It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names. It was initially intended to be a part of a larger project in the works, but didn’t fit as was submitted as an independent story.

This is my first submission so along this line, so I would especially appreciate comments from the women, and please identify your selves as such. It was inspired from a series of different events, but extrapolated extensively.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup

Over the next two weeks we started interviewing for change runners for the new place. It was going to be big enough that there would be one or two on during the busy periods to keep the techs from being tied up if something went wrong with a machine. That is where I met the future ex girlfriend. We interviewed several people, and settled on about a dozen for part time work. We only needed about six, but figured several would not make it past the probationary training period. Good thing we did, two didn’t even show up to the orientation the following week. Between the one that couldn’t add, one that couldn’t push the change cart around because he was too old and another because she was too young and the two that failed the background checks we were down to what we could start with. We wanted six just in case, but five would work.

I got two to train, and my grope buddy got the other three on the night shift. They each worked two days a week for the training the first week, then four from then on. Day shift was pretty slow, so we had plenty of time to talk. The guy was all into sports, so I let him ramble along with all the appropriate sounds at the right places. The girl was another matter. Like me she was into racing, and we began talking about all sorts of things. She was a cute bottle blond with NO tits. She wore a lace bra that made some little bumps in her shirt. She was nice enough to wear shirts without the pockets to hide the lace, and didn’t mind wearing the white ones even knowing the black light in parts of the arcade would make them stand out like a beacon. Every so often I got a glimpse of a little lump that made me think of the ex’s roommate and her nipples, so I probably looked my fair share at her chest, but she didn’t seem to mind.

We were getting close to starting things on the new place, and I wanted to take a drive up and see how the space was coming along. She asked to come along, and I had no reason to say no, so we decided to head up after work. It was a hot day, so we agreed to change into something lighter before we left. I didn’t think about it any more until she came out to hop in the truck after work. Something lighter for me was t-shirt and shorts with my boxers. Her idea of something lighter was a thin loose oversized tank top that let her nipples stand out and some running shorts doing their best to find their way up the crack of her ass and pussy. While the tank top hung down almost as far as the shorts, the arm holes also hung down almost to her belly. No bra there! When she hopped in the truck the breeze blew it open letting me have a WONDEFUL view of her chest all the way over to her other elbow!


“Sorry, it’s all I had with me, you don’t mind do you?”


“OK!” and closed the door beside her with a smile. In doing that, and with the windows open, I got several nice looks in the arm holes at her little bumps and nice nipples. My cock was firming up and she was taking note of that as well. We made it up to the new store, and made it in to look around just as the construction guys were finishing up for the day. She got a few whistles, but didn’t even acknowledge them.

Good thing we dressed light, while it was hot outside, I now knew why the construction guys started early and quit early. It was like an oven in there, and with no air movement we were soaked with sweat in less than twenty minutes. While I looked like a drown rat, she looked like she had just stepped into a wet t-shirt contest. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. She noticed me looking and looked down at herself. “Well I could always just take it off.” I just shook my head and grinned, which she seemed to take as a challenge. A few seconds later she whipped it off and let her Antalya Escort nipples stand out. “OK, you’re next.” I just shrugged and ripped mine off as well. She was flat enough that from a distance she could have been mistaken for a guy, and she didn’t seem to mind my looking, so I did so quite regularly.

We were going through the back storage area when all the lights went off. There was a little glow from the end of the room, and I turned and put an arm out to find the wall. What I found was a nice sweaty tit with a hardening nipple in my hand. “Oh… sorry.”

I started to pull my hand away, when she caught it and put it back. “Don’t be.” She not only encouraged me to squeeze and play with her tit and nipple, she pulled herself close to feel my hardening cock against her hot mound while she leaned in for a nice kiss. I only hesitated for a second and then reached for and found her ass and gave it a little squeeze. She moaned a bit more and started humping her mound against my cock. She broke the kiss almost as soon as she quit moaning and pulled away. I thought there might be a problem, but since I was starting to be able to see in the low light I saw her shadow moving down, and hands on my pants. She squatted down enough to pull my pants down and put my aching cock in her warm mouth.

“OH GOD YES!” She moaned a bit more around my cock and took me in as far as she could. After several more nice deep strokes she put her finger against my ass and I shot off like a machine gun. She finished up, stood up and pulled my pants part way back up for me, then turned toward the light and made her way back out. I came around the corner into the light to see her pulling her top back on and tossing me mine from the rack we had hung them on to dry. I pulled mine on and we made our way back out front. “I have another stop I need to make while we’re up here, do you mind?”

“No, no problem.” She responded back quietly, not her normal chatty self. I went down the street to the apartment complex and pulled in. “What are we doing here?”

