Just Being Neighborly Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Thanks for all of the positive feedback and comments to the first chapter. I wasn’t sure if this would be a continuing story, but I’ve thought of at least 2 more chapters and I hope they are equally as enjoyable for readers.


So… it’s official… I sucked a cock for the first time. I’ve said that to myself at least 500 times the past week. Still in a daze, still surprised that I did it. And more so that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I haven’t been able to stop replaying it in my mind. And hoping to get a chance to do it again.

I haven’t heard from Terry since that fateful day, but it’s only been a little over a week. It’s not like we were best friends prior to this and we’d only wave or speak if we happened to see each other while doing yard work.

While my wife works in an office and has to commute every day, I work from home and have the luxury of a “flexible schedule” which means if I get bored sitting at my desk and things are quiet, I like to grab a magazine and sit on the front porch for a bit. It’s a Wednesday and things are quiet with emails and conference calls, so at around 11am I head out for some fresh air and rock in the chair.

As a reminder, Terry lives directly across the street from me, so it’s not like we spy on each other but we can’t help but notice daily comings and goings. Both Terry and his wife Sharon work in an office, but will sometimes work from home one or two days a week, no set schedule. On this particular day I notice Sharon’s car is gone, she must be at the office and Terry’s truck is parked in the driveway. A few minutes after I start reading I hear Terry’s booming voice. He’ll sometimes wander around his yard while on a conference call. Sure enough he’s roaming and talking as he comes around the corner of his house. He sees me and waves. I wave back. He keeps talking.

As I mentioned, it’s been a little over a week since the “event”. I didn’t want to come across as some clingy chick after a first date and call him asking why he hadn’t called me, but I also couldn’t help but be curious what he’s been thinking… did he regret it… was I bad at it? Really? Did I just think that? Am I wondering if I wasn’t good at sucking my neighbors cock? Yep, this must be a brain tumor causing all of this… Sheesh.

Terry finished his call and starts to head towards the end of his driveway, I figure he’s checking his mail, but he keeps coming. Oh good, a chance to see if things are going to be weird or what.

“Hey Ter, how’s it going?”

“Oh, just the usual bullshit. I work with a bunch of morons.”

This is a typical topic of conversation. Terry has been with his company over 20 years and nobody is as good as he is. At least Beylikdüzü escort that’s his thinking.

Terry sits in the other rocking chair and we have our usual small talk. Then he says “So… any regrets or anything about last week? I wanted to give you some time and space figuring you had a lot to think about and absorb.”

“I appreciate that man, thanks, but not a single regret. If anything, it reinforced the whole thing in my head. I really enjoyed it. More than I figured I would. And this will sound silly, but thank you. Thanks for making it happen and thanks for not stomping my ass into the ground when I first offered.” I laughed and Terry joined in.

“No way man, no ass kicking. As I told you, I tried it once, it wasn’t my thing, but I’ve been on the receiving end plenty and have no problem having my cock and balls worshipped. It’s also quite convenient how this worked out, huh.”

“Yeah, I was thinking that also, this is the ideal situation for me. For us, I guess. Assuming you want it to continue. I shouldn’t assume I guess.”

“Assume away, yeah, I’m all for it. Like I said I wanted to give you some time to think it through and it sounds like you have.”

“Yep, no doubts, no regrets.”

“Well, what are we waiting for then… Sharon has been feeling a little better lately, but to tell ya the truth, you sucked me better than she does.”

NO SHIT? REALLY? I said inside my head… My first time and I was better than a woman???

Out loud I say “Umm, thanks, I guess.” And I laugh.

“Yeah, that’s a bit of an odd compliment to give my friend and neighbor I guess.” And Terry laughs along with me.

“Shall we step inside?” I get up and Terry follows me in.

I lead the way upstairs and into our large bonus room where we have a pool table, a futon and various other games, etc. The kids really enjoyed this room growing up, having their friends over, parties, sleepovers, etc. Now it gets used very seldom.

Terry walks over to the pool table and leans against it… I don’t even hesitate, I get on my knees and start unbuckling his jeans.

“You weren’t kidding about no regrets or doubts, huh?”

“I look up at him and say “Nope… been thinking about doing this again for the past week.”

This time there’s no hesitation on my part. Terry steps out of his jeans and underwear, I take his semi-hard cock in my hand, I look up at him and open my mouth wide and take it in.

Terry’s knees almost buckle a little and he moans as the warmth of my mouth surrounds him. I hold it there, feeling it get harder, growing inside my mouth. I reach up and lightly grab his balls. He instinctively widens his stance a little. I accept that as approval Beylikdüzü escort to continue touching and playing. I kneed his balls a little, slightly tugging on them as I slowly move my head back and forth on his cock.

