity to sunbathe, lying on the cabin roof, which she did naked. She spread out a towel and proceeded to oil herself all over. I was close to coming in my pants. She had completely shaven pubes. I had never seen a shaven haven in the flesh and was intrigued by it. To me, it looked like a miniature version of her peachy arse, complete with cleft, but when she moved so that the slit parted, a portal to heaven was revealed. At last, much to my relief, her act of whole-body, oily masturbation ended and she stretched out to soak up the sun. She was soon asleep.

“She is beautiful, no?” asked Matt, nodding at his lovely wife.

“She is very beautiful, yes.” I replied.

Matt nodded approvingly.

“Did our fucking disturb your sleep?”

How do you answer a question like that? Both yes and no would have meant that I had heard them, to say that I had not heard them would have been a lie. I think that I muttered something about not being disturbed. There was a long pause as we both enjoyed the tantalising sight of El’s perfect breasts rising and falling as she breathed. Matt’s next question almost caused me a heart-attack;

“Would you like to fuck her?”

Surely he was teasing me? I just laughed. As it was I had difficulty taking my eyes off her, if she had been mine, I would not be able to keep my hands off her, or my cock out of her. Of course Antalya Escort Bayan I wanted to fuck her. But surely he was joking?

We found a suitable mooring, a small rocky bay where there were a few boats already moored. Ours was bigger and needed to be anchored a little further out, but still within the bay. We used the inflatable tender to go ashore, leaving it in the scrub at the edge of the bay. Again, there were several others already there. We took a local bus into town where we went our separate ways, arranging a rendezvous back at the bus-stop later. I found a men’s shop and bought some smart but casual clothes.

We dined on board that night and then sat, sipping wine as the sun set before turning in. I was looking forward to some more audio entertainment and left my cabin door open. All was quiet. My erection was back though, and demanding attention. Reluctantly I closed the door, removed my shorts and lay naked on the bed. Last night had been a pressure-relief wank, tonight I would make it last.

Masturbation always means ejaculation for me, but proper orgasms are fewer. I would tease my cock, stopping as I felt myself about to come. By doing this several times, when I did come it was like an explosion, not only spewing spunk in huge quantities, but feeling the earthquake of orgasm deep inside. Up until then, I had only experienced deep orgasm by masturbation, fucking a girl made me ejaculate, but not orgasm.

I lovingly caressed my implement, gripping firmly enough to allow my hand to slide the outer sheath of skin over the inner shaft, causing the foreskin to slide back revealing my glans, but gently enough for the hand to slide over the outside as the skin reached its elastic limit. Masturbatory heaven.

There was a tap on the cabin door. I released my prong and pulled up the sheet to cover myself. The door opened and in walked El, spectacularly naked. I could not speak. She approached the side of the bed and peeled the sheet back. My stiffy had deflated at the interruption, but was still quite firm. El slid onto the bed beside me, leaning over to kiss me gently on the lips and allowing her tits to brush against my chest. Her hand slid down my belly to the full-stop of my now rigid again cock. She explored it with her fingers, sliding the skin back gently with her fingers, then cupping my full balls before taking a firmer grip on my tool as she lay on her back, pulling me on top of her by the cock.

She parted her legs to accept me and I positioned myself to enter her. She used both hands to feed my straining cock into her very wet cunt, I was ball deep in a single thrust. I tried to stay still, to savour the feeling of warm wet woman flesh around my prick, but I could not, the need to fuck was too great. I pounded her furiously, climaxing in a shamefully short time, flooding her with all that pent-up spunk that had so nearly been wasted.

I cursed myself for not having better self-control, I muttered an apology.

“It’s normal for a young man.”

She said, pushing me off her and sitting up. Then she was gone. The whole encounter must have lasted less than five minutes, they were the only words she had spoken.

I was very angry with myself, as unexpected as it had been, I should have acted differently. Even if I had been unable to stop myself spilling my first load so quickly, there was more in the tank, if I had asked her to stay for five more minutes, I could have given her seconds.

I got up to pee, this time walking naked out of my cabin. From the other cabin came the unmistakeable sounds of a coupling couple. El was getting her seconds, but not from me. She had gone back to her husband with her cunt full of my spunk and he was enjoying sloppy seconds!

The next day, there was no reference to our nocturnal activities. We took the tender and spent another day on shore, me picking over ancient remains while they presumably did tourist things. We dined aboard again, almost a repeat of the day before. I was anxious to get to bed to see if last night was a one off, or would I be lucky enough to be granted crew relief again.

I lay naked with a monstrous erection, realising that if El did show, I would probably pop my cork prematurely again. But if I started with a less than bursting cock this time… I gave myself a pressure-relief wank just in case.

