Kelsey’s World Ch. 07

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“Your mom tells me you’d like have a party,” Bobby said. He was sitting at the breakfast table, sipping coffee with Kelsey, Kay and Sharron.

“What do you think, Daddy? Doesn’t it sound fun?” Kelsey asked.

“It does, but have you thought about it from all the different angles?” he asked. “Mixing your younger friends with older generations from the same, small community can be risky. We can invite all our friends, but some of them might not want to be involved.”

Kelsey looked like she wasn’t really sure what he meant.

“Take Olivia for example,” Bobby said. “She’d probably lose her job at the school if word got out about her swinging. Most of our other friends need to be careful too. We can certainly invite them, but it would be great if you could have a heart-to-heart with your young friends about it all. Discretion and privacy is very important as people get older and established with careers and families. I know you get it, but I’m not sure how much your friends have thought about it.”

Sharron was listening intently, excited by the prospect of meeting some of the adult swingers, and fascinated by Bobby’s businesslike way with it all. She’d thought maybe swinging was all just wild, teenage-like coming togethers, but there was obviously more to the lifestyle than that.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely talk to them,” Kelsey said. “This is cool, Daddy, I’m glad you told me this. I’ll only invite a few of my friends. Brie, Charity, Raymond…maybe Austin,” Kelsey said, glancing at her mother. “And Koop and Happy. I’ll have to talk to them, too, but I’d really like for them to be a part of it.

“You really like this Koop guy, huh?” Bobby said. “I thought he was nice, too.”

“He’s awesome, Daddy. And Happy’s super nice. His wife died a couple years ago, really sad, that memory disease thing.

“I didn’t meet him when I was at the shop,” Bobby said. “How old is he?”

“Mid-fifties I guess,” Kelsey said. Her gaze shifted to Sharron. “He’s tall, probably six-three or six-four maybe. Nice and slim. He’s got those great smile-lines next to his eyes…”

“If you’re trying to get me to come to your party you don’t have to work that hard,” Sharron said, looking a little embarrassed that she was so ready for something so wild.

“I was thinking you and Happy might make a nice couple,” Kelsey said.

Sharron chuckled. “Strip me and throw me into a house full of naked men. Doesn’t sound like the best way to find a future husband.”

“You’d be surprised, Honey,” Kay said to her. “When Bobby and I were younger we were involved in lots of parties with single people. Quite a few nice relationships were born on those nights.”

“I won’t be divorced for months and…why are we even talking about this?” Sharron asked. “Isn’t recreational sex enough for a while?”

“Sure it is, Honey,” Kay said. “A nice party will be a good next step for you. If you think about all the men as potential mates it’ll just spoil it. Just walk down the stairs in something sexy and have fun.”

Sharron got a sudden jolt of nerves. She hadn’t thought about making an entrance at that kind of a party. Did Kay do that, she wondered? Float down the big staircase in flowing chiffon lingerie?

“Kelsey, don’t be putting ideas in that man’s head about Sharron,” Kay said. “If something’s meant to be, it’ll happen naturally.”

“Yeah, I know, Mom,” Kelsey said, wondering if Koop had said anything to Happy.

“Good. So, are we all on the same page then?” Kay asked everybody. “Sounds like we may have a summer soiree to get ready for.”

“Yay!” Kelsey said. “Can we do it Friday? Raymond’s leaving Sunday for his new job in Brooklyn.”

“Kelsey! You want to do it that soon?” Kay said. “Well, if it’s for Raymond, I guess we can make it happen.”

“Oh my God!” Kelsey smiled. “It’s gonna be the best night ever! Brie and Charity are just gonna flip when I tell them!”

Sharron smiled at Kelsey’s youthful enthusiasm, but she too was flipping a little inside as she thought about what Friday night would bring. Would she be passed from man to man, from woman to woman, all of them with nothing but pleasure on their minds? It sounded like heaven to her at the moment, but it was pretty far out there from who she used to be. She’d have to work on her frame of mind, and her confidence, to pull it off.

Bobby smiled at Kelsey, too. The mention of Brie and Charity was enough to send his mind to a happy place. Kelsey had forgotten to mention Trina, so Bobby didn’t yet know the captain of his daughter’s high school cheerleader squad would be there, looking even more stunning as a twenty-two year old than she did when she had all the fathers enthralled.

As Kay cleared some dishes from the table and walked to the sink she was fantasizing about the two new men, both of whom she’d be meeting for the first time on Friday. Koop with his tattoos, and all six-foot-four of Happy. She’d always loved big men, especially the slim, well-built ones who towered over her five-foot frame.

