Kerith and Kamilka Ch. 02

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‘Kerith and Kamilka 1’ described the first meeting of a lesbian and a trans-woman, in a fantasy derived from imaginings from another Literotica reader. This story covers their second meeting, again based on my correspondent’s material. This time Kerith herself is the narrator.

I drifted home in a dream, squeezing the tampon within me, soaked with our blended cum. The warm dampness in my panties was as much a spiritual as a physical anointing. In my apartment, I lay on my bed and took off my panties. My clitoris erected like a nipple in cold air and I drew out, sniffed and sucked the saturated tampon. I was both mesmerised and electrified by the memory of those glorious minutes, Kamilka easing into my very core, and my glowing in our shared ecstasy and joy. I marvelled at my fortune in finding this love-mate.

We had arranged to meet outside the store where she was a security guard, at closing time in a couple of days, but I could not wait that long. I had to go back, just to see her, if nothing else. I had to snatch a glance into her eyes to find the reflection of my own passion. Yet I also knew this was half-crazy, since we had so far shared only a short coffee break and those tumultuous moments in the cleaners’ closet. I also feared that I was delusional, that although we had apparently been united in mutual fulfilment, it was, after all, just a quick bang. No, it couldn’t have been. I had happily given my virginity, in the ultimate consummation.

I rushed to the store, next day’s lunch-hour, and, trying to calm my breathing and appear nonchalant, began to search, taking the escalator floor to floor. Till I found her and was rewarded by her smiling nod, her gaze piercing me with the certainty of her feeling as I did. We contrived to walk casually past each other and she said quietly, ‘I knew you’d come.’ And I said, ‘I had to come.’

I began to lift summer dresses from a rack and she stationed herself nearby. ‘You are real, then, Kamilka,’ I said.

‘Didn’t our little souvenir confirm that, sweet Kerith?’

‘That we’d been together, come together, yes, but not necessarily what it meant.’

‘You dared not believe how much it meant,’ she said.

‘You know everything,’ I said, hooking the dressed back on the rail.

‘I’ll never know everything about you, Kerith, but I want to know as much as I can.’

‘Not just the inside of my pussy?’

‘I want to live inside your pussy, but that’s just part of it.’

‘I want you inside me all the time, too, because Antalya Escort that’s a way of our sharing -‘

‘Everything!’ we said together.

‘I slept with your panties on my pillow last night,’ she said. ‘Well, I tried to sleep, and I had to stop myself -‘

‘You mustn’t waste it,’ I told her. ‘Save it for me. I want every last drop.’

‘I did save it, though thinking of sliding into you nearly made me cum.’

I picked up dresses, none of them my size, and held them against me, as if considering. She strolled past me and took up station in a new position, but still close. She said, ‘Are you damp in your panties?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘You know I am. Are you hard in your spankies?’

‘You know I am.’

‘Can we -?’

‘We can’t use the cleaners’ closet,’ she said. ‘Today it’s in use for some reason. I checked earlier.’

‘Did you check in case I came in?’

‘Yes. We could use the staff shower. No-one will want it till the store closes, and I can take my lunch break. Have you got time? That is, if you’d like to.’

‘Kamilka! You know damn fine I’m longing to.’

‘Basement, then. Past the hardware. Meet you down there.’

We made our separate ways, and she showed me the right door by using it. I waited till I thought no-one was paying attention and slipped in after her. We were in the changing-area and were soon in each other’s arms and kissing furiously. I love it that she was taller, so I was looking up at her as our lips coalesced. We kept our eyes open, eager to make love through them as well as through our twining tongues.

Then I said, ‘Strip me now. I want you to see all of me, to make sure you really want me, not just my pussy.’

Without comment she undressed me, unhurriedly, commenting as she went. ‘Your breasts are so cute, like those of a virgin…Look at you in your panties. So demure, but so sexy. Let’s take them off…Turn you round…Oh, yes, I knew last night my memory couldn’t properly show me your bottom…Round again…Full view of pussy-garden. Lovely colour, like marmalade…Brushy, like a fox’s tail.’

We embraced again, and she ran her hands down my back, kneading my cheeks, reaching under to slide a finger into my well-slicked pussy. Then we parted and she said, ‘Undress me. I want you to see all of me, in case it’s just too much.’

