Liam and Me

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I have known the Greens all my life, Ryan, is the oldest boy, the closest to my age at just one and a half years younger than me. Stephen is the next at four years younger than me.

The last of the boys is Liam Green. Liam is six years younger than me, at just 18 years old.

The lads have been like brothers to me since I was little. I am not afraid to tell them what I think, just the same as they feel about me. I even used to view their mum and dad as my second set of parents. We used to live across the road from each other and we were always in and out of each others houses. Water fights all summer were the norm.

All my life I have never thought of them as anything other than amazing friends and the brothers I never had. I moved over here to Ireland when I left high school, I missed them all like crazy. They all came to visit me with their mum a few years back and we had a great time mucking around visiting all the tourist attractions, like the giants causeway and the carrick-a-rede rope bridge, where I was a complete wuss about the height.

We stayed up late chatting and we danced to crappy music. Liam even did a supermodel walk and pose against the door to Just a little girl by Amy Studt. We watched zoolander over and over and perfected the ‘looks’ of the film. It actually made me miss them more because I realised how much fun we used to have and what I was missing out on.

The next time I saw them was 3 years ago, I was over visiting family in England and I went round to see them. The last time I saw them, Ryan was slightly taller than me, but I walked in and Stephen came down the stairs and towered over me, I couldn’t believe it. But then Liam walked down the stairs and he had also grown taller than me. His baby face was long gone and he looked so hot!

We sat talking for hours and catching up, I felt so safe with them I finally confessed something I had hidden from everyone for years.

“I was raped when I was a teenager, by someone we all know. I never told anyone.” I whispered.

“Fuck!” they all said in unison.

“Who the hell was it?” Liam asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said.

We left it there and I left to go home. I flew home to Ireland the following day and kept thinking about how different Liam was. He was now the lead singer of a band and looked totally different.

So here we are … I am going to England in a couple of days and all I can think of is how hot Liam is! I think I am gonna try to kiss him, but with my confidence shot to pieces it is not as easy as it might be. Hmmm what to do, what to do?


Little did I know that he would present me with the perfect opportunity without even knowing it.

I arrived at their house later than I expected, I brought a box of fosters with me and as I walked up the street I saw two figures stood outside the house. Stephen and Liam, were having a smoke out front.

“Hi, Oh my god I have missed you both so much!!!!” I said while hugging them both in turn. I took one look at Liam and I swear my heart skipped a beat! He had grown a beard and Fuck did he look sexy!

We went inside and Liam grabbed me a can and took one himself, Ryan stood and hugged me and I finally met Stephen’s boyfriend Chris. I remembered him as being a couple of years istanbul escort below me in school. We started making small talk, you know, how you been? Etc.

After a little while we got to talking about the film Eclipse (I love it!) and Liam said he hadn’t seen it.

“It is awesome!” I yelled “The best bit is when Bella tries to punch Jacob in the face, and his back is to the camera, she hits and his head doesn’t move and her hand just bounces back. It is hilarious!!!” I laughed.

“But why was she trying to punch him in the first place?” Liam asked.

“Because he kissed her.” I replied.

Liam looked at me like a had five heads. “Here pretend I am Bella and you try to kiss me” I offered.

Liam looked a bit scared, and mega cute, “I don’t want to because you will punch me!” he said with a chuckle.

“What if I don’t punch you? What if I just let you kiss me?” I teased.

He chuckled inwardly and grabbed his beer, then he leaned over and gave me a quick peck, “That wasn’t a real kiss, you wuss!” I laughed.

“No, there is too much pressure!” he countered, “I’m gonna need a few more beers in me first!”.

I sat talking to the others while Liam went to get us another beer. I kinda hoped he would pluck up the courage to actually kiss me but if I am honest I didn’t think he was interested. I carried on drinking my beer and got tipsy quite quickly, it doesn’t take a lot of beer to get me tipsy, vodka I can handle, but 2 beers and i’m a gonner.

I started telling the boys about my story on Literotica, ‘awakening’. But of course being the ‘good girl’ in everyone’s eyes, I kinda fudged the truth and told them my friend had written it, total bullshit!

So I looked it up and read it out for them. Liam seemed to be getting hot under the collar which I was enjoying very much! He excused himself to get another beer. “Any excuse! I think he just needs to do a bit of readjusting!” I laughed. He made his way back in and sat down.

When I had finished reading the story Liam stood up and walked over to me saying “Okay I’m ready!” I quickly understood what he meant and stood up so we were face to face. I obviously had to look up as he was quite a few inches taller than me. My heart started pounding in my chest as we moved closer. I closed my eyes and our lips met, I thought I was going to cum on the spot!!! I couldn’t believe it! I was actually kissing Liam Green! We pulled away and had that awkward Oh my God did we actually just do that in front of everyone look then he walked back to his chair and I sat down. My heart rate was going ten to the dozen and I was getting so wet!

A little while later Liam rolled himself a cigarette and said “Hey, you want one?”.

I don’t normally smoke but on a couple of occasions I have smoked a few. “Sure,” I answered. Liam rolled me a cigarette and we went outside.

He lit them up and then said “Just let me see something…” and he leaned down and we started making out again. Damn he was a great kisser, just then the back door opened and startled us and we quickly moved apart.

The night carried on as before except for the fact that all I could think of is how much I wanted to keep kissing him and how I wanted his hands on me, on ALL of me.

“I hope you realize I can’t go istanbul escort bayan back to my uncle’s house smelling of smoke!” I giggled, “I need a toothbrush to brush my teeth!”.

“I will get you one, come on!” Liam stated.

