Learning to Surrender Pt. 07

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3D Porn

“Come over. I need you before I go on a business trip.”

Rick got that text in the morning and couldn’t wait to get over to his lover’s house after work. He wondered what kind attention was in store for him and was excited to possibly take multiple loads from this man. He parked his car and sprinted into the house. He called out for Jack but there was no answer. I figured that Jack was up in the master bedroom so he went to bathroom downstairs and showered and readied his body for Jack’s pleasure. He loved how urgent and horny his man became when he smelled and felt a smooth showered body being offered to him. As he stepped out of the shower and began to lotion up his skin from head to toe, the door opened. Jack, wearing nothing but a robe, stepped in and without saying a word, grabbed his younger boy and began to violently and urgently kiss him, ravaging the boy’s mouth with his tongue. Rick loved how small and submissive he felt letting a man take control of his mouth. His small hands reached under the robe and began to feel, cradle, and massage the hot, swollen testicles.

“Take my dick with both hands and walk me to the sex room.”

Rick did as he was told, walking backwards carefully across the hall. He held the thick shaft with his left and cradled the hot scrotum with his right. When they entered the room, he saw that there were four go-pro cameras set up around the bed. He was going to be filmed taking his lover’s semen today. He was confused how he felt about it. There was a thrill that he was going to be recorded servicing this man but he was also worried about it being seen by others. As he sat nervously on the bed, Jack walked around and turned on each of the cameras to recording mode.

“Whats your name for the camera sweet heart? Look up.”

Rick looked up and said, “My name is Rachel”

“Are you over 18?”


“Why is that important Rachel?”

“Because you’re going to fuck me.”

Jack walked up to his seated boy, threw off his robe behind him to the floor, and with one hand, guided Rick’s head to his manhood. Rick tried to give the performance of his life. He assumed this video was for Jack while he was away to remember and watch when he got horny. He kneaded the balls with his hands and slurped and sucked the shaft with all the energy he had. Jack was shocked how well trained this once straight young man had become. He planned to not cum in the boy’s mouth but he decided to reward the boy for his efforts. He let himself go, grunted harder and harder, until he exploded in the boy’s altyazılı porno mouth. Eager to not lose a drop, Rick held his mouth tight against his man and shoved the dick as far down his throat as he could, pressing his nose against Jack’s abs and his chin against the tense balls.

“That was amazing… now get on all fours. Feel free to scream all you want little girl because were going to stretch you today.”

Rick did as he was told and was worried by what he had heard. He watched Jack go to the cabinet and retrieve several dildos. The last one was much larger than the others. It was black, thick, and incredibly veiny and was connected to a pair of enormous rubber balls. It looked possibly bigger than Jack’s manhood.

“Don’t be scared. Relax Rachel.” Jack squirted shot after shot of lubricant into the boy’s bottom and began to lubricate the smallest of the three toys.

“Have you ever seen a black dick before?”

“No, of course not. You’re my first man, Jack…”

“Have you ever wondered how big they were?”


“Are you curious at all what it would be like to sleep with a black man?”


“Would you be scared to?”



“Because… will it even fit? I can barely take yours.”

“That’s up to you dear. If you want it, your body will make it fit…”

Jack slowly began pushing the dildo in and out of the boy, making sure to twist and turn it slowly. He loved hearing Rick yelp each time he grazed or pressed into the prostate.

“You’re too talented for this size. Time to move up.”

Rick felt empty, and then something else, larger, pushing into him. Again, Jack began to rotate it and manipulate the younger man like a conductor. The room was filled with growingly louder panting and moaning as Rick clutched hard to the sheets, eyes closed, mouth gasping for a breath.

Jack decided that it was time to try the largest toy he had. He knew that no boy he had ever been with could help himself from going completely nuts. Rick felt something trying to push into him that was larger than anything he had before. He looked down and saw something dark and knew was that black dildo he had seen before.

“Relax Rachel. You must relax. Remember your first time with me. Push out. Breathe deep and push out.” Rick obeyed and sure enough, each time he pushed out, he was invaded more. His ass was on fire as it inched into him bit by bit. Just when it felt like it had reached the “end” inside of him, his lover edged it further in more and more. Rick türkçe altyazılı porno was again a helpless, babbling mess. He was drooling and his moans now took on a far more animalistic tone of a female being forcibly mounted in the wild. His small cock was leaking all over the bed as he begged Jack over and over. Jack couldn’t even understand what he was saying but he knew what the boy wanted. He pressed further and further into him until the rubber balls at last hit the boys scrotum.