Yes, mecidiyeköy escort Friday would be interesting, for everybody. A new kind of party at Kay and Bobby’s house. An intermingling of generations and an entry point for the inexperienced. Kelsey’s enthusiasm was contagious.

The next few days were nearly mind-numbing for Sharron. Phone calls with the lawyer, an uncomfortable phone conversation with her husband, and nearly continual daydreams about what Friday night would be like. She wondered about nearly every couple she saw, if they were swingers, if they were sexually open, if they would be walking into the house on Friday and fucking her. It was a crazy, almost overwhelming feeling — would she survive the build-up, let alone the actual event?

The way Kay prepared fascinated her as well, cutting off sex with Bobby until the night of the party. “It makes it all so much hotter if I haven’t gotten any in a while,” Kay had said. “You two can still have fun. I won’t mind.”

Sharron could sense that Bobby liked to abstain beforehand too, so of course she followed their lead — the evenings leading up to the party were simple lying-around-naked-watching-movies affairs.

Kelsey had been busy too, getting her friends prepared as best she could. She’d talked to Raymond and Trina individually, about what to expect and about how important discretion was to the older participants. What happens in the house stays in the house, she told them. They seemed happy to oblige, not wanting anything to get out about them, either.

Brie and Charity felt the same way. Charity in particular was relieved to hear everyone was wanting discretion. As loose as her morals had become lately, she still had a lot of Christian Midwesterner in her blood. Being in the middle of any kind of sex scandal would horrify her.

Kelsey’s last stop was Koop’s Crawlers. She drove over first thing in the morning and was glad to find the men alone, reinstalling an engine they’d rebuilt. It was hanging from a chainfall, being slowly lowered into position when she walked in.

“Hi you guys!” she said. “Holy shit, that’s cool!” She stood and watched as the silvery chain flashed through Happy’s hands with a high-pitched metallic whir. The engine moved slowly downward. Koop was under it, guiding it onto the input shaft of the transmission.

“Hold it,” he said. “Give me another inch.”

Happy pulled the rattly chain slower and the engine slipped into place.

“Got it,” Koop said. “Is it on the mounts?”

“Yup,” Happy said. “Lookin’ good.”

Koop rolled out from under the Jeep on his creeper, sat up and wiped his hands on a rag.

“Hey Kel, how are ya?” he said. It was his most casual greeting of Kelsey yet. She was pleased.

“I’m good, Koop,” she smiled. “I wanted to stop and invite you guys to a party. It’s kinda short notice, but, Friday night at my house. It’s gonna be super fun. Did Koop tell you about it, Happy?”

“Oh. Yeah,” Happy said, not quite sure how to respond.

“It sounds fun, right?”

“Well…sure. Yeah.”

“Good. It’s at seven o’clock. You guys are busy, so I’ll just leave the address on your desk, Koop. Can you guys do me one favor though?”

“Sure,” Koop said.

“My mom asked that everybody that comes be, like, really discrete about it. Is that cool with you guys? There’s like people from businesses around town and stuff. Like you guys. We just wanna keep it all, like…what happens there stays there, you know what I mean?”

“Oh, yeah,” Koop said. “Absolutely. I feel better hearing you say that, actually.”

“So, you guys are in?” Kelsey asked, smiling hopefully.

“Yeah, I uh…I guess I am,” Koop said. He looked at Happy to see what he’d say.

“Shit. I guess. How am I gonna say no to you, Kelsey,” Happy said. He looked as shy and vulnerable as Kelsey had ever seen him.

“Awesome!” Kelsey said, smiling at him. “Oh my God, I can’t wait! Get lots of rest you guys, it’s gonna be a long night.”

She scribbled the address and drew a happy-face inside a heart on the back of a work order on Koop’s desk, and disappeared down the road. The two men got back to work, not sure how they should talk about it to each other. They both decided to just let Friday roll around and let it happen.

After Kelsey left the Jeep shop she met Sharron at work. Sharron was agonizing over what to wear to the party, and Kelsey wanted to help her pick something out.

“Anything good come in lately that you had your eye on?” Kelsey asked.

“There’s a dress, but it’s like evening wear,” Sharon said. “That wouldn’t be right, would it?”

“Yeah! Me and Brie and Char and Trina all decided to wear dresses. We’re goin’ for the sophisticated thing,” Kelsey said, smiling mischievously. “And Mom said she’d go with whatever you decide, so you don’t feel out of place.”

