Knock Knock

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It was an ordinary day. I was working from home, and while in a meeting there was a knock at the door. I added the usual ‘brb’ message into the zoom chat and rushed to the front door to see who it was.

I answered and there right in front of me stood a tall guy in a black suit. My eyes immediately trailed down and I noticed his dick was sticking out of his suit pants. It was pretty hard to miss.

His huge, long thick cock was pointing right out at me. It took me what seemed like forever to comprehend it. I couldnt even get any words out of my mouth for a while until I managed to look back up at him & mumble out ‘uh, can I help you?’, a mixture of confusion & fear in my voice. Who the hell was this? What kind of freak rocks up to someones house with their dick out?

Nothing. No response from him. Just staring back at me. What the fuck.

I ask him again, ‘can I help you?? why are you here? And any reason thats hanging out of your pants??!’ I asked a little exasperatingly.

Again nothing for a while. Until he looks down at himself, and then slowly back up at me again. Just staring right into me.

Then it dawned on me. He’s beckoning me. What the actual fuck does this guy expect me to do? He just shows up at my front door and what then?

He could tell my hesitation, and probably my disgust too, so he finally spoke in a thick accent ‘I can go to another house instead’ and he started to turn & walk away.

Before I even realised what I was doing, I yelled ‘WAIT!’ and grabbed his arm.

He stopped. I stopped, and let go of his arm. No idea what I just did. Heart racing, mind confused, spinning even. What am I doing??

I stared down at him. He was still hard. So hard.

His thick long shaft protruding through his zipper. I stared at it. My mind spinning even more as I stared. I looked up at him & he beckoned me again.

I wasnt gay, had never even done anything like this before, but I always found something fascinating about dicks.

As my mind raced with thoughts, I was still standing istanbul travesti in the front doorway, with him on my porch. I wasnt even thinking at the time, but any of my neighbours could have walked by & seen me when I dropped to my knees in front of him, gripped my hands onto the back of his trousers & took his cock in my mouth in full view of the street. It was just instinctive, and felt it was what I needed to do.

I couldnt believe what I was doing though. Sucking a strangers dick on my front door step.

I pushed his cock all the way in, until it hit the back of my throat & I gagged a little.

I did this a few more times to work up a big amount of saliva buildup, & then I started bobbing up and down on it. Sucking furiously and getting lost in the moment.

Holy shit, I was sucking another mans dick. I had a cock in my mouth and I was absolutely loving it.

His Cock was going in and out, slurping & sucking & spit flying out of the corners of my mouth. His suit pants were quite wet now, but Im sure he didnt care.

As I bobbed, he came. He came hard. It happened as I bobbed off his cock, and it fired straight into my face, splashing across my cheek and catching me by surprise. The 2nd load caught me across the lips and by the 3rd I had him in my mouth again so I could catch every last drop on my tounge and taste him. I could feel him pulsating in my mouth. Cum dripping down my face, as it continued to fire into my mouth and I swallowed.

I pulled away from him, swallowing and gasping for breath. Hyper excited & somewhat euphoric. Then I realised I was still supposed to be in a zoom meeting.

I looked up at him & said ‘hold on a second’, not sure if Id be coming back for more??.

I ran back to my laptop, cum dripping down my face still & said to everyone I had to go. Somethings come up, and quickly left the room.

Then I realised it was my meeting, and I just ended the whole call for everyone.

Oh well, fuck it I thought. I’ll deal with it later.

I ran istanbul travestileri back to the door and he was still standing there. Dick still sticking out. And still hard, surprisingly. Despite the load he just gave me, he was still hard.

In a split second, he took action. I was just inside my house so he crossed the barrier & stepped inside the still open doorway. He swiftly grabbed my arms, almost too naturally without much force, and pushed me down against the shoe storage seat just inside the doorway. My arms were on the seat, my knees on the ground & my ass up in the air. I could barely respond before my pants were pulled down past my knees & he had positioned himself behind me.

I turned to look back to see him lowering himself down & slowly start to press his hard cock against my asshole. He rubbed around it gently with the tip of his cock, and then he seemed to hold it there for a moment, looking up at me and what seemed like checking for permission. I just stared back at him. My face in turmoil knowing what was about to happen, but in amongst that turmoil was pure lust, and the feeling that all I wanted him to do was fuck my brains out right on my front doorstep.

The fact that I didnt protest then & there, & the look on my face, the wanting that he would have clearly seen, was enough. This wasnt rape. It wasnt forced. This was consensual sex between two men. In a flash I remembered where I was. Right at my front door, just inside my house lying against a bench with the door wide open for all my neighbours to see. Before I could say anything further, he pushed himself into me.

I felt every inch of him slide into my ass, slowly & methodically. He leant over me, heavy body wrapped on top of me with his head near mine, breathing heavily, warm breath heaving against my neck.

He pulled out as it slid back out slowly, then he pushed back in again hard.

It hurt, but the pleasure mixed with the pain was next level. I knew it would get easier as we went, so I just wanted travesti istanbul him to fuck the pain away so i would just be filled with pleasure. I reached behind me, turned back and whispered ‘fuck my brains out’.

I didnt need to say anything else, and he rammed away.

I dont know how the neighbours didnt hear. The hard slapping of his balls against my ass, the grunting from him and the moaning from me. It was feral hard raw anal fucking out in the open. Someone surely must have heard something.

I loved the feeling of his cock filling me up inside. It felt foreign, but so so good. Like it wasnt allowed but was meant to be there.

He continued fucking me hard, slamming me into the shoe storage unit with each thrust of his dick into my ass, untiI I could hear his breathing intensify.

He then pulled out suddenly, flipped me around, straddled my face and shoved his balls into my open mouth while he furiously jacked himself off.

I was lapping at his balls for all of 10 seconds when he gripped the top of my head with one hand and directed his cock with his hand toward my mouth while yelling ‘ohh fuuuuuuuck’. He sprayed my face with cum for a second time, then shoved it in my mouth & held it there. Deep. His cock was rammed right down my throat as it pulsated over and over, shooting load after load straight down my throat. As he pulled out slowly, saliva & cum strung from the tip of his cock back down to my face, and that was when I turned to notice mrs davidson from next door out walking her dog & had paused on the footpath outside my house to catch that exact moment.

Our eyes locked for a split second, and I noticed the horror on her face in that split second, before the guy rammed his cock back in my mouth and started furiously face fucking. I had to concentrate on breathing through my nose & just trying to survive, so mrs davidson was the least of my worries right after that.

Then he pulled out, stepped away from me and walked out, closing the door behind him. Just leaving me there.

Shit. My neighbour saw everything. And the video doorbell would have caught everything on camera too, the blowjob anyway. My wife, she’ll find out. Fuck.

I clearly didnt think this through.

But damn, this was fucking good. And I had a feeling my first time with a man, wouldnt be my last time.

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