“I need to se when my apartment will be ready.”

“Oh,….. OK.” She followed me in to the leasing office, her nipples standing up REAL nice in the air conditioning. The girl at the leasing desk didn’t think much of them, but then it wasn’t her place to say even if she did give her ‘the look.’ Good thing I stopped in, the building I was supposed to be moving into was behind from some construction issues, and wouldn’t be ready for more than a month.

“Then cancel the lease, I’ll find something else available in the next two weeks.”

“We do have a few open with a slightly different floor plan in another building, and they are only twenty dollars more a month.” She showed me the floor plan with a smaller bedroom and a small area that could be a computer room / office beside it. I liked it, but didn’t want to let her know that.

“The bedroom is a lot smaller, and I’d have to figure out what to do with the other space. Let me take a look at it, and if I like it and you can match the price then we can talk.” She handed me a key and we went to look at the unit. It was a third floor unit, but it was in a hill side so the first floor walked out one side and the second on the other. I only had a one story walk up! There was no carpet or appliances yet. The layout worked well, and it had an island instead of a wall for the kitchen.

When I came back out of the bedroom that’s where I found her, laying on her back with her knees in the air, her baggy shorts leaving nothing to the imagination about her pussy. I must have made some noise as I walked up to the end of the counter. She started to bring her knees together, but I stopped her and spread them back out and kissed the inside of her knee, and then a little further up her thigh. She relaxed a bit, and lifted her butt off the counter when I reached for the waist of her shorts.

I pulled them up, and she pulled one leg out when I got them to her knees. I continued kissing her thighs right down to her soaking wet pussy. I reached one arm around her leg and spread her pussy with thumb and finger and tasted one of the sweetest pussies I had ever tasted. I hadn’t been with that many women, but she tasted GOOD! I looked up and saw her nipples standing up in her shirt, and reached up to play with them. First through her shirt, and then directly after pushing her shirt up. She took the hint and pealed it off. I continued nibbling on her pussy Antalya Escort Bayan until she was panting pretty good then attacked her clit. She was almost there, so I returned the favor and took my hand away from her nipple and snaked it under her ass to put a finger against her rosebud. Seems she had the same response. She was convulsing in orgasm and I was being flooded with pussy juice.

When I took my finger from her ass she flopped back on the counter panting and her legs dropped of the end with her pussy wide open for me to enjoy the view. “Man I wish I had a camera to capture that view.” Her head came up quick, and than laid back down with a light laughter, making her pussy flow even more. I took my t-shirt off and began wiping her up, which made her jump and then moan. I managed to get her sitting up and took her nipples into my mouth one at a time. The taste of her and a salty sweaty taste was nice, and she pulled my head into her chest like she appreciated it. She finished wiping herself with my shirt, and unlike her, I held her shorts for her to step into. Of course I had an ulterior motive, and once she had both legs in, I kissed her shaven mound before letting her pull them up.

She looked down at me smiling from pussy view as she pulled her shorts up. I stood up and she gave me a nice deep kiss, not caring that my face and mouth were still well flavored with her juices. We headed back out, me to the office and her back to the truck. They came down to five dollars more than the original apartment in rent, so we made the paperwork changes, and I kept the key. It would be about a week before I could move in. “Now all I have to do is get a bed and a couch.”

“What’s wrong with what you have now?”

I was my turn to laugh. “I’ve been camping out on a friends couch since I started the divorce. I have stuff in storage, but no furniture.”

“Oh…. Sorry to hear about the divorce, was it a bad one?”

“Actually no. We just grew apart, no kids or house to worry about. We each took a car and half the old credit card bills and went our separate ways.”

She looked relieved she hadn’t touched a sore subject. “Well if you can wait till this weekend, a girl never gets tired of shopping.” And batted her eyes.

That had me laughing, which made her smile. “Well I don’t know about you, but right now I need a shower and food.”

“Is that an invitation?”

I looked over at her in the passenger seat with the arm hole caught on her hard nipple. “I hadn’t thought about it… but yea it can be if you want it to be.”

She chewed her lip a bit, “OK…. Are you showering at my place or yours?”

“I have a spare shirt and slacks in the truck, so I can shower at your place if you don’t mind.”

“Works for me!” she gave me directions and we headed over to her place. She directed me to the shower, and I hopped in. I had lathered my hair and was starting to soap down when I had company. She climbed in, wetted down, and started in. She poured her stuff on the scrubber thing, and I took it from her to wash her down, sliding it all over her body lathering her up. She got her shampoo, and I took it and did her hair as well. I stood behind her working her hair with my hard cock in the crack of her ass. We rinsed off and dried each other off. I paid special attention to her shaved pussy, and then even more to her hard nipples with my cock against her shaved pussy. She did the same to me, but where I nibbled on her nipples a bit, she sucked me in twice before getting up to get dressed She pulled a nice short dress out of her closet, and a clean bra and thong from her drawer. It was nice bra, but padded a bit.