I’m staring at his full bush of hair, which I love. My hand is exploring his balls and running all over and around his leg, his balls and above his cock. I’ve given this quite a bit of thought the past week and been thinking about all the things I like when I’m on the receiving end of a blowjob and I’m trying to give to Terry what I enjoy.

Bobbing my head back and forth, touching, playing, exploring… this is fantastic. For me anyway, and from the sounds coming out of Terry, I think he’s happy also.

I still can’t get over how amazing it feels to have my mouth filled with hard cock. The softness of the head is wild and I keep running my tongue over and around it.

Terry grabs my head and then he says “You don’t mind when I do this, do you? I like to take control sometimes. My former college roommate really got into it. But it’s up to you, I don’t want to do anything you don’t want.”

Terry’s cock pops out of my mouth and I say “Go for it. Use me.”

I see a twinkle in Terry’s eye when I say this… like a switch was flipped.

He grabs my head and holds it still as he starts to pump my face, each stroke a little deeper into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat.

I keep looking up at him as best as I can so he can see that what he’s doing is alright by me. He keeps pumping and eventually his hitting the back of my throat with each stroke. I start to relax my throat, wanting desperately to deepthroat him… something else I’ve been thinking about a lot the past week.

But it isn’t quite getting there… I start to pull back, he feels me pulling back and lets go of my head.

“Everything OK? I didn’t hurt you or anything did I?”

“Not at all… actually I want to try something if you’re up for it.”

I stand up, I sit on the edge of the pool table, spin my legs around and position myself so that I’m on my back with my head hanging over the edge… Should be the perfect height… “Now use me. I want to feel you slide all the way down my throat. If you think you can take it.”

Terry chuckles… “Someone is getting cocky. Or getting a cock down there throat anyway…”

I smile and then open my mouth wide and I watch as his beautiful cock approaches me and slides right into my mouth… What a feeling… being upside down and seeing a pair of balls hanging down over my face… I never thought I’d be in this position. Ever.

Terry takes it a bit slow, but he’s pumping the full length of his cock in and out of Escort Beylikdüzü my wide open mouth and I feel him hitting the back of my throat, but it feels different now… it’s basically open I guess in this position and with his next thrust into my mouth he holds himself at the back of my throat and this time he starts to press forward… this is it… I try to relax my throat, I breathe thru my nose and he keeps pressing. I reach out and grab his ass and pull him deeper letting him know he can keep going.

Terry is pressing forward and suddenly I feel the head of his cock slide into my open throat… Oh man, what a feeling… this is it, I’m truly deepthroating a cock. I pull him towards me more… deeper… taking it all. His balls are literally sitting on my eyes, I’m in heaven.

I let go of his ass, a signal to pull back a little which he realizes and asks if I’m alright. I grunt with a mouth full of cock and grab his ass pulling him in again. He gets the idea and starts pumping his cock back and forth, in and out of my mouth and throat… I’m so turned on, I know I’m hard as a rock but I’m full clothed and this isn’t about me, it’s all about Terry.

I feel Terry’s hand on my throat as he pumps back and forth. “Dude, I feel my cock as it slides in and out of your throat, this is fucking amazing.”

He starts to get into it more and more and is face fucking and throatfucking me harder now and I’m taking it. This is what I’ve wanted to experience and feel. I focus on staying relaxed and simply being used. Nothing but an orifice for my neighbors cock. To be enjoyed and used.

Terry pumps away and then I feel the mass of meat start to swell and suddenly he stops, holds still and with his cock buried in my throat, his balls on my face he screams out as he explodes straight into my gut. He pulls back slightly and I get to feel and taste his cum on my tongue… I almost shiver from the excitement of getting what I’ve been wanting.

Terry holds his cock in my mouth as his orgasmic spasms subside and I’m now sucking on the soft remains of his delicious cock.

He pulls out and as he’s pulling up his pants, I maneuver myself off the pool table.

We both finish straightening ourselves up, not saying a word. Finally Terry looks at me and says “Wow.”

I smile and probably even blush a little. “Yeah. Wow.”

Dude, that was fucking awesome. My old college roommate liked me to be a bit dominant and I’m glad you do also, but I never felt anything like that before. That angle with your mouth and throat in a straight line is beyond words. I’m able to fuck your throat like I do Sharon’s cunt.

“Well, now you know what’s over here and I mean it when I say, any time. I think I’ve found my new hobby. We’ll try other things too if you want. Strictly oral… I have no desire to be fucked.”

“No worries, that’s not my thing either. But as of now, I own your mouth.”

“And my throat.”

To be continued…

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