I had just cleaned up when she arrived. Not quite a repeat of yesterday, but still no conversation. My cock was hard, she was ready for it. She climbed on top and impaled herself onto me. I like cowgirl, I can use my hands on the rider. I did just that as she rode me, savouring her wonderful curves, cupping her fine tits as they bounced. And my pre-fuck worked. To an extent. I probably managed to last twice as long before my powerful spurts coated her exquisite depths. Then she hopped off and left.

Sure enough, soon after, Matt was getting his.

Next morning, Matt announced that he intended to move on, Going direct to Crete in one leg. Escort Antalya With the winds as they were, it would require a night passage. This was the reason he had given for needing crew, although the boat was equipped with all the latest technology to be sailed single handed, a pair of eyes on deck while the others were sleeping was a wise move.

Very little mention had been made about their other crew and I was curious to know if the sharing of partners had been part of that arrangement. Come to think of it, nothing had been mentioned of our ‘arrangement’, there was no arrangement, just spontaneous fucking. El came to my room, fucked me, then went back to Matt for another fucking. They must have discussed it, and was I a surrogate cock until the other one returned? If so, Matt must have reciprocal rights with the female half of the other crew. It was more than I could stand. I eventually plucked up courage to ask Matt while El was below preparing food.

“Thank you for sharing El with me.” I ventured.

“You are most welcome, she is enough woman for two, do you not think?”

“She is wonderful. Did you share with your other crew?”

“Of course. What do you English say? ‘Variety is the spice of life.’ We have a similar saying in Dutch. First we would fuck the other partner, then change to fuck our own.”

“But I have no partner to share with you, you are alone when I am with El. She gets two fucks, you only get one.”

“No, I still get two. I fuck her before she comes to you, and again when she comes back.”

I had not considered this, it would explain how wet she was when I pushed into her. She was full of her husband’s cum!

The journey was slow progress. As dusk fell, Matt told me that he would take first watch, and that I should get some sleep. I was not surprised, but very pleased when El joined me. This session, I would be first.

Much to my delight, she chose to take me in her mouth first. I had been sucked off before, and could not get enough of it, but was still quite inexperienced. My oral progress had gone from a quick suck prior to fucking, the first time I came in a girl’s mouth had been unplanned, she was disgusted and never went out with me again. My older ladies in Italy had been up for the whole thing, come in mouth and swallow. They had also taught me how to lick cunt properly, how to find the clitoris. I would use my newfound skills on El, I knew that Matt had not primed her this time, I would be tasting just El.

But first, I would enjoy her lip-service on me. And she set new standards. She kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled every square millimetre of my tenderest flesh, she sucked my balls, she licked my perineum, she even pushed her tongue up the hole of my arse. She was able to sense my impending ejaculation and stall it, either by pulling away, or by somehow pinching the base of my cock. I came when she decided, and as my copious spurts coated the back of her mouth, I experienced such pleasure that I passed out.

When my personal planetarium had stopped spinning, El asked me sweetly if I would do her now. Oh yes, I certainly would.

My ladies had taught me well, I kissed the slightly bristly flesh of her mound, inside her thighs and the part of her buttocks that were accessible from above, running my tongue wetly over her perineum as she had mine, and rimming the tight pucker of her anus before pushing against it with my stiffened tongue. Then I licked the grooves between inner and outer lips, sucked each inner lip between my mouth lips, delved deep into her ambrosia filled hole and finally took her rigid clitoris between my lips and sucked it hard. She came instantly, noisily, bucking on the bed so hard that I was almost thrown off. I had never experienced an orgasm of such ferocity. Was this what I could hear through the cabin wall? Did she come like this every time?

As she came down, she opened her eyes and said simply;

“Fuck me.”

I am delighted to be able to say that she came before I did. My ejaculation was delivered into a spasming, clutching cunt as pleasure racked her lovely body again. I had never experienced sex like this.

I was up for more, but she wanted none. She turned her back to me. I cuddled in behind her and we fell asleep.

I woke up later with pins and needles in the arm trapped under El. I kissed her neck and squeezed each lovely tit before attempting to free my arm, my cock pushed up against her buttocks. She woke and pushed her bottom back at me, surely an invitation? She reached between her moist thighs and guided my missile to her entrance. Pins and needles were soon forgotten as I fucked her again, this time gently and tenderly, sending yet another load of my finest into the best place available for it. I fell asleep inside her. When my alarm clock pinged for me to take my watch, I could not feel my arm at all.

I dressed and made myself a cup of coffee. El tottered sleepily to her own bed, to await the attentions of her husband.

There was little to do on my watch, the automation kept us on course. I watched out for other vessels and enjoyed the night sky and the phosphorescent wake. I had trouble staying awake, El had drained me. I was glad when dawn began to slowly paint the Eastern sky with pink and gold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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