“Well…let me show you,” Sharron said. “I’ve never had anything quite so…”

“Oh my God!” Kelsey said when Sharron took it off taksim escort the rack. “I love it! It’s wicked sexy. Try it on for me.”

“If anybody comes in, tell me, all right?” Sharron glanced out at the parking lot to see if she had a few minutes, and dashed into the dressing room. She emerged a minute later after a quick change.

“Fuck yeah!” Kelsey said. “Take your bra off though. You don’t need that.”

“Well, I know, but, you get the idea, right?” Sharron asked.

“Just take it off. We gotta see what it’s gonna look like, right? I’ll watch the window.”

Sharron made the change, walking back out just as an older couple entered the store.

“Kelsey!” she scolded quietly. “Didn’t you see them?”

There was no one else working, so Sharron had no choice but to go back up to the cash register. She scurried to the front of the store in bare feet, trying to keep her tits from bouncing too much. The black dress wasn’t much more than mini length, flaring out alluringly from the waist down. Above that was the real display, with halter-like segments rising to cover each breast, coming together at the neck for a choker-like effect. A large cut-out down the middle put profuse cleavage on display, all the way to the top of Sharron’s belly. Her back was completely bare. The older gentleman took notice and couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from the beautiful display of femininity. Sharron smiled shyly, horrified that her hard nipples were adding to the jiggly tit show. Kelsey joined her at the front counter.

“See?” Kelsey said quietly. “It works. That guy wants to fuck you right now. Here’s what you need — thigh high stockings, the lace top ones, so you can see the lacy part with that short dress, and sexy high heels. You’ll look so hot you won’t be able to walk Saturday morning after all the guys get through with you. I gotta go. See you, Honey.”

“Kelsey!” Sharron called after her, but the youngster was out the door. More customers came in. Sharron was stuck working the floor in the way-too-sexy dress for almost an hour. In a way it was good for her, forcing her to build confidence. It made her think differently about her customers, too. Some of the women looked at her like they were wondering what the hell she was doing, but a few looked at her with something else in their eyes. Appreciation. Intrigue. Maybe even a little closeted lust. Could they be as open about sex as Kelsey and Kay, she wondered? When a couple came in that was closer to her own age she pictured them as swingers, having friends over, swapping partners. They both seemed interested in her, openly checking out her body in the dress. By the time they left and the store was empty, she almost didn’t want to take it off. She scurried back to the dressing room where her work clothes and her bra were scattered about. She left the door half open so she could keep an eye on the store. A beautiful, warm rush of adrenaline washed through her when she took off the dress and stood there for a few moments in nothing but her panties. The store was empty, but people were walking past the front window, looking in at the wares. Little did they know a mostly naked forty-seven year old woman was looking at them, a woman who was increasingly ready for a Friday night orgy.

“Hi Daddy,” Charity said when she picked up her phone. She, too, was hit with an adrenaline rush, but it wasn’t a beautiful one. It was fear, pure and simple. Brie’s eyes showed it, too. It was Friday evening, and Brie had just zipped up the back of Charity’s party dress, a hot little number in red that screamed “Fuck me!” from every angle.

“No, the job hasn’t started yet,” Charity said to her father. “There’s an orientation meeting in two weeks……Home? No, I can’t, Daddy. I’m meeting people. It’s a small community, Daddy. It’s important for a new teacher to meet people and be a part of things, don’t you think?……How’s Mom and everybody?……Good……Yes, I’m reading them……This morning? Ezekiel 20:6……Yes, I’m going, every Sunday……Yes Daddy, I will. Give Mom my love……Bye Daddy.”

“I had no idea you had such a sweet little voice,” Brie kidded. “You should use it on the men tonight. They’d love it.”

“Shut up!” Charity said, thoroughly shell-shocked after hearing her father’s voice. “Damn it, why did he have to call right now?”

Brie almost said something about fathers and premonitions, but she decided against it — Charity already looked plenty spooked.

“You know,” Brie said, “there’s a lot of different ways to be a daughter. Look at Kelsey and her dad. The exact opposite of you and your dad, but it works, right? You’re just exploring some of that, to see where you fit in. It’s your life you know. It’s not your dad’s.”

“I know,” Charity said. She shook her head thinking about the timing of the call. “I really need a drink. I know you said we shouldn’t start too early, but…”

“This is special circumstances,” Brie said. “Follow me.”

Charity followed the panty clad girl down the hall beşiktaş escort to the kitchen where they both downed a shot of Wild Turkey. Raymond knocked at the door as Trina was driving up the driveway.

“I’m way over-dressed,” Trina said, smiling when she saw Brie, in nothing but panties, hugging Raymond.