I followed him up the stairs, my heart beating ten to the dozen in my chest. I walked into the bathroom after him and he handed me a toothbrush “Thanks,” I said as I took it from his hand. I ran it under the cold water and then suddenly it was gone.

“Before you do that … let me…”

He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, I moved my hands around his shoulders and ran my tongue across his bottom lip. Taking the hint he opened his mouth and wrestled my tongue with his. Our breathing got heavier as he started to run his hands through my hair, then down my back and pulling me closer to his perfectly formed body. His hands moved around my waist and moved up to my breasts. He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and bit it gently. His hands started moving my top down showing off my black bra.

“I knew you wanted to kiss me!” he whispered.

“What can I say you’re a stud, I couldn’t resist.” I replied breathless.

He lifted my top over my head and he moved my bra down releasing my breasts and he proceeded to take one into his mouth and began sucking and biting on it as his nails scraped down my back to the waistband of my leggings. He pulled them down taking my elmo panties with them. Damn I should have dressed for the occasion!

He resumed kissing me, exploring my mouth with his tongue. God he was so hot!! He slowly started kissing down my body again, lifting my leg over his shoulder, and spread my lips open as his tongue flicked across my now super sensitive clit, causing me to gasp in delight. “Mmmmm” I moaned.

He sucked and tongued my clit sending me to seventh heaven. “oooohhh! God Liam don’t stop! Aaahhh! So good! Mmmmm!” Just when I didn’t think it could get any better he gently scraped his teeth on my clit. “Oh Fuck Me!!!” I yelled.

He stood up and put his finger to my lips “sssshh! Babe, the lads are downstairs. We don’t want them to come looking for us.” He smirked as he leaned forward and kissed me deeply.

As we kissed I stroked my hands down his body towards his crotch. I started rubbing his dick through his jeans and felt how hard it was. “mmmm someone needs some attention” I moaned into his mouth.

I lifted his arms over his head and removed his t-shirt, I stroked his chest and twisted his nipples as he returned his mouth to my nipples. I moved my hands lower and took hold of his belt as I tried to open it, I gasped in both pain and pleasure as he bit down on my nipple harder than before. I heard his little chuckle as he resumed sucking on my tit.

I slowly sunk down to my knees as I kissed down his flat stomach, I wrapped my fingers round the side of his jeans and pulled them down taking his boxers with them. My first thought … ‘OH MY GOD!’ “You’re huge!” I said as I leaned in and flicked my tongue across the head.

“oh God, see how hard you make me!” he whispered.

I circled my tongue over the tip and then opened wide and plunged down the shaft, as I pulled back I applied suction and my cheeks hollowed, I continued moving up and down his perfect istanbul bayan escort erection using plenty of hand action as I went. After a few minutes Liam pulled me up and took my place on the floor as he began eating me out again. Damn he knows how to work that tongue!

Two minutes later I was moaning and almost ready to cum. “oooo don’t stop, mmmm, ahhh FUCK!” I was shaking and unsteady as Liam stood and held on to me and kissed me again, sucking my tongue into his mouth.

His breathing was heavy as he pulled away and whispered “should I get a condom?”

“mmm hmm” I said as I nodded my head.

He stepped back and picked up his jeans and pulled a condom out of the pocket. H ripped the packet open and rolled it down his 8 and a half inch cock. He smiled as he stepped closer to me again. He turned me around and bent me over the bathtub, I groaned as I felt his cock head rub along my pussy lips and part them, he slowly slid his huge steel rod into my cunt from behind causing more moaning from me.

“Fuck, Lucy, you’re so tight!” he moaned.

“You feel so big inside me Liam! Mmmm Fuck me!”

He began pounding into me as he squeezed my nipples. He pulled out of me and turned me around as he kissed me again. We both fell to our knees and I led down on the floor and wrapped my legs around him. He lined his dick up with me opening and thrust in to the hilt.

“Oh Fuck!” I moaned. He leaned down over me and started picking up speed as his cock thrust in and out and his balls slapped against my ass. He kissed me again trying to quieten my moans. His hands roamed my body as he pounded me into the floor, he squeezed my tits as he kissed me.

“Fuck I am gonna cum! Fuck me harder Liam!” I moaned into his mouth.

“Yeah baby come for me!” he moaned back.


The contracting of my tunnel brought Liam to the brink his breathing grew ragged and his rythmn faltered as he breathlessly said “I’m cumming too, Lucy! I’m cumming! UUUNNNHHHH!!!”

He exploded into the condom and I held him close as we came down from our high. Eventually we stood and between kisses got redressed.

He handed me the toothbrush and I brushed my teeth and he said “Shit, you have scratches down your back!”

I turned so I could look in the mirror gasping as I did! “Fuck! The lads are definitely gonna know what we were doing and what about my uncle?” I was beginning to panic.

Liam leaned down and kissed me and said “Don’t worry!” he walked out of the bathroom and grabbed a hooded jacket from his room, he slipped it on my arms and said “We have been up here for an hour and a half I think the lads may suspect something” he started giggling and I had to join him.

“well I dont care if they do but you know what my family is like!” I replied.

“Yeah I do! Don’t worry they wont find out.” he said as he kissed me one last time.

We walked back into the front room and sat down as the lads just watched the tv. “God is it that late?!” I asked looking at the clock. “I had better get back to my uncle’s house before they send out a search party!”

I stood up and Ryan said “Yeah doesn’t time fly when your having fun!” I turned and he winked at me as I walked to the front door blushing bright red.

I gave them all a hug at the door and Liam whispered in my ear “you better come back before you go back to Ireland!”

“Don’t be silly … Like I could resist!!!” I laughed as I turned and walked away! I think our friendship just got a whole lot better!

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