It Started With a Movie Ch. 06

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Slowly, Keisha’s head came out of the blanket and Todd’s tent pole was again holding up the blanket on its own. She kissed Todd on the cheek and whispered to him, ‘I better let you think now, honey.’

After a sigh and a smile, Todd said, “Okay, here it goes.”


I am back at my high school locker room after a game and nobody else is there. They’re at a bar or something, partying it up. The locker room is so quiet that I can hear the sounds of giggling and laughter through the wall between the boy’s and girl’s locker rooms. After drying off from my shower, I hear a voice whispering from around the corner. It sounds like a girl so I put my shorts back on and walk over to look. I see one of the girls I remember from high school tiptoeing through the boy’s room, looking anxious and mischievous. She’s got only a towel wrapped around her and her hair is still wet. Embarrassed for her, I cautiously step out and say, “Jill, You’re in the wrong room.”

Interestingly, I don’t surprise her. Instead she looks past me and says in disbelief, “You’re the only one in here?”

“Yeah, why? You looking for someone in particular?” I say, catching a glimpse of her gorgeous leg and thigh poking out of the towel.

“No, not really but I was hoping there’d be more guys here. Come on, you’ll do.” With that she takes my hand and leads me out into the hall and into girl’s room next door. Since it’s late, the hallway is clear and no one sees us.

Inside the girl’s room, in a large area between the lockers, there’s like twenty girls in towels all crowding around one girl who’s sitting on a bench. I recognize the girl sitting down. It’s Tracy, a very shy and not terribly popular girl in school even though she’s on the cheerleading squad with the rest of the girls in the room. She is nervous and blindfolded. Jill tells me to stay around the corner and wait. Then she wanders off to her locker. I peek around the corner and watch as the other girls interrogate Tracy.

The leader of the girls starts making fun of Tracy while the other girls giggle and laugh. “So, Tracy, now that you’re eighteen, I’m curious. Ever been with a real boy? I mean, like have you ever touched a boy’s cock?”

“Yeah, I have,” says Tracy quietly.

“Ooooo,” the girls say in response. The leader reaches into a nearby locker and pulls out a black dildo. Two girls grab Tracy’s arms. And the leader says, “Then you’ll know what to do with this.” She puts the dong to Tracy’s lips and forces her to suck on it. Everyone else cheers.

After watching this happen, Jill appears again in front of me. She grabs my waistband, pulling me to her and a little more into Antalya Escort the open. Two of the girls see us and smile. Jill kneels in front of me and undoes my shorts. Even though I don’t like to see anyone get picked on, the sight I was watching had an effect on me and when my penis pops out of my shorts, it’s already starting to get hard. “OK, maybe you are all we needed,” Jill says as she sees it.

As I feel the warm and gentle caress of Jill’s mouth going down on my cock, I see that one of the girls standing by Tracy has her hands on Tracy’s tits and is massaging them while Tracy is still being held and forced to suck on the fake cock. The leader takes it out and says to the others, “Let’s see if she liked it.”

Two girls grab Tracy’s ankles and pull her forward on the bench so that the towel pulls back and her pussy is exposed. Another girl kneels in front of Tracy and probes around with a finger saying, “It doesn’t look very wet on the outside.”

“Well, check some more while I put this back in,” the leader says. As she puts the dildo back in the struggling girl’s mouth, the girl on the floor goes down on Tracy, checking her snatch with her mouth and tongue.

“So, that’s why we can’t get anywhere with the girls,” I think to myself.

While all of this is going on, my dick is getting harder and harder with the help of Jill’s talented mouth. I look over and see that some the other girls by Tracy are now holding and caressing each other. The two girls who spotted us before come over and start squeezing my ass and kissing me. While my tongue is swirling around in the mouths of the two new girls, Jill lets go of my dick and rubs some kind of lube on it that tingles a bit. “Just want to make sure you don’t come too soon,” she says.

“So Tracy, ever actually had sex? Or are you a VIR-gin?” I hear the leader ask Tracy.

Tracy spits out the dildo and gasps. In her own defense she says, “No, I’ve had sex before. I’m no virgin.”

The leader says to everyone, “I don’t believe you, I think we should find out.” The girls spin her around on the bench and force her to lie down. Tracy struggles but she’s not a very big girl and the others hold her down easily.

Then one of them pulls out another long, thin, purple dildo and touches it to Tracy’s lower lips. Slowly she inserts it into Tracy as Tracy’s towel falls off to the floor. When the girl pulls it out again, she shows everyone how far it went in. “Yup, she’s no virgin,” the girl exclaims. There’s more cheering and laughter.