She strutted up the walkway in full regalia — a slutty little dress with stockings and stiletto heels, smoky eye makeup and black-cherry lipstick, and a cute new haircut she’d gotten especially for the occasion. Raymond was slack-jawed. He’d never seen the gorgeous girl dressed for action before.

“That’s hot, Trina,” Brie said. “Me likey.” Her nipples puffed and hardened, giving away her arousal. “I better get ready. Keep an eye on Charity, okay you guys? Don’t let her drink ’till we get there.”

Brie’s face was made-up and her hair was done, so it only took her a few minutes to dress. She pulled on her stockings, took off her everyday panties and strapped on a lacy black garter belt. A slinky little silver cocktail dress covered up her freshly shaved pussy and perfumed tits. It was backless to the crack of her ass and sexy as can be. She and Charity had found it on one of their recent shopping trips.

“God, you’re fast!” Trina said. “Fuck, girl! That’s hot.”

Brie twirled to give the full effect, spinning delicately on a high, stiletto heel. “Think anybody’ll wanna fuck me?”

“If they don’t, I will,” Trina said.

The four of them piled in Raymond’s car for the short drive to Kelsey’s.

Kay and Bobby’s older friends were the first to arrive for the evening’s festivities. The men gathered around the bar Bobby had set up on the kitchen counter. Olivia, standing with some of the women in the living room, was having second thoughts about being there.

“Are we crazy?” she said quietly. “Turning our husbands loose with four hot twenty-two year old girls?”

“I know. I’m kind of wishing we hadn’t come,” Jessica said. “Well, maybe not that, but I’ve been going back and forth on it.”

“We get some candy, too,” Trinny said. “Two young ones and two older guys that we’ve never even met. I can’t be the only one who gets crazy horny thinking about that.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t exciting,” Olivia said. “I just hope the guys don’t think this is going to be the new normal. I guess I’m just feeling old, compared to Kelsey and her friends.” Olivia straightened herself up. Like Sharron, she’d been working on her posture for a few weeks, trying to eliminate the slightly stooped-over stance that reminded her of her mother.

“What’s all the gossip about?” Kay asked when she and Sharron joined the women.

“We were wondering if we’re crazy. Who’s idea was this party anyway?”

“Kelsey’s,” Kay said. “She wanted to intermingle things a bit, and bring in some new people.”

“New single people. No offense, Sharron,” Olivia said.

“No, that’s all right. I get it,” Sharron said.

“It’s sort of a delicate balance, having an open marriage,” Olivia said to her. Sharron nodded her understanding.

“I know that Bobby and I are more open than you guys, but, I think things should balance out nicely tonight,” Kay said. She glanced out the window at a pickup truck pulling in the driveway. “Our two mystery men have arrived. Are we ready for a wild good time?”

Her big, excited smile was contagious, but some of the women’s smiles gave away their nerves. Sharron’s was especially forced looking.

“Kelsey, your friends are here,” Kay yelled.

Kelsey trotted out from the kitchen, right out the front door. Kay followed.

“Oh my God, I know that guy,” Jessica said, watching the arrival from the window.

“Which one?” Olivia asked.

“The tall one. He used to eat at the restaurant. He and a woman. They were really nice, I always used to like seeing them.”

“Look at the tattoos on the other one!” Trinny said. “Oh yeah, those are good looking men.”

Austin drove in and parked his beat-up old car. After Kelsey introduced her mother to Koop and Happy, she ran over to greet him.

“Holy shit, look at him!” Trinny said, keeping her distance from the window so she wouldn’t be seen.

“Oh my gosh, that’s Austin Lowe!” Olivia said. “Varsity soccer, drama club. Good Lord, he’s maturing nicely, isn’t he?”

“Yum!” Tinny said.

Sharron smiled as she thought about Austin on the beach. At last she felt like she had a leg up on her new, free-thinking women friends.

“Well, what do you think, girls?” Trinny said. “Let’s get this party started.”

She walked out the open door onto the front porch and the others followed, just as Kay was ushering the new arrivals up the steps.

“Oh, good,” Kay said. “Kelsey, why don’t you make the introductions.”

Raymond’s Toyota drove in. Kay left the nervous but buzzing crowd on the porch to greet the newcomers.

“Oh my gosh!” she squealed when Brie, Charity and Trina got out of the car. “You girls look amazing! Oh, I could just eat every one of you right here!” Kay went right to Charity and put her arm around her, sensing that she might be the one who was most nervous. “I love that dress, Honey,” Kay said. “Red’s Bobby’s favorite color you know.”

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