Jen and I Ch. 01

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Jen and I finally hook up.

I’d known Jen for years and we were very close in HS. There wasn’t anything other than friendship between us back then and we eventually moved away from our small town. Years later, we got back in touch and started talking again. Jen lived over a thousand miles away but over the next few years we had a chance to see each other a few times. There was still nothing sexually between us, although I would have liked to take it there.

About two years ago, I called her and found out she was going through a divorce. That kind of bummed me out because I was glad she’d found happiness years earlier. Last year we got together again when I was out in her area on work. We went out to dinner and she suggest we go to the lake. It was a warm summer night and we ended up just sitting on the beach until about midnight, talking. The next thing I knew, we were in each other’s arms, shedding our clothes right there on the sand.

I was taken aback at all this and it must have shown because she just looked me in the eyes and said, “It’s time.” The sex was incredible and was everything I’d fantasized about for years. Over the next two days, we fucked until we couldn’t walk or stand. When it was time to go back home, we both knew this was just a long overdue event but nothing more.

I was back out in Jen’s area again a few weeks ago and we hooked up again. The first night was just as memorable as the last night we’d spent together. We fucked for hours. The next night, she had to go to an office party and invited me along. It wasn’t long before Jen was pretty Beylikdüzü escort tipsy. As the night went on, everyone eventually left, except for a guy sitting across from us. He was a younger guy in his early 20’s. We kept talking and had a few more glasses of wine. I noticed the guy got some strange looks on his face sometimes and couldn’t figure out why.

I asked Jen if there was anything between them when he went to the bathroom and she laughed and said no, but he had been hitting on her for over a month so she decided to tease him. She leaned over laughing and told me she had been playing with his crotch with her foot while we were talking though. I thought that was pretty funny and told her so. This continued for another hour or so until he hit the bathroom again.

Jen leaned over while he was gone and asked me if I was ready to go back to her place and fuck her brains out since she’d gotten so horny teasing her co-worker.

I thought about it for a few seconds and said, “Sure.” Then I added, “Do want to take him with us?”

Jen looked at me in surprise for a few minutes and asked if I was serious. I told her it was up to her. She didn’t say anything.

The guy came back and we finished our drinks. Jen stood up and told the guy it was time for us to leave. As we were leaving the table, she turned around and asked him if he wanted to come back to her place with us. I don’t know who was more surprised, him or me. He followed us back to Jen’s, and Jen was surprisingly quite the whole drive back to her place. I hoped I hadn’t pissed her off.

Once Beylikdüzü escort we were all inside, Jen got us something to drink and turned on the gas fireplace and turned off the lights. Jen and I sat on the couch and the other guy, (I don’t even remember his name) sat across from us in the recliner. We made small talk for a while and then it started getting quieter in the room. Jen leaned over and started making out with me while the other poor guy just sat in the recliner, not sure what to do. Jen removed her top and was removing mine. I was sucking her nipples as she unbuttoned my jeans and reached in to stroke my cock. When I reached inside her pants and stroked her pussy, she took a deep breath. I had no idea where this was going, when Jen looked across from us and asked the guy if he was going to join us. I guess he didn’t need to be asked twice because he was soon naked and on the couch with us sucking Jen’s other nipple. I don’t remember how Jen and I ended up naked, but soon, I was between her legs, licking her very wet pussy and she was stroking the other guys cock while he was kissing her.

It was a strange sensation watching her stroking his cock just a foot from where I was eating her. It wasn’t long before we made our way to the floor, not missing a beat. Jen had a couple orgasms while I was eating her and the other guy moved up and I watched as she sucked his cock. I think Jen actually had one orgasm while she was sucking on him. After a while, the guy said he wanted to taste her and I moved up to kiss and suck on Jen’s nipples. They were hard as Escort Beylikdüzü erasers. Jen pulled me up and kissed me deeply. It was a strange feeling kissing her knowing she had been sucking the guys cock a few seconds before. I think that turned her on even more.

As we continued to make out, the other guy moved up and Jen sucked my tongue deep into her mouth as I knew the guy was sliding his cock into her. Jen started stroking me for a while and then told me she wanted to suck me while the other guy fucked her. I don’t know what made us all change positions but the other guy and I just started switching positions back and forth without saying anything. It was when I was fucking her, watching her suck his cock only a few inches away from me, that she started to suck harder and I felt him tense up and watched as he shot load after load into her mouth. He was groaning and I watched in fascination as a few drops of his cum leaked from her mouth as she continued to suck him. When he withdrew, I started thrusting harder and harder into her. As I felt my cock starting to erupt inside her, she started cumming. Then to my surprise, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close, kissing me deeply. I could taste the guys cum in her mouth but I didn’t care, as I shot load after load inside her. We all collapsed exhausted for a while and nobody moved.

Finally the other guy got up, got dressed and left us there holding each other. It was a few minutes later when Jen shocked me again as she moved up on me and straddled my face begging me to eat her. What could I say? She rode my face for about 15 minutes, drenching my mouth in our combined cum as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. Afterwards, nothing was said. She just cuddled up close to me grabbing a blanket off the couch and pulled it over us. We were soon both asleep.

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