“Wow Rachel… you did it… you took all of this black dick… I knew you were talented.”

“I… don’t… kn-“

“How do you feel?”

“So… full…” He yelped with every sudden and slight twist and tug from Jack.

“Good girl… You sure you don’t want a real black man inside you like this?”

“Uggghh…. No…”

“No? Why?”

“I… just…. want you.”

“You’re such a good girl, Rachel.” And with that, Jack began to ease the third largest dildo in and out of his boy. The screaming and writhing and sweating on the boy was the most he had seen to date. He watched as the boy’s ass lips clutched at the dildo as he pulled it out. He began to re-enter the boy with speed, edging deeper and deeper until the rubber scrotum began to tap on the boy’s much smaller testicles. The screams started too take on an other worldly tone. Jack knew his boy was now on another planet.

Jack suddenly pulled the toy out of the younger man. He saw the wide open gap left and decided he had had enough – he needed to empty his seed into this boy asap or he was going to burst.

“Rachel, lay down on your back and close your eyes.”

Rick did as he was told as Jack lubricated himself and climbed on top of his boy, spreading the legs by pushing them apart with his knees, the way a real man demands access to his woman. He pulled Rick’s long smooth legs even further apart and pushed them back until his thighs were pushed back and his calves and feet were pointed into the air. Rick loved the feeling of being crushed underneath a needy man and began to submissively kiss Jack’s chest, neck, lips, and opened his mouth for the man’s tongue. He felt the hot lubricated manhood run along his bottom searching for the opening. He reached down with one hand and guided it in.

“MmmmmmmMMMmmmmggghhh.” Rick moaned helplessly into Jack’s mouth as the man meat bottomed out at the first stroke into him. Rick put one arm over the shoulder around Jack’s neck and the other under the arm and across the back, holding the man close to him. He pressed his cheek hd altyazılı porno against his man’s stubble, closed his eyes, and let his feelings flow out of his mouth between gasps and moans. He didn’t know what came over him but words he never could imagine saying began tumbling out of his mouth.

“I love how much you want to use me Jack. Let me show you how much I love it… Oh God… I love it when you fill me up… Please fill me up… explode inside of me. Ill take every drop of your semen… Fuck me like you want to make me pregnant… flood me with your semen please…”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears and was trying his hardest to not cum instantly inside of this boy. He instinctively tried to slow down and pull himself out of the boy’s ass to calm himself and fight off the urge to blow his load so soon but Rick moved his hands under the older man’s arms and lowered his hands to the muscular butt. His fingers grabbed and helped guide and slam his man at every stroke. The boy’s moans and slender hands guiding each slam of manhood deep inside of him was more than Jack could withstand.

“Jack… Please… Give me your seed… I…. Oh God… I love you… I really do… You’re the man for me… You’re my man… I love your dick… And… I love you… My king…”

Jack couldn’t hold it any longer. Hearing the words made his body shake and he screamed as he erupted into the boy under him. Rick’s body tensed as well as he sprayed his semen against his man’s abdomen. He locked his legs back and held Jack’s butt firmly against him until he could feel the shaking of the orgasm and the throbbing of the unloading manhood inside him subside. Jack rolled off the young man and laid down to catch his breath.

Rick’s mind was in turmoil over how happy he was to make Jack cum, but how ashamed he felt over the things he said in the heat of the moment. He didn’t want to scare Jack but he did want him to know that they weren’t just empty words either. He wanted Jack to know how he felt.

“Umm… Sorry if my words wierded you out there.”

“No. It’s ok.”

“Ok… It’s just that I do feel connected to you Jack and you bring out a different side of me and it scares me.”

The two laid there until Jack got up and began to turn off the cameras. He walked to the door and looked back at his thoroughly used boy still spread eagled on the bed, eyes closed.

“You made me happy tonight, Rachel. Go home and wait for my contact. We’re going to take things to the next level.”

With that, he was gone. What did Jack mean? Rick felt it was sore to walk normally as he hobbled about to collect the remains of his clothes. He couldn’t wait to see what Jack would ask of him next. All he knew was that he had no choice but to accept his fate.

To be continued…

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