“You could leave those at home if you wanted.”

She pushed her little mounds up into slightly bigger mounds, “You sure about that?”

I pulled her hands away and licked her nipples, “Quite sure.” I went back to my shirt, and pulled it on with my hard cock standing straight out between the tails.

She smiled and slid her dress over her head. “I suppose you want me to leave it unbuttoned as well?”

I pulled my pants up, but left my cock out the fly for a few seconds before putting it in and zipping up. “What do you think?”

She left the buttons undone, and turned to her dresser, “I suppose no make up either?”

I went behind her pressing my cock against her ass and gripped her shoulders to kiss her neck, “None needed.” I held out an elbow, and we went out to Escort Antalya the truck. I helped her in, and ran a hand across her thigh before closing the door. When I got in my side, she scooted over to the center, and snuggled against my arm. Once we got on the road, I put my hand on my leg, and then lifted it and put it over hers, but didn’t put it down. She saw me, and put her hand on mine to put it on her thigh and moved my fingers down between her legs. I moved my hand a bit to show I was enjoying having it there, but didn’t make any moves to go for her pussy.

We went to a nice little steak house, nothing fancy, but nice. I surprised her when I made her scoot over in the booth instead of sitting on the other side. “Cant see down your dress from over there.” that made her gasp and blush. “Much less grope you thighs.” She smiled and shook her head, but pulled her dress up enough to show her thighs. We ate, I looked down her dress and groped her thighs. She even groped my hard cock a few times herself between bites. We chatted about our pasts, and what was going to happen up at the new arcade. Once we finished out meal I had to ask, “Are we getting desert here, or back at your place?” I slid my hand up her thigh about an inch to make sure she understood what I was asking.

She spread her thighs and pulled my hand a little higher. “Definitely at my place.” I gave her a quick kiss and we headed out. I helped her in the truck again, but this time I ran my hand up her thigh a little further, and under her dress instead of over it. When I had climbed in on my side she had already scooted over and had her dress up around her waist. Once I got on the road, she took my hand off the wheel and put it in her crotch with my little finger between her wet lips. I played with her clit on the way back to her place. Once we got in the door we stripped each other down, she hopped up around my waist, and I carried her into her room.

We spent the next couple of hours exploring each other. I would nibble and kiss here and there for a while, then she would roll me on my back and attack me I did my best to give her an orgasm nibbling on her nipples, but had to resort to flicking her clit a few times to get her off. She planted her drenched pussy over my face and my tongue instinctively dove into her depths before she swallowed me down a few times, taking me into her throat just barely. Once I got my tongue into her I was so intent on enjoying her delicious pussy she had me distracted enough to cum in her mouth, but unlike most women I had known she took it all in and cleaned me off. After we had both taken the edge off it was a nice evening. We cuddled and touched and played for almost an hour before we had to do something about it. I let her take the initiative since we were in her place, but I made sure I was keeping my hard cock against her somehow so it was on her mind.

Her nipples were standing up nicely begging me to play with them and of course I obliged, and I was playing with them when she clenched her teeth and let out a low groan and quivered. A few breaths later she rolled over on top of me trapping my cock between us against her dripping pussy. “Is there something on your mind?”

“It’s been on my mind since I ate you on my new kitchen island.” And thrust my hips up into her, forcing my cock harder into her mound and squeezed her ass. She slid forward enough to bring her nipples in range, and I nipped at them as she slid my cock into her. “Oh yessssss.” She just groaned and fell back against my chest as I felt her pussy spasm around my cock. She sat up slowly and began grinding up and down on my cock. Her nipples were rock hard, her skin flushed, and her breathing fast. She was rocking back and forth working my cock in her until she had a nice little orgasm.

As she collapsed against me I rolled us over staying in her velvet tunnel. I began to move slowly inside her making her moan a little and her eyes open again. I gave her a kiss before I picked up the pace, hearing as well as feeling my cock drive into her wet pussy. Pretty soon I was pounding her hard enough to make her little tits move on her chest. She was cumming hard and her pussy was clamping down hard on me, and I couldn’t take it any more. “Her it comes!” I pumped load after load into her until I couldn’t go any more and fell forward on those hard nipples. After catching my breath, and maybe enjoying her nipples in my chest a bit longer than I probably should have, I did manage to roll over beside her and cool off. Eventually we rolled over and cuddled under the covers before falling asleep.

Over the next few weeks I spent several nights over at her place. Her roommate gave me some looks, but I just put it off as typical protective roommate stuff.

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