Meanwhile, the girls lead me over to a nearby bench and lay me down too. Jill is now standing over me, naked and while the other two Antalya Escort Bayan girls keep my mouth and hands occupied, she rises up on her toes and puts the head of my dick against her tight, puckered hole. She is already lubed, it seems, and my dick slides smoothly into her tight ass as she lowers herself on me. With both hands, I pull the towels off of the other two standing beside me and reach between their legs. Both girls are slippery and I explore their pussy lips with my fingers, rubbing gently on their clits.

Another pair of naked girls walks over to us and one of them straddles my face, so I begin licking her. She still tastes fresh from the shower but there is a pleasant muskiness, which tells me that she’s turned on too. After I hear the sounds of Jill reaching orgasm, through my muffled ears, I feel her weight lift off of me. Another, slightly heavier body replaces it, engulfing my penis in a softer, vagina-like grip. The girl I am eating out suddenly clenches her thighs in her own orgasm and I feel juices flow into my mouth and run down my cheeks. As she lifts up to give the next girl a turn, I look sideways and see the leader girl now lying on the bench with her knees up. Tracy, with her arms held, is leaning over the leader and being forced by the other girls to eat her pussy. With Tracy’s ass now exposed, a couple of other girls are working on her. There’s a dildos in her pussy and lubed finger in her ass hole. Some of the girls around them are busily doing each other with toys or their hairbrushes or else with just their fingers.

Amazingly, I haven’t hit my orgasm yet (due to the stuff Jill put on my dick, I assume) and as the girls reach their orgasms, they start to get off of me. I hear Tracy also reaching her orgasm. She is still being bent over the leader girl and fucked with toys. Jill and the other girls pull me to my feet and, with my erection standing straight out, walk me over to the other group so that I’m standing behind Tracy. The girls that were fucking Tracy remove their dildo and fingers and wait while Tracy continues to bring their leader to orgasm. When Tracy finally notices that the other girls aren’t finishing her, she moans in complaint. Tracy lifts her mouth long enough to say “Fuck me! Please! I’m almost there. Somebody, come on, fuck me!”

I get the idea and as I come up to Tracy, with one hand guiding my dick, I get ready to fuck her pussy. The girls, watching Tracy’s ass closely, shake their heads and point to Tracy’s puckered hole instead. I finger it, getting it loosened up so I can slide my dick into her. I grab Tracy by the hips and slowly inch my cock into her ass hole. Tracy realizes that Escort Antalya my dick does not feel like rubber. She feels that it’s much larger than the fingers that were just in her ass. She also feels my larger and stronger hands grab her hips and so she starts to cry out in ecstasy. I pause, worried at first that it’s painful, but then the girls all coax me on so I slip my dick all the way into her rectum. Slowly I slide it out and then back in again, picking up the speed. I start slamming my hips into the girl’s ass that I’d never as much as said ‘Hello’ to before this. She reaches another climax and I break a sweat again. Tracy climaxes a second time for me and finally I near my own orgasm. As my breathing starts to change, some of the girls get up and quickly go to their lockers. The explosion that should have happened a long time before has built up to incredible heights and as it hits, I pull Tracy’s ass onto me and fill her full of my semen.

Exhausted, I pull out and kneel on the floor behind Tracy. Tracy is also exhausted. The girls who were holding her allow her to kneel on the floor in front of me and rest her body on the bench that she was leaning over. Her breasts press into the seat.

The leader girl sits up and finally takes the blindfold off of Tracy. As Tracy’s eyes adjust to the light, she sees presents laid out before her. “Happy birthday Tracy,” the leader says. “Happy Birthday Tracy!” they all yell.

“That sounds like a typical guy’s fantasy.” Keisha said cynically.

“I thought it was great,” said Claire, now sitting between Andy’s legs on the couch. Andy had one arm around her waist and the other was under her shirt, massaging her breasts.

Cathy and Chris weren’t saying anything since they were exploring each other’s mouths and feeling each other up.

“I think you’d have liked it better,” said Andy, “if Tracy’s name had been Keisha in the story.” Keisha thought about being forced to have sex in a locker room and smiled to herself.

There was a pause and everyone except Cathy and Chris noticed it. All six of them had taken their turns and there was no one left to tell their fantasy. In the awkward silence, it was Claire who finally said, “Well I think I want to get a drink, anyone else?” Claire reached behind herself to where Andy’s hard-on was pressed against her lower back and massaged him.

“I’ll help you, ” Andy said. The two of them hurried into the kitchen.

Cathy was leaning into Chris in a passionate embrace and her pants, which had been lowered earlier, did nothing to hide the black thong that disappeared between her cheeks.

Keisha and Todd quietly moved into the family room and found themselves a recliner and an ottoman. There, Keisha continued where she left off. For the next couple of hours, silenced moans, faint slapping and muffled cries could be heard through out the house.


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