She stood passively while I unbuttoned and drew off the uniform shirt. I said, ‘Heavenly bra-full…Let’s see what’s in there…Beautiful! So firm…I Antalya Escort Bayan have to lift them…So smooth…Look at those nipples…Like little columns, with the fluting…And so hard…I’ve got to suck… Mmm! Oh, you like that, don’t you…Flinching with pleasure… Now turn around while I take off the skirt…The way your ass bulges those panties…Let’s have them off…Like a whole world, a planet, with those round hemispheres… That’s the most female bottom I’ve ever seen, in life or on screen… But I’ve saved up for the last. Turn around…There it is, that sweet love-maker. Not fully hard? Can I firm it up? Don’t let it cum till it’s all the way in me.’

We were standing naked in our shoes, as if about to perform an erotic ballet. We slipped them off and she took hands and entered the shower. Kamilka turned it on and we kissed again, smoothing hands over wet skin, squeezing asses, licking breasts, locking thighs between thighs. Then we began to wash each other, slowly conscientiously, soaping every last inch, under breasts, between buttocks, across the creases below them. She ran her frothy finger up my vulva, tweaking my clit, and I slid my tunnel-hand up and down her cock.

The time was right. She took my bottom in her hands and lifted me. My legs opened and gripped her waist. She settled my back against the cubicle wall. We looked down to watch the water sluicing down our torsos and stomachs, as her rigid cock aimed for my entrance. ‘Look, darling,’ she said, ‘I’m seeking you. Bring your pussy towards me. If I lift you a little…Yes, that’s right. I can go in now. Watch me going into you. You’re taking me into you. I can feel your warmth moving along me. That’s right. Press your pussy against me. Swallow me, all of me.’

I pulled myself towards her with my calves against her bottom, which I could feel clenching and relaxing as she stroked into me.

I said, ‘You’re filling me. You’re all the way to the top. Can you move in and out? Oh, yes, that’s perfect. If I move my ass back and forth I can feel it pulling on my clit. It’s like dancing! We’re in time, with the rhythm. Can you come, lovely Kam?’

‘Can you come, lovely Keri?’

We knew we were on the brink and had only to keep her cock sliding in and out, my bottom bumping her thighs and backing away to come forward again. She gave a deep, throaty grunt and I felt her cock stiffen that last fraction as my own orgasm gathered in my thighs, in my loins, in my abdomen. Together we peaked, Escort Antalya her cum pouring into me, instantly lubricating me still further so that I slammed against her, my vulva mashed against her pubic bone, crunching into her crackly fuzz. I think I let out a little scream. She squeezed my butt cheeks and we kissed a long, tender kiss, as her cum streamed out of me and sluiced down her legs. As if knowing that I could keep on coming she plunged deeper into me, withdrew and thrust in again and again and I came again, burying my face between her breasts. She paused, we kissed, and then she began once more to stroke in and out and another orgasm gathered at the root of my clit and blossomed around that magic wand.

The feeling of safety, of being held in a loving embrace, of receiving my lover’s warm, slipper tribute, sparked orgasm after orgasm through me, each time more intense than the last, and all the while her cock stayed hard enough.

Eventually it softened, but I managed to keep it within me. I said, ‘It’s so wonderful your holding me like this. You’re so strong,’ I said.

‘It’s wonderful for me, to be deep inside you, holding your beautiful bottom, watching your sweet breasts. We can kiss and stay locked together. And every time you come I want to crow with triumph and joy.’

‘Can you come again?’ I asked. ‘You’re still quite hard. Can you go harder again?’

‘Oh yes. If we begin to move again, like before, and you grip me with your pussy I’ll go back up and come again. Can you come again?’

‘I don’t know. When you come it might make me come, too. But that doesn’t matter. I want you so much to fill me with your cum.’

I was so slippery that there was a danger she would slip out, but we reduced the piston stroke till she was jammed against my cervix and withdrawing only a fraction. It was enough. As I gripped with my vagina walls she stiffened and pulsed and rammed home the last millimetre and whispered, ‘I love you, Kerith,’ as her cum boiled into me and cascaded down her thighs. She leaned back and reached between us to twig my clitoris, and I came once more, in a long, warm, glowing access of complete fulfilment.

We had to separate. I gathered cum from my pussy and swallowed it. She put fingers into my vagina and opened it to let the cum out, then washed me. I soaped her flaccid cock. We dried each other with the towels hanging on a rail outside the shower stall. We dressed and prepared to leave.

We wondered why we had exchanged phone numbers yesterday, and did that now. We wondered why we hadn’t simply invited one another to our apartments and arranged that. Then I had to hasten back to work and she had to resume her patrolling. One thing remained before we parted. It was time for me to speak. I said, ‘Kamilka, I love you.’

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